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It had been a couple of months after defeating the Brotherhood of Evil that Jericho was contacted by the Titans again.

After the Brotherhood of Evil's ultimate destruction, the Titans had gone back to Jump City for a little celebration. After a quick battle with the notorious Doctor Light, the Titans stayed at Titan's Tower for a couple of days before heading their separate ways. Jericho didn't really make much of it, being a mute and all. He of course listened to others stories and jokes, but he could never reply. No, all he could ever do was listen.

He could tell that the other Titans didn't think much of him, often glancing over to him every once and awhile, asking if he would like to join in their conversation. Sometimes he would nod his head, but most of the time he politely declined and headed to his temporary room to play guitar. The only person he would ever really talk to was Herald. He didn't know how it worked, but Herald understood everything that went on in Jericho's mind without having to elaborate much. It was nice to have a friend who understood him, but Herald had a voice of his own and liked to share it with other Titans in conversation, not to the mute who could only write things down and nod his head. It's not that he didn't like the other Titans, he was really fond of them all, it was just that he didn't feel like he belonged.

In a group of teenage superheroes with outrageous costumes, amazing powers, and dark pasts, he didn't feel like he belonged.

That is, until he met her.

Her being Kole.

He hadn't really taken notice of her before, all he knew was that she always lingered by the caveman named Gnarrk. Then one day Kole stated that Gnarrk had went back to the Arctic because he wasn't feeling too well around all of the technology. She then said that she would probably be heading back soon to make sure he was okay.

He didn't know how it happened, but it did. One thing lead to another, and the next thing he knew, Kole was one of his best friends. He always enjoyed listening to her talk, she had enough conversation for the both of them. He often serenaded her with his guitar, letting his music become his voice. Jericho also helped Kole learn a bit of sign language so that he wouldn't have to write all of his thoughts down on paper. He wasn't sure why, but he felt connected to Kole as if he had known her his whole life instead of a short week.

He dreaded the day when everyone began to depart from Titan's Tower. Robin announced that he would soon be placing everyone into teams all around the globe to help the ever-growing crime rate. Until then though, everyone received a new Communicator to receive the call on. Kole had asked him if he wanted to go to the Arctic with her, but Jericho politely declined, not being a fan of the cold weather himself. He didn't want to see Kole leave, but at least he was comforted with the thought of them being on the same team. So he went back to Tibet, back to the animals and thick vegetation and peace. He would sometimes video-chat with Kole over the Communicator, but the signal was bad and would often break up. Not a day went by that he didn't think about something related to Kole. Her big, round navy blue eyes. That perfect, bubblegum pink hair. The way her nose crinkled slightly when she laughed. Oh, Jericho loved the sound she would make when she laughed. And above all, her smile. The smile that made everything seem okay. The smile that let him know she was the girl for him.

She just didn't know it yet.

Another thought also occurred while on his mountain. He was a skilled fighter when he had to be, but was fighting-crime really his destiny? He didn't like to harm anyone and tried to avoid violence, instead taking on the role of the listener. He would much rather converse with a villain than fight one. Sure, they were bad, but doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? He always went under the motto Flight Before Fight, which seemed to work on numerous occasions, but that often made him appear weak in the eyes of the Titans. He wasn't weak, but the other Titans just didn't understand his beliefs, like how Beat Boy never eats meat. They seem to respect him on that topic, even if they make a few sly remarks about him being a vegetarian. He was scared that they wouldn't accept him for who he is, and if he was put on a team, Jericho would surely struggle at putting down villains. But then again, he had been apart of the Brotherhood of Evil's downfall.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, he was contacted by the Titans.

But not for the reason he expected.

"Beast Boy to Jericho, come in Jericho…Jericho?" Jericho heard the changeling repeat his name through the T-Communicator. He scrambled to dig it out of his pocket and turned the video-chat on. In an instant, Beast Boy's face lit up the screen, a little too close for comfort.

"Jericho! Dude why didn't you answer?" Beast Boy asked as if he were serious. Jericho narrowed his eyes at the green boy. Beast Boy let out a little yelp, as if realizing something. He uncomfortably scratched the back of his neck and replied, "Heh, sorry about that, but I haven't seen you in three months!"

Jericho rolled his eyes, but was happy to see Beast Boy after so long. He raised his eyebrows, wondering what news he had for him.

"Oh, right!" Beast Boy exclaimed after figuring out what Jericho was asking. "Well, since it's close to Halloween, the mayor of Jump City invited us to some shin-dig at the capitol, like a costume party, and he's asking that all Honorary Titans go to it." Jericho's eyes widened in surprise. A costume party? He hadn't been to a party, yet alone celebrate Halloween in a long time.

Beast Boy broke his train of thought. "It'd also be wise to bring a date, but don't worry dude, girls dig the guitar-playing-harmless-blonde types, so you're in luck." He grinned at him, making his cheeks flush red in embarrassment. A date? He needed a date? Who would he bring? He knew the obvious answer was Kole, but he didn't know if he had the courage to ask her. He was afraid of rejection. After all, he hadn't explicitly stated to Kole that he liked her, and he couldn't exactly ask her. Jericho then thought about the other Titans. Who would they bring? What if one of them asked Kole before he could?

After a moment of trauma, he raised his eyebrows in a goofy fashion at Beast Boy, hoping he would understand what he was trying to ask. "Who am I bringing?" Beast Boy asked for confirmation. Jericho nodded. "Uh-well…the thing is…it's…she…um…" Beast Boy scrambled to find the right words. "I haven't asked anyone yet, but I was thinking of asking…" He paused and flinched a little, wondering how Jericho would react. It wasn't in Beast Boy's demeanor to act this paranoid about a girl.

"…asking Raven," He finished, then ducked down from the Communicator so he couldn't be seen. He almost sounded ashamed when he said her name, as if the biggest secret in the world had leaked out. Jericho grabbed his guitar and strummed a couple of chords, trying to get his attention. When Beast Boy's face finally appeared back on the screen, Jericho gave a small shrug and grinned at him.

"So…you don't think it's a bad idea?" Beast Boy asked him. Jericho shook his head no. In fact, he didn't think of it as a bad idea at all. It was nice to see growing relationships between the Titans because it just strengthened their bond as a team. If Beast Boy really did like Raven in that way, then why not go for it?

"Thanks dude," Beast Boy grinned wildly. "I wonder who everyone else is gonna go with, what about you?"

Well, Jericho knew who he was going with, but wasn't sure if he should tell Beast Boy or let it be a surprise. He decided that Kole should know first before anyone else so he merely shrugged. "Don't worry dude, some amazing girl will definitely fall for you."

Jericho hoped she did.

"I let Herald know to give you a ride to Titan's Tower, so he should be there before you know it." Beast Boy added, then a loud noise erupted from the video-chat, as if something had just crashed. Beast Boy looked over his shoulder and with a terrified look exclaimed, "Silkie, no! Those are my limited-edition Clash of the Planets underwear! Dude! Give them back!" The screen became static, but Jericho could hear several grunts as Beast Boy fought for the underwear. The screen didn't flick back on, but he heard Beast Boy say, "Gotta go! We'll catch up later-SILKIE! No man! Not my limited-edition Clash of the Planets bobble head! Anything but that! Sil-" But he was cut off short by the Communicator ending the call. Jericho stifled one of his mute laughs. He sure missed the changeling's humor.

The sound of a trumpet blowing caught Jericho off guard. He turned to find Herald stepping out of a portal. He proceeded to play a couple of jazzy, upbeat notes on his trumpet. Jericho waved in his direction, eyes widening at the sight of his friend.

"And just when I thought your eyes couldn't get any bigger," Herald stated in a rusty, laid-back voice. Herald clasped his hand on Jericho's shoulder and gave him a half-hug. "So, what's been going on man?" Jericho merely pointed to his guitar, then gestured with his hands at the beautiful scenery. "Figures, you haven't changed a bit. I don't mean to sound rushed man, but you ready to go? I still have to figure out what I'm gonna wear to this party." Jericho couldn't have agreed more. He placed his guitar into a case and motioned for him to proceed. Herald blew a soft note into his horn, which opened up a portal to Jump City. With one final look at his mountain, Jericho strided into the portal with a new found confidence.

He was going to ask Kole out.

He was going to do it.

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