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The last two hours had been dreadful to say the least. Jericho was pretty sure that his spine had been permanently twisted into a soft pretzel, and that the numb feeling in his feet from all that running would never go away; his legs felt like jello.

And that wasn't even counting the stiffness in most of his joints. Raven had made Jericho and his partners-in-crime participate in agonizing tasks for her, taking on the role of Queen of Hearts a bit too seriously. It was a gruesome experience to say the least. The other two had urged him multiple times to take control of Raven's body again, but Jericho had insisted that it would just lead to more conflict.

Jericho wished that he would've listened to them.

He wasn't sure why, but his legs had carried him back to Jump City's Town Hall, the place where the Halloween Party had been held just hours before. As he got closer, he realized that the party had ended. A couple of cleaning service workers were already hard at work from what Jericho could tell. They were constantly coming in and out of the front door, carrying various cleaning supplies on one side and trash bags on the other. For being superheroes, you'd think that the Titans would learn how to behave at a party. Guess not. After all, they were still teenagers.

Deciding that it wouldn't be a good idea to march through the front door, Jericho decided to go to the back porch where him and Kole had talked. He uneasily began to make his way to the porch, every so often wincing or clenching his fists from the pain. What was that unbearable feeling in his neck? As he began to put his hand up towards his neck, he was stopped abruptly by the cold piece of metal that was in his way. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the guitar Starfire had given him to commemorate his attire had been smashed through the center and now hung lifelessly around Jericho's neck. With much effort, considering that it clung tightly around his neck, he lifted the guitar off of his head. The strings were broken beyond repair and and a large circle the size of his head was embarked in the center. You could clearly see the inner part of the guitar thanks to it being cut through by Jericho's head. He wasn't even sure how Raven had gotten that to happen, nor why he couldn't remember the event. Maybe it was head trauma. After all, the entire sequence had been a blur to him. Now that he thought about it, Jericho wasn't even sure where Beast Boy and Cyborg had gone after those unbearable two hours were over.

He tossed the remains of the guitar over his shoulder and continued on his way. If he weren't so beat up, he probably would've made his way back to the cleaners and given it to them to throw away, but he was too tired. He hoped that they would understand and wouldn't give him too much trouble for it. When he finally made it over to the porch, he collapsed onto the grass in front of it, landing on his back. He shut his eyes from the searing pain and decided to keep them closed. There wasn't much Jericho could look at any who. That is, besides the stars. As he lay motionless on the mayor's back lawn, he began to ponder the night's events, excluding the recent torture that he underwent.

That's when he realized it. He had talked to Kole. They had confessed their feelings for each other. Kole was his girlfriend.

If Jericho wasn't extremely sore he would've gotten up from his current position and jumped for joy. For now, he let a wide grin spread across his face, his eyes still closed. Thoughts of Kole lulled him to sleep as he drifted into unconsciousness.

"I can't believe he fell asleep here, out of all places!"


"He could've caught pneumonia, it was freezing last night!"

"Gnarrk, Gnarrk, G-narrk!"

"What do you mean you tried to warn me? You didn't even know that I liked Jericho until yesterday and now you choose to tell me 'how bad he is'?"

"Gnarrk, Gnarrk."

"Gnarrk he's right here! There's no need to talk about him like that!

"Gnarrk Gnarrk Gnarrk. Gnarrk-arrk!"

"There's no need for that tone either! Now will you help me get him on his feet or do I have to lift him up all by myself?"

With that, Jericho's eyes fluttered opened. Instead of seeing the night sky, he saw broad daylight. The sun was shining brightly overhead, despite Jericho feeling as though someone dumped a layer of ice on him. He crossed his arms over his chest and began shivering.

Suddenly he was met with navy blue eyes as Kole exclaimed, "Jericho! You're awake!" She wrapped her arms around him and engulfed him in a warm hug.

"Gnarrk!" Gnarrk protested as he began to walk over and pry her away from Jericho. Kole looked at him defiantly and stated, "Can't you see he's shivering! We need to get him on his feet this minute!" Gnarrk let out a groan, but soon the duo carefully got Jericho on his feet. He was still shivering, and when his feet made contact with the ground, he couldn't support himself and almost fell over again, had it not been for Gnarrk who caught him mid-fall. Jericho blushed cheekily at him while trying to get his bearings. He once again tried to stand, but this time collapsed and accidentally dragged Kole down with him. They both landed on the grass, Kole being on top of him. His eyes watered from the amount of pain he was in. Sore was an understatement.

"Oh no, are you okay?" She asked. He managed to form a small smile and dazily looked around. Kole began to blush, which Jericho didn't understand as to why, until he realized the position they were in.

Gnarrk let out a yelp of surprise and rushed over to the two, grabbing Kole by the waist and quickly carrying her away from Jericho. Kole rolled her eyes as Gnarrk set her down and began to rapidly speak. Jericho couldn't comprehend what was going on, but he was sure he heard the word 'Gnarrk' used once or twice on Gnarrk's side of the argument. Just as he was about to pass out again from exhaustion, Gnarrk hoisted Jericho up and draped him over his shoulder, much to Jericho's surprise. Kole walked directly behind Gnarrk, keeping her eyes locked on Jericho.

Is…he…still…mad…at…me? Jericho weakly signed to Kole.

"About possessing his body? No, I think he's more upset at the prospect of us dating," Kole sheepishly stated. "Isn't that right Gnarrk? Don't you forgive Jericho?"

"G-narrk," Gnarrk replied and stuck his tongue out at Kole, to which she returned the favor. Jericho thought she was adorable.

Where are we going? Jericho signed to her, still confused as to what was going on.

"To get some tea. I know this great place where the tea is absolutely perfect, plus it'll warm you up and get you back on your feet!"

Sounds good to me, Jericho replied before hanging his head and letting the rest of the ride lull him back to sleep.

Kole wasn't lying when she said the tea was absolutely perfect. A cup of camomile tea later and Jericho was feeling much better than before. The atmosphere was also very calming, not to mention that the store was so petite and cozy, it practically hugged the life back into him. A couple of people had snickered at him and he wasn't sure as to why until he looked down at his clothes and remembered that he was still in last night's getup. Great.

Just as he was about to finish the last of his tea, the door opened and a loud chime caused him to turn and see who had entered. Jericho was surprised to find a cheerful Starfire, an annoyed Robin, a stumbling Cyborg, and a half-asleep Beast Boy entering the small shop. He immediately waved them over, to which Cyborg and Beast Boy stumbled over and took the first two available seats. Starfire and Robin walked over right after them and decided to stand at the head of the table.

Jericho merely pointed towards the two before Robin explained, "Raven needed to restock on her tea, and ordered those two," He jabbed a thumb in Cyborg and Beast Boy's direction, "to get it for her. Cyborg couldn't even get the T-Car to start up before passing out, so me and Starfire had to walk them all the way here."

Starfire nodded in agreement. "It took us quite some time before we arrived at our destination."

"Here, drink this," Kole stated as she slid two mugs of camomile tea in the slumbering boys' direction. They groggily took a couple of sips before opening their eyes and drinking the whole thing.

Jericho gave Kole a knowing grin, appreciative of her caring personality at times like this. Kole returned it with a light peck on his cheek.

"Gnarrk!" Gnarrk exclaimed as he practically flipped the table over and tried to sit between the two, to no avail.

"I'm with 'Narrk on this one," Cyborg groggily stated as he rubbed his eyes and let a belch escape his system.

"It's G-narrk!" The whole table practically shouted, to which Cyborg let out a yelp and widened his eyes in surprise.

"Gnarrk," Kole scolded, "You can't get upset over every little thing we do, we're dating now!" Gnarrk continued his rant until Kole put on a sly smile and inquired, "Perhaps I should give Lydia a call-"

"GNARRK!" Gnarrk pleadingly stared at Kole at the mention of the name.

"Hm," Kole continued, "I don't know Gnarrk, I liked Lydia. You two were so cute, and she had the prettiest tail a dinosaur could have-"

"Gnarrk, Gnarrk, Gnarrk." Gnarrk stated, then moved Jericho and Kole closer together. With a worried smile he exclaimed, "Gnarrk, Gnarrk."

"That's more like it," Kole mused as she crossed her arms and held her chin up. Everyone else at the table, including Jericho, were utterly confused as to what had just occurred. Kole quickly said, "Don't ask," and the matter was left at that.

Beast Boy lifted his head from the table, looking in worse shape even after he drank the tea. The changeling had been unusually quiet. He squinted to make sure he was looking at Jericho and not some other Titan's member, then stated, "Dude, you're so lucky you don't have to live with Raven."

With that, the entire table was having a hard time controlling their laughter. Jericho shook with silent chuckles and Kole was giggling. Amidst the laughter, he reached underneath the table and gently intertwined his fingers with Kole's. Robin noticed the exchange, and soon him and Starfire were holding hands. Not wanting to feel left out, Beast Boy began to reach for Cyborg's hand, to which he was met with a whack upside the head. Kole turned towards Jericho and they both smiled at one another as the laughter slowly died down, replaced with a comfortable feeling of happiness and the smell of camomile tea.

For once in his life, Jericho wasn't bothered by the silence.

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