Hey, it is me again, Laurel.

I thought I would go back and finish this up as well as I could. Maybe, Chloe Sullivan is not that bad after all. I just had a forced girls day out with her and her best friend Lana Lang. It was amazing and Lana was the nicest other Superhero in the history of heroes. Chloe told me more of what she does and that is working with the League of Justice or as Ollie calls it the Justice League. That makes sense on why Oliver likes her so much. I am glad I got the chance to meet her. However, her friend Kal-El or as his earth name is Clark Kent. He sounds like a good man.

Kal-El is an alien from another planet and that makes things hard on Oliver. He will fight with Clark and Clark will fight with Ollie. However, they do make a good team. I am now a part of that team. I know how to shoot I may not be as good as Ollie ,or Speedy, or Red Arrow, but, I am a good part of the team. I am now the Purple Arrow. Yeah, I know that is not as good as Green, Red, or Speedy and Robin off of Batman's team but, I am there to protect the team and myself just as well as anyone else.

Well you understand that and all I had to do was to be able to get to know the one person a whole lot better and that was Oliver!

Thanks Ollie, well my boyfriend is here so I gotta run now.








Night people of Starling city.

Oh, and Dad sorry but, being a lawyer is stupid!

Laurel Lance