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There will always be that person that you were meant to meet, get to know and learn to love. They were dropped into your life to awaken something, but what do you do when that persons happiness is more important than anything in the world? Even if you cannot give it to them… My heart iced over and life drained from my eyes the night I made the choice to let you go. If I could go back in time when you only held me in my mind, just longing without a trace, I wish you were the one that got away…

"How could this happen, why couldn't I just kill him?!" She yelled at herself as she tore through the forest of the human realm, limbs gripping to her black leather armor, her pursuers close behind. The Shinbatou woods are dense woodland long forgotten by man, few trails, and were almost always flooded, humidity so thick you could drink the air; demons would usually find refuge in them hoping for a human straggler to devour. The moon peaked between the towering trees; bright orange mass filled the sky leaving it masked in a soft glow, casting shadows over the fleeing demon.

"Rose whip!" She tried to dodge, but to no avail, the whip wrapping around her calf, quickly tearing through her defenses as well as the flesh.

"Fuck!" She fell to the ground; quickly cutting her restraints rolling onto her back just in time to block a katana with her staff. Crimson orbs connected with her blue eyes she could feel his presence trying to gain access to her mind with the use of the jagan. Time seemed to stop as she starred into his eyes, her smile spread across her face.

"Hiei, You got her?!" a male voice yelled in the distance, Hiei, above her said nothing, she used this split second of vulnerability to her advantage, popping her bow staff up and kicked her foot down, knocking him off balance long enough to use her speed to get some distance. Her feet dug into the soft soil ready to disappear but his hand reached out and with a glint of luck grabbed her braided hair and pulled her down into his arms, immobilizing her.

"Are you trying to stop me with...a bear hug?" She said with humor in her voice, he said nothing to her only gripped tighter. She started to wiggle slightly as she forced her head back connecting with his nose "Gah!" She fell to the ground, but Hiei quickly descended on her pinning her small frame to the ground. She let out a grunt as his hand clamped onto her wrists, blood was running from his nose. "Did I gettcha a little?" She said with a humorous smile, his grip growing even tighter. Footsteps were closing in on them, she needed to get away, and being captured was not an option. The strange thing was, Hiei was substantially stronger than herself, if he wanted, he could've attempted to kill her but even immobilized he just waited for his teammates.

All Hiei needed to do was stall until the rest of the team got through the forest, then they could deliver her to the infant and then he could return to demon world away from all of this trivial nonsense. Suddenly he noticed her body shift, eyes turn red, and her breathing quickened, and energy whirled around him like a straightjacket the magic she possessed was truly dangerous.

"Shhhhhh..." She hushed with a finger to his lips as she pushed him over. His eyes were wide due to his immobility and rage.

"Hiei!" the man who had wounded her previously came into view; she picked up Hiei's Katana and hurled it at him penetrating his left shoulder sending him back. Running again she knew she had to get away from the detectives, her leg was severely damaged and needed attention soon, she knew the fox would be close behind. The air burned in her lungs before she had some distance, slamming into a tree and falling over from the blood loss. It was a beautiful summer night, a soft breeze played with her hair too bad she had to spend it slumped next to a tree losing blood and being chased by the spirit detectives, she laughed at her situation before looking around the dark forest for anywhere to hide. She saw an opening in a base of a tree, dragging her limb leg into the small nook, and pulling her frail body close, she was chilled to the bone from the shock, and she was not expecting the events that had taken place. Fading in and out of consciousness, she pulled a small necklace from her pocket, it was her ultimate trick.

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