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"Can you hear them too? Crying out in the dark?"

Her pace was steady and relaxed, eyes taking in the surroundings with a calculated mind. To a normal human she seemed like one of them, a soft done up face with honey colored hair loosely playing in the wind. Dressed in black fitted dress pants with a purple blouse she looked important and professional as her heels clicked on the sidewalk. Marzia and her daughter were completely invisible in this world, to everyone she was merely a single mother grieving the death of her husband, but with recent events showed her that was not the case. The encounter with the detectives was truly unsettling, no matter how many brainless humans saw the two, it only takes one demon to suspect something and then the pair would disappear. It felt like days since Marzia had gotten a good nights rest, her face was starting to show the wear of dark circles through the makeup. It seemed to her she was always teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown.

Marzia being a very disinterested person, not too many things keeping her attention so with all her time she took to learning new and foreign languages as a hobby, now in the human world she can use this skill as an occupation. She worked for a international lawyer translating paperwork for cases and communicating clearly with clients. Surprisingly, it was a calm work environment she enjoyed.

Continuing down the street the setting sun was shinning into her dark eyes, she groaned and put her arm up to her face. All she could think about was a warm bath and some sleep. But seeing the smile on her daughters face was enough to wake her mind up. Her soft blue hair was put up into pigtails, the pink dress was covered in dirt and she was dragging her backpack behind her through the wet grass.

"Mamma!" She yelled wrapping her arms around her mothers legs.

"Hey sweetie, I missed you too. I'm going to talk to Miss. Tea can you please pick up your backpack?" She smiled and putting it on her back grabbing her hand. "Thank you, sweetie."

Miss. Tea was a hunched over four-foot tall, hateful woman, her age was unknown to Marzia but she looked close to one hundred years. Deep wrinkles and dead eyes made this woman truly special, she was usually rude to the adults but amazing with the kids, hardly ever having any issues with behavior or grades. It was a mystery to everyone how Marzia got along with the woman, her personality was close to an old friend that knew a little fear did people good.

"How did she do today?" The woman looked up at her, her hands tucked behind her small frame and she gave Marzia a smile.

"Good day. Spoke of ghosts again." That was all she said before she walked away back into the building. Looking down at her daughter she asked.

"You saw them again today?" Maya nodded with a frown, the spirit must have scared her somehow, bringing her close she hugged her tight and whispering that its okay and then kissing her face. Her clairvoyance was beginning to attract spirits, a very troubling problem, she would need to be trained by a powerful physic to be able to protect herself, but she was only four years of age.

The rest of the night went on as usual, eating dinner then watching a movie and now was time to get ready for bed. Marzia changed into the pajamas Maya picked for her, which were a pink loose tank top with owls and pink polka dot shorts, it was an adorable yet ridiculous outfit. Passing Reioko's bedroom Marzia thought it was strange she had not returned for the night, her meetings with Zurui could take up to a few days, shrugging it off she went to find her daughter.

"Maya honey, are you almost done brushing your teeth?" Marzia rounded the corner to the bathroom to see that Maya had climbed up on the toilet to look out the window turning to look with green eyes shinning with excitement.

"Floating lights!" She yelled and started to jump nearly falling from her perch. Marzia reached out to pick her up and looked to what she was speaking of, the entire yard was filled with fireflies.

"Those are fireflies, bugs that light up!" She explained "Wanna go see them?" Maya lit up again as they made their way to the door that led to the backyard.

The yard was nicely sized, large enough for maintenance. It was cluttered with a few trees and flower beds most likely the reason the bugs were attracted to the space. Maya took off running after the magic bugs, Marzia stayed behind wrapping her arms around herself. It was after nine and the darkness and chill in the air took over her senses. Closing her eyes, she leaned against the side of the house and listened to the sounds of the night and her daughter, for some reason her mind wandered to the read headed fox. He looked completely different than when she had watched him and his team compete in the dark tournament years before, looked older and held such guarded, hurt eyes. The look he gave her was also a strange one, it was one of recognition, he was truly a mystery that intrigued her. It could've been a combination of things for why Marzia didn't hear him approach, the heavy wind, the darkness, him hiding his energy or maybe it was the simple fact she didn't fear him. Whatever it was it didn't change the fact she gasped when his green eyes caught hers, glowing in the short distance away truly an intimidating, old soul. He glided up to their garden hands in his jean pockets. She couldn't help to admit to herself that he looked dangerous and very sexy in his dark dress shirt, the sleeves pushed up revealing his muscular forearms. Sucking in a steadying breath she gave a him a questioning look trying not to let herself smile, she had no idea why but felt excited to see him.

"Hello ." Maya spoke trying to catch her breath as she ran up to her mother. He said nothing only keeping Marzia dazed with his stunning eyes.

"Go inside sweetie, Mamma will be in soon okay?" She nodded and her little hands opened the door to the house and slipped in.

"Shuichi, was it?" She said pointing at him. "What brings you to my home so late? As you can see I was not expecting company." His smile was very dark and his voice chilled her to the core, she didn't know how to act in his presence feeling a mass amount of emotions; scared, giddy, worried, happy and the most dangerous of all, curious.

"I just have a few questions is all, Marzia." He drew out her name as if to make her nervous under his watchful eye, it was working. Crossing her arms and standing straight, holding her ground as he cleared this distance between them. Marzia couldn't even to begin to think about how ridiculous she looked attempting to be intimidating in owl pajamas against an S-class demon. She mentally shook her head at her situation. He was close, enough for her to feel the body heat from him, he smelled of dirt, plants and very strongly of blood. Kurama stood much larger than Marzia nearly a whole head, his shoulders were wide and muscular towering over her slightly less than average frame. She knew how he worked, she had seen him fight and heard the stories, a split second of weakness could cost a life. A hard gust of wind blew around the two, her eyes closed from the harsh dryness, her amber hair fell from its tie and he used this moment to take control of the situation. Marzia was pushed to the brick surface behind her, Kurama rested his forearms on either side her head and leaned down to her face his eyes turning a golden hue. Her skin erupted in chills as he unmasked his energy, it flowed around her covering her body with his extremely powerful aura.

"Was that necessary?" Marzia had the urge to roll her eyes at his cocky behavior.

"Just trying to prove that I am in fact, very serious." His eyes never left hers, pinning her to where she stood. He could feel the fear coming off of her slightly shaking body, he couldn't help but notice her beauty, her dark eyes and soft hair, subtle curves and vanilla scent, being this close wasn't a tragedy. Kurama had some answers to get after the events that had transpired earlier that night, exhausted and irritated he was not very fond of being denied information he desperately needed.

"I don't doubt that for a second, but I can hardly think of any questions I could answer for you." She was buying time, a tactic Kurama was privy too in many fights before, he could see right through her, or so he thought.

"I would like to know any information you know about Reioko and blood manipulators." His voice was stern.

"What, is spirit world not giving their retired team adequate information?" She tilted her head in a bold manner and smiled. He tilted his head forward resting on her shoulder, a very close gesture, his fist connected with the bricks with a harsh thump that made Marzia jump. Pulling his head away he looked deep into her eyes again.

"Please take this seriously Marzia. I do not want to hurt you."

Reioko and Marzia had been friends for years and counted on each other, they were family. Marzia was a demon in disguise living normal and mostly happy life with her daughter all because of Reioko, him asking Marzia for that information that could potentially kill her family member was insulting, as if she was so simple minded. The moonstones were not the ladies only trick, Protection runes were the back up were stones infused with life energy and also Reioko's powerful blood, they were honestly an experiment. When activated they should keep all other demons out of the home, but Marzia was not sure how. She did not want to kill this man, but for her daughter or Reioko she would do anything. Reioko's secrets are the only thing keeping her alive, she was a very powerful being but the weaknesses she had would be crippling.

"You know I can't tell you." Marzia dropped to her knees barley missing Kuramas arms, and threw herself in to the direction of the door. Kurama nearly stopped her when the energy around the two quickly turned violent, it was simular to lighting and pushed them in opposite directions. Marzias back slammed into the stone steps knocking the air from her lungs, her hearing was muffled and she was desperately trying to focus her vision and fill her lungs back with the air they were crying for. Shaking her head she looked up too see Kurama, he was crouched and glaring at her with wild eyes cradling his bleeding hand. Marzia could hear Maya's sobs behind her as she struggled to stand, looking back she could see her daughter looking out of the window crying, she was relieved to see her unharmed.

"I can answer one question for you." she called out to him, taking steadying breaths "Reioko made those."

That's when he did something that surprised her, he smiled and started to laugh as he stood.

"I will be seeing you again very soon, Marzia. Just know Reioko is safe."

Any other time she would have pressed this issue of his vague words, but her body was still in shock from the blast she was not looking forward to the can of worms she had just opened. Watching him walk away, she let out a breath and leaned back, she could only hope Reioko was safe and whoever was around was safe from her.

The room was spacious, elegantly decorated in deep red velvet walls and gold accents, burning cinnamon incense filled Reioko's senses, upbeat jazz music played as the torchlight danced over the walls. The opulent surroundings a true statement about the pompous, egotistical creature seated across the room. This demon was an obnoxious, reckless, stone cold bastard out for his own agenda. The pool table brought from Ningenkai was cluttered with half naked Neko women, the walls were nearly covered with painted portraits of himself and a massive balcony with large heated pool for, as he put it 'Light entertaining'. The giant play room was classified as his office, but little work was done in this space, three more women were fascinated at his balancing act of a ceremonial dagger on his middle finger. His spiked black hair shined in the light and fell mid back, his bare chest and muscular shoulders showed his tattoos and scars, a large red pendant rested on his front and the smile he wore was truly sinister.

Reioko wasn't nervous of the fact she had failed an order, she could take whatever punishment was thrown at her. What she feared was how unstable Zurui truly was, his actions were always a mystery. Cold black eyes looked at her from across the room, his signature smile spread across his face.

"Hello kitten." Those simple words made the tightness in Reioko's chest immobilizing, she had no idea how she was going to plead her case about the air still left in Koenma's lungs, she wanted to run, cry, yell, anything to get his revolting eyes off of her. The girls were shoo'ed out leaving the two alone, tension filled the air, he was now leaning on the front of the desk arms and ankles crossed head tilted to the side eyeing her up.

"You know" he began shifting his weight to the top of the desk, spinning the dagger on his finger once more. "I was thinking about how you first came to be mine. How I killed your kin and burned the village to the ground." He sighed as if this was a happy memory for him. "You were so small back then, we have come so far huh, love?" He looked down at his luxury clothing and around at the extravagant set up he called his home. A bead of sweat came from Reioko's brow, fists clenched her wild royal eyes glaring him down, that was not a memory she would like to relive. He took the lives of her family, friends and village, kidnaped the women to make them slaves and took her innocence and freedom all in one night.

Zurui began to laugh at her reaction, the blade he had been fiddling with came flying at her face, she easily deflected it with the back of her hand not caring about the slight opening it left behind. Zurui cleared the distance between them, she had taken the blow on her hand so not to lose the defensive, as he went to grab her she was glad she did. Within a blink of an eye she was behind him.

"You think that wise, kitten?" he looked back, his soulless eyes making contact with hers. "You know how I feel about you running away." Holding out his hand it began to glow and a soft almost translucent red fog came at her consuming her body. Reioko became stiff and unresponsive as he walked up to her, trying with all her might to gain back control to move from his grasp but, to no avail. His large hand was wrapped around her neck and lifted her to his eye level, feet dangling helplessly.

"Why is Koenma alive kitten?" he loosened his grip enough for her to answer.

"Fuck...you" she spat, he threw his head back the laughter loud and boisterous.

"Oh kitten,thats why I love you, you make my blood boil!" He exclaimed, taking her frail frame and slamming it hard beneath him, he brought his face to hers and yelled "WHY?!"

"You're rash- stupid-" She choked out, he continued to laugh as he picked her up and sent her flying into the pool table. Reioko rolled across the racked balls, hitting the floor on the other side where she attempted to regain her senses before he came to her.

"Kitten, always so honest even if its not the best choice, one day you will be my submissive." She scrambled to her feet, kicking off her heels and ducking behind the table, the only plan in her mind was..well nothing. Within a moment he was behind her, his hand buried deep within her curled locks hoisting her up from her crouched position. Her back connected with the stone wall, falling to a defensive position on the floor waiting for the attack, the pain dulled by the rush of adrenaline, Zurui sauntered towards her swaying with the music, a smile large enough to catch the shine from the candle light.

"You know how much I love it when you put up a fight, you have been my favorite challenge for so many years now." Tilting his head to the side "It gets me, very excited kitten." Zurui used his power of the Neko to paralyze her once again, the back of her head bounced forward from the impact, letting out a gasp in pain she kept her face sober. Zurui was holding her by the nape pulling her head up to look at his twisted smirk. With his free hand her dress was pulled up revealing her black lace garters, he gave her a look of satisfaction before exploring her lower half. Reioko was nearly knocked unconscious with the last blow, she could feel his large, calloused hands exploring her, his words were inaudible, his magic filling her mind with clouds. She wanted to kick him away but her body stayed still and relaxed to his will. His lips ran up the side of her neck in a painfully slow manner, yanking her head back once more Zurui planted a rough kiss on her lips. Gripping her breast in his hand, he pulled back giving her a lustful look, his eyes glazed over with terrible promises. A jarring slam caused the man to stop and glare at the disturbance.

"I do apologize my lord, but I belive we lucked out with Reioko's lateness of her mission, no punishment will be needed, may come in?" The soft spoken demon was Haj-Ei, a reptilian from the swamp lands far west, he was very fit and lean standing slightly shorter than most men. He was covered in deep red and black scales, his face was the most interesting, bright red scales with two horns protruding out of the back of his head with smaller ones placed in symmetrical locations around his head. The thing that made his appearance peculiar was not his light black armor used for stealth or the bow and arrow set on his back but his piercing ice blue vertical eyes. He was, as he put it 'Expert in asset retrieval' a nice was of saying thief, but he was also a very good ally.

"Oh but please don't stop on our account, I would always love a good show." The second voice belonged to a female named Keres, a succubus and also horrible excuse of a living creature, her role in the operation was to see to clients and oversee the slaves. She was tall and seductive, long hair fell to the floor as if fine black silk, clothing consisted of torn cloth shielding the basics from view her cheek bones were abnormally high and her long slender neck made her look exotic. She was also covered in fine jewelery, arms, neck, waist, and ankles, nothing was left untouched by expensive metal. Her yellow empty eyes looked over Reioko with a smile at the scene, licking her lips, silently begging for a show.

Zurui let out a long irritated sigh and leaned back letting Reioko fall to the floor and walking towards the desk, the others followed. Slowly sitting up, she let out a breath of relief for the interruption opening her eyes. An extended hand surprised her, Haj-Ei lifted her to her feet with a weak smile and walked over to meet Zurui at his desk.

"Alright lizard, what the hell is this about, as you could see we were about to have a very good time." Zurui winked at Reioko who was busy fixing her clothes and gathering her thoughts.

"To be frank, this mission was a death sentence. Your brash decision could've cost you a very valuable asset. Koenma has hired Yusuke Urameshi and his past team for protection." Haj-Ei stated with a stern tone.

"So he is scared! He should've thought before he stole from me." Zurui announced with a wide smile, leaning back into his chair, arms crossed he continued. "And what's the problem, I know you could've taken all of them kitten, what happened, you get scared?"

"I'm sorry Lord, being trapped in a sprit world prison for the rest of eternity for a grudge match, doesn't sound worth it." Reioko answered

"You watch it slave! He is the master, he is the reason your ungrateful hide wasn't killed long ago." Keres snapped, glaring from across the room.

"Why don't you come a little closer and say that you used up strumpet." Reioko shot back, Haj-Ei turned his head to the side holding in laughter.

"Enough!" Zurui stood, silencing the women. "Because I am a wonderful leader and would love to hear some ideas regarding this situation, before I have all of you killed." He smiled wide before sitting back down into his chair. Haj-Ei was the first to speak.

"Its simple, leave him alone unless he has the gull to come to us. If he or his team step foot on the property, we inform the guards to kill on sight no questions asked. Then we focus on our next move with the other plan of action. But for now, no contact will be necessary."

Zurui nodded taking in all the information. "He killed my men, stole my women and money."

"You also had his men killed, as I see it we have been given the upper hand."

"How is that lizard?" Zurui stated giving him a questioning look.

"Due to this poorly planned fiasco, we have the knowledge of his team, their strengths but mostly weaknesses. We have the advantage if another attack is planned." Haj-Ei words were calm but his eyes cold.

Zurui nodded a few times looking around the room at his closest allies, the stubborn neko slave, a lizard thief and a jealous succubus. He relied on these three more than he would ever admit, a strange yet powerful group. Running his hand through his spiked hair, he spoke. "Very well, I will trust your judgment Haj-Ei." He pointed to Reioko. "Kitten, you and I will inform the soldiers, Keres, call them to the main hall, Haj-Ei get out of here, you have proved yourself enough for today."

The men were called shortly into the great room at the front of the facility, it was a large stone room with massive wooden tables, the only thing special about the space were the large windows throughout the room letting in the light of demon world, the sun was just beginning to set making the clouds a colorful mess. Reioko stood next to Zurui tall and intimidating looking out at the restless men, they consisted of lookouts and guards, a large group. Zurui began his speech.

"Hello my favorite group of murders, thieves and general low lifes. You all are what make this gravy train go round, as many of you know there was an attack rather recently. My goods were taken and men killed, leaving me as many of you can imagine." he paused looking around the room before shouting. "Very pissed off!" The men howled. "So I have been convinced to let Koenma and his army of jackasses go." The crowd boo'd and yelled showing their disdain for his words. "I know, I know. Belive me, if i could have it my way I would be wearing that little bitches skin as a cape. But we must all make compromises men, so heres mine! If Koenma or his team of mouth breathers show their slimy hides here I want them killed on site, skinned, burned even scalped! Let get creative people!" The men were riled up yelling when slave woman came out with alcohol and food.

"Now enjoy yourselves men, the fight has just begun!" Zurui ended his speech by grabbing a goblet of beer and drinking its entirety .

"See this kitten? These simple minded drones are willing to die for me, and all I have to do is keep their stomachs full, women aplenty and heads dizzy." He laughed looking over at her. "And they will give their lives," He pulled her closer, whispering to her. "What must I do for you to die for me?" Reioko pulled from his arms and looked back to the riotous crowd.

"I am not a simple minded drone." She simply stated, Zurui laughed crossing his arms.

"You have made that incredibly clear, Kitten. But one day I will win, I always do."

Reioko knew he believed his words, but for her she would rather die than stand by his side from her own freewill. The air in the room suddenly changed as a portal opened up behind the lord, Reioko's hair wiped around her face as she slowly turned around to see Koenma standing proudly in his teenage form. Reioko could not believe this was happening, after he had gotten so lucky to just walk into the enemy lair, alone when a massive bounty was just placed on his head. This was unreal.

"Zurui, just the person I was hoping to see. I am a very busy leader and would rather get this over with face to face, you see."

"How kind and foolish of you Koenma. " Zurui went to move for him, but Reioko acted first, kicking out Zurui's knee he fell backwards using this moment of vulnerability to push him into the crowd. Keres was upon her in a flash cutting deep into the nekos stomach. Reioko gasped at the pain and quickly disarmed her, swinging the sword and making contact with the side of her face. Keres screeched holding her cheek blood falling from between her fingers, Reioko moved in kicking her across the room. Turning back to Koenma, who's face had lost all color.

"Portal, back to where you came, now!" She exclaimed, he turned getting the device ready to create their escape. The room came alive with violence and power, harnessing it Reioko opened her deadly red eyes and used her power to send the group back to the wall in an attempt to buy time. Her blood soaked the front of her, when Zurui appeared to her left hitting her to the ground.

"Kitten!" He yelled, now holding a long blade. She rolled dodging his first attack, his second made contact to the front of her thigh cutting the flesh clean and open, she yelled out turning to Koenma just as the portal opened, using the last of her might she tackled him through the portal.

They both came crashing through the portal, Reioko landed on a table clearing it of it contents, rolling a few times she stopped at the wall. Her body was slowly turning cold from blood loss, looking up she saw three demon soldiers came through the portal before it closed leaving her alone and helpless. Tearing off a strip of her dress, not caring that the loss of fabric showed her racy undergarments, and tieing it around her bleeding leg hoping the tourniquet would buy her some time to escape. Attempting to take in her surroundings, plants everywhere, she quickly realized where she had landed, the fox's shop. Just then, almost as if on cue the demons where cut down in a flash, their blood coating them and moving to the floor, before she knew it she was lifted face to face with heated crimson eyes..

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