Sorry for the delay. I know I promised plot, but instead you're getting smangst (smutty angst). My stories usually start off at a slow burn and then explode somewhere in the middle, so I'm sure the same will happen here. Enjoy :)

With a snap of Magnus's finger the door slams and locks behind Alec. Alec jumps, his pulse hammering so loudly that he's sure Magnus's magically-enhanced hearing can pick it up. Not wanting to break the momentum, Magnus grabs Alec and slams him against the wall. His shoulders hit with a thud and the first prickle of unease dances along his skin.

Looks like Magnus is going to make this rough. He bites down against the feeling, telling himself that isn't disappointing. It's expected. It's what he wants. Magnus presses close, pinning Alec against the wall, and the tight leather of his pants squeaks against Alec's jeans. His hand disappears for a second, and before Alec can even register the rustle of fabric and brush of fingers against his skin, Magnus has his seraph blade pressed against his throat. The air crackles with the strength of Magnus's power, but he doesn't actually use any magic on Alec. In fact, if not for the fact that he can feel the magic pressing against him, ready to be unleashed, Alec wouldn't know that Magnus was anything but mildly interested.

"Planning a little undercover mission, kitten?" Magnus runs the blade softly over Alec's exposed throat, and he suppresses the urge to shiver.

"Don't call me that," Alec growls. He takes a deep breath and then twists outward, pinning Magnus to the wall, fingers splayed so that he can't snap them. The seraph blade falls to the ground, echoing loudly in the small bathroom. "It's insulting."

"Almost as insulting as you thinking you can intimidate me." Magnus shifts slightly, and the wall of magic shifts with him. He mutters something under his breath in a language Alec doesn't understand and Alec can actually feel the magic squeezing against him, forcing the air from his lungs. He blinks rapidly, trying to get rid of the black spots suddenly obscuring his vision, but it doesn't work.

"This is not why I came here," he chokes out, fighting to keep Magnus in place.

Magnus raises an eyebrow and the magic dissipates, scattering with a faint hiss and a hint of blue smoke. Alec releases his grip on Magnus's wrists and slumps against the wall with a gasp. "If you're always this friendly, it's no surprise that half the Clave is looking for you."

"Really?" Magnus pouts. "Only half?" He rubs at his wrists, and Alec actually feels a bit guilty. There will probably be bruises there tomorrow.

"I didn't come here to hurt –"

Magnus raises his eyebrow again and Alec rolls his eyes. "I didn't come here to try to hurt you," he corrects. Not that I would be that obvious, he adds silently. He's not a complete idiot – it would take more than his spastic proposition and ugly sweaters to distract Magnus Bane enough to pull some kind of undercover hit. Not to mention he would be the last person the Clave would think to send after someone so important. He's not even the first Lightwood they would pick for a mission like that.

"Well then, Alec," says Magus, running his fingers along Alec's throat this time. "Why don't you just fill me in on why you did come here?"

Alec swallows, trying to regain a modicum of the surety he felt when he first walked into the bar. This is why he never talks to them; it's so much easier to just lean against the wall and let them figure it out for themselves.

Magnus folds his arms and slouches against the wall. "Well?"

"I came here," Alec forces out, crossing his arms and glaring at Magnus, "so that you could fuck me. So are you going to, or should I go find someone else?"

If Alec were a little less horny and a lot less mortified, he would probably find Magnus's reaction amusing. Though it's nearly instantaneous, the warlock's head legitimately recoils in shock. He recovers quickly though, staring Alec up and down with begrudging respect. "Color me surprised," he purrs, pressing a little closer. His hands curl around Alec's biceps, and Alec has to resist the urge to grind upward.

"And that, little Shadowhunter," he whispers against Alec's ear, pausing just long enough to brush his tongue lightly against the cartilage, "is not an easy thing to do."

Alec flushes, both from the sudden rush of want and from the shame of knowing that apparently he doesn't even live up to Magnus Bane's standards. And if everything he'd heard from Izzy and Jace was true, those standards aren't particularly impressive. "So, then are you going to get on with it?" Alec struggles to keep his voice low and deep and not at all the desperate timbre he's afraid will leak out. "Or have you changed your mind now?"

"Oh, darling," Magnus says, "it's going to take a little more than a slight change of plans to scare me away." He pauses, as if considering something important. "Though I wouldn't be averse to you pinning me to the wall again. Maybe next time."

The heat that shoots through Alec's body at that mental image almost makes him double over. He thinks of holding Magnus up, of pressing against him and feeling him shudder. He thinks of the noises the warlock would make and of long, lean legs wrapped around his waist. He imagines and he wants, more than he's ever wanted anyone – more than he wanted Jace, when he was shirtless and sweaty, runes glistening against his golden skin – and that fact is enough to expedite this entire transaction. He can't let this become something it's not. It will never be more than a compulsion, an unhealthy, irritating habit that pricks at his mind until he succumbs. It's stupid to pretend or to wish otherwise.

Instead of trying to come up with something to say, Alec just hauls his pants down with one quick flick of his wrist. Magnus's eyes flicker from the perfectly normal human green of his glamour, to cat-eye yellow, to entirely black, all in the span of a second. He groans, low and deep, and Alec isn't sure how many more noises like that he'll be able to handle. "I'm not sure you won't be the death of me yet," Magnus murmurs.

He leans in and brushes his lips against Alec's neck – the first time anyone has ever done so – and Alec is certain he's going to just crumple. The kiss races along his nerves until his entire body is alight with the sensation. Magus kisses his was across Alec's throat, his teeth and tongue alternately nipping and soothing, and Alec gropes for something to hold on to – something to keep him upright. His hands find purchase on the ages-old sink that's jutting out from the wall, but unfortunately, when Magnus's teeth sink into the soft hollow just behind his jaw, the sensation is overwhelming. He scrambles to control the outflow of pleasure, and rips the entire fixture from the wall.

"Fuck, you are so hot," Magnus moans before doubling his efforts. Alec ignores him, scrambling instead at the zipper of his ridiculous pants. Just as he's pulling them down, Magnus dips his head to try to capture Alec's mouth in a sloppy kiss. Alec balks, shoving him back hard enough to make him stumble.

"What the fuck?" Magnus's eyes flash again, but Alec is too busy trying not to panic that he doesn't notice.

"No kissing," he says, ignoring the incredulous look on Magnus's face.

"Fuck that," Magnus spits back. "If you think for one second that I'm going to deal with that elitist shadowhunter bullshit – "

"I don't kiss anyone," says Alec. He's blunt, honest – the only two things he can consistently be – and if Magnus wants to leave, then so be it. He has rules. "I've never kissed –" His voice trails off as he remembers the taste of cherry lip-gloss mixed with the tang of blood, and for an instant he thinks he might be sick.

"Not anyone?" Magnus doesn't look angry anymore, but Alec almost wishes he did. He hates the way Magnus's face is pinched and his brow is furrowed; he's looking at Alec like he's something to be pitied.

"Not anyone. Now, you have two options: keep talking, and watch me walk out and find someone who actually wants to fuck me, or come over here and do it yourself. What'll it be?"

Evidently the latter, as Magnus forgoes changing and just snaps the rest of his clothes away. Another snap and Alec is whipped around, arms against the wall and legs spread. He feels the sharp burn of humiliation, and relaxes infinitesimally.

"Bossy little thing, aren't you?" Magnus says, burying his face in the back of Alec's neck. Alec braces for the first thrust, tensing even though he knows it will just make it hurt more, but instead he feels the slow burn of one of Magnus's fingers and a tingling that hints at magical intervention. Magnus's finger slides in and out gently, provoking small, short gasps, and Alec tries to tell him to stop, that he doesn't want it like this – that it isn't supposed to feel like this, all heat and pleasure crackling up his spine – but he can't make himself speak. He just pants and moans and presses back into Magnus's hand until he adds a second finger, then a third.

When he finally nudges inside, it's nothing like Alec expected. Magnus is slow and thorough, and Alec can definitely see the benefits of hundreds of years of practice. He thrusts backward, his breath catching when Magnus changes the angle slightly.

As Alec gets more and more involved, the kisses on the back of his neck turn desperate, and Magnus fully bites down when Alec arches his back fully in time with each thrust. "Alec," he moans, half delirious. "What are you doing to me?"

Alec doesn't answer, just concentrates on controlling the pressure that's building in his abdomen. He tries desperately to find the things that usually repel him – the low grunts, the slapping flesh, the sharp smell of musk – but those are all the things that are currently driving him insane. He doesn't know what to do, and just moans brokenly, clawing at the wall like the mad kitten Magnus believes him to be. When Magnus's hand creeps around and grabs his dick, he thinks he might actually explode. Magnus manages to jerk him off, slowly and agonizingly, changing his thrusts to match the pace. It's too much and not nearly enough, and Alec is torn between wanting to push Magnus away and begging him never to stop. He's about to open his mouth – to demand something, anything – but Magnus thrusts up and squeezes his hand and bites down on Alec's neck all at the same time and Alec just kind of short-circuits. He makes some sort of strangled noise, but it's in the sound of Magnus's broken moan.

The lights in the bathroom flicker, and Alec can hear a rumble of confusion from the bar that means it's probably happening out there as well. Alec is quickly distracted the warm, slick sensation of come running down his thighs, and he finally feels the rush of shame he's been expecting this whole time. With shaky limbs and a pounding heart he gathers up his jeans, not bothering to clean himself off. He tries to run the cold water, forgetting that Magnus made him rip the fucking sink of the wall, and instead scrambles for his seraph blade. Magnus, whose eyes actually glow in the dim light like a cat's, finally realizes what's happening.

"Hey," he says, grabbing Alec's arm. "Where are you going."

"I have to go." Alec bounces on the balls of his feet. "I have to go now."

"Wait." Magnus tries to tug him backward, and Alec, lost in the haze of pleasure and guilt and confusion, lashes out. His punch gets Magnus right in the jaw, sending him backward.

"Alec, what –"

Alec bolts, leaving Magnus standing naked in front of the detached sink.

"The hell is your problem," he finishes, even though he can sense that Alec is long gone. He snaps his clothes back into place and walks back out to the bar, ready to get drunk enough to forget the way Alec had looked when he admitted he had never been kissed. His thighs burn as he walks, a testament to the effort he'd had to put in to wring such delightful noises from the Shadowhunter. He remembers the outline of the stamina rune against Alec's hip, and wishes he'd taken the time to run his tongue across it. He sighs, disappointed at such a wasted opportunity, and orders up three shots of tequila to start. This is going to take a while.

Decided to end with Magnus's POV this time. I changed from first person to third so that I wouldn't focus solely on Alec, as I am wont to do. Scold me if this happens!

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