First Park Ave Story bare with me

Jane and Henry laid down in there bed. "Jane I can tell something's bothering you did your father say something."

"It's more what he didn't say." Jane said with a soft voice. Henry sat up and looked at his fiancé.

"What did he say?"

"He just was worried that we are here at The Drake." Jane said. Henry gave Jane an odd look. She sighed.

"I was here once before." Jane said. "I lived here."

"Yes but was there anything else?"

"No…Did he say anything about my past when you guys talked?" Jane asked. Henry nodded his head.

"He talked about your mother." Henry said looking away from Jane.

"My mother what about her?"

"Well….." Henry didn't want to say this if his soon to be wife didn't know but it was needed. "He said you're the spitting image of her."

"Really? I guess so." Jane said barely remembering any pictures of her.

"And that he feels guilty for her death."

"Oh." Jane said unsure how to reply to that one.

" Why does he feel the Drake isn't safe though?"

"We lived her when I was around 5 I think."

"You lived here?"

"Yeah I guess so I will ask Gavin about that tomorrow or Olivia maybe she knows something I don't."

"Why would they hide that from you?" Henry asked confused.

"I know Olivia wouldn't but Gavin you never know." Jane said cuddling into Henry.

"I think tonight went very well." Henry said kissing Jane's forehead. Jane nodded in agreement so tired from the day's adventures why hadn't cooper called her back. "Olivia throws one heck of a party." Henry said with a chuckle.

"Goodnight Henry.

"Night Jane I love you."

"I love you too." Jane said and they fell asleep entwined in each other ready for the next day's adventures that lie ahead in the Drake.

A/N- Hope you liked it! Lauren :)