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Laura shifted uncomfortably in her reclined jet chair. The cabin of their private plane was dark, only the small lights lining the floor illuminating the space. She sighed to herself, thinking they looked out of place, like they should be lining a movie theater walk way or something. It was just so fancy. Then again, this jet was a lot nicer than the ones she was used to flying in. Disney had really stepped up their game this time. Or maybe her mom and Stormie had just done a really good job at negotiating with the studios to get them the extravagant plane.

With all the traveling and promoting the four of them had been doing for the show lately, not to mention Ross's R5 tour and her mom's involvement with Vanessa's 'Switched at Birth' promotions, those two had probably just about had it with flying coach. You team Stormie Lynch and Ellen Marano up together and pretty much anything is possible.

The jet was magnificent.

The soft cream-colored leather seats were large and super comfortable. There was an open help-yourself mini bar, a large wrap-around couch behind the actual jet seats, and the triple-sized bathroom at the back of the plane had its own window. There were four jet seats, two on one side of the plane facing each other, and two on the other side doing the same. Stormie and Ross sat across from each other, each with their feet up on the fixed ottoman between them, Ross taking up most of the room as he lay sprawled wildly in his seat. Laura rolled her eyes to herself. Teenage boys…

Clearing her throat and shifting to try and get more comfortable, Laura saw her mother was sound asleep across from her in her seat, complete with her neck pillow, headphones, and eye mask. She furrowed her brow a little. How could she sleep so easily? Sure, they had already been in flight for close to five hours now, but they still had another nine or so to go and Laura was finding she was having the worst time trying to rest.

Looking to her right she saw that Stormie and Ross were doing the same as her mother. Everyone was asleep, it seemed, except for her. She was restless, and feeling an overwhelming sense of boredom that was only causing her to be even more cranky and irritable.

The trip had been fun, and even Ross seemed to have enjoyed himself. Every once in a while he will seem genuinely excited for an Austin and Ally promotional event. Most of the time, however, to the people who really knew him, it was obvious that he was growing bored with the show, and growing bored fast. Music was his real passion, and pulling him away from the rest of his band mates and their tour-planning tended to put him in a sour mood, which of course, was happening a lot now that the band was finally getting some publicity and their fan base was growing so quickly. They even had a name for it… R5 family. It was cute, and inspiring. The longer he was away from his R5 family, the more he seemed to resent the Austin and Ally family.

Ross was a sweetheart, and he would never actually tell anyone that he was growing out of the Disney lifestyle, but it was evident in his eyes, and in his musical performances. He was an extremely talented young man and his acting was only getting better with time, but nothing could really compare to when he was actually up on stage, performing with his family, his best friends, and doing what teenage guys do best – showing off to screaming fans. He had the voice, the moves, the looks, and god knows he had the sex appeal. To top it all off he was a complete romantic and an extremely talented guitar player. The songs he would write and perform with his brothers and sister and Ell really set him apart from all the rest. He would go far someday. It was simply inevitable.

That last thought was enough to make her happy for her costar, but feel real lousy for herself and an overwhelming sense of sadness. One day he wouldn't be there to laugh and joke around in between takes. He wouldn't be there to tell her his 'Laura Jokes' to make her laugh. They would go their separate ways, and who knows if they will ever really see each other once the show is over.

Laura looked away and sighed to herself. Dwelling on what hasn't happened yet wasn't doing anyone any favors. It would only make it that much harder to enjoy whatever they had left. However long that may be…

Looking out the small window she could see it was still very dark out. This overnight flight was really going to mess with her if she didn't get some shut-eye soon. Still, she was wide awake and the only thing she had with her to keep her entertained was her brand new iPad mini. Sighing to herself once again she sat forward and grabbed the device out of her bag, pressing and holding the power button until she saw the familiar apple logo pop up on the screen.

She looked around and realized just how much it illuminated the small space once it was completely powered on and the screen was lit up. She didn't want to wake anyone, so she tried turning the brightness down, but that only made it harder for her eyes to adjust. Sighing, yet again, in frustration she pushed herself up and out of her chair, careful not to bump her mother as she worked her way toward the back of the plane, behind her mother and Stormie, sneaking one last glance at a sleeping Ross before eyeing up the seating away from her slumbering co-passengers. There, she plopped down onto the oversized couch and lay on her stomach, turning the brightness back up now that she was away from the sleeping trio and put her ear plugs in so she wouldn't be bothered by the engine noise.

Thankful that the jet had free wifi, she immediately connected to her twitter page and smiled as she scrolled through her mentions, laughing lightly at one or two 'I love you, Laura, Please marry me' tweets along the way, from both guys and girls. She had been tempted to reply to a few, but her inbox was already flooded and it would only get worse the second her adoring fans saw that she was online and so she remained hidden, invisibly reading what her fans had to say to her. What did they call that? Trolling?

She smirked and shook her head at the numerous 'husband' references about Ross and the never ending Raura hash tags in each of the tweets. Many of the tweets she read were rather inappropriate and extremely sexual in nature and she questioned whether or not she even wanted to know how old the user who had written it was. Just about every ab-shot or shirtless picture of Ross ever taken was in her mentions, and she had to admit, she found herself gazing at a few here and there, even a rather interesting one of Ross in nothing but his sunglasses and his pink board shorts. It wasn't the most innocent of pictures considering she could tell exactly what the user was trying to get to her look at. The bulge in the front of the shorts was impossible to miss. Unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on who you asked) wardrobe malfunction, that's what Laura told herself as she took a deep breath and scrolled from one sexualized picture of her costar to another. She smiled triumphantly as she scrolled through them though, if only these people got to see what she got to see on set between wardrobe changes. Obviously she and Raini would change in their rooms, but Ross and Calum were known to strip down right on set to save time. There may or may not have been a few choice snap shots of her male costars hidden in her savvy flip phone.

Needless to say Raini's HD iPhone pictures were better.

Laura continued to look through all her mentions and read what the fans had to say to her. Once again she had to remind herself not to respond to any this time to avoid being bombarded by thousands of new questions in a matter of seconds. As she approached the end of the seemingly on-going mentions she noticed that a lot more people were tweeting her the same link, something on a site called fan fiction dot net… The first few times she had seen it she scrolled right past. Never had she read a fan fiction involving her own television show and she never had any intention on doing so. It was too weird to see their characters, hers in particular, be manipulated by anyone other than the Austin & Ally writers.

The more she stared at the link, though, the more she was tempted. She was so bored, and she couldn't sleep. It couldn't hurt to read just one story, could it? Maybe she would be able to put different names to the characters to make it less awkward… yeah… that could work!


Laura looked nervously over at her three sleeping co-passengers, feeling an odd sense of guilt as she blindly clicked the link and let the page open in her safari browser. It loaded up and she immediately looked at the story summary to see what the plot line was. Instantly she was relieved, and intrigued. The story was OOC, so the author used the characters, but it had nothing to do with the actual show. This would surely make it easier to read without getting it mixed up with the actual story line of the show she was due to continue.

Sparing one last glance over at the others to make sure they were sound asleep she finally settled herself comfortably into the couch and began reading, instantly mesmerized by the unique story line. She already knew it was going to be good.

oOo oOo oOo

Laura's breath hitched and she shifted on the small couch as she became excited at the story progression. Just over an hour later and she hadn't been able to set the iPad down since the first paragraph, and now the story was getting to the juicy stuff. She had quickly moved passed the awkwardness of picturing herself as the leading lady as her character Ally and Ross the leading male with his character's name of Austin. The story was too good to put down and now that the characters were interacting so intimately she couldn't help but picture herself and Ross acting out the scenes.

She had completely let herself fall into the story and it was making her hot as she read line after line written in 'Austin's' point of view. Nervously giddy, she pulled her sleeves over her chilly hands and placed one hand in front of her mouth, keeping herself from squealing in excitement over the most recent chapter she was reading.

"Austin… What are you—?"

"Ally…" I whispered against her ear and immediately I felt her shiver against me, "you're all that I've been thinking about all day. I lied when I said I hung out with Kira. I just wanted to see how you would take it… I'm sorry."

I moved my hands from the washing machine out in front of her to her waist and gave her a small squeeze. She soon began breathing heavily, tilting her head back into my chest. I moved my lips that were close to her ear, down to her neck and began placing slow, sensual kisses along it while moving my hands up and down her sides slowly.

"Austin…" she breathed out, backing up into me more, her butt now pressed against my cock, that went from being partially hard to completely hard.

I groaned against her neck as she grinded her ass against me, making me want her more than I had not even five seconds ago. I moved my hands back down to her waist and then went lower, running my hands up and down her thighs, and the reaction I got from her turned me on even more. She grabbed one of my hands and brought it to her front, guiding my hand down further and further until it was finally on top of her pussy, over her shorts. She moved my hand up and down while I kept kissing on her neck, and I don't know why, but I found this so sexy that she was the one guiding my hand where she wanted it to be.

"Oh, Austin…" She moaned out softly, getting a better grip on my hand and making me rub her even faster.

"Ally…" I choked out as she grinded even harder against my cock now. I pulled my lips away from her neck and moved back up to her ear, breathing heavily, "I want you."

She bit her lip, still moving her ass against me as well as controlling my hand still, "We probably have twenty minutes until Elliot gets out of the shower… we need to make this quick."

I just about lost it.

"You want me too, then?" I practically groaned as I felt my cock throbbing.

She nodded frantically, "Take me. Right here, right now."

Laura's eyes went wide and she shuddered in anticipation as she raised her hand to swipe to the next chapter.

"What the hell are you reading!?"

Laura jumped a mile in the air and flung her iPad as she let out a silent yelp and gasped for air, holding her chest as Ross backed away to avoid being hit by her flailing arms. Where the hell had he come from?! She never once heard him get up or felt him come up behind her and start reading over her shoulder. "Ross!" she whisper yelled as she kept one hand over her racing heart while the other pulled her ear plugs out. Knew I shouldn't have put these in…

Ross simply quirked an eyebrow at her.

When she calmed herself a bit from the sudden unexpected voice from over her shoulder she let out a huff and sucked in a gasp of air. "Ross! You scared the shit out of me!"

Ross ignored her startled exclamation and looked down at the fallen iPad, pointing at it.

"You're reading an Austin & Ally fan fiction, aren't you?!" he laughed as he bent down to pick the device up.

Laura's eyes went wide and she launched herself forward to try and grab it before he could, but he was so much quicker and scooped the device up before she could reach it. "No, Ross!"

He chuckled at her antics and looked at the illuminated web page. "I thought you said you would never read this stu-whoa…"

Laura's face turned beet red as she slunk back into the couch and hid her face from Ross. He was reading the last bit of the last chapter with his mouth hung open, amazed at the nature of the story and quite frankly, shocked that Laura would be reading it… in the dark… not ten feet away from where he had been sleeping.

He glanced up at her with dark eyes and pondered what had caused her to change her stance on reading Austin & Ally fan fiction… I mean they had discussed once or twice reading fictional stories based on their favorite television shows or movies, but she had always said she would never read a fiction while acting on a show because of the confusion and awkwardness it could cause. Yet here she was, reading pure smut between characters the two of them played!

"I am mortified," she admitted, snatching her iPad away from him and clutching it to her chest.

Ross stood silent for a moment, really just taking it all in as he looked down at her. She was so cute curled into her little ball with her cozy yoga's and an oversized sweatshirt on, her wavy ombre hair draped over one shoulder and her glasses on to help her with her reading. He smiled and shook his head, moving to sit next to her, his arm and thigh pressed fully against hers. He never did care much for so-called 'personal bubbles'… "Don't be," he chuckled. "I read them all the time when I'm bored. Some are really, really good."

"Yeah but-"

"But this one's sexy," he said with an eyebrow quirk. A smile tugged at the corners of Laura's mouth every time he did that. "Don't even try to deny it… I read that last part!" he chuckled. "Are you gonna finish it?"

Laura calmed slightly but refused to look him in the eye, with him sitting so close, quite yet. "Well, it's a work in progress, but there are a few more chapters, yet…"

Ross nodded and smiled, grabbing the iPad and pulling it between the two of them. "Cool, let's continue then."

Laura was gob-smacked. "You… want to read it with me? Ross, don't you think that's awkward?"

Ross shook his head and smiled. "It will be like reading a script, but with a lot more detail. It'll be fun!"

Laura's blush turned crimson. "Yeah," she let out a dry chuckle. "A script for Showtime maybe…"

Ross arched a brow and decided he felt like pushing her buttons. He loved to get her worked up and she was making this way too easy. Their banter could literally go on for hours if he wanted it to. "What? Are you afraid you're gonna get Ross-feels from reading the story with me sitting right next to you? Not that I would blame you…" he said as he flexed an arm on purpose.

Laura tilted her head and looked at him incredulously, but the blush was still there. "Oh I'm sorry, does Mr. Ross Lynch think he's all that and a bag of potato chips, that I can't read sex scenes without getting butterflies?" she huffed. "I don't think so…" she said as she located the link and pressed it, watching as the next chapter synced up.

Perfect, Ross thought as he dropped his arm and spared his costar one last quick glance before they each settled into a comfortable position and began to read.

Neither one of them missed how much warmer the temperature in the cabin suddenly felt as they began to read the first few paragraphs of the steamy new chapter.

oOo oOo oOo

Ross and Laura had moved to lay on their stomachs on the floor of the cabin, intently reading chapter after chapter, picturing their own characters going at it with the detailed scenes and imagery the author had played out for them.

Their upper arms were pressed together, their feet knocking together every so often and accidentally tangling with one another every now and then, and only the light from the device shared between them illuminating their faces.

Ally's POV

I pushed Austin against the wall, causing us both to stand under the showerhead, hot water falling down on us both.

"Ally," Austin breathed out, gripping his hands on my waist.

I let out a sharp breath, an electric shock running through my body, "Shhh. We can't let our mom's hear."

Ross looked up from the device ever so subtly and looked over his shoulder at the two sleeping women behind them, just making sure there was no sign of them waking up anytime soon. The idea of their mothers being so close, just like their characters in the story, making him just a little uneasy, yet turned on at the same time. It was very risqué, and this alone time he was getting with Laura was rare. He wanted it to last as long as possible.

He swallowed hard when felt Laura's eyes on him for a split second before he looked back down and began to read the story again, temporarily ignoring Laura's eyes on him for lack of knowing what to say before she joined him again.

"They're home!?" He practically yelled, and I threw my hand over his mouth again.

"Yes! Be quiet," I said quietly before taking my hand off of his mouth, "Just relax, baby."

He looked me in the eyes, looking like he wanted to say something; but instead he pressed his lips against mine quickly before moving them down to my neck. I ran my fingers through his wet hair while he worked at my neck, his hands moving up and down my body while his lips began sucking my skin.

I tugged on his hair and bit my lip, "Oh, Austin."

"Ally," he said huskily while moving his lips up to my ear, "You see what you do to me?"

He took my hand and dragged it down the front of his body, his mouth still up against my ear, breathing hard. My breath started to get uneven as he inched my hand lower and lower until he finally placed it on his hard cock. I bit my lip harder than I had before when I felt the touch of how hard I made him in my hand. I grasped my fingers around his shaft and gave it a small squeeze. Taking a step back, I watched Austin's reaction as I began stroking him; his eyes were closed and his mouth was partially open, while his head was leaned up against the wall.

"Fuck… Baby…" he said, almost inaudibly. It sent shivers up my spine.

"Language!" I mock scolded, but still quivered at the vulgar talk and tone that was coming out of his mouth.

He didn't say anything, but instead he moved his hands up to the front of my body and cupped my breasts in his hands. I inhaled sharply when he started kneading them slowly; it felt so good, but I needed more. While he kept massaging my breasts, I took the head of his cock and began stroking it along my folds slowly. The look on Austin's face turned me on to an all knew high. Not only did I get pleasure from him, I got pleasure from seeing what I do to him.

The fact that I could make him, of all people, like this, gave me a feeling of power and dictatorship in a way. I loved it.

I kept stroking his dick up and down my folds, rubbing his head over my clit every now and then. The pleasure was starting to get to me and I could hardly bear it anymore. When I stroked him over my clit again, I let out a soft moan, which caused him to groan.

"Ally, don't tease," he growled, pulling me closer to him by my waist.

Before I could even say anything, he picked me up and switched our positions. He pressed my back up against the wall and in one swift motion he thrust inside me. I wrapped my arms and my legs around him tightly, pulling him in even closer to me. He had one arm wrapped around my back while his other was leaned against the wall beside my head.

He started fastening his pace, causing my back to slide up and down the wall a little. Each time he entered inside me, I let out a soft moan, making sure I wasn't being loud enough for our mom's to hear. That's the last thing we both wanted.

"Harder," I said shakily, tugging his hair.

Ross shifted visibly and Laura instantly looked over at him, her eyes dropping to his mouth without even realizing it.

And he did just that. He thrusted into me harder, the angle we were at making him fill me completely.

"Oh my God," I moaned, biting my lip hard, "Oh… Austin…"

He bit his lip and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck as he rammed into me harder, "You like that, baby?"

I couldn't even speak. I opened my mouth to, but nothing but a moan would leave my mouth. I felt dizzy and I couldn't even keep my eyes open. I was trying so hard to stay as quiet as I possibly could, but I wasn't doing such a good job. I wanted to scream and I hated the fact that I couldn't. I hated the fact that we weren't even supposed to be doing this. But something about this being so forbidden turned me on to an all time high and almost made me not care who would hear or find out.

Laura swallowed audibly as that last line sort of hit home, and she shifted ever so slightly to relieve pressure on her aching elbows, among other areas as she read on.

Austin's POV

Being inside Ally felt so damn good that I nearly lost it. It felt so damn fucking good that I nearly fucking lost it when I felt Ally clench around me. My legs were shaking as I kept the both of us balanced, but I had to ignore all of that and solely focus on what was going on between us. I pulled out of her and then slammed back into her, enjoying the sound of her back hitting against the wall. It only made me feel like I'd cum quicker.

I moved my face to hers and leaned my forehead against hers. Her eyes immediately opened and they were dark and filled with pure lust, want, and need. This only made me fuck her harder, faster, and give it to her deeper. The sounds she was making, harsh breaths she was taking, and the sensation of her nails digging into me made me obedient to her; it made me go so unbelievably animalistic on her that I was almost scared I was going to hurt her, but when she moaned, I knew that wasn't the case. I was so deep inside her that I wanted to just stay like this forever.

"Fuck, Ally," I said hoarsely against her neck. "You feel so fucking tight,"

She gasped as I went in deep again. The feeling in my stomach was starting to feel tight and heat up, and I knew I was going to be close soon.

"Austin, yes!" She breathed out, squeezing her legs tighter around me.

Laura let out a small gasp of breath and Ross stiffened in place beside her. She was totally turned on by this story and he could tell just by listening to her breathing and the subtle way she would squirm beside him, as if trying to hide the fact that she needed to feel even the slightest bit of friction.

Clenching his jaw to keep from eyeing her and making a mental note to try and steady the thundering heart in his chest, he looked back down to the story.

I felt her walls starting to flutter down around my cock, and that's when I knew she was going to cum. I pressed my body against hers, her breasts sliding up and down against my chest as I kept going inside her, my thrusts more sporadic. I took my arm that was pressed against the wall and brought that hand down in between us. I quickly started playing with her bundle of nerves as I entered her again.

This sent her off her edge. Ally's walls came crashing down and I had sent her off into her orgasm. She was so tight around my cock that I had no control over my release what so ever. I was using every last bit of energy that I had in my being to thrust once more as we looked each other in the eyes the entire time. I watched as she bit her lip hard and closed her eyes, throwing her head back because she was clearly enjoying the sensations just as much as I was.

When we both calmed down after a minute or so, we both slid down to the floor of the shower, the hot water still falling on us. Ally was on my lap, her legs still wrapped around my body, and her fingers were running through my hair slowly. My hands were wrapped around her back, my index finger on my right hand tracing down her spine. We were both smiling at each other as we were both still trying to catch our breath.

At the same time Laura and Ross looked up at one another, their eyes exploring each other's face. Ross's eyes roamed all over her face as he studied her, unsure of what she was thinking but damn sure of what he was thinking…

They stared at each other in silence for what felt like hours as they each pictured the other performing those sexual acts they had read, and both becoming more and more fond of the idea of it. Ross was the first one to finally clear his throat and blink, but not look away. "There are so many times I wish our show was on a different channel, so that our characters didn't have to be so sweet and innocent all the time…"

It was Laura's turn to blink as she fluttered away the surprise and hopefulness her mind and body were feeling. "Are you saying you wish you could film sex scenes Ross?" she smirked. "Because I have it on good authority that people already think you're a sex god…"

Ross propped himself up on one arm and flashed a smirk accompanied by his trademark head nod and eyebrow wag. Laura half expected a 'sup' to follow, but instead he took her comment and ran with it.

"Been ogling pictures of me online again, haven't you Laur…"

Laura's mouth dropped open but she couldn't help the smile that busted through her fake offence. "Pshhh no. I mean I get bombarded by Ross-abs on an hourly basis, thanks a lot for that, by the way, but I do not ogle you…"

Ross smirked and rolled into her. "Liar," he said as he stretched his arms out, purposefully pushing her over so she had to roll on her side.

"Shut up," she giggled. "Not my fault you're in my mentions more than I am…"

Ross chuckled and continued to roll on his side toward her, thus pushing her into the foot of the couch they had once been sitting on. "Hey, you're in my mentions a whole lot too, miss photo-shoot every other day. Put some clothes on, god…" he teased.

Laura laughed out loud and pushed him back this time, poking her tiny fingers into his ticklish spot on his rib cage on purpose. "Me?! How about you stop pulling your shirt off during your shows just to make young girls scream!" she laughed.

Ross thrashed around when she poked him in the ribs and let out a very un-manly but oh so familiar giggle. Then, he suddenly deadpanned as he looked at her. "I do not lift my shirt to make girls scream, Laura," he said and for a moment Laura's smile faded as she studied his face. "I do it for their moms!" he said in a purposely-deep voice before he laughed as he reached around to try and get at her ticklish spot. This was proving difficult, however, because as she began to laugh again she proved that not only was she good and scrunching up into a tight little ball to hide said spot from him, he was also fighting a half-mast hard on he'd been sporting from the beginning of the time he'd been reading a long with her and watching her squirm.

"Ross Shor Lynch!" she scolded as she stood and backed away from him, her smile set firmly in place. "You are a teenaged man-whore!"

"Hey," he chuckled as he stood and subtly adjusted himself, closing in on her as she held her hands in front of her, giggling. "No one ever said I had to keep it rated G at my own show. Disney doesn't own R5…" he said and he deked her out by pretending he was going one way and then quickly changing direction to attack her side with his tingling hands.

"Shhh!" she tried shushing between laughs as she squirmed in his arms. "You're gonna wake our moms…"

"Are you kidding?" he asked as he stopped his assault on her ribs for a moment. "They have so much Xanax in them we're going to have to throw cold water on them when we land," he said as he calmed for a bit. "Besides, you're just changing the subject so you don't have to talk about filming sex scenes with me!"

Laura blushed wildly as she let her arms fall to her sides. "First of all, if our show was on any other network we never would have made it to season two. Second of all, that story has gone to your head. Even if our show was on another network, who says Ally would even want to sleep with Austin?"

Ross looked incredulously at her and snorted. "Uh hello, have you seen me? Did we not just reach sex god status?" he joked as he slowly inched his white tee up to expose his sculpted torso.

Laura shook her head laughing and playfully shoved him, but almost instantly she lost her footing and her smile was wiped from her face. The plane took a sudden dip as the left side tilted downward, throwing off their balance and causing Ross to fall backwards into the couch.

Laura's eyes went wide as she felt herself being dragged backwards by a falling Ross and she instinctively latched on to the strong arms holding her around her waist. She squeaked as Ross let out a loud 'oomph' as they hit the couch behind them and Laura sought purchase on both arm rests.

Ross looked frantically over at his mother and Ellen and noticed they hadn't budged. They probably hadn't felt or heard a thing and so he relaxed just slightly, that was until he realized exactly where Laura's ass was pressed, and he squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment. There was no way she couldn't feel that poking against her right now…

Laura blinked rapidly and swallowed audibly as she registered exactly what it was that was poking into her backside as she sat atop her costar, nervous about how she should react or what she should say.

Ross kept his eyes shut and waited for the backlash. There was just no way this was going to end well for him, because even if she chose to ignore it completely, he just knew that she wouldn't be able to look at him the same, and that scared him more than he thought it ever would. Playful banter was one thing, physical evidence was another…

And then she did something that nearly made him choke. She actually ground her ass down onto his groin! Ross' eyes shot open as a sinful wave of pleasure coursed through him and he looked at her, her blush creeping up her neck into her cheeks as she bit her lip and stifled a smile.

Laura had never felt so empowered in her life. "Gee," she said almost inaudibly. "Did that story get to you, Ross," she asked with a quirked brow as she lowered her voice even more. "Or are you just that happy to see me?"

Ross stared at her, completely speechless for a long moment. Had that really just come out of Laura's mouth? She was smirking at him in this incredibly sexy way he had never seen from her before, so it must have. He had just never heard her be so… bold about something like this before! In any other instance if the topic of sex was even hinted at she would shy away right away, turning red and changing the subject or making an excuse to run off to her dressing room. But here she was, reading smutty fan fiction, wrestling with him on the couch, and grinding her curves against his manhood…

Ross swallowed hard and licked his lips, his eyes dropping to hers as he squeezed her hips ever so lightly in his hands, earning him another quirk of her eyebrow.

"What would you do if I said I was always happy to see you…"

Laura's body went rigid above him and Ross immediately began to panic. That was not the reaction he had hoped for. He saw the side of her face and could see as she let out a huff and squeezed her eyes shut, pursing her lips together. He mentally face palmed. He should have known he couldn't be that forward with her, even if she was the one being forward with him in the first place. He should have just let them go at her pace, let her decide how this was going to end. Instead he got excited and ran with it. Then he had to go and step in it with that comment.

Laura gulped and tore her eyes away from his, standing carefully and shaking her head as she felt a chill run up her spine at the loss of his touch. What was happening? What was she doing? Who did she think she was all of a sudden? She couldn't let herself fall for the one person in the world she could never have; couldn't fool herself into thinking that she was someone he would ever actually want. "No," she said suddenly, shaking her head and avoiding his stare.

Ross raised his eyebrows and sat dumbfounded as she moved out of his reach. "No?" he questioned. "What, no?"

"It was just the story getting to me. That was stupid… that was a mistake," she smiled angrily at herself as her blood boiled within her, causing her face and chest and neck to go beet-red.

Ross felt his excitement deflating quickly. Here he was thinking he had finally gotten Laura to open up to him, to come out of her shell, and she was being so fucking sexy he almost couldn't stand it, and now she was just… stopping? What the hell…

He clenched his jaw and shook his head, his hands falling to his side in frustration. "I should have known…"

Laura whipped around to look at him, her eyes wide with shock, hoping she had not just heard what she thought she just heard. "What?"

Ross licked his lips and looked way for a moment, embarrassed and glad at the same time that she had heard him.

Laura looked back and forth between his eyes as he stood, shocked and angered that he would even say that to her. There was no way she was going to let him backpedal now. She turned away from him, putting a cold hand to her heated forehead for a moment while she composed herself before whirling around to face him again.

"You know what, Ross? I'm not the shy innocent girl I play on TV. Yeah, in many ways I am Ally, and Ally is me, but let's face it, we're teenagers and the show we work for is on the Disney Channel for christ's sake. Obviously they can't show everything real teenagers feel and go through at our age, and because of that I find myself," she paused to suck in a breath for good measure. "…bottling up my true feelings and emotions because I don't want them to interfere with my school work or my acting, or go figure, my friendship with my costar," she said as she motioned toward him. "But I do feel things! I get urges and I have desires and because I'm constantly on the move I can't do anything about them!" she whisper-shouted at him, her hands at her upper-arm level, fingers spread wide as she tried to convey her frustration.

Ross' eyes were wide as he looked down at his petite costar, listening to her outburst. It wasn't like her to say anything that wasn't flattering or a compliment and it certainly wasn't like her to admit she was turned on and frustrated that she couldn't do anything about it.

"This," she said motioning between the two of them once again, a pained expression on her face. "As much as I would love for it to happen, it just can't"

Ross felt bad when he heard her confession, and he did understand her reasoning, he did! It was just… well he thought that maybe for once they could have that movie scene ending instead of having to be so responsible at their young age and listen to their heads over their hearts.

He opened his mouth to apologize for upsetting her but apparently it was too late. She pushed by him and ran into the bathroom, her face red and her eyes watery as she was no doubt upset by his comment and the embarrassment it might have caused. He didn't mean it, he never wanted to hurt or embarrass her, but he was a horny teenage boy who lived on the road and for once he thought something great was going to happen. He had somehow screwed it up…

"Fuck," he whispered to himself as he shook his head and looked to the floor.

oOo oOo oOo

Laura shut the bathroom door behind her and paced in the small space, her hand on her forehead as she willed herself not to cry. What the hell had she been thinking?! Saying those things to Ross... Everything was going to be so fucking awkward now! She should have never read that story… All it did was make it impossible not to think of Ross as a sex god, make her extremely horny, and give her confidence she didn't normally have and now things were going to be just plain weird.

Exasperated, Laura leaned forward on the small sink looking at herself in the mirror, willing herself to calm her nerves and not let herself cry. It is not a big deal, she told herself. A day or two and he will forget everything. Or, if I'm lucky, at least ignore it and act normal for everyone's sake…

She looked down at her hands pressed flat against the cold counter and honed in on her blood pulsing through her veins and thought about how Ross' body felt pressed up against hers. She had felt it before, when they were goofing off on set or when they filmed a few of the latest episodes, but this time it was different. They had both been turned on by the fan fiction they had been reading and he hadn't even tried to hide his arousal when they were fooling around on the couch together. He had to have known she would feel it. He had to…

The thought alone made her wet and her body shudder as she remembered how his arousal felt pressed against her backside. All she wanted to do was slide herself down his body, feeling it rub all the way down and back up until she could roll her hips and listen to him hiss at the pressure…

She shook her head and cleared herself of her thoughts, looking up at her blushing face once again. These emotions were not okay. One goddamn story and one not-so-accidental rub of his manhood and suddenly she was worse than all the so-called Rossians out there. If she couldn't get her hormones in check really soon they were going to have a problem… She wouldn't be able to do these meet and greets and signings let alone film the show and travel alone with him.

Laura stood up straight and grabbed the hair band around her wrist, pulling it forward on her fingers before running her hands up and pulling her hair into a messy bun. She was beyond flushed and she needed to get her hair off her neck before she just combusted from the heat.

She had just snaked her fingers into the bun and tightened it when suddenly the small bathroom door opened and she whirled around quickly, her heart nearly jumping out of her chest at the sudden surprise. Before she could even focus her vision and register what was happening she was being forced up against the wall and Ross' lips were on hers.

oOo oOo oOo

Ross had been frustrated. She had just left him out there, standing in the cabin, dumbfounded and more turned on than he had ever been in his life, and she had finally admitted… FINALLY admitted that she thought about the possibility of Raura and got his hopes up. With each passing word through those thick full lips of hers he had grown more and more excited and then she had just given him this look of defeat and stormed off into the bathroom, hidden away from him.

He couldn't let her run away from this one. Sure, there had been many other instances where he had had the urge to do what he was about to do, but this opportunity couldn't have been more perfect. No one was here to ruin the moment. The only other two people in this plane were their mothers and they were both sound asleep, knocked out cold for most of the plane ride as a result of their 'calming-aids'. There were no paparazzi, no magazine interviewers, no screaming fans and most importantly, no meddling siblings. This was his chance, and he had finally grown a pair and was going to take it.

He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the restroom door handle, slipping into the bathroom easily and quietly closing the door behind him just as she whirled around in surprise to see him there. Her eyes were wide as he licked his lips and snaked an arm around her waist, easily backing her into the wall as his lips came crashing down on hers.

He tilted his head in just the right way, sucking her gasp into his mouth and instantly running his tongue along hers. Teeth bumped, hands fumbled, and only frantic breathing and lip smacking could be heard as she was pulled away from the wall and lifted to sit on the small counter, her center immediately being pulled and pressed against Ross' very obvious hard on. His hands roamed and the tips of his fingers brushed the skin of her stomach as her shirt lifted slightly.

This was their first kiss. Well, their first real kiss. She wouldn't exactly call the light peck they shared when practicing for the Auslly scene in 'Chapters' a true kiss. It had taken, what, five takes to get it right? That was what Ross remembered, right? It was actually laughable that it took that many takes for what Disney didn't show. And all of the shots were basically only redone because of Calum or Ross' brothers whooping in the background each time just trying to embarrass him, not really caring that she was the one getting embarrassed instead of him.

This, this was something entirely different.

This felt right, this felt beyond real, and the difference was, he obviously wanted to kiss her this time, and he wanted it bad.

She wasn't exactly sure why she wasn't pushing him away, telling him he was crazy and that this was a mistake and running out of here before things progressed. Mostly because a large part of her wanted it to progress and she wanted to feel her costars hands all over her body, pleasing her like his 'character' had done to hers in that steamy story…

Without realizing it she rolled her body against his, pressing her center against his even harder, whimpering when the pressure elicited a shooting wave of pleasure through her body. Ross pulled back and they both gasped, cheeks red from lack of oxygen and the thundering of their own heartbeats.

Ross looked down at Laura's plump red lips and then back up to her wide doe eyes, smirking only slightly as he thought about how he had been the one to cause her to look the way she did, to be the one who finally got her to calm the fuck down and stop talking so fast and so animatedly and just shut her brain down for once. It was one of those moments when a man could be proud of the work he'd done in claiming her as his…

"Ross," Laura gasped and Ross swore that was is all time favorite sound.

"Don't," he shushed quietly as he snaked his arm around her back again and ghosted his lips against hers, stealing one more lingering kiss before leaning in to whisper in her ear, causing her body to shudder beneath him. "Don't tell me we can't…"

His left hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her right hand to cover his manhood, making sure to show her just how much of an effect she had on him now, before he let go and slinked his hand up her thigh to the hem of her loose fitting shirt, grazing his fingers under to feel her hot skin.

Laura gasped out and nuzzled the side of her face against his as she shuddered at his hot breath on her sweaty skin. She smirked against his skin as she breathed heavily into his neck, inhaling his cologne and hair gel and everything that just made him smell like Ross.

Her confidence re-escalated and she gave him a little squeeze through his jeans as she tightened her legs around the back of his thighs, causing him to tip forward and catch himself on the counter around her, caging her in. "Still happy to see me?" she asked, biting her lip.

Ross pulled back and looked at her, matching smirk set firmly in place as he arched a brow and dropped his gaze to her lips.

"I won't tell if you don't tell…"


oOo oOo oOo

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