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"Not to…" Laura paused as her eyes fluttered shut involuntarily for a moment at the feel of Ross' hands on her. "…Put a damper on the mood but… mmm… how far are we talking about, here," she breathed out as she pushed Ross' zip up hoodie off of his shoulders and let it hit the ground, rolling her neck as Ross sucked hard on her flesh, sending shivers up and down her spine.

Ross shuddered when her small hand returned to his groin and gave him a squeeze. So far into you no man will ever be able to reach the depths I've hit… "However far you'll let me…" he breathed into the crook of her neck.

Laura visibly shook at his hoarse statement and nodded to herself, letting her body and mind absorb and bask in the wonderful whirlwind of sensations his mouth and hands were causing. She swallowed hard and gasped, nodding even as he nipped and sucked at the flesh on her neck. "Me and you, right now, just this once. When we land everything goes back to normal, okay?" she asked, her voice and eyes carefully waiting for his reaction and what he would say. She was worked up but she still wanted to know his thoughts on this particular situation.

Ross faltered only for a millisecond as he attempted to think about whether or not he would be able to pretend this never happened. His thoughts were instantaneously cut short when she nibbled on the skin where his neck and shoulder met. His hard on jumped in his jeans beneath her hand and all he could muster was a hurried nod.

Even though she was elated at his physical reaction, Laura felt her stomach drop just the slightest. She had hoped for some sort of protest, a confirmation that this would in fact happen more than just this once, but she had to give him the benefit of the doubt. They were caught in the heat of the moment, and she wasn't going to say anything to ruin it now. She wanted this too much…

"Do anything you want to me, Ross," she breathed, her eyes fluttering shut as his hands pulled her knit sweater up and over her head, letting it drop to the floor as he studied her in her tight yellow racer-back tank top.

Fuck, he thought. My favorite color

Laura rolled her hips to scoot closer to the edge of the vanity, closer to him. "Just make me feel good and I'll make you feel good. You can pretend I'm whoever you want…"

Ross slipped his hands up under her racer-back, causing the tight material to rise along with his hands, and watched as her eyes fluttered and struggled to stay open as he grasped her small, bra-less breasts and gave them a firm squeeze. "Who says I'd want to imagine anyone but you…"

Laura gasped in pleasure and bucked her hips against his and Ross leaned forward, latching on to her neck again. She immediately raked her fingers into his hair, holding him in place as she rubbed her core against his thigh. Those were the words she had secretly longed to hear, the words that would give her the gumption to let him do whatever the hell he wanted with her in this airplane.

Soft romance be damned.

He was going on tour soon, and she wouldn't see him for quite a while. Plus he was a teenaged boy who would be on the road with no one but his family for the next long while… he needed his release while he could still get it; and she was more than willing to give it to him. Everything was justifiable in Laura's head at the moment, and she was letting herself get lost in it.

Mewls and panting were all that could be heard as Laura's small hand squeezed Ross' length through his jeans, her heels digging into the backs of his thighs to try and bring him closer and create more of the wonderful friction he had already created. When a strangled, desperate moan came from his lips at her last squeeze she knew what she wanted to do.

She bit her bottom lip and pulled her neck away from his mouth, a mischievous glimmer in her eye.

Laura pushed him back, watching his face as she hopped off the counter and backed him into the same wall he'd just had her pinned to moments ago, and dropped very suddenly to her knees. Ross' eyes flashed almost black as he tangled his hand into her hair and watched as she popped his button open and lowered the zipper. She grabbed onto the denim fabric at his hips and shimmied them lower down, just enough so that he was finally exposed to her.

His length already popped through the opening in his boxers and he shivered as the air conditioned atmosphere surrounded his sensitive skin. "Do you see what you do to me?" he asked her, hand still fisted in her hair, causing her chest to rise and fall harder with each heavy breath she took.

This was something he had fantasized about on numerous occasions. It was almost impossible for him not to with all the Raura talk that occurred throughout his multiple fandoms. If only they knew this side of Laura… the side no one knew about but her.

Everyone seems to forget that although they work for Disney, they are still teenagers, and teenagers get urges and have needs just like everybody else. If anything, theirs are intensified because they know how wrong it would be if they ever got caught. Sure, they'd be in the spotlight and on the fronts of magazines like all the other teen celebs who had strayed from the good girl or good boy image, but they would also more than likely lose their jobs, and for that reason they have to remember to stay in character even when they're not expected to.

Ross was lucky. He had R5, which a good chunk of his fans knew before Austin & Ally and therefore in their eyes he was a rock star and his Disney character was a goofy charade that paid the bills. He used that as his release. And even those who didn't know about R5 until they researched him, they came to know and love them and look up videos of them online and go to their shows, and got to see first-hand the real Ross. Up on stage he could thrust his hips suggestively and make sex-eyes at people and smirk and rub himself and gyrate… and it was okay because it was all a part of the rock star game.

Laura wasn't as lucky. Austin & Ally had been her big break, it was what people knew her from. It was what they expected of her. She was a good wholesome innocent girl and that was what people expected of her on a minute to minute basis. He was thrilled that he was going to be able to have this to keep all to himself.

Laura trembled as he looked down on her with his dark eyes. She reached forward and wrapped her small hand around his member, so much harder than she had imagined he could ever be. Like satin over solid steel… She moved her hand up and down slowly once, watching intently as the skin rolled easily over his length, just to move right back into place. The head of his cock almost looked swollen, painful as it throbbed under her thumb.

With dark eyes he watched her face, watched her hand moving experimentally on his dick. Was this really happening right now? His dorky talkative petite costar… here… in the airplane bathroom stroking his dick up and down and no one in the world knew except for them. She took a deep breath in and smirked up at him. "Do you want-"

"Laura, please," he begged. He wasn't even going to try and be a gentleman and tell her she didn't have to. He needed it too badly. He wanted it too badly.

Laura looked up at him again with her doe eyes and something glimmered in them. She knew exactly what he wanted, and she wanted it too… so badly. She was thrilled to hear him voice what he wanted for once, even if it wasn't in the way she had hoped. In life, day by day, he never told anyone what he wanted, he just did as he was told. Now she could, at least in this way, give him what he needed.

Suddenly there was a shy smirk on her face as she leaned in and licked the tip of him, her head swaying slightly as her tongue messaged his slit and got her first taste of what little juices he had already begun to ooze. Ross' body went completely rigid as he watched her, his eyes unblinking and staring where her mouth had connected to him.

Laura didn't blink either, didn't take her eyes off of his as she leaned in again and slowly and languidly licked the underside of his still-growing cock, placing her lips fully around the swollen and belled tip before finally letting out a moan and closing her eyes in ecstasy.

Ross shook visibly and let out a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding when she finally leaned forward and took as much of him in her mouth as possible, pulling back with a slight gasp before leaning in to try for more. She would look up at him through her lashes, shy yet seductive, looking to him for all signs of approval that she was doing this right.

His hisses and the way she would see his jaw clench gave her the confidence she needed. She moved one hand up and raked her fingers up under his shirt, feeling the bumps and ridges of his well-defined ab muscles beneath her fingertips, pushing him so that his shoulder blades leaned back against the wall but his hips jutted out toward her, never once breaking eye contact as she leaned forward, taking him as far into her mouth as she could handle before her gag reflex kicked in.

Ross had a hard time keeping his eyes open as the sensations coursed through his body. He could feel the tip of himself hit the back of her hot sticky throat and could feel her throat and cheek muscle contractions as she gasped and let him go when she nearly gagged on him before returning and doing it a second time, moaning around him. He nearly came right then and there.

Nothing this amazing had ever happened to him before. Not only was this his first time ever actually receiving head from a girl, but it was the first time he'd ever really gotten to, and passed, second base with one! He had always imagined something like this happening, or dreamt it… but it always ended there. He never thought his wildest dreams would come true. He never thought his drop dead gorgeous friend and costar would be down on her knees, bobbing her head up and down on his dick in the airplane bathroom not minutes after they had finally crossed that thin line between friends and something a little more.

Ross groaned when she lifted her one hand and grasped the part of his length she couldn't fit into her mouth and squeezed, enveloping him completely. His eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head when her eyes finally fluttered shut and she moaned around him, hollowing her cheeks and creating the most blissful sucking and vibrating sensation around him.

He reached forward and tugged at the hair tie she had just put in before they started. He wanted to see her long unruly waves cascading around her porcelain face. His fingers snaked into her fallen hair and his eyes met hers as she opened them up once again to stare into him. The slight quirk of her brow and the smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she took more of him in again gave him a surge of his manly pride, and before he knew it he was smirking back down at her and just barely pulling her head onto him more.

His back was leaned against the wall, his hips jutting forward as Laura's head moved forward and back on his hardness. His hand was in her hair, encouraging her to try and take more of him with each and every pass. She did her best to please him, mentally relaxing her throat and successfully deep-throating him just once before pulling back with a gasp and a hard strangled swallow as she pumped him with her hand, panting.

Ross breathed heavily and his nostrils flared as he watched her, watched the pink form on her cheeks when she pulled back, watched her small but developed little breasts bounce slightly as her tank was rolled up just above them leaving her exposed to his eyes. The combination of her mouth and hand on him was quickly becoming too much, and he could feel that coil in the pit of his belly tightening as he began to shake.

"Laur…" he breathed as his eyes forced themselves shut and he pulled on her hair just a little rougher than he had intended.

She looked up at him through her lashes again when he finally opened his eyes to her again and she leaned forward, taking him in her mouth once more. She hollowed out her cheeks and bobbed her head, moving her hand in the same motion over his length when she brought her other hand down from his stomach and chest to squeeze his boxer-hidden sac.

Ross' body shook and his eyes slammed shut again as his one hand sought purchase on the wall and the other gripped his hand full of Laura's hair even tighter. "Fuck, Laura, I'm…"

Laura's heart rate sped up as she prepared herself for his orgasm. She gave his shaft one final firm squeeze as she moaned around him and massaged his ball sac when suddenly she could feel his entire member twitching in her mouth before spurt after spurt of hot salty liquid coated her tongue and throat.

She blinked rapidly at first, a little shell-shocked at the first feel and taste of him in her mouth. It wasn't what she had expected. His spending's didn't taste great by any means, but it wasn't as bad as she had heard about either.

Leave it to Ross to be different.

She wondered briefly if he was expecting her to swallow or spit it out, but before she could even open her eyes and look at him to gauge his reaction she found herself moaning as she swallowed him down and continued to pump and milk him for all he was worth.

Ross watched through hooded eyes as the gorgeous girl in front of him swallowed his seed down, never missing a beat as she finally looked up at him through her thick lashes, slowly decreasing pressure on his member as her strokes slowly came to a stop.

She kept her lips around the head of his cock, swaying her head back and forth and feeling as the weight of his member increased in her mouth as it became somewhat slack.

"Fuck, Laura…" he breathed as he brought one hand to her face and brushed a stray tendril of hair from her eyes, holding her cheek in his hand as he looked down on her and watched his member finally leave her mouth.

Laura swallowed one final mouthful of her own saliva mixed with whatever was left of his juices before letting out a small gasp and panting for air, her pink tongue poking out to lick her bottom lip clean as he gazed down at her as if she was a gift sent to him straight from the heavens above.

Ross let out a rather loud huff and shook his head as his thumb stroked her perfect cheek. "You… that was… holy fuck Laura, where in the hell…"

She smiled slightly, proud of herself for impressing him so much on their first go. "I'm seventeen, Ross… I don't live under a rock…"

Ross stared down at her in awe and amazement as he finally caught his breath, but he didn't have time to respond. In fact he wasn't even sure his brain could muster one if he tried. All he knew was that he needed to taste her, and he needed it now.

He pushed himself away from the wall suddenly, startling Laura a bit when his groin was shoved right into her face again before she was yanked to her feet and walked backwards only to be plopped on the vanity once again.

She couldn't help but quirk a brow at him. "Like sitting me on top things, don't you?"

He smirked at the image in his head as he ran his thumb along her full bottom lip. "I can think of one or two things you could sit on…"

Laura gasped at his boldness and Ross took the opportunity to lean forward and plunge his tongue into her mouth, only remembering after the fact that she had just drank down his jizz and he was grateful beyond belief that he couldn't taste himself on her, although the more the thought on it the hotter it was as he remembered back on it. Maybe one day he'd find the taste of himself on her sexy.

Baby steps.

Laura rolled her hips against him and visibly shook when his hands expertly rubbed up her bare sides to brush his fingers along the swell of her breasts before coming back down her body and pulling the tight yoga material off her hips and down her legs.

Ross peeled his lips from hers when he discarded the already forgotten material at their feet and realized she had not been wearing any undergarments beneath them. "Are you serious?" he breathed, his deflating member perking right back up at the sight of her before him.

Laura bit her lip and smiled at him, her hair cascading down over her shoulders, bunched tank and exposed breasts staring back at him. Her legs were spread open to him, his own thighs keeping her from being able to close them, revealing her bare and uncovered core to him for the very first time, her womb already quaking with want and need.

"That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen…" Ross mused as he let his eyes drink her in. She was the definition of sexy in that moment, and he wanted so badly to take her and claim her as his own… mark his territory and make sure no one in the world would ever be able to do the things he was imagining doing to her in the next short while.

Ross' eyes connected with hers once again as he brought one hand up and licked his index and middle fingers, her eyes dropping to his mouth as he did so. She was mesmerized by him, and she knew exactly what was coming. She swallowed hard and prepared herself for an onslaught of pleasure as she watched him bring his slick fingers down to her opening and give her folds an experimental rub.

Laura immediately let her head fall back as a louder-than-intended moan escaped her. Her small hands gripped his shoulders and she subconsciously stuck her chest out further as she arched her back.

Ross was amazed at how wet she was already. He hadn't even touched her yet and she was already dripping. His eyes raised to hers again and she could tell just by the way he was looking at her what was on his mind. She was empowered, and all bashfulness she may have been feeling was cast aside when she saw how hard he had gotten again already. He was loving this just as much as she was.

"It's only for you, Ross…" she breathed, rolling her hips.

Ross clenched his jaw and pushed his two fingers into her, exploring her opening and watching her face, her mouth dropped open, as he experimented with different movements and twists to see what she would respond to. She responded to just about everything he did, and so he began to pump his long fingers in and out of her, watching as her juices made his fingers shimmer as he pulled them out and pushed them back in, curling them ever so slightly to give even more friction as he searched for that one spot everyone always talked about…

"Mmmmh" she moaned as she rocked her hips to meet his hand, his thumb strategically hitting her clit with each pass, putting just enough pressure on it to drive her wild without being too intense.

"Tell me what you want, Laur…" Ross demanded as he assaulted her core with his fingers, pulling them out and rubbing her folds with force before plunging them back inside again. His head dropped down to her protruding chest and he immediately latched onto a nipple, sucking hard and earning another loud moan and jerk of her hips. She was panting hard, leaning back on one hand and gripping his shoulder so tight her nails were leaving crescent moon shapes on his skin through his t-shirt with the other.

She dragged his face back up to hers and stared into his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers and licked his lips, staring down at both her reddened cleavage and her glistening womanhood, both products of his handy work. She grunted when he became a little more forceful with his hand and she moved her face until she could capture his lips between her own, inhaling sharply through her nose as she kissed him wildly.

Ross rubbed his length along her smooth leg as he worked at her, needing to feel even the slightest bit of pressure on himself as he listened to her moan and pant and whine. She was a track he never wanted to stop playing, and he was sure that this was something no other girl would ever be able to top in his entire lifetime.

She pulled back finally with a loud gasp and looked into his eyes, smiling slightly. The shy innocent Laura he thought he knew was long gone.

"Make me cum, Ross. I know you can…"

Ross clenched his jaw tight, a jolt of pleasure coursing through his body at hearing her talk to him that way, and dropped to his knees, earning a wide eyed gasp and heavier panting from the teen goddess above him as she leaned back on her one hand.

While still pumping his fingers he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking hard before lapping at her opening with a flat wide tongue. His eyes slammed shut in ecstasy at his first real taste of her. She was sweet and tangy, and he knew he would crave this taste again in the future.

Laura nearly screamed out loud as she threw her head back in ecstasy and grabbed hold of his hair, gripping it with such force without actually pulling any of it.

The sensation of a warm mouth on her nether regions was something she had always wanted to experience but could never recreate at home on her own. There was nothing in the world like it, and she was sure that he would have her cumming all over him in seconds if he continued on the way he was.

Ross opened his eyes and looked up at her as he hummed around her clit, making eye contact with the brunette for the first time since being on his knees in front of her, and he now understood why she kept looking to him when she had gone down on him. It was an incredible rush to see the effects you're having on a person while you're at it, and the desperate look on her face and the dark sparkle in her eyes told him she was close.

Laura's thighs began to quake and she was almost embarrassed by it because there was no doubt it her mind that it was obvious to Ross that she was about to have her first real orgasm brought on by another individual. There was absolutely no way to hide it unless she wanted to stop it… and, god, did she not want to stop it.

Ross suddenly pulled back and thrust his fingers back into her, earning a loud mewling sound at the loss of his wet heat on her center. "Say my name…"

Laura panted, her head lolling back as she opened her legs wider for him to give the hint that she wanted his mouth back on her. "What?" she breathed out.

"Say my name, Laura…" Ross demanded as his fingers became more forceful for a moment.

Laura could only nod as her upper body lost strength and fell back against the mirror, steaming it up instantly with her body heat as he dove back in and replaced his fingers with his mouth once more.

She screamed out, then panted as Ross's wet hand came to cover her mouth so she wouldn't risk waking their mothers. He was going to make her say his name if it was the last thing he ever did.

Ross took hold of her clit between his teeth and raked back lightly, making her body quake as he did so before plunging forward and sticking his tongue as far into her as he could go, wiggling it around and eating away at her like she was his last meal on earth.

"Ross," she breathed, trying to signal that she was close but unable to form any other words. "Ross!" she screamed out as she began to buck her hips into his face. She couldn't help it, the flow and gob-smacking force of her orgasm hitting her like a freight train as he looked up at her with those dark eyes of his, extending her orgasm even more as she could see the evidence smearing on his face.

He lapped at her, swallowing as much of her cream as he could without suffocating himself. He had just made Laura Marano cum in his mouth while screaming his name.

He could officially die happy.

Her entire body quaked, her legs squeezed his head, and her hand gripped his hair. Her eyes had slammed shut as she almost looked as if she was in pain by the way her face scrunched and her brow furrowed. She was lost in ecstasy, holding him in place so he wouldn't overwhelm her with the sheer pleasure of it all.

He pulled back, wiping at his mouth with the collar of his t-shirt, and watched as her chest rose and fell with each gulp of air she took in.

She opened her eyes finally, and was staring down at him like he was the world's juiciest piece of meat. He had just given her the best orgasm she had ever experienced, and where she knew it should have left her sated and tired, she only wanted more of him. Her chest rose and fell with more force the longer she looked down at him. He was panting too, and the look in his eyes told him all she needed to know.

Laura sat up abruptly, hopping off the counter and grabbing him by the shirt. She brought him up to her lips and devoured his face, tasting herself on him and not caring in the least bit. She gripped the waistband of his jeans and boxers and pushed them the rest of the way down, using her feet to kick them away from him.

Ross was surprised by her enthusiasm, but followed suit anyway and pulled away from her just long enough to pull her scrunched up tank top up and off of her, discarding it in the pile with his pants.

Laura smiled devilishly and turned him around, shoving him until he fell to sit upon the closed toilet lid, and moved quickly to straddle him.

Ross could feel where this was leading, and truth be told he was terrified. He wanted it, and he wanted it bad, but there were so many factors holding him back.

He inhaled sharply as she kissed him breathless and put his hands on her upper arms, pushing her back gently.

"Mmmph" Laura mewled as her lips peeled away from his and she took deep breaths, surprising herself with her own actions when she realized the position she'd put them in.

"I want more, I want so much more but I don't want to hurt you," Ross confessed as she pumped him to complete hardness again, her slick forehead pressed against his. He was still out of breath and her actions weren't helping him to calm down any.

She's lucky he's young and full of stamina…

"Hurt me?" she questioned, her brows furrowed as their foreheads still pressed together.

"Because you… you're… I mean, we both are but you especially, you're…" he let out an embarrassed huff. "You're a-"

The realization hit her and her mouth formed a silent O as she stroked him just a little harder. "Well, see, here's the thing…" she started, blushing to herself both at what she was about to confess and at the cuteness that his concern bought out in him. She eyed him even with her forehead pressed to his, waiting to see any sign of disgust from him.

Ross wasn't so sure about the tone in her voice. He stilled her hand and locked eyes with her, feigning the slight hurt he felt at her insinuation. He was a virgin and she wasn't? What was wrong with this picture? He was supposed to be the sex-on-legs rock star and she was the innocent beautiful one up on the silver screen.

"You're not?!" he exclaimed, a little louder than he should have, causing her to cover his mouth with her hand as she bit her lip again and stifled a nervous laugh.

Laura couldn't even resist the smile that formed on her lips. He was jealous…

"Technically I am, yes, but physiologically no."

Ross stared at her for a few long moments trying to comprehend what she meant. He wasn't getting it. What did she mean physiologically

Laura bit her lip and pushed him back until he was leaning back against the wall behind the closed toilet. She immediately scooted forward, her slick womanhood sliding deliciously along his length and she immediately latched herself onto his earlobe, gnawing and sucking and licking until she felt him let out a sigh and grip her waist.

"Remember," she breathed onto his neck. "When I told you I have wants and needs just like every other teenaged girl but never have any time to act on them?" she breathed, her hot breath tickling the fine hairs on his neck.

Ross nodded and shuddered as she pulled back just long enough to yank his shirt up and over his head, discarding it on the floor with her pants and sweater before raking her pretty manicured nails down his chest and abs, admiring his completely nude body and drinking him in with her eyes. "I've always wanted to do that," she whispered as she bit her lip and looked at his puzzled features, smiling at the way he was clearly waiting for her to elaborate on her previous statement and ignoring the fact that he was completely naked with her for the first time ever.

"Laura…" Ross warned as she began to kiss and nip at his neck and work her way south again, but this time he stopped her so she wouldn't leave his lap.

She smiled and ground herself against him, earning herself a good squeeze and a slight jerk of his hips. He was getting impatient.

She smiled shyly and raised her eyes to the ceiling for a brief moment before she blurted out her confession. "I have a vibrator hidden in my room at home, and I use it quite often," she finally admitted.

Ross pulled her away from his skin and looked into her eyes, noticing the innocent way her eyebrows raised and she bit her bottom lip, looking as if she was waiting for his evaluation of her now.

His cock throbbed beneath her, and he was sure she could feel it. He had never been more turned on in his life.

He suppressed a smirk. "So, you took your own virginity with a vibrating dildo?" he asked, eyebrow quirked, squeezing her bare hips again and loving the way her flesh filled his large hands. "But… you've never been with another guy?"

She nodded while still biting her lip and he knew then that he couldn't take it anymore. He smirked at her and moved her to that she was situated right over top of him again, his worry of hurting her completely out the window now.

"Well, no wonder you're so happy and cheerful all the time…" he chuckled.

Laura's smile matched his as she giggled and shrugged her shoulders slightly before quickly shifting back to her 'O' face as Ross rubbed the tip of himself along her folds.

The real thing felt eight-hundred times better than a silicone substitute…

Ross grew serious one last time and his nostrils flared as he watched her face, breathing heavily once she locked eyes with him. "Are you sure?" he asked, not needing to elaborate as they were both sure about what was about to happen.

Laura swallowed and nodded, looking at him very seriously as her small hands gripped his bare shoulders. "I want it to be you…"

The underlying meaning of her words finally hit Ross full force. She wanted him to be the one to take her virginity. And he wanted it too… badly…

His eyes flickered back and forth from her hopeful eyes to her plump and pouting lips. He wouldn't tell her no. She was rocking her hips above him, sliding her folds along the underside of his member that had grown and flopped backwards onto his belly and he couldn't think straight anymore. His heart was heavy, though. He didn't want her to look back on her first time with regret. They were thirty three thousand feet in the air, in an airplane bathroom, panting and groping each other. Was this the memory they both wanted?

Laura smiled sadly at him. She could see the wheels turning in his head. For a teenage heart throb he did an awful lot of thinking, and sometimes that wasn't always a good thing. He was on the fence, and she wanted him to understand that this was exactly what she wanted. It wasn't the fairytale, it wasn't the thing most teenaged girls dreamt of when thinking of what their first time with a boy would be like, but it was hot and heavy and spontaneous and perfect none the less.

For the first time since day one, they were completely alone. No one could interrupt them, no one could possibly expose what they were about to do to the world. It was their little secret and no one else was allowed in. She wondered if she would even tell her sister or Raini about it. She wanted this all to herself.

"This is our night," she whispered to Ross, shivering when his eyes met hers and visibly grew dark again. "Just me and you, it's ours…"

Ross looked at her for a few long moments, really letting her words of reassurance sink in as he felt her hips stop rolling over him. He stared at her for a few long moments, taking her in, her natural beauty, her feisty side that only he got to see. He worried for a moment that he might be falling harder than he thought for the girl in question, and then he nearly laughed out loud at himself. Who wouldn't fall for Laura? Not many people realized it, but he knew. She was the perfect girl. He'd be worried if he wasn't falling for her after this day.

He looked up at her and slowly ran his fingers from the base of her spine all the way up her back to tangle in the hair at the base of her head, watching as her eyes fluttered shut and her bosom rose in reaction to his action.

"Tell me you want this as bad as I do…"

Laura had almost not heard him, he was so quiet and careful about his words, but his eyes were boring into her. He needed reassurance before he would go any further, and she was more than willing to give it to him.

"I've wanted this from the very beginning, Ross…"

Those were the only words he needed to hear. His decision had been made. This was it. This was the moment.

He gripped her hips and lifted her up slightly, bringing her down on him in one swift movement that had left them both stunned by the end when he finally felt the tip of himself fill her to the hilt.

They both looked down to where they were joined as they each took a moment to adjust to the other. Laura had never felt so full in her entire life. He hadn't looked so huge when staring at him, but her little 'friend' at home definitely had nothing on him as she felt the way she stretched her and pushed her to her limits.

Ross had never felt anything like it. Even the mind numbing blow job she had given him didn't feel as good as her searing heat surrounding him, enveloping him.

"Oh my god…" they both said in unison, and Laura followed hers with a hiss as she dropped her head and leaned back, moving her hands behind her to hold herself up on his thighs.

"So fucking tight…"

"Oh my god, so thick…"

They stared at each other for a few long moments, letting their bodies adjust until Ross finally couldn't take it anymore. He needed movement, he needed friction, he needed her to ride him into oblivion.

Ross grabbed hold of her hips again and guided her to a rhythm they could both enjoy. She rolled her hips and ground herself down on him until she could literally feel her own juices oozing out onto him.

This turned her on even more.

Ross sat back and stared down to where they were connected and watched in awe as her pussy would swallow him up until he couldn't even see his own dick anymore. How could such a petite girl take so much of him in?

Laura leaned back on her hands that were braced on his thighs and watched his face. Their faces were far apart but their groins were welded together with their mixing juices. He was staring at her, and she found it to be incredibly hot. She wanted to turn him on to an all-time high, and she wanted to tease him, so as she rolled her hips over him, sucking him into her and sliding him back out, she lifted one hand and licked her fingers.

The movement caught Ross' attention and he followed her fingers into her mouth, his jaw clenching as he began to thrust upwards to meet her half way. Her hand came down to where they were joined and swirled around her clit, causing her to moan out loud and her head fall back.

"Fuck…" Ross hissed as his grip on her thighs increased even more. He moved his hands back to her hips and began to pull and push her body as he ground himself deeper in her, his eyes slamming shut when she moaned his name loudly and threw her head back, her breath catching in her throat.

She leaned forward again, gripping his shoulders as she rode him at a different pace, letting out a string of profanities as the pleasure within her increased ten-fold at the new angle. Ross' eyes flew back open only to find her chest right at his eye level.

Merry Fucking Christmas, Ross Lynch.

He dove forward and raked his teeth over her left nipple before taking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, sucking hard.

Laura's hips bucked at the action and she yelped in pleasure. He did it again, and so did she.

He couldn't take it anymore. He knew they had just started but he was new at this, and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. He wanted one more thing from her, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

In one swift motion he wrapped his strong arm around her petite waist and quickly stood, letting himself slip from her core and smirk when she whimpered at the loss. He walked them a few steps back to the vanity again, setting her down on her feet and whirling her around and pushing her forward so that her ass was lined up right in front of his protruding dick.

She whimpered when he took hold of his own cock and rubbed it along her ass cheeks, slapping her once with it and smiling when she whirled her head around to glare at him. "Don't worry," he chuckled. "I'm not doing that to you…"


She quirked a brow at him and smiled, and decided that although she was relieved, it was still fun to tease. "Play your cards right…"

Ross pushed Laura roughly up against the sink again and she faced forward, their gazes locked in their reflection, and he used his own foot to spread her legs as far apart as he could get them at the level they were at. She was spread wide open for him now, dripping with want and need. Ross reached forward and ran his fingers up her swollen pussy, feeling her wetness beckoning his fingers into her folds, getting him that much more worked up to enter her again.

Laura moaned and threw her head back slightly when she felt him pull his fingers away and she turned to look at him over her shoulder, placing her hands on the counter in front of her in such a way that she braced herself. She needed him back inside… now.

Ross breathed heavily as he positioned himself at her entrance and thrust himself deep into her womb, gripping her curvaceous hips with bruising force. This new position had her pelvic bone rubbing deliciously against the base of his cock, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was cumming all over her.

He let his head lull back slightly, causing the lumps of his adams apple to be well defined in his neck as he watched Laura's face from within the mirrors reflection. Her eyes roamed his body through the mirror and she found herself quaking at the image of him standing braced behind her like that.

It was fucking drop dead sexy.

She could see the layer of sweat covering both of their bodies, and she found that it turned her on even more. She felt her inner walls flutter at the sight of them, and she could see Ross' face when she did so and knew he had felt it too.

"Fuck!" he hissed. "Laura do that again…"

She swallowed hard and purposely flexed her inner muscles around him, relishing in the way his face contorted in pleasure as she squeezed him from within, rocking her ass backwards into him. She was loving every last fucking second of watching Ross' sex faces as a result of her actions, and she never wanted them to stop. She flexed again, and this time moved her ass backwards with force to meet his thrusts with equal vigor, creating a slapping sound with their bodies.

They had only just started this position and already Ross knew he wasn't going to make it. "Laura I'm gonna…"

Laura mewled beneath him, watching his face in the reflection of the mirror, wiping away a layer of steam that had formed on the glass so she could see him again. "Wait for me, Ross…" she said, biting her bottom lip.

She had done that so much she was sure she was going to give herself a blister.

"I don't know if I can…" he said as he clenched his jaw, his hips becoming more and more erratic in their movements.

Laura could feel the coil in her belly heating up and tightening. It was just a matter of moments and she wanted so desperately for them to climax together. "Pull my hair."

Ross' eyes shot open, his cock twitching noticeably within her. "What?"

"Pull my hair!" she demanded.

Ross reached forward and grabbed Laura's hair in one fist full, forcefully pulling her head back and turning it to the side just as he bent over her and fused his mouth to her own. His free hand flew around to her front and found her sensitive bundle of nerves and circled it, pressing down firmly as he thrust into her one final time.

Laura's head was turned in such a way that caused her back to arch and her ass to stick straight up in the air, changing Ross' angle of penetration just slightly and triggering his orgasm. His dick pulsed within her and she could feel the pressure changing on her pelvic bone, and she swore the feeling of him spurting inside her was what had finally pushed her over the edge and had her cumming right along with him.

Her entire body shook with such force, she almost wondered if she would pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all. Mentally, she laughed. People always say it's hard to have a good orgasm on your first time…

Those people obviously didn't know Ross Shor Lynch.

They rocked their bodies together for what seemed like an eternity as it took them so long to finally calm down from their mutual high. Ross hadn't let go of her hair but he had loosened his grip. He breathed heavily against her lips as his eye lids fought to stay open.

They both became acutely aware of the way their bodies were sticking to one another, their skin so slick with a thick sheen of sweat brought on by their actions in the tight space, but neither really wanted to move. He was still buried balls deep inside of her, and her lips still grazed his as she sucked in gulps of air. If it were up to them they would have stayed right in that position for the rest of the night.

Ross' forehead stayed pressed against hers and they each opened their eyes to one another, just gazing as the whirlwind of pleasure settled within the pits of their bellies and spread a warm tingling throughout their limbs from their scalp all the way down through their toes. He had a hard time holding up his own weight so he wouldn't crush her against the counter, so he reluctantly pulled back, slipping himself from the comfort of her heat and gently turning her to face him completely.

Laura put both of her hands on his bare hips, wanting to, but not having the energy to fan-girl over the way his taught abdomen looked before her, that perfect V shape leading down to the very reason for the blissful numbness she was feeling.

His body should be illegal on a seventeen year old. Grown men were jealous of Ross' perfect body.

Ross gazed down on her, breathing heavily as they both came down from their highs. His hands rested gently on either side of her neck, his thumbs drawing lazy circles on her cheek bones. "That was-"


"Yeah," he breathed out as he nodded, not having much energy to do much else. He stared into her big brown eyes, admiring her more and more with each passing second. He couldn't really believe they had just done all that they had done. It was surreal. Two hours ago they were laying in their reclined plane chairs just trying to sleep and make the time go by until they could be home. And now he never wanted this ride to end.

Ross' eyes dropped to her thick full lips and he just couldn't even stop himself. He licked his own lips, dried from all the heavy breathing and panting he'd been doing, and slowly lowered his head to hers.

Laura's breath hitched ever so slightly when his lips pressed against her own. This kiss, like the first was different from anything she'd ever felt before. He was gentle, and loving, and passionate. His head rolled slightly as he took her lips between his, just barely brushing his tongue along her own.

His naked body was pressed firmly against her own, her hands still on his defined hips as he loved her with his mouth, pouring out so many unspoken feelings in the only way he knew how in that moment. He just hoped she didn't blow it off as part of the afterglow of their actions. He knew they couldn't let anyone else know about what went on in here, but did the two of them have to ignore it completely? He wasn't sure he could do it if he tried.

Laura raised her hands from his hips, running her fingers up along his stomach and chest until she rested her hands flat on his pectoral muscles.

The moment they shared was soft, and tender, and neither of them ever wanted to break apart but they knew they had to. Laura peeled her lips away from his, realizing only after the fact that that was probably the last kiss they would share during this whole adventure.

Ross knew it too, because he pressed his forehead to hers and sighed in defeat. Their rendezvous was over, and they had to go back to reality.

He raised his eyes to hers and stroked her cheek one more time, mirroring the sad smile she was giving him.

"So," he whispered to her, looking back down to her lips one last time. "What now?"

oOo oOo oOo

The descent had been agonizing for both of them. Things had been so easy when they were thousands and thousands of miles in the air with no one to answer to except for themselves. They had lived it up one hundred percent to the fullest and now that they were returning home it just meant that they would have to start lying by omission, something Laura was both nervous and excited about.

She glanced over at him just as the plane touched down and kept her eyes on him until the aircraft came to a full and complete stop, her heart doing flip-floppy things when she watched him pull on a beanie and fix his bangs. After their… session… he had rummaged through his bag and found a pair of basketball shorts to change into, and he had put his dirty t-shirt back on. He was one hundred percent laid back, and it just made her want to lay him back and do even more naughty things to him.

At the clearing of her mother's throat and the woman's movement to start clearing up their little 'rest area' she blinked rapidly and moved back to her original train of thought.

She hated to be considered a liar, but the fact that she had shared one hell of a night of passion with her costar and they had both enjoyed in immensely was something she would be able to hold onto forever. She could tell from his actions he had feelings for her. He wouldn't have been as considerate and nervous about everything if he hadn't. Ross was not the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type, and she felt… honored… to have been the girl he wanted.

She was also so grateful that someone other than her sister and Raini got to see the side of her no one else knew existed. The promiscuous fun side that people just couldn't associate with her was now known by the one person that had really caused it all, and she found that to be an accomplishment in her book. He seemed to be smitten with her even before he had seen the other side of her, and afterwards, well… they had found out very quickly what effect that had on him…

She just hoped that his feelings wouldn't change before they had the opportunity to explore them further, and in public. It was a long shot, but she hoped they could someday move forward with this and actually enjoy a little PDA with one another.

Stormie and Ellen both began to pack up their belongings into their carry-on bags, and she watched as Ross began to do the same, and her breath caught in her throat when he finally raised his eyes to meet hers and she could see the slight smile tugging at the corners of his lips when he looked at her.

Ross had been elated to look up and see her looking at him, a smile gracing her lips as she was no doubt thinking back on all the things he couldn't stop thinking about. She had been so amazing, and completely stunning in her actions, there was no doubt in his mind he was falling hard and fast for Laura Marano.

Ross and Laura shared one lingering glace across the aisle at each other until Laura's mother crossed the path between them, heading to the bathroom, and by the time she was out of the way Laura was already looking back down at her iPad. The plane had landed, their mothers were now awake, and reality was rushing back at them like a herd of running bulls.

He wasn't ready for this ride to be over already.

Ross felt a large mixture of pleasure, satisfaction, excitement, and also grief as he finally looked away from her. What they had shared on this trip was something he would always be grateful for and would never be able to forget, but the idea that this could very possibly have been a one night stand upset him more than he ever thought it would.

She wasn't going anywhere, though, and he knew he would just have to figure out the best way to get her to want this in a more permanent situation. He had a lot on his plate with the Loud Tour coming up and she knew that, and he liked to think that his busy lifestyle was one of the reasons she had said they would go back to the way things were. She had a way of knowing what was best, even if only temporarily.

His decision had been made. He would keep in touch while on tour and they would keep up with the niceties, but when he got back and they resumed filming for season three, things between them would change for the better. He just knew it. He would make sure of it…

Ross watched out of the corner of his eye as she packed her things up into her carry-on and stood to wait for the pilot to open the door fully. He mirrored her actions, ignoring the short stare from his mother as he solemnly tossed his duffel bag over his shoulder and stood behind her waiting.

Laura could feel his presence behind her and she coyly looked over her shoulder at him. She hadn't missed the way he was stealing glances at her for the last half hour, and truth be told she was actually relieved and felt better about it. Of course she wanted more than a just-this-once roundabout with her best friend and costar, but now was not the time to strike up a relationship. Maybe someday, if she was lucky, she would be the one girl to win Ross Lynch's heart, but for right now she would just bask in the memory and knowledge that she was his first, and would always be the girl he compared all others to.

"My goodness," Ellen stated as she emerged from the airplane bathroom. "That restroom is a sticky mess!"

Ross and Laura both froze in place and Laura was sure she could hear Ross' heart thundering away in his chest behind her.

"Shit…" Laura whispered under her breath, loud enough so that only Ross could hear. Suddenly she could feel his breath on her ear and had it not been for the terror in her system at hearing her mother comment on the… state… of the room they had been in, she would have shivered.

"When that door opens just go," Ross whispered, stifling a laugh. The tone of his voice made Laura chuckle and they both held in their laughter as they watched the pilot emerge from the cock pit and smile at them.

"Great flight, sir, thank you so much," Laura beamed, using her enthusiasm as a cover up for her nervous laughter.

The pilot gave her a curt nod as he worked the latch on the door and began to push it open.

Ross leaned forward on his toes and got ready to make a dash for it.

"Seriously," Ellen continued as she grabbed her things, looking at Stormie. "The amount of money put forward for these things and they don't even give the place a good wipe-down first… It's like someone used it as a sauna and never cleaned up afterwards. It even smells funny…"

Ross snorted with laughter and so did Laura as the pilot finally stepped back and motioned that they could leave the aircraft.

"Go, go, go!" he whisper-laughed as he pushed her forward and they both exited quickly, their quiet laughter filling the tarmac as they sprinted toward the airport. Then and there, they both knew that things would be alright between them.

Ellen and Stormie looked down the tunnel at their children with furrowed brows, confusion and oblivion etched clearly across their faces.

"What's gotten into them?" Ellen asked as she grabbed her things.

Stormie shook her head and shrugged, following her friend out of the plane. "Must be the jet lag…"


oOo oOo oOo

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