Couldn't Say It…

A/N/: This is my first attempt at poetry so please be gentle and don't flame me to death if you think it's horrible. It's from Ruki's point of view; sad she couldn't say the right thing in the end…

Three years

Three years of hurt, pain, agony

Only because I didn't tell you the truth

The truth that rips at my heart to this very day

Now I hold in my hand a pair of goggles

Broken goggles

They'd be gone if I hadn't been the first to find them

Thrown in the trash

Worth nothing to another simple person

But they're worth something to me

Because they're all I have left of you

The REAL you

The real you that would have given me anything if I just asked for it

The real you that would have given up your own life to save mine

The real you that gave your last dying breath just to tell me how you felt

You LOVED me

And because I was so stupid

So foolish

So cold-hearted

I couldn't return that love

You had lied out on the street

Burned and buried

Jenrya had called for the Ambulance

And I had tried to follow

But you grabbed my wrist

Begged me to stay

Asked me too tell you that I loved you

But I couldn't

I couldn't say it because fate had different plans

You were going to leave me and never return

And neither of us could stop it

You died in my arms that very moment

I couldn't say it because I didn't want to love a person gone to me

I didn't want to try

I wanted to live happily ever after

Even though I knew it wasn't possible

Now I look back and cry

I cry tears I didn't have then


Because now I realize I truly love you

And I can't help but think that it's too late

All your pain, (and mine) could have been stopped

If only I had said it was true

I loved you too

Sometimes I wish

Wish that you would come back

Wish I could make it right again, by saying those fateful words

And then you'd reject me

Proving I really am a fool

A fool who couldn't tell the truth

A fool who couldn't care

A fool who could say 'I love you' in the end

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