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James smiled slightly as he rolled over in his messy bed. Today was the day they would finally do it. Everyone was coming over. They had the spell ready. They had the books ready. Nothing was going to go wrong.

He looked at the ceiling, his grin growing wider on his thin face. He would meet his father's godfather, his Uncle Fred, and Teddy's parents!

He was very excited about this. The only person more excited then him was Teddy since he was going to meet his parents that he'd never met before.

Rolling out of bed, he practically bounced down the steps and to the Kitchen where his family was eating breakfast.

"Someone's excited today." Harry remarked, seeing James' wide grin.

He froze for a second, knowing that no one could know why he was really happy, but regained his posture quickly, "Yeah! Freddie's coming over today! I haven't seen him in forever!"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Be careful with the pranks, will you? I don't want another accident."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," James brushed it off as he sat down in his seat beside Albus, "We'll be careful. We always are."

Ginny laughed slightly, putting a plate of pancakes in front of James, "Sure you do. You were so careful when you those fireworks in Al's room that one time."

James winced at the reminder of that prank gone wrong, "I didn't mean for it to scare him that much. How was I supposed to know he would freak out that much?"

Albus groaned and dropped his head to the table, "Let's talk about something else."

Albus hated it when they brought up that incident. He had been very embarressed over getting so scared.

"I promise I'll be careful." Jame repeated, practically enhaling his pancakes afterwards.

"Daddy. When's Hugo going to be here?" Asked seven year old, Lily excitably. She was always asking question after question nowadays. It really annoyed James.

"In about an hour." Harry answered his red headed daughter, "Have you cleaned your room yet?"

Lily grinned and announced with a slightly bragging voice, "Yep. I did it all by myself!"

"Good for you." Harry smiled, messing up her hair which made her scowl and try and fix it. Even at seven, they could tell she would be really girly. They had no idea where she got it from.

The swoosh of flames sounded through the house. Loud squeals of excitement echoed down the halls as James' ear perked up and heard Lily shout, "Hugo's here!"

James jumped up from where he was going over all the plans again, making sure he wasn't missing anything. He opened the door slightly so he could see the floo where his Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Rose, and Hugo had come through.

He wasn't really excited about them coming. None of them would be going with them on this adventure after all. None of the adults even knew about it and Rose and Hugo were too young.

However, he could see that his siblings were happy as they both excitedly ran up to Rose and Hugo and engulfed them in hugs.

"Harry!" His Uncle Ron smiled brightly, hugging James' father, "How're you doing? Any progress on that case?"

Harry shook his head, "None so far."

"Well that sucks." Ron said before turning to his kids, "You guys go play with Al and Lils."

Rose, Hugo, Albus, and Lily ran off to their respectful bedrooms to play. Albus and Rose were best friends since birth as well as Lily and Hugo.

James was just about to close his door when the floo flared again and Freddie stumbled out.

He grinned widely, throwing his door open and running to the dark skinned boy, "Hey Freddie!"

Freddie grinned at him, "Hey James! What's up?"

"Not much," James answered, grabbing Freeddie's arm and pulling him to his room quickly. He turned around momentarilly to wave at his Aunt Angelina, Uncle George, and eight year old cousin, Roxanne, who had come in after Freddie.

"We're finally going to do it!" Freddie said excitedly, collapsing onto James' bed with a 'thud', "This will be so much fun! The epic adventure!"

"I know!" James said in an equally excited voice, "We'll get to meet everyone and create a whole new alternate universe were everyone's all alive!"

"I can't believe Teddy found those spells. Can you imagine how excited he must have been when he accidentaly found that secret compartment in the shelves in the Restricted Area? I would have freaked out! Madam Pince probably would have heard me and confiscated them. It's a good thing Teddy's good at hiding his feelings."

James grinned, "Same with me. I can't wait until they all get here so we can do it."

"It won't be long now."

They went into silence for a few minutes, staring at the ceiling with large grins etched on their faces. The swoosh of flames alerted them to someone else's arrival.

"TEDDY!" James heard his younger brother yell and quick footsteps sounded down the hallways as a result of Albus running to his god brother.

"Teddy's here." Freddie said, sitting up and running out the door before James could even register it.

James ran after his cousin and best friend, engulfing his godbrother in a hug when he reached him. Teddy had always acted like a big brother to James, Albus, and Lily and James loved it when he came over.

"Hey Jamie," Teddy said, ruffling his hair. James scowled at the nickname that he loathed, "How are you doing?"

"Good." James answered, his grin returning as he remembered that Teddy was the one who found the spell.

Teddy winked at him and said, "You guys go play. I'll be there in a minute. I want to wait for Victoire."

Albus suddenly grinned from beside James and spoke in a teasing voice, "Do you love her?"

Teddy blushed and denied it quickly, "Only as a friend."

"Sure." Albus said in a disbelieving voice, ducking from Teddy's hand that was about to swat him over the head. The nine year old grinned mischeviously, grabbed Rose's arm, and took off down the hallway.

"That little brat." Teddy muttered, rolling his eyes. He turned to James and Freddie, "You're rubbing off on him too much."

The two first years just beamed proudly, "We'll make him into a prankster yet!"

Ginny groaned from the hallway, "I don't need another prankster in the family! One is enough."

"Hi Aunt Ginny!" Teddy greeted, walking over to hug her, "Haven't seen you in a while."

"I know. How's your Seventh Year going?" Ginny smiled, "Oh. And Happy Christmas."

"Christmas isn't for a few days." The Metamorphmagus reminded her.

"Yeah, but I probably won't see you on Christmas day so I'm saying it early." Ginny rolled her eyes at him, a grin on her face.

Teddy smiled and reacted by turning his hair a mixture of red and green, "Merry Christmas!"

Lily squealed happily at Teddy's metamorphmagus powers. She loved it when he changed what he looked like. It fascinated her.

James jumped slightly at the squeal. He hadn't known she was there since she had been so quiet. Lily had always been good at sneaking around.

The floo flared again and Dominique stumbled out and into Teddy. She was clutching a magazine in one hand and had a dazed look on her face.

"Hey Dom!" James greeted happily, "What's up?"

Dominique grinned and quickly opened the magazine she was holding, shoving it into James' face, "Look!"

James raised his eyebrows at the second year but read it anyways, "Twenty Five Cutest Children of Magical Celebrities."

Dominique smiled happily, "Yep. Look at number TWO!"

James did as he was told and saw the name 'Dominique Mae Weasley'. Beside it was a recent picture of his cousin.

He smiled at her, and laughed slightly as he saw that number one was, 'Lily Luna Potter.'

"Hey! Lily's number one!" He exclaimed.

"Really?" Lily shouted happily, taking the magazine away from James, "You're right!"

He rolled his eyes, "Of course I am. I can read, you know."

Lily just stuck her tongue out childishly and read through for familiar names. Although she could only read names she knew, "Hugo's number 13!" A pause, "Rose is 24."

"You and Albus are on here as well. 9 and 10." Dominique informed him and then suddenly smirked, "You're number 10."

James scowled. He hated it when Albus beat him in things. He was two years older! He should win those kind of things.

"I'm number 16!" Louis grinned, "Vic wasn't on it, though. She's already 15 years old and didn't qualify."

"Molly's too old as well and Lucy didn't get on it." Roxanne said sheepishly as she looked at the names, "I'm number 20."

Freddie piped up, "What about me?"

Roxanne scanned through the names, having difficulty with a few like Lily had, "18."

The Gryffindor pumped out his chest proudly and whispered to James, "I'm cuter than her!"

James rolled his eyes at his friend and looked around, seeing Victoire and Teddy walk in the room, "So, only Molly, Lucy, Aunt Audrey, Uncle Percy, Grandmum, and Granddad need to get here."

As if on cue, the floo flared again and James heard Rose chirp, "Hi Lucy!"

Roxanne quickly hid the magazing, not wanting Lucy to see she was the only Weasley grandchild that was young enough to get on the list and didn't.

James found it ironic that most of them had gotten on that list but he guessed it was because it was true. Everyone said the Weasley/Potter's were all adorable and he bet that if the list went to thirty that Lucy would have been on it.

There was also the fact that there wasn't that many magical celebrities that had children. Most celebrities were singers who preferred not to have any kids.

James shook that to the back of his mind and started to think about their current problem. They had to somehow get rid of Lily, Hugo, Roxanne, and Louis since Albus and Rose were already in Albus' room. He sent a look to Teddy, hoping the 17 year old would understand it. Thankfully, he did.

"Alright!" Teddy said loudly to get the attention of everyone in the room, "Anyone younger than eleven, go find Rose and Albus."

The protests immediately started, "But I want to stay with you!""I don't want to!""You guys are funner!"

Teddy thought for a minute, "Fine then. Lily, Hugo, you guys go see if we can go flying. Louis... go find Albus and Rose and tell them. Roxanne.. Uh, ask your dad if he wants to fly with us."

Luckily, the four younger kids nodded and ran off to do their respective jobs. James couldn't help but think they were really gullible.

Once they were out of hearing distance, Teddy turned towards them with a grin, "Alright! To the Meeting Room!"

The seven Hogwarts students raced to the room they had called the "Meeting Room" all their lives. It was a room where the Weasley/Potter/Lupin kids always had their "meetings" in. The door to it was luckily on the other side of the house than where the four kids had run off to.

James made it first, having inherited his father's speed. He grinned once Molly ran in after him and joked, "What took you so long?"

Molly just glared at him, "Shut up, James!"

James and Molly were always arguing.

Once everyone arrived, Teddy grinned at them, "Ready?"

"Ready." They all chirped back. However, Molly quickly stopped Teddy, "Wait! The books!"

"Oh yeah." James face palmed, "They're in my room!"

Molly glared at him, "Good going, James."

Before they could start arguing, Teddy broke them apart by saying, "Guys! I'll just summon them."

"Oh." James and Molly spoke in unison, feeling slightly dumb, "Okay."

They looked disgusted with themselves for saying the same things and quickly scurried away from each other.

"Accio Harry Potter books." Teddy incanted. They heard a bunch of thumping and winced as the books slammed against the door. Freddie, being the closest to the door, opened it and was almost hit by 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban'.

"Wow. Books are dangerous." He mumbled as Teddy ducked as the books flew at him.

"Arresto Momentum!" Teddy incanted, slowing the books down before they broke the window.

Once they were slow enough, Victoire and Dominique both grabbed them from the air.

"Alright. Lets do this quickly before someone comes in." Victoire told Teddy.

He nodded and ordered for everyone to grab a book. Once they did, he incanted a spell on each of the books, "Sustinete in hoc loco."

"What was that?" Asked Lucy curiously.

"It's the spell so when we go back in time, we'll all stay in this room. The spell we're using to go back in time would send us anywhere on Earth, although in the same time, without this spell," Teddy explained before incanting the next spell, "Now. Hold onto your books. Revertere in tempore."

James gasped as a gold light started to glow on each of their skin. He felt a pulling sensation and gripped his book, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, tight. His feet seemed to be lifted off the ground and a loud buzzing sound came into his ears and he was blinded by the golden light. Although, he thought he heard someone shout in terror.

His feet touched ground and he was met with a bunch of wands in his face.

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