If there's one thing that makes Kuroko Tatsuya glad for being invisible, it is during this time of the year.

Yup, it's Valentine's Day.

Since this morning, all the girls have been running back and forth, passing him without even sparing a single glance, chasing after their dream guys.

He looked at Taiga who's already has his share of chocolates. And he's also got one – from the coach, which he definitely didn't plan on eating. Who knows if he's ever recover afterwards?

He almost died out of heart attack (looks like that girl has an even little presence than Kuroko) when a silver-haired girl approached him out of nowhere, giving him a packet of handmade chocolate and run.

Happy valentine's Day. – Riyuu Kanagawa

Well, at least this is delicious, Kuroko thought after having a taste.