/Guess who's back guys!?

Chapter 24: Another 2p Meeting

A message played at every nation's answering machine. It was from England.

"We will be having a world meeting tonight at 6! Please don't be late! Thank you, lovelies!" His voice was high-pitched, joyful.

Italy listened to the message with Germany sitting by him, tied up with chains around his wrists. He was petting the German's hair gently as if he was a cat. Across from him sat Spain with Romano playfully sitting on his lap, combing the other's hair.

"Finally, a chance to kill some countries," Spain muttered to himself. Italy heard him.

"But we have to run this smoothly. Take on one country at a time. I feel we're not the only ones with an alliance." Italy spoke still petting Germany. Germany listened but did not speak. He knew he would be killed if he tried to escape. Italy just wanted to have fun with him. Take advantage of him.

Romano wasn't really paying much attention to the whole convo but quickly smiled with delight.

"We got the brawn," he pointed at Spain. "The brains," he pointed at Italy. "And the beauty!" He pointed at himself and smiled even wider. "Nobody can take us on!" Romano then turned to Germany and his smile faded. "Oh and we got this doofus. He can be the...the back-up brawn or something." It seemed the old Romano's hatred of Germany still remained.

"Oh, he'll be a big help to us soon don't worry," Italy said as he turned to Germany and grinned. Germany stared back and frowned. Italy got up from his chair and grabbed his throwing knives and swung on his coat. Romano grabbed his coat, checking if his gun was still in the inside pocket. Spain grabbed his axe that was leaning against the wall. He had brought it from his house. It was long and heavy but he enjoyed carrying it.

Italy pulled a knife to Germany's neck.

"Alright, Germany, time to go to the meeting." He slid the knife along his knife, not breaking the skin, but it coaxed Germany to quickly getup from his seat. Italy smiled at him. "We'll have a fun time."

Japan was sitting patiently in his seat. He had a black imperial uniform with gold accents. He looked majestic, ready for war. He had a paper with him like the last meeting. But it did not have beautiful calligraphy. It had what looked like an outline of attack. Nations were written in beautiful Japanese characters.

Quickly came in China. He had a red military uniform on. His eyes were stuck on Japan as he walked to his seat. Japan looked up.

"It is good to see you, China." Japan's sarcasm was obvious to China. China muttered something to himself and looked away from the other asian nation.

In came the Baltic countries and Russia. All four looked quite solemn, even Latvia and Estonia. Both were no longer themselves. They sat in their usual spots, not saying a word. Russia began to scratch the table as Lithuania stared blankly at the wall.

Soon France walked in with a cigarette in his mouth. Russia sneered at him as he sat down in his seat. France had eye-bags under his eyes and his hair was a mess. He looked at Russia with disgust.

Then came in a surprise. Prussia walked in quietly, all eyes glued on him. He was dawning a white cloak. His eyes were a pale purple. He stood quietly near where he used to sit. Russia angrily slammed the table.

"Why are you here! You're not even a nation!" Prussia stared back at him, not saying a word. As Russia got up to strangle him, Lithuania gestured him to sit back down. Prussia watched Lithuania. His eyes looked angry yet his expression didn't change. Then came a boisterous laugh from the hallway. In came another surprise! Austria walked in with a bright blue blazer. France made an especially disgusted look and nearly chocked on his cigarette ashes. Prussia's expression finally changed. His mouth was agape. He looked shocked.

"Wow! Prussia! You look shocked to see me old pal!" Austria stood by him and elbowed him.

"You look ridiculous," France said loudly.

"Shut up Francy Pants! I look fantastic." Austria nearly threw his glasses at France in sudden fury but decided to put them back on. He took a deep breath. "I must not lose my anger today." He smiled again and started small talk with Prussia as he waited for the other nations to arrive. Prussia replied with small eyebrow movements or blinks but no words.