This is what I would have wanted to happen after Fallout if chapter 1 couldn't happen. This would be the second base thing to happen. By the way in the last chapter they don't know for sure she overdosed. They assumed that. In all actually it could of been murder. Most likely was, but people didn't care enough to check. All evidence inn room showed foul play was most likely involved. Well the is the second base thing that could have happen.

I'm not sorry about their lives. I have bigger problems. I don't know where I will score or when I can. I might go to jail and all they can talk about is how their lives suck. I'm sorry that I ever did the monster.

I hate that I started the monster. I hate the girl that started me on the monster. Bree did too. But as much as i hated that straight A virgin say no to drugs girl, I wanted her back. Sadly she could never come back.

She was a spoiled little brat. She had two wonderful parents who loved her. Yet she wanted a third unloving parent back. She wanted to be her father's little princess. That is what turned her into me.

Bree. But I don't go by that name anymore. She's crazy. She is me. I never heard of anyone named Bree. it came out of the straight A Kristina mouth. She never heard of one either.

So now, because of those two girls I'm here. Listening to everyone having fun. I left the table and went to the room we grew up in. Me, old Kristina, and Bree lived here at different points.

I only thought of myself. I only care about my well being. It wasn't my fault. You can't blame me. No one can blame me. It was the monster. It was Bree. It was anyone, but me.

I sit in my old room listening to the group downstairs. They didn't noticed my absence. I wanted to be there having fun with them, but they didn't want to have fun with me. They would all probably like it more if I wasn't here. They hated me.

I didn't understand why they didn't like me. I gave birth to five of them. They like old Kristina. I didn't understand why. Oh who am I kiddding, I love her ore then I love me right now. She was free. She had money when she needed it.

I couldn't stand this anymore. Not being Kristina who had a future.

Outside the story point of view.

That day the snow was coming down hard. Kristina walked outside and walked a short way to a wooded area. She laid down. She ended the addiction. She knew it was possible to feel things for her family again. She committed the worst possible sin. She committed suicide.