Notice: Kitty and Wild Kratts are NOT mine no matter what! Sparkle Snowystar is mine tho . My user is SporeRougeEpic

We were in my den in AnimalJam. My name is Sparkle Snowystar. I was purple with a purple sword, headdress, and a Golden Lava Glove.

I was with the Kratt bros. My den was a water park. We all were swimming in the water. Until i brought something up. Martin and Kitty were married and they still met me on AnimalJam.

But they weren't in my den. The just recently married in were wolfs but could change animals. "Its strange." I said as i slid down the water slide.

"Why would a adult human play a kid/teen game?" i said as i went to my house at the top. "To talk to you and our team on AJ" Chris said as we all sat down on a rock. I stood up and changed to my artic wolf named Artic Wolf. Then the team turned to their artic wolfs. We sat down on the same rock. "Lol i set of a chain reaction" i all laughed.
Then we heard something. It was the phantoms calling us. I looked over the rock we were on and saw the phantoms and they had MAJOR (Martin) and Fauna (Kitty) IN A CAGE. They yelled for help we all were watching.

I turned to a reagular wolf and leaped over the rock on the slope. I tripped becuase my feet were faster than me; or i was faster than my team where following me.

The phantoms sped away in a sports car. I though for a momment the i turned to a Snow Leopard. We all turned to Snow Leopards. We ran fast following the sports car. I ran up beside it and bumpped it violently.

I kept bummping it until it flipped over. The team had stopped following waiting for something to happen. I leapped in the window and got stabbed in the leg. I stabbed the phantom back. I turned into a wolf and threw the phantoms out the windows; killing them. I broke the back window and opened the cage Fauna and Major were in.

I told them to jump out and they did. I lept to the front seat and i saw where the car was heading. It was heading to a stack of explosives. I lept out the passenger seat window as the car exploded.

When the smoke spread over me i stood up and ran out with scars and cut all over me. I caught my breath as i came up to the team. We all went to my den. We all rested on some beds i bought soon after i caught my breath.

They where in my den when i got them.I got each of our fav. colors. I was on a purple one. Of course; Kitty was on pink ; Martin was on blue ; Chris was on green; Aviva was on yellow ; Koki was on red; Jimmy was on grey.

Everyone else where sleeping and i was awake. I sunk to the Summer Carnival. I looked at the prices and went to the Solar Arcade. I played Falling Phantoms for 30 minutes and won 200 gems.

Then i played The Phantom Adventure and got 700 gems. I got 200 gems from the tresure chests i found in the game; i won a BETA Well and a Koi pond. I was playing the adventure as a Artic Wolf. I played as it becuase it was lvl7. My wolf was lvl2.

The adventure was sill in beta testing. I went to my den and recycled the well and koi pond and got 400 gems. I bought tickets and got a racoon tail. I went to my den and layed on my bed reading a book on cheetahs.

In the morning i read the Daily Explorer. The kangaroos where coming to jamaa. My friend was a kangaroo.I knew people were going to fight for the kangaroo codes. _

Amy: *Coughs while lays in bed in other room*
Me: Oh, hey guys! I have not been here alot. Busy with boredom XD. And the people i've been talking with; PLEASE TALK! I NEED TO TALK WITH FF PEOPLE SOON _.
Amy:*sneezes in other room*
Me: Amy has gone 1 month sick..., Its time to go to the hosbitle -.- Bye guys, See you later and if you want to be in just revivew. I take sanyone in; exept my enimies. I wont ever let them in no matter what. Bye guys! Remember; RFF: Revivew; Fav.; Follow! I wil also be making a secret language! Bye!