I don't care if no one else likes you. I believe in what I believe in.

This story takes place in a high school called Panem High. (Yeah, I know. Weird.) So, all you need to know is, beware of the School Mean Queen. Her name is Clove. Clove Sevina. She is in Year 10 and she's been ruling the school for almost two years now. She's been nominated and won the Homecoming Queen for the last two years and she probably is again. Everyone fears her. She's rude, stuck-up and mean.

For a few weeks, she's been dating this guy called Marvel Quaid. He won the Homecoming King last year. So he is quite rude and popular as well.

Marvel's good friend is called Thresh Okeniyi. He's quite nice which is surprising.

Then there's Clove's group of girlfriends. Katniss and Rue. Katniss is really funny and Rue is short for her age but really mature.

There's this other guy called Peeta. He's like the outcast. But he's really intelligent, according to most people and he knows almost everything. Yeah, EVERYTHING.

Oh, almost forgot, Glimmer. She's pretty, with her emerald eyes and blonde hair. But she's known as the loser. It's because Clove decided to pick on her, which made everyone hate her as well. Normally, she just stays quiet and gets teased but something might change… You never know.

It's Februrary, the second week of school. And a new guy is coming to this school! Yeah, he's arriving today.

Narrator: The hallways are buzzing with conversations. It's just before school starts and most people are chatting about whatever people chat about. Clove and her friends are giggling and gossiping at their lockers. Clove's favourite colour is purple. So she's basically wearing full purple. She has a purple leather jacket on and a mini skirt. (Purple, of course.) She has her hair curled and let down. All the boys are staring at her and Marvel is shooting daggers at them. Anyway, suddenly the door opens and a really tall and well-built guy in a blue hoodie and jeans walks into the school. He walks down the hallway and the room goes silent. Everyone's eyes are on him. He stops halfway down the hall, right near Clove and her friends, coincidentally. His hands reach up to his hoodie and he takes it off. "Anyone know where Mr. Sutherland's office is?" He asks. Everyone is silent. Too busy checking him out. He has sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Strong and muscular body too. I notice Clove staring at him. (Of course. She's so into cute guys.) The new guy smiles nervously. "Umm…Anyone?" He tries again.

Clove: This totally cute guy comes in. He's got blue eyes and hot hair. But, of course, I'm taken. So whatever. But it doesn't hurt to toy with him does it? He's standing right in front of me, so I quickly step forward.

"Hi! You must be the new guy. I'm Clove." I introduce, shaking his hand. His hand is strong and firm.

"Hi. I'm Cato."

Cato: So, this girl dressed in full purple introduces herself as Clove. She has long dark hair and freckles. She looks, girlish but really hot. I notice some guy standing at the other side looking at me and Clove frowning.

"So, um...Can you tell me where the Principal's office is?" I ask. She smiles broadly and replies.

"Sure! I'll take you there!" She then grabs my hand and pulls me down the hallway.

Marvel: I'm Clove's boyfriend and seeing her flirting with the new guy Cato really ticks me off. I mean, yeah, she's probably playing around but maybe I'm just worried she will actually like him? 'Cause, he's handsome and all. So I'm running to catch up with them. I see them still walking and 'Thank God' they are NOT holding hands. I run in front of them and stop.

"Hi Marvel." Clove says sweetly. I turn to Cato.

"So, Cato." I say, looking him up and down. "Well, the office is just in front, so I think you wouldn't have a problem finding it." I eventually say. He nods.

"Sure, I'll find it myself. Thanks anyway." He starts walking away.

"Now, let's go to class." I say to Clove, dragging her off in the opposite direction.

"Jealous?" She smirks.

"What? Why would I be jealous? Hello? I'm your boyfriend here. I think he should be the one jealous." I scoff. She rolls her eyes.

"Whatever." She pulls her wrist out of my grasp, her bracelets clinking together and walks faster back to class. I sigh.

Clove: I walk back to class and sit down at my desk, head in my hands. The teacher walks in and begins writing on the board. I take a sudden interest in my manicured nails, when there's a knock on the door. I look up and Cato is walking in. (Oh my god, he's in this class?) Mr. Abernathy greets him and motions for him to sit down. Next to me. (Yay!) He puts his bag down and sits down. I smile at him and he smiles back.

Marvel: Oh great. Just great. Cato is in this class? And sitting next to my girlfriend? I see all the other girls in the class looking at him. Yeah, hopefully he likes someone else and not Clove.

Cato: I'm sitting next to that girl. Not that I'm complaining. She's cute, but who's that guy that seems upset? I turn around and see him glaring at me. I gulp and turn back to the board. Out of the corner of my eye I see Clove (I think?) looking at me. I pretend to be interested in my notebook.

Clove: The more I look at him, the more attracted I am. I just keep wishing he won't be like Peeta. You know, the outcast? Yeah, Peeta is like the only person in the school that doesn't try to get in my good books. Hopefully Cato will be the Marvel type then maybe..

Cato: I have no idea where to sit, so I sat at an empty table with only a guy sitting there. The guy looks up, brushing his brown hair off his face.

"Hey Cato." He says.

"How do you know my name?" I ask. He grins.

"I know everything. Nearly." He replies.

"Then, why are you sitting here? Shouldn't you be like, popular?" I ask. He smiles.

"I'm like the outcast. Sitting here? Makes you one of the outcasts. Sure you don't want to join Marvel or some of the popular jocks?" He suggests.

"Marvel?" I ask. He sighs.

"You've got a lot to learn new kid." He says.

"Okay. Teach me." I smirk, folding my arms.

"I'm guessing you know Clove?" He asks. I nod.

"Yeah." I say, spotting her in the crowd with her friends. I might've stared at her a bit too long.

"Hey. Hey!" The guy says, waving a hand in my face.

"Wha-?" I stammer, snapping back to reality.

"You got a thing for Clove huh?" He teases.

"No!" I protest.

"Yeah, right." He smirks.

"No-Well, maybe-Yes-No! I maybe-okay, yes." I mumble.

"Ooh!" He says, narrowing his eyes.

"What?" I mutter. The boy leans in closer.

"Don't even think about it! Clove Sevina is the Queen of the school. And meanest girl."

"What? She seems pretty nice to me."

"Huh, yeah sure. If you become one of the popular, rude kids, yeah, hell she's nice. But if not. She'll do anything to ruin your life."

I look up and glance at where she's sitting. She was laughing with her friends. (Her? Evil? No way…?)

"Still don't believe me? You'll find out soon enough. And oh, she's got a boyfriend. So, just forget it." He whispers before leaning back into his chair. I look at him dumbfounded.


"Hell yeah. Name's Marvel. Over there." He points to the guy that has been glaring at me. (Oh. No wonder.)

"What's your name?" I ask.

"The name's Peeta. Peeta Mellark If you must know."

"Oh, okay. Thanks for the tips Peeta." I say, trying to hide my disappointment.

Cato: I still didn't really believe Peeta that Clove was evil until I saw her bump into a girl, causing the girl to drop all her paper on the floor. Then she fakes innocence and goes.

"Oh my God, I'm soo sorry!" Then laughing, she struts away with her friends. I guess Peeta was right then. I hurry over to where the girl was picking up her papers and help her with a few stray pieces.

"Thanks." She mumbles. She stands up and I stand up, handing her a few pieces of paper. She has golden hair and green eyes. (Yeah, she's pretty. Whatever.)

"I-I'm Cato." I say grinning.

"Glimmer." She introduces, shaking my hand.

"You okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, it's not the first time." She replies, lowering her eyes.

"What? You mean, she's done this before?" I ask.

Glimmer: I'm Glimmer and everyone hates me. Clove is always bullying me. Everyone is rude and because they all fear Clove, they laugh. Except for this really cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's really kind.

"Yeah, but I'm used to it." I reply. He looks concerned.

first thoughts on Clove? anyone?

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