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The words wouldn't stop replaying themselves in her head.

Knight of Heaven

It felt like she knew what they meant but she didn't know what they meant. Her head was spinning. Kneeled down on the filthy warehouse floor, she didn't even hear the panicked cries from her brothers. The archangel must have zapped her into a different building then the one the Winchesters originally entered. Melody didn't move from her spot. She knew she should have been answering their calls, especially when her cell phone kept ringing and ringing in her pocket. But she was stuck. She couldn't even begin to understand what the archangel had meant. Not only with what he said but with the way he'd touched her face. Like he was looking at a lost piece of treasure, touching something so precious that he was afraid he might break it.

She ducked her head down, letting her hair fall over her face to hide the tears. Her silent and frightened tears. Melody could still here Sam and Dean's voices outside. They were getting more and more desperate it seemed, their voices rising in volume. The warehouse door behind her flew open, a gust of wind blowing past her. She heard wings flap and then felt someone kneel down in front of her and hands reach out for her shoulders.

"Melody! Are you alright?" It was Cas. Figures the angel would find her first. Melody looked up at him, and didn't protest when he pushed her hair off of her face. He saw her red rimmed eyes and grew even more concerned. "What's wrong? What happened to you?" The angel fell to his knees in front of her now, holding her face in his hands gently. His thumb swiped away a stray tear from her cheek. Melody sniffled and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I'm not…" she began, but her voice wasn't exactly working. What was she going to say? I'm not human? I'm not who I thought I was? Everything I've ever known is just a lie? Because it was, wasn't it? It was all true. She couldn't be a Winchester. Not if she's a Knight of Heaven. Wouldn't that make her some kind of angel? Maybe Michael was right. Maybe he really was her father. Melody swallowed again and closed her eyes. She could hear Sam and Dean's heavy footsteps coming into the warehouse, their breathing heavy. "Just don't tell them what I told you." Melody whispered to Cas, looking up into his eyes. "It's a secret—they can't know."

Castiel hesitated but ultimately complied. He understood not wanting to tell her brothers about being infertile. But this couldn't be right. Melody looked absolutely devastated. She'd been collected—well more collected—when she'd revealed her secret to him when they'd been prisoners of Gabriel. And now she looked like she'd been through a war. Did it really hurt her that much to tell him? Castiel pulled her up, helping her stand on her wobbly legs. He held her arms tightly, trying to give her some sort of comfort, trying to let her know that he was here for her. But how could he comfort her? Every time he tried to get close to her, she would shut him out. Castiel felt all the more confused. It seemed the only times Melody actually wanted him close by was when she was experiencing intense emotions. He could understand that, but it wasn't what he wanted. He wanted her to want him at all times, not just occasionally.

"Melody! Jeez are you alright?" Sam was the first to run up to his sister, grabbing hold of her arms as Castiel stepped away to allow them space. Melody looked up at her big little brother. At his deep, impossibly green eyes and his stupid nose that was the same as hers and his ridiculously floppy hair. He was her giant moron—the big idiot who used to be too clumsy for his own good and Melody had to show him how to hold his pencil right and how to tie his shoes. She remembered everything they'd been through and realized that…maybe they never were related. Maybe after all this time, Melody didn't belong in the family. She wanted to cry. She wanted to breakdown right there with her brothers and Castiel next to her and tell them everything. She wanted to tell her brothers that she was a barren wreck who couldn't ever have children. She wanted to tell Cas that she's sorry for leading him on, but truly wants to try again. She wanted to tell all three of them what the archangel had told her. She wanted to tell them but…something stopped her. It might have been the stress or her stubborn nature, but something made Melody swallow the lump in her throat and put on a loose grin.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Melody said looking over and seeing Dean had joined Sam. And when Melody saw that his eyes were red, like he'd been worried and scared and holding back tears, she should have felt loved. She should have smiled at him and hugged him and told him she loved him and that she was sorry for slapping him and screaming. That she didn't know what came over her that night, and that something had changed in her—something had snapped. But she didn't. Instead she felt an itch and a slight stabbing pain on the inside of her left wrist but ignored it. She rubbed at her wrist and felt a scowl crease her brow as she stared at her older brother. Melody looked away from Dean and back to Sam, the itch going away now and she grinned at Sam again. "I'm okay just…the archangel zapped me here instead when you guys broke out."

"Archangel?" Sam asked her, "How'd you know he was an archangel?" And as Melody began to explain to Sam that she sensed his angelic power, Dean slowly left the conversation. Physically he was still there standing next to his siblings and Castiel. But mentally he was in another place—a place of panic. Because he'd seen what his sister just did. She'd rubbed at the inside of her left wrist exactly where he'd seen the 2014 version of Melody's scar. So it wasn't just a scar then. It was…something else. A charm? A spell? It couldn't be just a simple bug bite there was no way. Dean remembered the way Melody had looked at him. At first, she looked like the Melody he'd grown up with. Filled with love and affection for her brothers and always wanting to be by her big brother. For a quick moment, he saw Melody almost smile at him too and it looked like she was about to go to him. Throw her arms around his stomach and squeeze until he couldn't breathe anymore. Only she didn't. She got that look in her eyes. That cold, hate filled gaze and then she'd touched her wrist. And she'd made a little face at it, like the thing was bothering her. Dean wanted to grab her arm and inspect the "scar" right now but that would just make a scene. And with the way Melody was acting, he was sure she'd rip him a new one for even trying.

So Dean came up with a quick plan. "Hey uh," he turned to his siblings, "Sam why don't you take Mels back to the car. Cas and I need to check this place out, see if Gabriel left anything behind." It was a quick idea and stupid and messy, but Dean was actually praying that it would work.

Melody didn't even look at him. She tensed up for a moment but quickly relaxed and nodded, "Yeah sure I'm exhausted anyway. Let's go Sammy." She walked around Sam expecting him to follow. Melody glanced back, saw Castiel's longing gaze following her and felt heat rise to her cheeks. Shit, he's doing it again. Melody tried to give him a smile, tried to let him know that she thought his look was sweet despite her fear because damnit, she was a hunter and hunters don't run away from tough situations. Except her smile failed and only came off as a frown. Embarrassed and ashamed that Cas knew about her…condition, she turned and quickly headed out the door not waiting for her little brother.

Sam sent Dean a quick, questioning look but otherwise didn't say anything. His concern for their sister outweighing his suspicion for Dean at the moment. "Just be quick about it." Sam muttered before turning and jogging to catch up with Melody.

When they were gone, Dean let out a long sigh and rubbed a hand down his face. "What is it you wished to discuss Dean?" Castiel asked, pulling the man out of his inner thoughts. Dean opened his eyes and found the angel standing in front of him. Cas shrugged his shoulders, "I sense no presence of Gabriel or any of his traps. You obviously did not wish for you brother and sister to hear out conversation. What for?" His eyes got suspicious. Huh, Dean scoffed. Maybe they were rubbing off on the winged man after all. He was getting more and more cautious around everyone these days. A classic Winchester—or even hunter trait.

"Cas I need you to check on something for me." Dean got down to business, putting his fists into his jacket pockets.

"What is it that you need from me?"

Dean let out another sigh. He felt so guilty asking for this behind his siblings backs, but it was the safest way. "I need you to go the year 2014 and find my brother and sister."

The angel's eyes squinted together for a moment. "Why would I do that? You already saw more than enough thanks to Zachariah. You don't need to know any more of those horrors." Dean felt genuinely cared for right then. Cas was a good friend. The angel didn't know all of the details, but he knew enough from Dean to know that what he'd seen in 2014 gave him more than a few nightmares. Dean gave the angel a tiny 'thanks' smile before ducking his head down and shaking it.

"I know." Dean nodded in agreement. He looked back up at Cas, "But you saw her—I know you did." At the angel's look of confusion Dean quickly clarified. "Melody. You saw when she looked at me, right when she got that look of," Dean frowned, "hate; she touched her wrist and scratched at it like something was bothering her on it."

Castiel had to think back. He had been watching Melody the entire time, standing just behind her left shoulder and watching her face mostly. Cas didn't want to admit it to Dean. He didn't want Dean to know that he thought Melody was the most beautiful creature on this planet. But Cas forced his mind to see the whole picture. Dean had said that Melody touched her wrist, like it was irritated by something. In his mind's eye in the memory…Castiel saw it. Melody looked right at Dean, her body started to move toward him but within a second, she moved back and her hand fell to her left wrist and rubbed and scratched. Castiel blinked, "You think she is cursed?"

Dean's eyes went wide for a moment, "God I hope not." His hands came out of his pockets, rubbing at his scalp and heavy eyes. Dean let his arms fall to his sides, "Look just…go to 2014 and watch her." He started speaking and gesturing with his hands, "Don't speak to anyone—don't let anyone see you. Just watch her and tell me what you see."

It took a moment but Castiel quickly caught on to Dean's plan. "You want me to find out what this…" he searched for the proper word, "mark on her left wrist is." Dean gave him a solemn nod. Castiel returned the nod before setting his jaw, letting his eyes fall over everything as he thought through his plan. "It will take me a day—two at most. Can I assume that what I find will only be discussed with you?"

"Yes." Dean answered watching Castiel take a step back. "And please Cas," the hunter stopped the angel before he flew away, "don't let anyone know you're there. And whatever you see…don't let it get to you."

His answer was another curt nod before the angel disappeared, and left nothing but dust in his wake.

Melody lounged in the backseat of the Impala with her legs stretched and leaned back against the driver side door. Sam was up front relaying to her everything the archangel or, Gabriel, had said and done to them. Melody was kind of jealous; she'd gotten stuck with melodrama and bullshit while her brothers got to be in stupid sitcoms, herpes commercials and cheesy cop dramas. The words, "fuck my life" started to slowly creep into her mind at this point.

It wasn't long before Dean walked out of the warehouse minus Castiel. When he got back in the car and Sam asked where the angel had gone to, Dean shrugged and muttered something about "angel business" before turning over the engine. Melody was a bit sad to not be able to give Cas a proper goodbye, but then again she was almost relieved. She didn't really feel like adding more emotional baggage to the day's already packed repertoire. Although she did kind of miss Castiel's presence when she thought about him. How whenever he was around she automatically felt safe and comforted even in the worst of times. Hell even the way her heart just rammed against in her chest and how her stomach flipped and flopped and she simultaneously wanted to run out of the room and smash her lips onto his at the same time…yeah, she missed it.

"Dean…" It was Sam. Normally, Melody would have continued to stay lounged in the backseat—maybe begin to close her eyes or start to clean a weapon or two. But her little brother had just used the tone. That really scary, really oh-shit-we-have-a-problem tone. Melody immediately sat up, leaning over the middle of the front seat.

"What's wrong?" She asked, already seeing Sam's lit up phone. The youngest didn't elaborate, just handed the phone over to her silently. Melody pulled the phone over, giving Sam a small frown before reading what was on the screen.

Emergency! Need you here right now! Serious danger! Life or death!

There was an address after the quick words followed by the name of the sender. "Oh crap." Melody mumbled before throwing the phone back to Sam. "Dean get us to Toledo—now!" She fell back into her seat and bent down to the floor of the car, digging her hands around beneath the seats for a map.

"What? What's wrong?" Dean asked, already beginning to speed up and head for the highway.

"It's Chuck," Sam answered, grabbing the map from Melody's hands. "He's in trouble—like live or die trouble."

Dean's only response was to press his foot even harder on the gas pedal.

When Castiel appeared in the year 2014, he did not expect the weather to be so…cold. Of course, being an angel the cold did not bother him in the slightest—but he did realize that the weather was a bit off for the late summer season. He'd landed in the outside of what looked like an abandoned apartment building. Before he'd teleported himself, he'd tried to hone in on the Winchesters. It didn't exactly matter which Winchester he found, he just wanted to find them. Dean had seemed very distraught over the things he'd learned about this future. But, knowing how futures worked, Cas was sure that whatever Dean had seen could easily be changed. The future was always so uncertain. That was something Castiel had just begun to learn, and all because of a certain blonde haired human.

The angel started to walk, not exactly sure where or what he was looking for. Well, he knew he wanted to find Melody. Dean had asked him to find his sister in 2014 and watch her, keep an eye on her and observe. What he was to observe he wasn't exactly sure. But Castiel was pretty sure it had something to do with Dean's sudden change of heart the night Cas had saved him from Zachariah. The angel remembered Dean's face as he'd dialed the number on his phone and Dean's utter relief when his siblings had agreed to join him again.

Cas had only walked a few feet before he heard the sounds of gun fire and screams. Now on alert, he made himself invisible to the human eye and quickly followed the noise. He rounded a corner, now starting to see shadows move about under the moonlight. Castiel stopped several feet from a confrontation. There were five men all surrounding one figure. The men were dressed in jeans and combat boots, with varying layers of plaid or army green jackets. The person they were surrounding—the woman—was dressed completely differently. The woman had a short black skirt, a small blood red top that barely covered her midriff and shiny, blood red ankle boots with a tall and slender heel. Her jewelry was made up of black diamonds and included a thick bracelet, two large rings, a pair of tear drop earrings and a large, chunky necklace. But it was her face that made Castiel freeze in horror.

It was Melody.

But it wasn't her—couldn't be her. Would Melody even wear something so…revealing? If he remembered correctly, she'd been extremely uncomfortable in the small, barely there clothes she'd had on in Gabriel's TV land. What would make her want to wear something like that? There in the light of the full moon, Castiel saw her whole face. She looked so pale compared to the girl he'd just seen in 2009. Her hair was curled and swept over the right side of her face, her lips colored a dark, blood red and her eyes covered in thick, black lines and shadows. She looked at the five men surrounding her and grinned. But it wasn't the normal, flirty or cute grin Castiel was used to seeing. No, this grin was…menacing. It sent chills over his body just seeing her smile like that.

Melody took a step back, her heels clicking against the wet concrete street, and lifted her hand. Castiel saw her nails, now painted a bright, scarlet red, had been filed to a long and sharp point. She raised her hand and wiggled her fingers at the men, taunting them and giggling at their snarls of annoyance. The men started to rush at her, raising their guns and preparing to shoot. Only when they were within a few feet of her, she lifted her second hand and snapped her fingers together. The sound was loud and deafening, and echoed against the brick and concrete surrounding them on the street.

There was a small pause, the men stood there confused and stunned by the noise her fingers had made. And all Melody did was stand beneath the moonlight, eerily watching her attackers with a look of smug satisfaction. The cries of raging men and women pierced the silence, and within seconds, the first of the Croatoan's started rushing down the street towards Melody and her attackers. Melody didn't move an inch however; she just stood in her spot and lazily began to check her nails—like she was bored.

Of course, as soon as the five men saw the horde of Croatoan's barreling towards them, they turned tail and ran. Castiel watched them run past him and around the same corner he'd come from. As if by some unknown miracle, two vehicles came down the street at full speed. Castiel heard a voice—one he'd not expected to hear so soon—scream at the men. "Come on! Get in!"

It was Dean. Castiel ported over to the cars; saw Dean standing up in the back of a jeep, rifle in his arms. He was picking off a few Croatoan's to allow his men to get closer to the vehicles. Dean was silently cursing under his breath, calling each Croatoan every name in the book as he watched them fall. Dean had finally cleared enough room for his men, "Let's go! We got it! Let's go!" He waved his arm at them, trying to make them run faster. The first four barged their way into the larger of the jeeps, slamming the doors behind them. One last man lagged behind though. "Rich! Hurry up!" Dean shouted, but Rich had to stop. A wild Croatoan had jumped in front of his path. Dean let out a loud, "Fuck!" Before turning to his driver and screaming at him to get in the other jeep and drive off. He didn't have to tell his driver twice. The second jeep was gone before Dean could jump out of his own vehicle. Only when Dean's booted feet landed on the street, another deafening snap echoed through the air.

It made Castiel wince a little, but Dean nearly fell over from the sound. He bent down over his knees, hands cupping over his ears as the sound wave from Melody's fingers hit him hard. Dean fell over, leaning heavily against the jeep behind him, his rifle clattering to the ground. As sudden as the sound wave had hit him, it was gone. And now instead of the roaring screams from the horde of the gathered Croatoan, there was only a deafening silence. Dean slowly stood back up, rifle back in his hands. It took him a moment to fully regain his senses but when he did, he completely forgot about the ear piercing noise. Now he was focused on the scene a few feet in front of him. Dean's rifle came up quick, the butt of his gun slamming into his shoulder.

"Oh," Melody sent Dean that wicked grin. She had Rich in her arms, her sharp nails digging into the flesh of his neck as she held him tightly from behind, using the man as a human shield. Rich moaned from the pain to which Melody only answered, "Shhh…" and slowly bent her lips down to his ear, letting her tongue flick out and touch his skin for a moment.

"Let him go." Dean ordered, his voice void of any emotion. It was simply a command—nothing more and nothing less. Castiel was beyond confused. This wasn't what he'd been expecting. At most, Castiel thought that maybe Melody was working with someone else—still fighting the Croatoan's, just not with her brother. But…no this was completely wrong. Melody was all wrong. She didn't feel like his Melody. If she could even be considered his…

Melody frowned at Dean playfully, "But he's part of the plan." The eldest took a heavy step towards her and Melody's answer was to pull Rich back with her. She made a few 'tsk' sounds with her tongue, and dug her nails deeper into Rich's neck. "Patience. You'll get your friend back. Besides, you don't want to fuck it up like you did last time. Lose your whole family all in one night." She pouted and stuck out her lip in a mock frown, "Poor widdle Dean. All alone in the big bad world. Not strong enough to save his baby siblings. Too proud to say he was sorry before it all went to—"

"Shut up!" Dean thundered at her, the first real ounce of emotion Castiel had seen from him finally coming out. His hands started to shake against his gun. Not with fear or hurt…but with anger. With rage. Pure hate. "Shut the fuck up!"

Melody laughed, "Oh pull that stick out of your ass Dean. You know that it's better this way." Rich fought her for a brief second, but all Melody did was shake him and squeeze her nails into his skin again. This time, her nails pierced his flesh and small droplets of blood started to drip down Rich's neck. Rich winced and groaned. And Melody shushed him again, and gently nibbled on his ear lobe.

Dean's arms shook, his jaw quivered and his breathing was rapid. "You let him go right this second or I swear to God I will—"

"God?!" Melody exclaimed and then chuckled. "God isn't here Dean. If anything you should swear on…Sam." Her voice dripped with superiority. She knew she was controlling the situation and was milking every second of it. "Or swear on me. Or maybe John or—what was her name—Mary? Or Bobby? Or Jo, Ellen? What about your little camp? You could swear on…Chuck—or even Cas. Or maybe that sweet little girl you fucked last night. Or maybe the one from the night before. Or perhaps that new member of your camp, you know, the you from five years ago?"

"What are you talking about?" Dean's voice was now shaking with fear. Castiel wanted nothing more than to make himself visible and help. But how? What could he do? if he stepped in now, it would confuse everything. From what Cas could gather, he was currently in the same time line that Dean had visited. And that meant that Dean from 2009 was here right now. Castiel couldn't mess with that time line. It needed to happen. 2009 Dean needed to see this future play out and he needed to make the decision to bring back his siblings. As much as it hurt, Castiel was forced to simply watch.

"You don't think we know? Dean, we have eyes on you all the time. We see everything that happens in that little shit compound of yours. I wanted to burn down every inch of that place and make you watch your friends die. But he wouldn't let me—and he was right of course. He's always right." Her voice got airy and she sighed longingly, like she was thinking of someone wonderful.

"Doesn't matter." Dean growled, snapping Melody out of her small daydream-like state. "I'm gonna kill you both."

Melody sputtered and made a loud 'pfft' with her lips. "I'd like to see you try. Especially now that you've got that special gun. The Colt." She sighed loudly, as if she was growing bored and tired. "Which is why I'm letting you go. Even though it is a suicide mission and you will most likely die. But don't worry. He's planning to make it as quick as possible for you. He doesn't want you to get…too hurt."

Dean's jaw clenched, "How'd you know about the gun?"

"I told you—we know everything. Now," she yanked her nails out of Rich's neck and shoved him towards Dean, "go! Go back to your shithole compound, prepare your troops. You'll know where to find us."

Rich fell against Dean before picking himself back up and running for the jeep. Dean hesitated though. His let his rifle arm loosen and slowly lowered the gun to the ground. He watched his sister for a long moment, taking in her clothes, her face, the way she stood and the way she'd been talking. Castiel—who'd been standing right next to Dean during the whole exchange—saw the beginnings of tears form in the corner of Dean's eye. "I'm sorry Mels," Dean said, his voice breaking, "for everything."

Melody laughed again, "It's too late for that." She started to pick at her razor sharp nails again. "Don't feel so bad though. I've got a new family now. And it's much better than the last one."

Now Dean's eyes were red and shining. "Melody please just—"

She stopped him by throwing up a hand, Rich's blood still on her fingers. "I'm letting you live. And that privilege is slowly wearing out." She let her hand fall back to her side and scoffed. "Get out of here before I send my new friends after you." Melody turned and waved him off, putting her back to him and starting to walk away. Dean watched her for a minute longer, hearing her heels click away from him, seeing her blood red top in the silver moonlight. Castiel turned to Dean one more time and ached to help his friend. This was far more painful than he'd previously believed it to be. This future was terrible. No wonder Dean in 2009 refused to speak about it.

2014 Dean swallowed a lump in his throat, swiped at his eyes and turned around. His face went from soft to hard within a second and gone was the evidence of a broken heart. Instead, a look of determination, pain, hate, anger and regret was what took place. Castiel realized now why 2009 Dean had immediately called his siblings back. This was not the future they wanted. This was not how things were supposed to end.

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