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S-Univerisy 2013- Lesson One- Naughty By Nature

"…But if you don't, here's your membership.." I startle awake and blink a few times trying to figure out where I am. White curtains, white walls, blond bosomy chick with red laser eyes-Battlestar Gallactica poster-Six…oh, yes-Edward! I spent the night at Edward's! I roll over to a mess of bed head over my sleeping boyfriend's closed eyes. Gorgeous, even in his sleep.

"Edward, Honey." I tap his bare shoulder, which scarcely twitches.

"You down with O.P.P., yeah you know me," the alarm continues.

"Edward, wake up. The alarm's on your side. Edward!" He flips over turning away from me and toward the alarm, but settles back into his pillow without turning off the alarm.

"Who's down with O.P.P., every last homie You down with O.P.P., yeah you know me" I decide to try another approach. I scoot over and press my naked breasts to his solid back. Then I gently kiss him where his neck meets his back. His head burrows a little deeper into the pillow before he shakes it and turns toward me with his eyes battling the morning light seeping through the gauzy curtains.

"Who's down with O.P.P., all" Edward smacks the top of the alarm clock to silence it.

Then he twists around to face me, places a tender kiss on my forehead and croaks out a husky, "Good morning. You're really here. I can't believe it. Last night feels like a dream." We haven't seen each other during the two weeks since school let out because I got suckered into two extra weeks of campus tours for future students.

"I know. It feels like that to me too, but here I am, in the flesh."

"I like your flesh," he says through a seductive smile, running his hands down my ribcage and over my hip. Some internal muscles clench involuntarily, reminding me that I've yet to make it to the bathroom, much less brush my teeth.

"Well, thank you, but this flesh needs a few minutes before it can be available for…anything," I say biting my lip.

"Are you sure? 'Cause you look perfect to me…" He hooks his hand under my knee and draws it over his hip. My heel skims the satiny curve of his ass, tempting me to stay put.

"I- I'm sure. Sorry. I just need…" I arch away and he releases his hold on me. I roll out of bed and head for door in the corner, closing it securely behind me. I take care of business as quickly as possible. I hate that I'm making him wait, but there's no way I would be able to fully enjoy myself if I had to worry about the state of my breath.

I've just put the swirl of blue gel into my mouth when I hear Edward in the bedroom.

"Oh shit!" he shouts, followed by the sound of drawers bumping closed and frantic shuffling.

I brush and spit before opening the door. "What happened?"

"Nothing, Babe, I just forgot that I have to cover for Emmett this morning. He had to go pay a parking ticket before they put out a warrant and he asked me to go in early to set up." Emmett is Edward's not much older than us cousin who got Edward this summer job at the coffee shack on the beach. Not only that, but Emmett's girlfriend's parents are letting him stay in this studio loft over their garage for super cheap.

"I'm sorry. I was so distracted last night that I forgot to set the alarm for earlier."

I swallow my disappointment (and a little toothpaste residue) and grab Edward's Beastie Boys t-shirt from last night off the floor, slipping it over my head. He brushes past me into the bathroom. Unsure of what to do with myself, I walk to kitchenette on the far wall and start looking for coffee.

Edward whirls out of the bathroom, "Whatcha looking for, Babe?"

"I was just going to make you a cup of coffee to take with you, but…"

"Thanks, but I don't have any," he says, cramming his foot into a boat shoe, "I just started getting it at work instead of bothering with it here."

He hustles over, wraps me in his arms, and kisses my lips with tender, loving pecks. "I'm sorry to rush out on you like this."

"No, I understand," I answer, but I run my fingers through the waves at the nape of his neck. I stretch up toward him, my body asking for another kiss. He answers with the firm press of his lips, before his tongue runs along my lips. My stomach flutters as I part my lips and let our tongues explore each other for a minute.

"Ungh," he groans, pulling away. "I really have to go." He grabs his keys and wallet from the bistro table.

I catch my breath, "I know. I'm going to get presentable and then I'm planning to be at the beach all day. You get off at three, right?"

"Yeah, but I expect you to bring your bikini ass over to the Java Shack so I can make you an iced vanilla latte. You know where it is, right? Down to the corner and across the boulevard."

I nod and he leans in for one last peck before he bolts through the doorway. I listen as his footsteps rain down the wooden steps and out the exterior door onto the gravel driveway. Instinctively, I look out the tiny window above the sink and watch his 501's wave goodbye as he runs down the driveway and out of sight. I pull the collar of his t-shirt up and inhale the beachy cappuccino scent of Edward. It's going to be a long day.

After a shower (include all necessary shaving), I grab everything I think I may need for the day and head to the beach to see Edward. It only takes me five minutes before I spot the Java Shack. It looks like a real, authentic shack with three splinterific tables on the deck under weathered pink umbrellas.

I walk around to the ocean side of the shack to the window. Edward's face lights up when he sees me. "There you are, Beautiful. Ready for some coffee?"

"Always, " I smile back.

"What size?"

"You know I always get the big one," I say without thinking.

"Oh, really?" he smirks lifting his eyebrows suggestively. I feel my face turn red as the blood rushes to heat my cheeks.

"Hot or iced?"

"Iced please, I definitely need to cool off after last night." I giggle at the rush of emotion I feel remembering our reunion last night.

"And before tonight," he says in a lowered voice before he turns around to make my coffee. I let those words sink in as I watch his bicep ripple while he works. My eyes are repeatedly drawn to his ass where the denim hugs him in the right places. Thank you Levi Strauss.

I wave my hand in front of my face trying to put out the fire my imagination is setting when he busts out the whipped cream. Facing away from me he begins shaking the can back and forth, faster and faster. My brain replaces the can with anatomy and the shaking with stroking. I am mesmerized, imagining Edward-

"Whatcha thinking about, Beautiful?" he asks turning to face me in one swift motion.

"Uh, nothing, I'm – a- just thirsty. That's all." I am dying inside, he must think I'm sex starved, ogling him like that.

"Ok then," he smiles with his bottom lip up lifted over his bottom teeth. He obviously knows what I was thinking. Edward swirls the whipped cream on top and puts a dome lid on before handing it to me.

"Thank you, come again," he pauses before adding, "and if you finish that, we have lots of things for you to suck," he pauses again and I gasp unsure what to do, so he finishes with, "down with a straw-tea, smoothies…whatever you'd like." He winks at me, turns around and pulls the waist of his jeans up higher, shimmys his hips for a second and then begins to rinse a pitcher in the sink.

I draw a mouthful of latte through my straw. It is a wonderfully cool distraction. Thank God because I have three hours until Edward will be released from the Java Shack.

I turn and walk off the deck into the sun baked sand. It sinks beneath my feet with each step. I breathe in the salty air and concentrate on the rhythmic pattern of the waves rolling into shore. If I have to wait for Edward anyway, the beach is a magnificent place to be.

It takes me about twenty minutes to set up my beach oasis. I remove my cover up and squirt a quarter size puddle of my SPF 50. I rub my hands together, and begin sliding white lotion from my shoulder to my wrist. I look over my shoulder in time to see Edward leaning on his elbow staring. Using my pinkie finger, because it has the least amount of sunscreen, I lower my sunglasses and give him a pointed look. He rolls his wrist encouraging me to continue my application.

I humor him and make a show of applying the rest of my sunscreen. I make sure to dip my fingers under the fabric of my swimsuit top as well as the waist of the bottoms. I toss my head back in unnecessary, but seductive, shakes and spend several minutes carefully rubbing lotion onto my derriere, which will not be seeing much sun anyway.

Once I'm well protected from UV rays, I blow Edward a drawn out seductive kiss. He returns the gesture just as a customer approaches his window. He flushes for a minute but then points me out to the middle-aged man in a black Speedo. They both wave and quickly open my office romance becoming very interested in where I left off.

I have situated myself at an angle that affords me an ocean and an Edward view simultaneously. I fall into a pattern where I read two pages, watch Edward make fancy coffee drinks for a few minutes and then reread the last half page that I didn't comprehend in the anticipation of watching Edward shake whipped cream cans in suggestive ways.

A few minutes after two o'clock I look up and see that Emmett has taken Edward's place in the Java Shack. I scan the sand until I find Edward waltzing toward me with his boat shoes in one hand and what looks like a strawberry smoothie in the other. We exchange smiles and I sit up, excited to spend some time with my long lost boyfriend.

I dog ear my page and slide the book back into my beach bag. Edward has reached my blanket, dropped his shoes and is leaning over me from the waist. I tilt my head back to accommodate his hello kiss just in time. He's cradling my head with his free hand and drowning me with open-mouthed kisses. I reach out to touch him, desperate for some skin-to-skin contact, but I bump the smoothie cup splooshing a pink puddle in the center of my chest.

"Ahh," I gasp, pulling away from Edward's warm kiss. In all the jostling, he's somehow gotten a pink splash on his shirt as well.

He giggles playfully, removing his blue Java Shack polo and says, "Here, let me help clean that up." He hands me the cup and kneels before me. Suddenly, he's lapping up the displaced treat, moaning as he licks in a swirling motion. "Raspberry Bella Smoothie, that would be a top seller. Too bad I want you all to myself."

"Only one hour left, right?" I ask, feeling like sixty more minutes may as well be a week.

"Actually, Emmett's letting me leave early today since I covered for him this morning, so I'm all yours."

"I like the sound of that." I run my hands quickly across his various muscles curving up and down his arms and shoulders. When I can no longer contain myself, I dig my fingers into his shoulder blades and pull him in to a hard, messy kiss. His tongue is cold and tastes fruity. I suck it into my mouth and scrape my teeth gently across it before releasing him.

"You are a tease," he accuses me, adjusting himself to a sitting position across from me.

"I'm not a tease," I say running my hands through my mussed hair, "I'm just not in a position to follow through right now."

"And what position would that be?" he asks with a straight face before sucking thick pinkness through the straw.

"No," I stammer, "I just mean that… well, you know, it's a public beach and all."

"That didn't seem to bother you when you were applying your sunscreen, now did it?"

I just stare at him for a long minute and grab the cup from him. I can't think of a come back and I'm suddenly a little embarrassed by my behavior.

"Bella, I'm just teasing you, but if you're going to be shy now, I think we better head for home." We make eye contact, which causes my heart to stutter. I nod and he nods in agreement.

We work together to gather everything and stuff it haphazardly in the beach bag. The walk home feels much longer than it felt this morning. We start up the street by holding hands, but more than once, Edward's fingers find their way under my cover up and rub my ass.

I return the affection by sliding my hand over his cobblestone abs, allowing my fingers to linger on his happy trail until they dip into the denim underworld. Edward stills my hand with his and whispers, "We're almost home and you, my dear, are going to get it."

My whole body is buzzing with desire by the time we are crunching gravel. Edward fumbles with the keys, which is delaying our main event. I press my chest into his side and lick across his salty collar bone. He gets the key inserted, jiggling it to release the lock. I drag my tongue up his corded neck until I get to his earlobe. "Please hurry," I beg, "I need you."

Edward groans just as the lock pops and the door flies open thumping against the interior wall. He scoops me around the waist, pushing me inside and closes the door with his other hand. I have no idea where the keys are, they may still be in the lock, but who cares. We. Are. Finally. Alone.

Instantly, I am pressed again the wall of the stairway. Edward has tossed my beach bag to the floor and is yanking my cover-up in bunches up over my head, tossing it in the direction of the beach bag. "Oh my God, Bella, you have no idea what you do to me."

"Tell me," I challenge, undoing his button fly in one swift rip. I expect to find his cotton boxer briefs, but instead I get nothing but Edward. "Commando?"

"I was in a hurry, just as I am now," he manages to say between husky breaths, "I need to be inside you."

I am quivering with anticipation and one glance up the pine staircase convinces me that the loft is too far away. I wrap my leg around his and twist so that I'm leaning up the stairs and he's pressing into me in all the right places.

I reach between us and palm him with one hand while I scoot myself up two stairs, pulling him along. Our kisses are deep, but quick because we both pull away for air at least once.

About halfway up the stairs, Edward slips, but grabs the banister to steady himself. "Fucking shoes," he complains, before two thumps are followed by four, as his shoes tumble away from us. He yanks the tie at the back of my bikini top revealing two pink pearls just for him. Edward alternates between them, licking and sucking.

Now that Edward has more traction, he tucks his right hand under my ass and his left under my head. He lifts me one step at a time toward the sunny loft above. I wrap my legs around his hips koala style in an attempt to help. Then I reach around and grab his ass, which has the added benefit of sliding his jeans down just a little further releasing him from the denim jail in which he's been imprisoned. We groan into each other's mouths just as he lays me out on the floor of the loft.

"Please, fuck me," I demand, "now!"

Using my feet, I try to remove his jeans and when he straightens himself more upright from several steps below me, I think he's going to take them off, but instead, he unties my bottoms and licks his lips.

"First, I need…" he doesn't finish his sentence aloud. Instead, he trails both of his hands down my ribcage, leaving goosebumps in their wake. His hands ghost across my pulsing center before snaking under my legs. When his thumbs are resting on my hipbones and his fingers are clamped around behind, his sandy bed head disappears from my view.

Warm, wet strokes slide up and around me. Edward struggles to still my impulsive movement as he tastes me inside and out. He teases me and penetrates me until, "Edward…God… un…." , everything sounds like I'm underwater as I come in rolling waves, arching against the hard floor and Edward's tongue. When reality begins to break into my blissful dream, I reach down and pull him to me by his hair.

When we are both officially in the actual loft, I pull his mouth to mine. I lick the taste of me off his lips and penetrate his mouth for a moment before I pull away and say, "Now."

He complies pushing halfway in before he's required to retreat and start over. This time I can accommodate all of his gloriousness. He pauses momentarily, "I am not going to last long. You feel too amazing."

I clench him and he groans into my neck. Then I nudge him with my heels, "Come on, Baby, I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel." I hear him inhale before he starts rocking in and out of me. I moving against him in an attempt to push him along, but surprisingly, I feel myself building back up. My thighs are threatening to clench together, tightening everything in the vicinity.

"Edward, don't stop, I'm going to come again-" at that moment he arches his back, pushing deeper into me and we come together. This orgasm is stronger than the last, hitting me everywhere as I clutch onto Edward as a lifeline.

I don't know how long we lay in a messy huddle on the floor before I remember the smoothie. I peer down the staircase into a pink puddle with two boat shoe islands at the bottom.

"Oh," I mumble out disappointed by the loss.

Edward doesn't miss a beat, "P.P. yeah, you know me." We laugh together at how our day started.

"I didn't know you liked Naughty by Nature so much, Edward."

"Well, I like you, don't I?"

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