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Oh baby, all I want for Christmas is you! Jim sang in his mind as he puttered around his quarters. The Enterprise was due for a winter stand-down and this year Jim had no plans. His mom was off-planet again, presumably at the Deneva colony with Sam and his family. Scotty was going to be busy tinkering with the engines over the break. Bones was going to spend the holidays with his daughter, whom he had commandeered from his ex-wife. Hikaru and Pavel were going to Russia for their first Christmas together. And Uhura and Spock? They probably had something to do together. It was going to be a lonely break.

At least we're all alive and happy, he mused. The year and a half they'd been together had been particularly stressful. One would have thought that being thrown together in the midst of a crisis would guarantee nothing could bother them afterward. However, Starfleet made sure they were plenty busy, even after the Narada disaster.

As he hunted around for the tiny fake Christmas tree he had bought on shore leave, the door chime sounded. Jim straightened up slowly and grunted out an "Enter."

Spock stood in the doorway. It took a moment for Jim to say anything. He was struck dumb by the sight of Spock in his civilian attire. He had on a very formidable looking Vulcan robe with inscriptions down the front. Finally Jim found his voice.

"Spock! Come on in!" His eye spotted the elusive tree in a box in the corner and he walked over to retrieve it. "What brings you to this neck of the woods?"

Spock let out a rare huff of impatience. "Captain, our quarters are connected. I could have just as easily come through the bathroom." Jim chuckled and set the tree up on his desk. "You are decorating?" Spock ventured.

Jim stopped arranging the branches and blushed. "Well, Spock, I wasn't raised with a particular religion but we always celebrated Christmas at our house. I just thought it would be nice to have a touch of home." He turned and gestured to Spock's outfit. "Speaking of home, looks like you're on your way there." He smacked a hand across his mouth. He had forgotten that New Vulcan would not be 'home' to Spock. However, Spock paid no heed to the slip.

"Indeed. That is why I have come to speak with you. According to the ... 'gossip'… around the ship, you are staying here for the break." There wasn't a question so Jim didn't say anything. "Do you not have family with which to spend the holiday?" Curiosity was getting the better of Spock. Why was the captain not going somewhere to be with others?

"Eh. Everyone in my family is going to be on Deneva this year. I figured I'd just hang out and catch up on my paperwork." Spock's mouth pulled into a slight frown and Jim tried to interpret it. "Are you afraid I'll mess it up without you to keep an eye on me? I'll wait if it's going to bother you," he offered.

"Jim." He stopped at his first name being said by the officer. "I wanted to know if you wished to come with me to New Vulcan." The last part was said so quickly Jim almost didn't hear it correctly.

"Wouldn't Uhura rather have you to herself?" he shot back. He ducked his head in shame. If Spock was reaching out to him then he shouldn't be such an ass about it. "I'm sorry."

Spock seemed to pale momentarily, then a soft green blush crept up his cheeks. "Lieutenant Uhura and I are no longer involved romantically. Regardless, I would be making this trip alone. Unless you would join me."

Jim fussed with the tree in lieu of an answer. He wanted to go. He really wanted to go. But he wasn't sure he should. He had been having more and more unusual reactions towards his First Officer since the beginning of this cruise. At first it had alarmed him. He felt closer to the Vulcan than he even did to Bones, and that was unheard of. He had tried to keep his behavior under control. However, when he inevitably let his guard down, he noticed he seemed to get closer to Spock. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing.

And yet you were singing a chick song and thinking of him not ten minutes ago. Jim decided he would ignore that voice and just continue with Operation Normalcy.

"If you want me there, Spock, I'd be honored." Secretly, Jim was excited at the prospect of seeing Ambassador Solion again. The older Vulcan was still close with Jim and the two traded transmissions whenever their schedules permitted. Then the thought of the two Vulcans meeting suddenly crossed Jim's mind and he freaked out. Wouldn't the space-time continuum be destroyed?

"Captain?" Spock's concerned voice came across. "You are breathing rather heavily. Do you require assistance?"

Jim cleared his throat roughly and shook his head.

"Um, Spock, have you ever been to the colony?"


"How big is it exactly? How many Vulcans live there?" Jim demanded.

"There are approximately 7, 296 Vulcans residing at the new colony. It is rather small, Captain. Did the possibility of large numbers of others distress you?" Spock ventured.

Jim ducked his head and rubbed his neck. "Yeah, that was it. Sorry Spock. Um, I have a call I have to make; can you excuse me for a moment?" If Spock was insulted he didn't show it. "I'll pop over to your room to make plans as soon as I'm done."

"That is acceptable." Spock left through the bathroom, which privately tickled Jim to no end. But now he had to figure out what to do. The first thing would be to warn the older Spock. Jim sat at his console and entered the number hastily. When the call wasn't answered until the fourth ring, he was slightly concerned until he saw a very sleepy Solion. It was still night time on New Vulcan.

"Jim? Is something the matter?"

"Crap. I'm sorry, I forgot the time difference. Well, yes, there is something wrong. Spock is coming to the colony. What if he meets up with you?"

Solion almost smiled sleepily. "What if he does, Jim?"

"Won't the world end?" Jim demanded. Why wasn't the man taking this threat seriously?

"Jim, my counterpart is aware of my existence. We have spoken already. I will tell you what I told him: there are so few Vulcans left, he and I cannot afford to ignore each other. I apologize, old friend. I was not aware you were still under the impression we could not meet."

Jim realized that he was gripping the table tight enough to lose circulation in his fingers. He forced his hands to relax.

"You've already talked." Jim's voice was flat.


"Well, now, isn't that special?" Jim muttered sarcastically. "Anything else you'd like to tell me while we're at it? Santa Claus is real and living in the house behind you?"

"No, Jim. However, Sarek is aware of me, as well as the clan Matriarch. So I am not entirely hidden, as you would say. Spock and I are in communication every week, usually shortly after your call."

"Anything else?"

"I do not believe so, no." Solion was very amused at this conversation.

"Spiffy. Well Spock has invited me to come with him during break to New Vulcan, and I'm going to come. Care for a game of chess while I'm there?"

"If you have time. I will see you when you arrive, Jim."

"Good night, Solion." Jim switched off the console and put his head in his hands. All these months, all this secrecy, for nothing. They were already talking. Sneaky Vulcans. Jim wondered idly what it would be like to talk to one's self. Eerie. He abandoned that line of thought and decided to head over to Spock's quarters to discuss the trip.

He clambered through the bathroom hastily, decorum forgotten in the light of this new information.



"Why didn't you tell me you spoke with Ambassador Solion?" Jim demanded. At this, Spock stopped packing and turned to face his commanding officer slowly.

"I was not aware you required the information. I also wanted to see how long you would maintain the air of secrecy as to why you place frequent private calls to New Vulcan. I was intrigued at how long you would keep silent on this matter."

Jim laughed out loud. "You're saying I can't keep a secret?"


"You're a nut, Spock. Let me go pack and I'll be ready to leave when you are." Jim headed back the other way.

It's going to be a slow build but there's trouble ahead for our intrepid explorers, and it's of the romantic variety. Whatever will they do?

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