Harry as running, he ran as fast as he could in to the forest are behind Riddle manor, his bare feet hurt as he ran over up turned mud and grass, rock and roots covered the floor, he knew Voldemort would soon be on his trail following him. Harry has been his prisoner for the last 5 to 6 months, he was taken off the streets of London after he ran from his uncle abusive hands, he was wondering the night in the rough part of London, he had already been beaten by his uncle he didn't think anything worst could happen until Luicus fucking Malfoy spotted him and grabbed him, he had pinned Harry to a tree placing his wand under the teen's chin and smirked at him as he ripped the teen's jean off.

Harry wanted to cry out a scream but because of his uncle his voice box has been damage he could scream or say a word, the blonde pushed himself into the dark hair teen and fucked him there against the tree, when someone came to help Harry Luicus killed them on the spot. When the blonde was done with him he and took him the manor, Harry thought they will him r torture him first and then kill him either way he wanted death to take him but that is where he learnt that death didn't want to claim him, it seemed immortally was his. Voldemort casted the killing cure at him and then teen fell and all was silent for about 5 minutes and then a ratty broken gasp let the teen's throat as he sat up, again the Dark Lord threw the curse and again Harry woke up a few moments later, it was then he ordered his Death Eater to beat and to curse until he was dead a week went by and he still lived.

By then Harry felt broken he didn't know why Death won't take him, one night The Dark Lord walked into the dungeons and looked at the teen, he saw the bright green eyes were open looking dull and lifeless but the boy was anything than dead "It seems we have a problem Mr Potter." Voldemort said, Harry looked up at him but didn't answer his voice was so warn and broken from screaming that it hurt to talk "It look a lot of time to try to figure out why you won't say dead, but the answer seem to be when it seem the bite from my basilisk have made you immortal. It's rare for that to happen but mixed with the phoenix tears you can't die and it would be a waste in trying to kill you." He smiled as he swooped down and picked him up, he took him to his room and bathed him in rich scented oils, he cleaned his hair and gave clothes, his wounds healed on their own leaving no scare but Harry could always see them.

But that is when The Dark Lord started keeping Harry in his bed, and at his feet when he sat in his own thrown room, his body was show to all as he were little clothes, he was kept close by the Dark Lord or locked up. Over time he moved from the floor to his right hand side with his own little throne, he wore more clothes looking more like a pure blood wizard and the Dark Wizard started showering him with gifts. But as to his problem now, he found out he is pregnant and he was scared and he ran, he was 5 month pregnant tho it didn't show he always looked fair to skinny even when he started to eat normally he looked to skinny.

He stopped when he felt a pain in his stomach and kneeled to the floor "Harry!" came the cry, the teen looked up to see Voldemort standing in front of him an older image of himself from the Chamber of secrets, tears flooded Harry's cheeks as he looked up at "Why did you run?" he asked

"W…Why did you think?" Harry said for the first time in 6 months, his voice was soft and broken

"You think I would harm our child?" Harry looked at him

"You've harm me." The red eye man moved closer to Harry and then knelt down in front of him just in arms reach "You broke me." The teen said

"Yes I have...I'm sorry." He said, this shocked the Harry The Darkest of Lords is saying sorry to a boy that was once in enemy "I'm sorry for what Luicus did, I'm sorry for trying to kill you for letting my Death Eater have their way with you." He stopped and looked at the boy more "I'm sorry I made you my pet and for not letting you have a choice… but I am not sorry for how I feel about you or about our child." He finished Harry started crying as he warped his arms around himself, he felt The Dark Lord reach out and touched his cheek feeling the warm skin under his fingers "I can't let you leave Harry not now that I have fallen in love you." Harry fell into his arms and cried as he fist his hands into his robe.

He took Harry back into the Manor and stood there looking at his Death Eater; they looked back at him waiting for his orders "LUICUS!" Voldemort yelled, Harry stiffen in his arm at that name as the blonde man swaggered out holding his cain as he bowed in front of them

"My Lord." He said

"It's my Lordsss." He hissed, the blonde man was taken back a little

"Of course My Lords, how can I be of help." He asked, Voldemrot looked at the man

"You raped my Consort." The room was silent, Luicus looked sick as he stood there his hands moving nervously on his cain

"He wasn't your consort at the time." He said

"It's don't matter, you will go to the bank and make sure my Consort will be taken off and our child, then you will go and find the best Midwife out there for him also I want this Sirius Black and Remus Lupin that you have locked up brought here alive and given healing potions, then report back to me." He growled

"Y...Yes my lord."

"You have three day Luicus."