After Sirius was checked over and clean and dressed then he finely got to see his mate, as they have already been in Azkaban for year before the capture of Harry, things changed and Sirius didn't know how much of it, when he was finely allowed to see his mate he found him sat in a chair holding a child in his hand, he knocked on the door and walked in "Remus?" he called out, the wolf looked up at him

"Siri." He said with a smile as he stood, Sirius' eyes moved to the child in his arms, the eyes open and looked at the boy looking back at him "Padfoot met your son Pads Jr." He said softly Sirius looked up at him with wide eyes

"Y…You were pregnant when they took you away from me?" Remus nodded

"I wanted to tell you when I found out but I didn't know until I started showing by then I was alone in that cage." He sobbed

"Oh Moony." Sirius said bring him into a hug, holding him for the first time year and 6 months "I'm so sorry you had to do this alone." He whispers to him as he cups the man's face and kisses him, their magic covered them both fixing any ache and painful feeling, and then they pulled away from each other they were once again younger than before

"When you to are done, your godson is waiting?" Luicus hissed as he watched the pair.

Harry was sat at the dining table eating bowl of fruit with chip shop curry sauce drizzled all over it, Tom watched him as he eat, his bump a little more showy than before, since Julie has been looking after him, Luicus walked into the room and Harry stiffen at the sight of the blonde and he watched Tom and Luicus careful as they spoke "Have you got them Luicus?" Tom asked as he got the blonde kneeling at his feet

"Yes my Lord I have they are waiting in the hall way as we speak." Tom smiled

"Good, bring them in." He said, Luicus lowered his head and then stood up walking over to another hall "Harry love come here, there is someone I wish for you to meet." He calls to him, the teen looked up at him and then wiped his mouth and walk over to him, and Tom warped his arms around him and kissed his neck

"Who has come to visit you?" Harry asked softly, Tom smiled at him and touched his bump

"Have looked my love." Harry turned around and stood there shocked.

"Remus, Sirius!" he cried out as he ran over to them and hugged them, they open their arms to the boy and pulled him into a hug, Harry cried in their hold so happy to see them again, pulling back they look at the dark hair teen

"Purple is a good look on you." Sirius smiled softly at him

"Thank you, Tom say it bring out my eyes." He tells him, Remus looked up to see Tom Riddle sat at the table and let out short growl

"I know what you've done to him." He said Harry froze and looked up at Remus

"And I will be forever making up to him."

"Who is this?" Harry asked seeing Julie bring a small boy, Sirius smiled as he watched his Mate take the small boy into his arms

"Harry met you brother Pads jr, Pads jr met our older brother Harry." Remus smiled, the teen look up at them

"Brother?" He asked

"You have always been our cub Harry, our son." Sirius said kissing his forehead as they hug.