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So I was thinking that Logan gets these installed for Julian. Such an act of love. Such caring.

To Julian, with love Logan. XxOo

Off the main corridor, Logan guides Julian through a door into a small round foyer room. Three other doors lead off this to respective bedrooms. First left door is Julian's, then in front is Logan's and then the third door is Derek's that is currently being shared with Pavarotti.

This foyer room is a wonderful retreat. It is as close to a perfect circle, the air is terrifically warm. A side table has fresh flowers in a crystal vase, in the middle is a round seating couch, soft green velour. The scent from the flowers is very, very gentle. And as usual, all the lights are on.

Logan brings Julian in and says 'Trust me, just lie down and relax yourself'.

When Julian does lie down, of course, he's too big for the couch and so his legs hang over the edge. Julian clasps his hands just below his ribs, breathes comfortably {he trusts Logan completely}.

'Jules, close your eyes babe!' whispers Logan. Julian obeys, but it's not an order.

Logan kneels behind and puts both hands firmly on either of Julian's shoulders. He is leaning above and whispers lovingly, 'I have made something special for you, because I care so much about you. I really, really adore and love you Jules.'

'I know you do Lo...'

'Sh sh sh, Jules. I want you to feel how safe you are in here, in this room, in our little home. I want you, need you to be feeling security. Sweetie keep your eyes closed, my love.'

Logan kisses his forehead, tenderly and then he passionately kisses Julian, so much so that Julian's breath is held in time. A wonderful time, that they both don't want to ever end.

Julian reaches up for Logan, 'I so love our upside down kisses Logan.'

After a small embrace Logan pushes Julian's hands back down to his ribs 'Okay, keep your eyes closed tight. I'm going to just step over to the side of the room. And in a bit you can open your eyes, but wait for me to tell you to. Are you ready?'

'Sure Logan, I'm comfy and this feels like a present is coming. I'll wait, I'm ready enough.' Julian is expecting something, and he's not sure what is going to happen, but with Logan he knows it can only ever be good.

Julian hears the click of the light switch and a smidge of panic instantly kicks in. 'DON'T WORRY!' screams Julian in his own ears. Thinking quickly 'Breathe in and out. Oh my, I don't feel that same worry I used to, I'm getting better at this.'

It takes Logan two seconds to come back and lay down alongside and hug Julian. 'Are you ready Jule's?'


'Open 'em Jules.'

And when his eyes adjust to the sight above and around him, his heart bursts with excitement that a gush of air comes up and tears overflow.

On the ceiling are glow in the dark stickers of the stars and moon that appear outside, in the real world.

And the walls have occasional glow in the dark images too.

'You have no need to be afraid of the dark again Jules. I've done this all over the buildings in case the power goes out again.'

'Oh goodness, Logan. This is truly amazing!'

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