Hermione Walburga Black: The Missing Black Twin…

Summary: Hermione stumbles across some documents that mention Sirius Black's missing twin. When she finds out her true identity as Hermione Black the missing Black returns to her true time in order to change the past, will she succeed? Marauder Era SB/RL JP/HB LE/SS

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19th September 1961



Last night the Black family discovered that their 1 year old daughter Hermione was taken from their home. Mr Orion Black and Mrs Walburga Black woke up to the distressed sounds of their one year old son Sirius (Hermione's twin) who shared a room with the girl. They rushed in to find there only girl missing from her bed.

The family are very distressed about this news and are planning to do whatever is necessary to get there daughter back.

Mr Black said "Out daughter is very important to us and we hope to get her back to grow up with her Twin and newest little brother".

Mrs Black informed us "We are willing to pay anything to get our daughter back".

The Ministry and Auror unit are working very hard into this investigation and to find out more turn to page 5…

Hermione read through all the articles she found in Sirius' room and looked through the looked at the two pictures. One of two 1 year old children, they looked a lot alike one with black curly hair and one with straight black. The other picture was of 18 year old Sirius with the marauders that interested Hermione.

As Hermione examined the photo she looked at herself in the mirror and then back at the two photos and all of the articles. She looked at the birth certificate of Hermione Black and the birth certificate of herself and couldn't deny the similarities. Hermione Walburga Black was born with Black Hair and Grey eyes, she was blood type O, 7 pounds, a twin, born to Orion and Walburga Black. When she looked at her own the main facts such as the first name Hermione which was a rare name and the blood type and weight were the same. The only difference being her parents, her last and middle name and her appearance. Her certificate said Brown Hair and Brown eyes but when she looked in the mirror she could see that was no longer true.

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror again examining the changes. Hermione's bushy brown hair was now long black glossy curls and her eyes had changed to a grey, her skin was paler and a nice rosy tint to her cheeks. She was taller and she was slimmer and Hermione couldn't get over how beautiful she looked.

Hermione had woke up this morning in her apartment took her shower. She got changed and noticed that her clothes were baggier than usual but just suspected she lost a bit of weight. When she looked in the mirror she got the shock of her life and that was how she looked. She realised the similarities between her and Sirius and she went to Grimmauld place to see if she could find anything and she found the articles about Hermione Black. She was glad that Harry had given her free access at anytime and Harry and Ginny were away on their honeymoon. When she found the articles she left to go see Andromeda and see if she could tell her anything. The minute Andromeda seen her she was almost in tears. She explained everything and Hermione had been thinking about what she said ever since.

Andromeda walked in and smiled sadly at Hermione "I guess it's a lot to take in on the day you thought was your birthday but turns out to be the day you disappeared" she said and Hermione could tell that Andromeda knew that was an understatement.

"So Sirius is my twin brother?" Hermione asked sitting on one of the chairs and staring at the picture of the two babies "I felt some sort of connection to him at times but I guess I just though it was because he was my best friend's godfather and that led to some sort of affection for him as Harry's last family member but… my brother" Hermione shook her head disbelievingly.

Andromeda laughed almost bitterly "I'm angry at myself for telling him he was ridiculous. He thought you were his sister and I didn't believe him, I asked him how a 15 year old girl could be his twin and I put him off the idea and it is you" Andromeda said and she thought of that day.

Hermione rested her hand on top of Andromeda's "Don't blame yourself Andy, It is totally unbelievable and I wouldn't have believed it until I seen it either" Hermione said she just looked at the photo and tears welled in her eyes "I just wish I could have been closer to him and stopped Bellatrix from killing him, I wish I could have grew up with my brother" Hermione choked on her words.

"Only you and Sirius ever called me that, everyone else called me Dromeda" Andromeda hugged her "I'm not sure how you ended up here in a different time from him Hermione but maybe it's for the best. Maybe if you grew up with Sirius you would believe in the things my Aunt and Uncle, your Parents, would want you to believe in" Andromeda explained.

"I guess but I don't think I would have" Hermione told her and wiped the tears from her eyes.

Andromeda hugged her before going over to the window where an owl was tapping the window. She took the letter from it and gave it a treat before going over to Hermione and handing her the letter.

Hermione took it and Andromeda left the room. Hermione looked at her name scrawled on the front and noticed Harry's hand writing. Opening the letter she read:


Sorry Ginny and I aren't there and when we get back we're going to give you a big hug and lots of presents to make up for it. I hope you're having a good day and I hope Ron visited despite things being awkward since you two split up. You two are still friends and ended on good terms.

Over here in lovely Spain we have just got fantastic news from a doctor saying that Ginny is pregnant! I thought she had got some disease when she was throwing up all the time and was so freaked out but she is pregnant. Can you believe it Mione? Me a dad! Ginny and I want you to be Godmother because you have always been there for us and supported our relationship. Ginny told me you always told her not to give up on my obvious blindness and you have helped me in so many other ways that I couldn't think of anyone better for the position.

Can't wait to see you again, tell me if there is anything exciting happening,


Hermione smiled at the letter and couldn't help but think Harry deserved a family after having lost nearly all his family like his parents, Remus, Tonks and… Sirius, Harry deserved to finally have a family.

Andromeda came back in soon with a book and smiled at her "Who was that from?" she asked.

Hermione looked at her new found cousin "Oh it was Harry wishing me a Happy Birthday and apologising for not being here" Hermione explained "Harry's going to be a father, he deserves to have so much happiness unlike the horrible cards life had dealt him. He's suffered so much in the past".

Andromeda nodded in agreement "He does and he deserves to know his parents as you deserve to know your brother" she told her.

Hermione cleared the lump that was gathering in her throat "Well we can't change the past so…"

"Or can you" Andromeda cut her off.

"What are you talking about?" Hermione asked.

Andromeda set down the huge brown book opened it at a certain page and turned it to Hermione "This spell is the spell I suspect was used on you, it's a Black family curse and it was only ever tested and never properly used I suspect it was used on you to send you to the future" she explained excitedly "I also know the counter spell to send you back. I will only be able to send you back to about 1969 because that's as far as the age deduction spell will go to make you 9 years old it halves your current age. When I send you back you will remember everything from this time and you can only tell people you trust like Sirius as he would never say anything to Walburga or Orion" Andromeda explained "Say you don't know where you were or how you got back but beware of some of older Black's because only a Black could have used that spell".

Hermione looked at Andromeda wide eyed "I don't know Andy I mean, going back in time is… It's crazy and I… what if I screw up the stuff that's meant to happen?" Hermione asked worriedly.

Andromeda sat in front of her and rested her hands on Hermione's shoulders "Mione you are from that time, anything that happens in that time is probably what was meant to happen. Go back grow up with Sirius, get along with the Marauders and just act as you should and go with it. The only change you need to worry about and focus on doing is destroying Voldemort. You can get rid of him faster and save so many peoples lives" She said and Hermione nodded.

"Yeah I could do that" Hermione smiled "Harry would know his parents and so would Teddy" Hermione explained and Andromeda shook her head.

"Don't focus on who was together in this time Hermione. Things will change and they might not be together in that time, Remus might not be with Nymphadora and James could fall in love with someone else. Don't think about that, let the things that should of happened with you there happen" Andromeda told her and pushed the subject strongly and Hermione looked unsure before nodding "Don't think about it so deeply Hermione, Harry will still be born as will Teddy, they just might not have the same parents as before".

"Okay I'm willing to do this" Hermione said and Andromeda got Hermione dressed into something that she believed the Black's would approve of and changed her to 9 years old and took her to the park across from Grimmauld place and hugged her "I'll see you in the past Hermione" she explained before pointing her wand at her and transported her back to 1969.


Hermione woke up in the bushes in the park across from Grimmauld place and it took her and while to think of where she was and what happened. Hermione felt completely different and the future where she came from almost seemed like a dream or a vision or something like that. She felt like she should be this age and she be from this time and when she got up she realised that her dress was wet as was the ground from England's summer rain.

Hermione walked out of the gate of the park and walked over to 12 Grimmauld Place. She knocked on the door and could here shouts on the inside and soon a small house elf opened the door and looked at her disapprovingly.

"Uh is this the house of Black" Hermione asked nervously.

The house elf who she recognised was Kreature nodded and let out his low disapproving grumbles.

Hermione looked at Kreature "Well I'm Hermione Black" Hermione said and Kreature looked shocked and closed the door before walking off and soon she heard sped up walking.

The door opened and Hermione looked up into the face that she recognised from the picture in the future Walburga Black. Walburga looked shocked to see her and pointed her wand at Hermione and she winced but she did and quick flick of her wand and when a gold glow appeared around Hermione she took her inside and called Orion.

The same spell happened with Orion and it wasn't long before Hermione was in Orion Black's office sitting on a chair and facing the two eldest Black's.

Walburga was the first to speak "Where did you go?" she asked in shock from seeing her daughter that she gave up on ever seeing again.

Hermione looked at her sitting up straight "Well I don't actually know, my memory is fussy and I can't remember anything" Hermione explained.

Orion asked the next question "And how did you know where we were? How did you find us?" Orion said sternly but his voice was cracking a bit.

"Well I don't know that either. I always knew my name and where I came from but I just didn't know where I was. I just woke up this morning in the park across the road and this house was there and it felt familiar, I don't know why but I walked over then and I recognised the House Elf and I knew I was home" Hermione replied.

Walburga smiled and clapped her hands together "Oh our daughter is going to be a genius Orion. She was able to find our house and she disappeared when she was 1 years old. This is wonderful Orion" she said "Well we'll get her dressed for dinner and let her meet Sirius who I'm sure will be pleased his twin is back and lets just hope he doesn't corrupt her mind with his antics and she'll meet her little brother Regulus" Walburga said.

Orion placed his hand on Hermione's shoulder "Welcome home Hermione" Orion told her walking out of the room after whispering something to Walburga who nodded.

Walburga turned to her daughter "Now we don't have much for you at the minute as you have been gone for so long" Walburga told her and the way she said it wasn't warm or overly joyful as a mother who just got her daughter back would be but it wasn't the cold, angry and spiteful voice she heard from the woman in the painting "We'll get something done anyway, maybe I'll send Kreature to go get something for you. Yes that's a brilliant idea, KREATURE" She screeched and Hermione winced at the high pitch. The little house elf came into the room "Go to Madam Malkins and get some sensible robes for Hermione and casual robes, Go!" She ordered him and he disappeared with a crack. "Now dear let's get your hair fixed up" Walburga said and turned towards her again.


Orion walked into Sirius' room where the 9 year old had been sent after being caught playing with the Muggle children down the road from them. Walburga had been furious and had sent him to his room with the intention of giving him no dinner but since his sister had came back they were going to change there minds about punishing him tonight.

Sirius was lying sprawled out across his bed and looking at his Quidditch posters. Walburga almost didn't allow him to have them but even Orion was fond of Quidditch and would not take that away from the boy. Just like Regulus was Walburga's favourite son Sirius was still his, the boy just liked to be adventurous and he didn't care about blood purity. Orion respected people who stood up for their beliefs he just didn't want his son playing with Muggles for as long as he could help it.

Sirius and Orion had some good moments together even though he still had the feeling his son hated him and Orion couldn't blame him. He wasn't too fond of his old man either. Orion had tried to be better than his father but he guessed you were never that lucky.

It had been hard not to get angry around Sirius as well sometimes because seeing him could be upsetting. After all he would always know that Sirius was meant to be walking around with another child a small girl. Orion had been more upset than Walburga when Hermione had disappeared. Walburga could be materialistic at times and she always liked being publicly heard. She took Hermione's disappearance as a way to be in the spotlight and be in the paper. Orion had lost his little girl his only one and he had been jealous his wife's brother Cygnus as he had three girls and he had lost his only one.

Sirius looked up when he seen his father come in and then flopped back down and stared at the ceiling. Orion walked over and sat on the chair by Sirius' desk "Sit up straight boy" Orion told him and Sirius did and looked at his father.

"What?" Sirius said his long black hair falling over his eyes covering the redness from him trying not to cry when his mother punished him with a stinging hex.

Orion felt guilty for allowing his wife to be so horrid in her punishment to Sirius but his son was strong and he knew it would help him be better in whatever direction he decided to take in the future.

"Sirius a girl came to our door a few minutes and as it turns out it's your sister" Orion explained and Sirius looked up shocked. He didn't remember much about his sister obviously since they were only 1 when she was taken but he still loved her and he still wanted her back. She might be the only sane family he had for all he knew.

"Hermione?" Sirius asked.

"What other sister do you have Sirius?" Orion asked rhetorically and rolled his eyes and him.

Sirius was about to retort but thought better of it "When can I see her? Can I see her now?" Sirius said standing up to go for the door.

Orion smiled at Sirius "Sit down your mother is getting her ready for dinner" Orion said and Sirius looked sad and at that moment his stomach made a pained sound which again made Orion feel guilty for punishing his son to no dinner "We are allowing you to come down for dinner because of these circumstances Sirius, as long as you behave yourself and not flick your vegetables at your brother and have him choke on one of his carrots again" Orion told the boy his lips quirking a bit.

Sirius laughed "Even you laughed at that a little father" Sirius said and Orion rolled his eyes.

"Get ready for dinner and be down on time" Orion said pointing at his closet and leaving the room.

Sirius smirked "Didn't deny it" he said under his breath.


Sirius came down for dinner early. Partly because he was hungry but more because he was excited to see his sister and know what she looked like now and if she was sane like him or as crazy as the rest of his family. He would probably cry if she was like his deranged cousin Bellatrix.

His father was sitting in the dinning room along with Regulus. Orion raised an eyebrow at Sirius as he sat at one side of his father and this was because Sirius was always late for dinner even if he was starving. It drove his mother mad unlike the suck up that was his little brother who always was early to dinner because he loves his mother oh so much and would never do anything wrong.

Walburga walked in saw Sirius and blinked in shock and then put on a stone face again "Your early Sirius, that's a surprise" she said sitting on the other side of Orion and Regulus on her other side.

Sirius was happy that there was only one chair left and that was beside him which meant his sister would be sitting there. Soon after Walburga walked in Hermione walked in and Sirius tried to stop himself from grinning so widely at the sight of his lost sister. She was a small girl and was quite thin. She had long curly black hair that came to the bottom of her back and grey eyes like his. She was wearing a green pair of casual robes and had a silver clip in her hair holding it back. The colours probably chosen by their mother. He couldn't take his eyes away from her because it didn't seem real that she was here and it seemed to be the same for her.

Sirius could contain his joy any longer he got over to his sister as quick as humanly possible and hugged her tightly. She seemed shocked for a moment and Sirius was worried she wouldn't care about him just like the rest of his family and he could tell his mother was going to tell him off for acting so 'lower case' but her words were lost when Hermione hugged him back just as tightly and felt a few tears on the shoulder of his shirt where she put her head.

Hermione couldn't get over seeing Sirius again. When she walked in she was shocked to see a man who was dead in her time. Someone she felt close to despite the fact she hardly talked to him but turned out to be her twin brother. Hermione didn't know what to do but stare at the boy with shoulder length black hair with grey eyes and looking so shocked to see her. She was finally going to grow up with her brother and when he ran over and hugged her she just couldn't believe how lucky she was to get the chance. She would do everything to stop him from going through the pain he went through with losing his best friend and then going to Azkaban after being wrongly accused of murder.

"Let's eat dinner before this turns emotional" Orion put on his bored tone. He was only ever nice when he was having one on one moment with his children… well with Sirius really. Regulus followed everything Walburga told him to and sometimes Orion believed it was good to rebel. There was hardly any reason to talk to Regulus if he was going to do everything he was told.

Sirius took his seat with Hermione sitting beside him and they didn't let go of each others hand as if to ensure that they were still beside each other. As they were eating Orion decided to speak.

"So since we don't yet have a room for you Hermione you can sleep in Sirius' room, I'm sure that won't be a problem?" Orion asked and looked at Sirius as if asking him to disagree to see what happens. Both of them nodded quite happy to share a room actually.

Walburga looked unsure "Maybe it would be better if she shared a room with Regulus, Orion" Walburga said with a slight sharpness to her tone.

Orion looked at Walburga with a raised eyebrow "No, Sirius and Hermione are twins she will stay in his room" he told her.

"But don't you think that Sirius'… influence could catch on" Walburga told him eyeing her eldest.

Sirius looked a little upset at being put down in front of Hermione and this time Orion wouldn't stand for it "No I don't and Hermione will stay with Sirius, Walburga" Orion's voice became shorter at Walburga for putting down his heir.

"Oh Orion don't be unreasonable the last thing we need is for Hermione having her mind corrupted by Sirius and constantly hanging around with disgusting Muggles and Mudbloods!" Walburga screeched and Sirius looked down at his food and his hand loosened a bit in Hermione's expecting her to let go and never want to see him again but she squeezed his hand in comfort and he squeezed hers back however his grip didn't really loosen again.

Orion stood up placing his hands on the table and leaning towards Walburga angrily "No Walburga the last thing we need is another Black that doesn't have a mind of their own and listens to everything you say! Hermione will stay with Sirius and that's final Walburga! Now be quiet this is the end of this conversation!" Orion's voice rose not to a shout but of a voice of authority that ended all conversation of the head of his house.

Walburga looked down and fixed the napkin on her knee "Of course Orion".

Hermione looked down to be careful not to look at anyone but she saw Sirius' look of surprised at the way Orion had scolded Walburga. Hermione looked over at her younger brother who also appeared to be in shock.

Orion cleared his throat and sat back down "Sorry about that Hermione it is certainly not what I had imagined the first dinner with you back in the family to be like. As I was saying until we get a room made for you, you may stay in Sirius' room. We will take you to the ministry tomorrow to tell them that we found you and of course the press will probably show up but we'll leave it to the ministry to answer questions you hardly need that when you have just returned home" Orion replied looking at his daughter who smiled at him and he couldn't help the tug of his lips "Do you have any questions?" Orion asked.

Hermione thought for a while "Yes I was wondering what that spell both you and mother did when I showed up?"

Orion smiled "It was a simple DNA test to see if you were really our daughter. We have had a few impostors looking money over the years and we have checked everyone of them with the same spell" he explained.

Hermione nodded when she finished her dinner Sirius took her up to his room or the room that would be both of their room until she was able to get her own. When Hermione walked in she smiled at the place that showed her brother's interests, a room that was all uniquely his and his little haven. The room was covered in Quidditch posters and there was clothing strewn all over the floor. There was a picture of him a Regulus where Sirius was clearly teasing his little brother but Regulus was laughing. Hermione walked over to the small table beside his bed and saw a picture of two babies. The photo that Hermione had been looking at back at Andy's and the same photo that was in the locket that was around her neck that Andy had found with HB inscribed on it.

Sirius saw what she was looking at and sat on his bed "I missed you, I know we were only 1 when you disappeared but I couldn't help but feel that something was missing" he told her and blinked the few tears that were starting to form in his eyes.

"I missed you too Sirius" Hermione sat beside him and took his hand and with the other slid the white gold locket from around her next and opened it handing it to him. Sirius looked at the photo inside it and smiled at her.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again" Sirius told her and then looked sad "When mother said all that I thought you would hate me and tell them you wanted to stay with Regulus".

Hermione shook her head "No I would never judge you, in fact I quite like Muggles and Muggleborns myself" she laughed and Sirius smiled "Why did you look so confused when father stood up for you?" She asked.

Sirius looked at her "Well father never defends me against mother, he doesn't approve of the fact that I like Muggles but he also doesn't approve of mothers way of dealing with things. He believes that everyone should have their own beliefs and if you can stand up for your beliefs and not back down then your worthy of being in his presences. It's why he hasn't disowned me," Sirius laughed "He believes I am stronger than Regulus to be his heir and all that and father respects people who are strong but he has never stood up to mother like that. He usually doesn't care what she does as long as it doesn't get in his way, make him look bad or annoy him and she normally has say in everything. He has never put his foot down like that" Sirius still looked shocked as he explained it.

"I was quite angry with her myself for saying that stuff to you" Hermione said before smirking "How does she know my mind isn't already corrupted?"

Sirius chuckled at that "You have a point, she did only meet you an few hours ago" he explained. Hermione smiled and after a bit more talking they got changed for bed. They got in bed and Hermione searched for his hand and holding it in hers.

"Where did you go Hermione?" Sirius asked sleepily, feeling more comfortable about resting than he had in ages.

"I'll explain it tomorrow Siri, but don't tell anyone OK it has to be our secret" Hermione said feeling the same comfort and almost asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Sirius smiled at the nickname as he drifted off into slumber "OK Mione, just don't go away again".


21st September 1969



Yesterday the missing daughter of Mr Orion Black and Mrs Walburga Black, Hermione Black returned with no idea who took her or where she was and no memory of her return or how she found her way home. The DNA test was taken and proved that she was in fact the missing Black twin of Sirius Black and has been tested for any bodily harm. The Medi-Witches suspect an UNKNOWN memory charm was used on the girl but no harm had been done.

Auror's are still looking into the fact regarding the girl's disappearance but nothing has turned up. The family refuse to talk at the moment only Mr Black stating "My daughter has just returned home and doesn't need to talk to any news papers at this moment and time".

The full story including all leads and talks with Head Auror Officer Moody on page 7…


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I also have an idea of who I would like everyone to look like if your interested. Hermione still looks like the picture above:

Sirius Black = Ben Barnes (Mostly in Dorian Gray)

James Potter = Aaron Johnson (Mostly in Nowhere Boy)

Remus Lupin = Andrew Garfield (Mostly in Never Let Me Go)

Peter Pettigrew = Michael Cera

Lily Evans = Karen Gillan

Severus Snape = Tom Sturridge

Andromeda Tonks = Katie McGrath

Bellatrix Lestrange = Amy Lee

Narcissa Malfoy = Dianna Argon

Lucius Malfoy = Alex Pettyfer

Regulus Black = Gaspard Ulliel