Hermione Walburga Black: The Christmas Ball part 1

Summary: Hermione stumbles across some documents that mention Sirius Black's missing twin. When she finds out her true identity as Hermione Black the missing Black returns to her true time in order to change the past, will she succeed? Marauder Era SB/LE JP/HB RL/MM SS/DM

A/N: Alright, I know I didn't update when I said I would and I feel a little like George R.R. Martin when he tried to predict when he'd release the next Game of Thrones book and kept getting it wrong but I have had a difficult time writing this story. The writer's block of this story has been the worst I've ever experienced and no matter how times I've wrote and re-wrote this chapter it just never seemed right for the next part. I think I tried to jump to far in time in this next chapter. It may seem like I've been ignoring all your reviews to update but I haven't I've just been trying to write a chapter that I believe is good enough quality for my readers but not getting it right had got annoying and so I got distracted with my own writing and other fanfiction ideas for new fandoms I've gotten into and then A-Levels. I will say this though, I WILL finish this story for my readers because you've been so loyal to this story and I apologise to those who've gotten sick of waiting for me and abandoned the story. Here is the next chapter and even if it isn't worth the wait...


The group were sitting around the common room as usual but there was a change in three of their regularly happy and caring friends. Alice noticed that no matter how many forced smiles and laughs they pulled there was no twinkle behind their eyes. Sirius and Hermione hadn't been right since they got their letters from their mother, Regulus had explained to them that the bird was of the house of black. To be honest Alice was hurt that Hermione still hadn't talked to her about it. James and Remus knew something about Sirius but wouldn't divulge any information due to 'Marauder Code of Honour' however they knew nothing about Hermione's and Sirius refused to speak of Hermione's either. The topic was dropped like a hot potato and avoided at all costs by the Black siblings. Alice had suspicion Regulus was in on it too but he was an even tougher nut to crack than his brother and sister. The other member of the group acting weird was Dorcas, something was bothering her and Alice knew it bothered Marlene to see the girl she was so close to suffer in silence but pretend everything was okay. Alice understood how Marlene was feeling as Dorcas was yet to confide in Marlene as Hermione hadn't confided in her.

The group were going to Hogsmeade to get their dresses and robes for the Christmas Ball. Not only were some of the group dreading shopping but now because of the Head Girl, who was organising the ball, they were shopping for the theme of the ball. The theme was fairytales and it was possible that it was because the Head Girl was a Muggleborn. Although there were some wizarding fairytales, there were not as many as Muggle tales and the girl was obsessed with Muggle fairytales. Alice knew as she was a Ravenclaw and a friend of Frank's.

The girls had all decided to go as Muggle fairytales. Lily and Hermione had told the girls all about Muggle princesses and fairytale characters and the rest of the girls had gotten excited hearing about them and reading a few of the books Lily had wrote to her mother to send back with the owl. Alice was curious how Hermione had knew so much about the Muggle Literature because she was almost sure that their parents wouldn't have bought Hermione very many Muggle books.

Everyone basically had their dates already, there were the obvious ones such as Alice was going with Frank, Hermione was going with Benjy to everyone's dismay, and Remus was going with Marlene. Then there was Sirius and James who were going to the party as bachelors together which caused Remus to laugh and say it was a mask for their secret relationship, Peter was going with a girl from Ravenclaw who Alice and Hermione introduced him to, Regulus who has become quite the ladies man since becoming an 'honorary Gryffindor' was going with a Hufflepuff girl in his year although he'd only narrowed down his list of options a few days ago, he was clearly Sirius' protégé for being a ladies' man, Lily was going with Connor Wilde a boy a year above them in Gryffindor with an Irish accent. All the girls approved of Lily's date. Dorcas was going with… If Alice thought about it she didn't know. She had seen Dorcas get plenty of boys coming up to her and asking her but she had also noticed her turn down every single one.

Alice turned to Dorcas "Dory, who are you going to the ball with?" she asked.

Dorcas looked up at Alice and shrugged "I don't think I'm gonna go anymore".

"WHAT!?" they turned to Dorcas who let out a small smile and laugh.

"I just don't want to go through the hassle of finding someone I'll enjoy going with" Dorcas explained and Marlene looked confused while all the others looked at her like she was crazy.

"I've seen like a million guys walk up to you this week and ask you!" Alice exclaimed.

"But I don't think I'll enjoy going with them!" Dorcas explained.

"Well why didn't you say that earlier Dorcas" Sirius explained "You'll come with James and I. We were going to go as the three musketeers but Peter abandoned us, and a female third musketeer would be way sexier anyway!" Sirius said and Dorcas laughed.

James hit Sirius on the arm "That is a fantastic idea. Dorcas you totally have to join us!" James turned to her with a large grin on his face.

Dorcas shook her head "I don't…"

"PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!" James and Sirius begged jumping up on either side of the sofa grabbing one of her arms each. They continued to drag it on as their faces began to turn red from lack of breath.

"Dorcas say something before they pass out" Hermione laughed as their voices got lower the longer they tried to hold the please.

Dorcas looked at them both, their faces now a shade of purple at this stage "Okay!" she laughed at them, they flopped back on the seat simultaneously out of breath and dragging in oxygen "Merlin's pants you two are persistent" Dorcas laughed.

James and Sirius grinned and high fived "And it worked. Now I'm just saying that we are going to have a say in what you're wearing," Sirius explained "We all have to match as much as possible. We're the musketeers".

James nodded "But don't worry, you have the final say and you have a say in our outfits as well" James explained.

"You're lucky. They have a say in my outfit and Shay's and we don't get a say in theirs" Regulus answered.

James rolled his eyes "That's your problem because you aren't a musketeer. You're our enemies Duke of Buckingham and Milady" James explained pretending to draw a sword and point it at Regulus.

Sirius looked up "We totally need swords!" James looked back equally as excited about the prospect as Sirius.

Regulus raised an eyebrow "They are not going to let students run around with a bunch of swords, you do know that right?"

Sirius and James looked disappointed.

"They won't let you have real swords but I'm sure that joke shop you guys always go to will have some kind of fake sword or will at least order some in for their favourite customers" Dorcas suggested and Sirius and James grinned widely at Dorcas before hugging her with pride.

"She was born to be the third musketeer"

"Regulus was born to be Duke of Buckingham, crushing our dreams"

"Dorcas just swings in from nowhere and saves the day"

"She should totally be Athos"

"But she's going to be a female musketeer?"


"What is wrong with you two?" Hermione looked at them like they were crazy.

Alice laughed "We've been asking that for years Hermione my dear. I think it's about time we give up looking for the answer" Alice grinned and Hermione giggled at her friend "Anyway at least we won't have to find Dory a date anyway. Apparently her standards are rather high for the man who should woo her" Alice winked at Dorcas who blushed.

Dorcas shook her head "They aren't, I'd just prefer to go with friends over a guy who is not the right guy" she explained and Hermione smiled.

"Well, good for you Dorcas" Hermione cheered before turning to Alice "You could get me a date however" Hermione replied.

"What, what do you mean? What happened to Benjy?" Alice asked.

Hermione shrugged "Oh we broke up last week, mutual thing you know. It wasn't working out. Benjy couldn't trust me and I didn't have the patience to work on his trust issues. Also he thinks he's in love with Cara…"

"I'll punch him" Sirius got up "Come on guys we've got a prank to pull on Mr Fenwick" Sirius said getting up to go to leave the common room and Remus, James and Peter about to follow. Hermione quickly grabbed his wrist and pulled him back first.

"It doesn't bother me. It probably should have when he said it but it didn't" Hermione shook her head "I don't think what me and Benjy had should be classified as a proper relationship. He got overly jealous and I got pissed off and told him to leave. Great discussions about how to work through that don't you think?" she asked.

"But it's so close to the ball! It's just rude to tell you he's in love with another girl so close to the ball!" Dorcas exclaimed and Marlene nodded in agreement.

Hermione laughed "But it didn't bother me! I think Cara likes him too and I told him as much, I told him I wouldn't be insulted if he asked her out so soon after we broke up because I was his rebound. I was what he needed to pick himself back up in the relationship world and he was, although I didn't tell him this bit, he was what I needed to see what I would punch my boyfriend for acting like" Hermione explained and Alice laughed and hugged her best friend "Who am I to stop Cara and Benjy getting together if they make each other happy? Benjy is a good guy despite being a terrible boyfriend for me to have, but he'll be good for someone else who wants a guy like him… Once he gets over the whole jealousy thing of course".

Alice laid her head on Hermione's shoulder "Is it bad to say that I'm really happy you broke up with that knob head?" she asked and Hermione broke out in fits of giggles especially when the rest of the group broke out in groans of approval of Alice's statement.

"None of you liked him? Really? Wow you couldn't even tell!" Hermione exclaimed sarcastically in peals of laughter "Well I thank you all for saying nothing direct" Hermione put a hand to her heart.

"I'm still gonna prank him" Sirius said and Remus and James grumbled with nods of agreement.

Hermione smiled "Anyway I need a date".

Lily smiled "I know a guy in Ravenclaw who needs a date. He's a nice guy, not too stuck up you know or clingy. I think you'd like him, you could always leave and join us and I don't think he'd be annoyed or jealous" Lily told her and Hermione threw her arm around Lily.

"You know, you just understand me so well I can't see why we didn't get along before" Hermione grinned at Lily.

Lily laughed "I'll set you up with Nicolo then?" she asked.

"Oh is he the guy whose half Italian? Blonde hair, amber eyes really good looking?" Marlene asked and when Remus raised an eyebrow at her she coughed awkwardly "For Hermione of course. You're enough man for me Remus Lupin" Marlene winked and kissed his cheek and he laughed.

"Yes he is, built like a god too" Lily grinned cheekily.

Sirius grumbled "Nicolo Roberts is not that good looking".

Hermione laughed "Well he sounds brilliant Lily, I accept" she said.

Lily got up "Great, I'll go hint at him now shall I?" she asked, already heading for the common room door and she excited shortly after.

Sirius looked after her "I might go with her actually, just to give the big brother speech which includes 'there is no fucking way she's going back to your common room after the ball'" Sirius said leaving quickly after.

Hermione groaned "Well there goes my chances of that date" she said and Alice laughed and patted her head sympathetically. Hermione grinned up at Alice for that.

Alice looked over at James who looked deep in thought and when he looked at Alice she raised an eyebrow. He rolled his eyes at her and sat in a huff. James knew exactly what Alice was saying with that look.

She had told him to make his move quickly.


Sirius got to Lily half way down the hallway and grabbed her by the shoulders and turning her around. Lily looked at him like he was crazy, the exact look he was giving her.

"What is your problem?" She exclaimed in a sort of hushed tone so as not to drag attention to them.

"My problem? I thought we were trying to get Hermione and James together, not add a new guy in the mix!" Sirius said, he was also not happy that all the girls seemed to think the Italian Ravenclaw was all that.

Lily rolled her eyes at him "It's part of the plan Sirius. Nicolo is good looking and smart but he is completely shallow so Hermione will spend a good part of the ball with him, he'll get cocky that he is there with the most desirable girl in the whole school and try and make out with her, Hermione may or may not kiss back. Doesn't matter it's your job to get James to see it, Nicolo will probably try and grab her ass, if she hadn't already now she will get him to back off and James will be the knight in shining armour…"

"Musketeer" Sirius corrected with a smirk.

Lily rolled her eyes but her lips twitched in slight amusement "Whatever, anyway Hermione will calm James down and drag him away from Nicolo and then it is your job again that two of the musketeers stay away from the third and allow them to spend the rest of the night together as each other's dates. Feel free to allow Dorcas in on the plan, she knows about the fact James and Hermione are meant for each other. Everyone does" Lily explained and Sirius looked shocked.

"Wow, that's amazing how did you plan that all out in such short notice," He raised an eyebrow at her.

She smiled sheepishly "I may or may not have overheard Hermione and Benjy's break up a week ago" Lily replied.

"Well that's mighty sly of you Lily Evans" Sirius grinned at her.

Lily laughed "Well I can't let you marauders have all the fun now can I. Especially not in my area of expertise" She explained.

"It will be a pleasure working with you Miss Evans" Sirius marvelled at the mischievous sparkle in her green eyes and the beauty of it lighting out her face. Sirius lifted Lily's hand and kissed it.

Lily's cheeks flushed slightly "And you Mr Black". Lily then spotted Nicolo Roberts and was about to walk down the hall after him.

"Lily" Sirius called and she turned back raising an eyebrow at him "Just to be clear, you think Nicolo's a total knob then right?"

Lily laughed loudly "Yeah Sirius, he's a complete knob. No need to worry about Hermione falling for him" she explained before running down the hall "Nicolo, wait up!" she called after him.

Sirius admired her as she caught up with Nicolo, the confidence in her step, and the spark of mischief he'd seen in her for the first time. It was all extremely attractive to Sirius, but the thing he'd noticed first and foremost. The thing that had enraptured him so completely was the most beautiful part that showed every side to Lily Evans…

Her eyes.

Sirius had found the girl he wanted and he was determined to get her.


Hermione was sitting in her room writing a letter to Uncle Alphard, she'd avoided writing it for so long intending to ignore the situation and pretend it wasn't happening but if she wanted any chance of getting out of the marriage she'd need her Uncle's help. Hermione hated what was going on, from the future she knew Sirius would never take the mark, she didn't know how the situation played out, and she knew this Christmas Sirius would leave for the Potter residence but her future in this world was unknown. It scared her, she didn't know if she could save her friends, past and future, she didn't know who would die in the upcoming war but she knew people would. What if things didn't work out, the only people who knew was Sirius, Regulus, Dumbledore and herself? Everything was too much.

Hermione had just finished the letter when the door creaked open and Alice walked in "Hey 'Mione" Alice said as she came in and sat in the bed behind her, Hermione put away the letter and the writing materials and smiled at Alice.

"Hey Ally," she said looking at the girl suspiciously when she saw her sitting on the bed with her legs crossed and an expectant look on her face "What's up?"

Alice shook her head "Well you see I've got this problem..."

Hermione sat down across from her on the bed "Which is?" she said and Alice stayed silent "Come on Alice, you can tell me anything, is it Frank?"

She repeated her previous action "No everything with Frank is fine" she replied and Hermione nodded "It's actually you that everything isn't fine with" Alice explained and Hermione looked at her is shock.

"Me" she said "What did I do?" Hermione asked, she couldn't think anything but she'd hate to insult Alice, she was her closest friend since she'd got to Hogwarts, both past and present.

Alice sighed "It's not so much what you did as what you didn't do" she explained and Hermione could finally see whatever it was, was truly hurting Alice.

Taking her hand she looked at her "Well what is it?"

Alice bit her lip, reverting into the shy girl Hermione was used to in first year before she'd began getting use to the Marauders rowdy ways before she answered "You got that letter a while back, and although I know it's none of my business if you don't want to share it, but I know it's hurting you" Alice admitted and Hermione looked away "I just don't want you to be alone in whatever it is your stupid mother has done now, Sirius has told the boys his problem, and I figure he and Regulus know yours but maybe it might help to get an out of the family perspective. I want you to know you can tell me anything, and even if you don't talk to me, talk to James or Remus or Lily, Marlene or Dorcas, I'd prefer if you talked to me though. You know I am your best friend and..."

Hermione got up shocking Alice out of her speech "Hermione I didn't mean to pry," she said as Hermione walked over to her bed "You don't have to tell me I'll mind my own business and leave it alone, I don't want you to be angry with me, I'm sorry..." she continued to ramble on apologies until Hermione came back and held out a letter to her. "What's this?" she asked.

Hermione shrugged and smiled sadly "You're right, you're my best friend and I want to confide in you" she said as Alice took the letter "This is the letter from my mother".

Alice grabbed Hermione's hand as a comfort and a thank you for confiding in her but Hermione didn't look away from her feet. Alice began reading the letter and was shocked at the contents of the letter "Godric bloody Gryffindor" Alice said in shock "What a bitch, she can't honestly expect you to marry Dolohov can she?" Alice asked.

Hermione choked out a laugh "She can and she does, I was writing to Uncle Alphard to see if he can do anything, Siri and Reg doubt he even knows about it, which being Head of House Black he should do".

Alice shook her head rapidly "There is no way he knows, he would never allow this Hermione, we're talking about a man who convinced Andromeda to follow her heart about marrying a Muggleborn!" Alice said quickly "He'll never allow it, I won't allow it, I'll marry you if I have to, to prevent it!"

Hermione laughed but there was no humour in it really "I think Frank would have a thing or two to say about that".

"Yeah he'd agree because he adores you too Hermione, I'm sure he'd offer to marry you and I'd allow it" Alice said strongly before pointed a finger at her jokingly "Platonically of course" she said with fake sternness. Hermione gave her a small smile but the pain was still in her eyes and it hurt Alice to see it.

Alice grabbed Hermione and pulled her into a tight hug "We'll stop it, I swear Hermione" she answered "We'll find a way out of it... somehow" she answered and Hermione nodded. Her head on Alice's shoulder before the first tears broke free onto Hermione's cheeks. It wasn't long before she was sobbing in Alice's arms and holding onto Alice as tightly as she could as if she could disappear from her at any moment. Tears were streaming down Alice's face as well and she held Hermione just as tightly, she didn't know how this would work out, but Hermione needed her to be the strong one. Hermione was always the strong one, but she couldn't be for this, she needed Alice, Sirius and Regulus, she needed her Uncle Alphard, and she needed out of this marriage contract. Alice wouldn't allow it to break her friend and she wouldn't allow her to marry the man who would do so.


Hermione and the girls had finished choosing their outfits and they were all heading to the Three Broomsticks for butterbeer except Hermione who was heading towards the boys section of the shop where Dorcas still was as the boys had yet to decide on their outfit and Dorcas was still not allowed to go look at the dresses. She looked at Dorcas who was lying across the seat with her arm flung over her face occasionally peeking out when either of the boys came out of the changing room in their robes to get her opinion. She would end up either waving them back in or the boys would hate the others outfit. When James and Sirius stepped out of the room looking a little more like cowboys with wizard robes on Hermione burst out laughing and Dorcas groaned in irritation.

The boys looked frustrated and bored by this point and Hermione felt sympathy for the three of them. She had luckily already got her dress today and after this Dorcas still had to look for her dress. Dorcas looked around at Hermione.

"Help us Mione, please?" Dorcas asked and Hermione set down her bag behind the sofa and smiled rolling up her sleeves.

"I'll see what I can do. Sit down boys" Hermione gestured before walking around the stacks of clothes looking through the shirts and pants first for something that looked a little more Muggle.

Grabbing two red linen shirts of an appropriate size for the boys, a black waist coat for one and a black silk scarf for the other, grabbing a pair of black trousers she walked over to them "Which one of you is Aramis and which one is d'Artagnan?" She asked and Sirius said he was d'Artagnan. Dropping one pile of the clothes on his lap and another of James she pushed them towards the changing rooms before turning to the robes section of shop. She flicked through the robes and grabbed robes that sort of billowed like a cape one was black and had red lining around the edge the other was red with black lining. Sirius and James stepped out of the changing room with the black dress pants and red shirts on. Sirius had the black waist coat on and James had the black scarf tied around his neck which looked ridiculous.

"Mione I don't think this scarf works" James said and Hermione laughed and handed the robes to Dorcas to fix James' scarf. Hermione opened the scarf and laid it around his neck opened and flat down on his chest. The ends of the scarf stopped just before the waist band of his trousers and Hermione moved out of the way.

"Better?" She asked with a smug grin and he nodded. Taking the robes back from Dorcas she handed them the robes with a grin. Sirius the black one and James the red, they looked at it before the girls decided for them to swap.

They put on the robes and looked in the mirror. Dorcas looked at Hermione with a grin.

"How did you do that so quickly? We've been looking for hours" Dorcas explained Hermione winked.

"I'm just that good" Hermione grinned "Now I'm sure you can get your own dress easier than these two found these?" she asked and Dorcas grinned and nodded "Good, I'll see you three at broomsticks then" Hermione picked up her dress bag and walked towards the exits of the shop. James watched as she left with a small smile, she knew them so well.

There was no way he was letting the Italian Ravenclaw win over the girl he loved. No one was getting in his way again. James would win her over at the ball and he was sure that the Italian had no sway over ladies man Aramis.

He was a musketeer and a marauder after all. They always won.


James, Sirius, Remus, Frank and Connor Wilde were sitting in the common room waiting for their dates. Peter and Regulus were away to collect their dates but would be coming back here before they all went down to the ball. James noticed Sirius was giving Connor a weird look but James wasn't sure why. Connor was friends with Nicolo who would be coming here any minute to take Hermione to the ball but that didn't seem right. Even when Hermione was with Benjy, Sirius had nothing against Riley Fletchley or Cara Wood. Connor seemed very uncomfortable and James couldn't blame him for looking uncomfortable under Sirius' glare. He continued to avoid looking at the eldest Black.

There was a knock on the common room door and Connor quickly got up to get it almost tripping over the coffee table and went bright red when Sirius burst out laughing. James and Remus were trying desperately to keep in their grins because no matter what, they were still Marauders and that was funny.

Connor opened the door and there was Nicolo Roberts, standing with his blonde hair slicked back and dark blue and purple robes that contrasted with his bright amber eyes, he was dressed as a Prince from one of the Wizarding fairytales, James thought it was hilarious that it was the douchey prince who didn't win the witch in the end. When he entered the room all the girls standing around swooned and the guys rolled their eyes. James was grumbling under his breath amusing the other three of them.

Connor smiled relieved and brought Nicolo towards the couches. Nicolo grinned when he saw Frank who was avoiding his eye. The Marauders noticed the look on his face and they didn't like it. Sirius and James looked to Remus the best judge of character and saw him glaring at the guy. It was decided, they didn't like him.

"Hey, shortarse what are you doing here?" Nicolo laughed and Frank went red. Okay they definitely did not like this guy. Sirius let out a low growl of annoyance and everyone knew he was now on a short fuse. The fact that Connor hit him on the arm was the only reason Sirius hadn't jumped up and punched him. "Oh that hot little thing your dating is in this house isn't she?" Nicolo asked.

Sirius pulled out his wand and pushing it into his neck, James grabbed his arm but was still glaring at Nicolo but Sirius shrugged him off "If you want to go to the ball with my sister instead of spending it in the hospital wing then I suggest you have more respect for her friends" Sirius growled and him and Nicolo held up his hands in surrender but still had an amused grin on his face.

Sitting in silence then all the marauders sat and glared at Nicolo. Peter entered the room and realised the tension between the marauders and Nicolo. He was quickly filled in by Frank who told him quietly and Peter sat with Wendy from Ravenclaw who was wearing a long blue dress with a feather and lace bodice and a thin layered ruffle skirt and a tiara. She had her blonde hair all rolled into a fancy updo and according to Peter she was being someone called Sindella. The marauders didn't know who that was but Wendy was a half blood and her father was a Muggle so it was more than likely a Muggle thing. Peter was dress in white robes with burgundy trousers which had been chosen by Wendy. James, Sirius and Remus didn't really like her, she was nice enough but she was kind of in a relationship with her reflection and had an irritating laugh. They hadn't seen Peter as happy since Alice and Hermione introduced then though so they would suck it up for their friend.

Not long after when they had decided to just ignore Nicolo and continue to enjoy their night Regulus and his date Shay walked through the door. The Marauders greeted her happily. They approved of Regulus' date but they didn't know if it was going to last. Sirius ensured them that he knew his little brother and that he actually fancied Shay but the others weren't convinced as they had seen Regulus acting an awful lot like Sirius did ever since becoming an honorary Gryffindor. Shay greeted the guys with high fives and fist bumps. She wasn't overly girly despite what the pink dress she was wearing with a jewelled bodice was saying, but the marauders had helped choose it considering she was joining them in being Milady from the musketeers. The brunette with the sparkly blue eyes was quite the tomboy and acted like one of the lads; she could also hold her own in a drinking game which Sirius had learnt the hard way and said she was cheating because drinking was in her blood. Her father was German and her mother was Irish and she was brought up in Dublin so she had a stronger Irish accent than German but she could speak fluently in both German and Irish and taught the marauders a few foreign curse words.

"Hey guys, looking good" She winked as she walked over and sat down on the ground, dress puffing out around her and holding out a hand for a drink that she knew the boys were bound to have. Sirius laughed and handed her one of the drinks sitting near them, she took a drink and turned to them "Spiking the drinks bowl in the hall then?" She asked.

Sirius winked "You know it. It is like a dream come true to get the opportunity to do so" Sirius explained Shay smiled her usually toothy grin. Regulus was smiling down at her before turning to see the marauders giving him a slightly weird look before Sirius gave them an 'I told you so' type grin. Regulus was confused but ignored it. He was wearing cream pair of robes with a light pink shirt underneath that looked almost white and a pair of cream trousers with a brown belt. He had something similar to a brown pirate hat on his head with a cream strip around the edges. Sirius and James were wearing similar hats only black with a red strip. The three boys had fake swords that Mr Zonko of the joke shop indeed ordered in for them like Dorcas said they would. Sirius and James were also wearing black masks around their eyes that looked like thin material only.

"Where's Dorcas?" Regulus asked "I thought she was being the third Musketeer?"

"Oh she's still upstairs with the rest of the girls, they'll be down soon. Or should be anyway" Sirius explained and James nodded.

"Yep they aren't all like Shay. The typical girl takes about two days to get ready" James explained with a grin.

Shay laughed "Well as flattered as I am being the superior species, I take it if any of those girls upstairs heard you say something so stereotypical you would be running for your life James dear" and James looked over his shoulder and looked back.

"I would be" he whispered.

"Well then start running Jimmy" a voice said and James looked behind him scared to see Marlene standing there.

James smiled sheepishly "Sorry?" He asked and ducked down as she swooped for his head with her head "You look really pretty Marlene, don't hit me" he held his hands up and she smirked at him.

"Fine, I'll allow you off this time but flattery won't always work" She pointed her finger at him before walking over to where Remus was now standing with his jaw dropped open. Turning around in a circle showing off her floor length pink dress with a purple tight bodice with a purple flower like pattern coming from the side, then was a floaty light pink material at the bottom. She had a gold tiara sitting in her perfect spiral curls and Remus was in awe. "What do you think?" She asked with a grin "I'm the prettiest sleeping beauty in the world right?"

Remus nodded with a warm smile on his face and gave her a light peck on the lips "Absolute perfection" he said and Marlene nudged him.

"Charmer" she said before grabbing his hand "The others will be coming soon and we'll be heading off. See you at the ball!" Marlene began dragging Remus out of the room.

Wendy looked at Peter excitedly "Oh can we go to the ball now?" She grabbed his arm.

Peter looked nervous "Well, I-I thought we would wait for the others" Peter explained.

"Oh" Wendy sat back disappointedly.

James looked up "Peter just go on, we'll meet up with you and Remus on down there" James suggested and they turned around after hearing heals clicking on the stairs. Lily soon entered the room dress in a long dark green dress with a tight bodice which flowed from the waist downwards and had one shoulder. Her ginger hair was curled in many small tight curls and looked quite large and she walked towards Connor and he smiled and pointed at her.

"The girl from Brave right?" he asked and Lily laughed and nodded before looking at his outfit and grinning.

"Prince Charming" Lily laughed "Isn't that a tiny bit cheesy?" he asked and Connor shrugged innocently and she laughed.

"You look absolutely stunningly beautiful Lily" Connor stated and kissed her hand and Lily blushed.

"Maybe Prince Charming suits you after all" Lily said sheepishly.

"Maybe Prince Charming suits you after all" Sirius mocked in a high pitched voice and Lily glared at him but flushed red from embarrassment.

James laughed when Sirius made a look like he was going to be sick. James thought he was only mocking for a laugh, but actually Sirius was green with envy at the boy who got to shower Lily with compliments. Lily glared at the two of them but soon Dorcas walked into the room as well and the boy's mouths opened in shock.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs was their usually shy little Dorcas in a blood red dress with a black belt around the middle. The dress was floaty and knee length with a long train that fell to the floor, black shoe boots and a hat matching James and Sirius. She had her sword tucked to her side in her belt and laughed as saw the boy's excitement.

"We totally have the best costume group ever!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Not yet we don't" Dorcas said and took out three piece of black material from behind her back and passing one each to Sirius and James before lifting the third up around her eyes revealing them to be material masks that went around their eyes "Now we do" she winked at them and the boys grinned in excitement.

Shay got up to hug Dorcas "You look so hot right now Dorcas. You are going to grab the attention of the whole hall tonight" she said hugging her and smiling widely.

"I know, I've told her like fifty times already" Alice said skipping down the stairs and into the room, her knee length light blue dress was floaty and made Alice look like the pixie they already assumed she was. The boys watched Frank's reaction as his face lit up when the small blonde walked into the room. From first year when Sirius claimed Alice as his sister he'd been equally as protective and irritating to her as he was with Hermione. So when Roberts had talked that way about her to Frank it had royally pissed him off. He liked Frank because the boy adored Alice from the minute he set eyes on her and he had ever upset her. Alice knew how to choose a guy that he approved of. He hoped he could get Hermione and James together because then he could like who she dated as well.

"Just wait until you see Hermione, she looks amazing" Alice smirked and Sirius nodded.

"Of course she does, she's a Black" Sirius explained.

Nicolo snorted "Big headed much".

Alice turned and glared at him "You trying to say that Hermione isn't going to look amazing?"

Nicolo smirked "Of course not, Sirius on the other hand..."

Alice shrugged and walked to Frank "Seems like your jealous".

"Why would I be jealous of Black?" Nicolo asked.

"Why wouldn't you be?" Alice replied.

Nicolo grinned "Because I could pull more girls than him any day" he replied smugly and Alice smirked back.

"Wow, big headed much" Alice returned and Nicolo's smirk dropped, seeing what Alice did. Sirius and James were smirking, Dorcas was giggling behind her hand, Lily was trying to hide the grin fighting to show on her face for the sake of her date.

"Also that's only true because Black isn't as big a manwhore as you are, if he wanted to, you'd get no female attention at all" Alice replied before turning her back to him and looking at Frank, completely cutting him off. Alice placed her hand on his cheek and smiled "You looked handsome" she smiled kissing his cheek.

Frank's cheek tinged slightly "Thanks, you look absolutely stunning, I'm a very lucky man".

Alice smiled and him and Frank put his arm around her shoulders.

There was clicking on the stairs when they turned around and saw Hermione come down the stairs. Alice looked towards James and watched his expression as his jaw dropped when he saw her. Hermione did look stunning, her hair was tied up with her hair curled and some falling around her face. Her long blue dress came to below her knees with a train which dragged slightly behind her, it had lace sleeves that came across the chest and down the sides of the dress and silver heals. She did look amazing.

Hermione smiled when she walked in and Sirius was the first to say anything "Hermione you look beautiful".

"Thank you Sirius" she smiled "You look very handsome as a musketeer" she said and he winked and she laughed.

"I agree with your brother Hermione," Nicolo said taking her hand and placing a kiss on it "You look very pretty".

James rolled his eyes "That's an understatement, our dear Bandit is going to steal every persons breath when she walks in the room".

Hermione blushed slightly at that "Thank you Jamie that's very kind" she replied and James smirked when he saw Nicolo glare at him. James wasn't going to let that dumbass win, Hermione was the girl he loved and he refused to miss his chance again.

He happened to look over and see Alice grinning at him with a raised eyebrow and James winked at her. Alice gave him a quick thumbs up before Hermione saw.

"If I may ask Hermione, who are you meant to be?" Nicolo said.

Hermione went to answer when James spoke up "Queen Visenya, it's from a Romanian Wizarding tale, she's a warrior Queen who put an end to a great wizarding war in Romania, Hermione loves the tale" he said.

Hermione smiled at that "I didn't think anyone would get it, maybe except Remus, you never read that tale how did you know?"

James shrugged as if it was nothing "Remus got you that big bundle of wizarding fairytales lying around his house in second year when you said you hadn't read the Tales of Beedle the Bard or any other Wizarding childhood stories. You didn't talk about any one of them as much as you talked about that one" he said and Hermione blushed slightly making James smirk "You loved the history behind it because it was based on a real war that took place in Romania at the time when it was written, the author was a young wizard forced to fight in it and he died before the war ended and it was published after his death" he explained.

Hermione nodded "Pretty much the reason, he had so much faith in the woman called Valaena who was their leader to win the war that he made her the Queen in his fairytale called The Summer Conquest, he was said to be the young follower Aro, who fell for the Queen and she loved him but the war came first, he took a spell for her to continue her fight in the war as she was their only hope, her anger helped her win the war but it was also her downfall, but the war was won on her side" Hermione explained before blushing harder "Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble, I just love that story. How you paid any attention to me rambling on about it James, I'll never understand" Hermione joked.

"You're the most interesting person I've ever listened to Hermione" James replied and Hermione looked slightly taken aback but she smiled shyly all the same.

Sirius and Lily looked to each other in shock. They couldn't believe James had decided to man up and fight for Hermione right at this moment when they were scheming to get them together. It might work even better than they had planned. Alice just stood there grinning, she hated Nicolo for how he treated Frank, Lily had told him she set Hermione up with him as a way to get James to step up, but his face was like fury with Hermione and James' interaction. Alice was also proud of James for taking her advice and him showing Hermione just how much he took note of the things she loved and how well he knew her was a good way to start things off.

"Let's go to the ball then shall we" Nicolo interrupted to snatch Hermione's attention getting glares from almost everyone in the room except Connor "We're almost past fashionably late" he said. Hermione looked back at James briefly before turning and nodding with a small smile. Nicolo escorted her out of the room and made their way to the hall.

Dorcas turned to Alice and whispered "Remus and Marlene are going to be annoyed they missed that" she said and Alice snorted out a laugh before they all headed to the ball.



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