Some of you were asking what I'm planning with this story, like if the story ends with them still in paradise or if I will continue writing when they get home.

I can reveal that the first part of this story will be fourteen chapters, one for each day they spend in Hawaii. And then I'll continue with the second part (chapter 15 and forward) which will include them getting home and stuff. I'm not sure how long the second part will be, but that's what I've planned! Hope that made sense.

Happy reading!

Day Five

It's not even past eight in the morning when you feel arms wrap around your body. You groan, loudly, and the only response you get is a low giggle.

You wonder whose giggle it is and why they're touching you but you don't open your eyes.

Your head feels groggy and you're not ready to leave your dreams just yet. It feels like it's only been an hour since you went to bed.

You slowly open your eyes and you blink a few times before you can make out a bulb of blonde hair right in front of your face. Something is touching your arm and you would find it irritating if you weren't so busy feeling tired.

You peek one eye open and you see your clock on the bedside table. 08:48. You sigh and shift your head against the pillow. You pull the sheets further up your body and snuggle closer into the mattress.

"You need to wake up now!"

You roll your eyes behind your closed eyelids and pull the covers even further up your body.

"Five more minutes," you croak and she lets out a deep sigh.

"San, I've been trying to wake you up for the past half an hour. We need to go now!"

"It's not even nine yet."

"It's eleven thirty."

Huh. You could've sworn that your clock said eight not even a minute ago, but you guess your eyes are a little blurry in the morning.

You squint your eyes up at her and she gives you a quirk of her eyebrow. You bite your lip and shrug your shoulder.

"I'm jet lagged."

"Babe, you can't be jet lagged five days after we landed. You're just lazy."

You smile bashfully because you know you're just lazy. And also because you love when she calls you things like that.

Suddenly something cold and wet hits your face and you fly up into a sitting position, squeezing your eyes shut and pressing your hand against your face.

You feel how the cold liquid runs down your face and neck and you try to get most of it off your cheeks and your eyes as fast as you can. "What. The. Actual. Fuck?!"

It's dripping past your neck and down your sleeping shirt and you shiver at the coldness.

When you're able to open your eyes again, you see how Brittany bites her lip, while holding onto a tall glass of water.

You would hit her arm if she wasn't still holding that glass.

She cracks a grin. You scowl at her.

When she shuffles off the bed and places the glass on the bedside table, she shrugs one shoulder and looks at you with a coy smile, "at least you're up now."

"You're a horrible person," you tell her as you dry yourself off with your bed sheets.

She sticks her tongue out and you're pretty sure she enjoys this.

"Come on. We're going on adventure!" She motions for you to get up as she excitedly jumps up and down on the floor next to the bed.

You pinch your eyebrows together. "What, why?"

Brittany's smile grows even wider. "We're going to the mountains, Artie found the place in an ad in the paper. Come on, hurry, we need to leave soon."

Mountains? You hate mountains. Are you going to have to climb? Because you hate climbing.

You don't have time to ask her anymore questions because she's rushing out the door and you can faintly hear how she and Quinn are discussing what to bring and what to leave here.

"We should bring water."

"And muffins."

You groan and press your face against the pillow.

Climbing in the mountains is not really your strongest skill or your favorite hobby. All three of your friends are pretty adventurous when it comes to climbing but you're better off on the ground. They all know that, you can't believe they decided about this without you. They probably didn't ask for your opinion because they know you'd say no.


It's better if you just stay in bed. Maybe if you pretend to fall asleep again, they'll forget about you and leave without you.



You squeeze your eyes closed and hide your face underneath the white sheets.

"I've picked out some clothes for you, so you can just change quickly and then we'll leave!"

You groan because your plan is not working. Brittany knows your pretending to be asleep and apparently she knows about your breathing very well because she told you three minutes ago how "your breathing is way deeper when you're actually asleep". She also so nicely pointed out how you usually make a light snoring sound. You told her that you do not snore. But she just smiled and said it's cute.

"Honey, seriously, get up."

Brittany tugs at the sheets and you let her pull them off your body. She then throws the clothes at you and you roll your eyes.

"Why climbing in the mountains? Can't we go to an amusement park or something?"

"We can go to an amusement park another day. And it won't be that much climbing, we're mostly gonna be walking."

You roll your eyes, "Wow that sounds much more exciting."

Suddenly Quinn bursts through the door and walks over to your side of the bed.

She kneels down beside you and whispers in your ear, "She picked out very hot clothes for you. We have a plan, remember? Put the clothes on and make her squirm."

Then she stands up again and quickly leaves the room.

You lay there for a few more seconds before you rush out of bed with the clothes in your arms.

You're walking out into the living room when you've put the clothes on. You have to say that Quinn was right. She picked out some very revealing clothes for you. Tiny shorts and a button down top which you didn't button the whole way up. You think that you maybe unbuttoned a few more than necessary but whatever.

You walk over to the others and you spot Brittany sitting with crossed legs on the couch. She picked out a similar outfit for herself.

Tiny shorts and a button-down shirt. You eye her cleavage and you feel your pulse quicken because she has an impressive cleavage. You lick your lips before looking up at her face. She's looking down onto her legs and you roll your eyes.

You walk over to Quinn and whisper harshly,

"Ugh, this is not working. She wasn't looking at my boobs at all."

"Actually," Quinn whispers back, "She was looking at your boobs; you were just too busy staring at her boobs to notice."

Then she walks over to the door and yanks it open.

"Let's go, 'errybody!"


You click the car door shut and turn towards Artie. He's pulling a backpack out from the trunk and hands it over to you.

"I can't believe we rented a car for just this day," you say and Artie shrugs a shoulder.

"It was pretty cheap."

You roll your eyes. You've been trying to get out of this ever since you woke up this morning but nobody's willing to ditch this adventure with you. They're not even getting offended by your whining, they just answer your complaints with excited smiles.

"Okay," Brittany comes over to your side of the car and pulls out a big map from her backpack. "We should start up that way and then continue until we find that cottage where we can eat lunch." She's pointing up to your left where you can see nothing but a path leading up into the mountains. You get excited when she say lunch though and you're already starting to imagine what food they may have there. Maybe pancakes. Or hamburgers. You'll order a hamburger with fries if they have any. And a milkshake.

Ugh great, now you're hungry.

"Awesome, lets go!"

Quinn's sporting the biggest smile you've ever seen on her face and you groan inwardly because all of your friends are so excited for this and you couldn't be more unmotivated.

You start walking in the direction Brittany pointed to and you already feel like you should've picked different shoes.

But you keep walking because you know that they wouldn't drive back to your hotel only so you can change your shoes. You already took forever getting out of bed this morning.

You're walking in a line and Quinn's walking in the front with quick steps. Artie's right behind her and you're walking last in line with Brittany right in front of you. Sometimes she turns around to look at you. As if she's checking that you're still there. As if you would run away and go back home again.

You wouldn't even find your way back because you've already walked for some time now and you're not taking notice of where you're going. You just keep walking in hopes of getting to that cottage soon where you can get some hamburgers and shakes.

"Maybe we should take a water break," Artie pants and you quickly agree with him.

"It's really hot," Brittany breathes as she wipes her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Maybe we should've just chilled by the pool today…" you shrug but Brittany just pats your shoulder.

"No, this day is perfect for walking in the mountains."

You roll your eyes. It feels like you're gonna be rolling your eyes a lot today.

Artie zips his backpack open and pulls out a water bottle and you do the same. You are really thirsty and if you don't drink any water you'll probably faint.

"Can I drink from yours?"

You feel Brittany sidle up next to you and you feel her breasts push up against your arm. She's looking at your water bottle right when you pull it to your lips. She stares as you take a long sip and you watch her eyes. When you pull the bottle away from your lips, her eyes don't move.

You lick your lips and she looks away quickly and reaches for the bottle. You don't give her an answer because you're too busy staring at her and feeling her against your arm. She mumbles a 'thanks' before she brings the bottle to her lips.

"Shall we continue?"

You break eye contact with Brittany's lips and look over at Quinn who's arching an eyebrow at you.

"Sure," you croak out and when Brittany gives your bottle back, you look into her eyes and she smiles a tiny smile at you before looking away.


Turns out they do have hamburgers, fries and milkshakes.

You're eating like you haven't seen food in over a week and you keep hitting Brittany's hand when she steals your fries. She's probably eaten half of them by now. But when she tries to take your milkshake, you give her a daring glare and she smiles back at you playfully.

"Your milkshake tastes better than mine," she tells you and you purse your lips.

"Touché," you whisper teasingly.

"Guys!" You and Brittany turn your heads around when Artie comes rushing up to the table. Quinn and Artie have been standing in line to order their food for the last 15 minutes. They let you and Brittany buy first so that they could hold a table. It's busy at the cottage and you were lucky to even find a table in the first place.

He sits down opposite to you in the booth and gives you an excited smile. "There's gonna be a bonfire tonight. So if we make it up to the top before it starts to get dark, there's gonna be alcohol and fire waiting for us!"

You quirk your eyebrows because that's random, but also cool. Because then you have something to look forward to. Now that lunch is over, you won't have food as bait. And you really need something to keep you going because walking in the mountains isn't really your thing, as we already know.

"Cool!" Brittany exclaims as she takes one of your fries and you're not quick enough to jab at her hand.

The sun is already setting when you reach the top. Your feet are hurting and your legs feel like jelly. Brittany's been carrying your backpack for the last hour because you were complaining so much.

You can see the fire and people mingling around it. Artie takes the lead and walks up to a guy with a red shirt and blonde curly hair. You see how they're talking but you're too far away to be able to hear what they're saying.

"That's the guy we met at the cottage," Quinn says from right behind you. "He was the one who told us about this."

You look over at the guy again and he's smiling and pointing with his hands at the people sitting around the fire. Artie's introducing himself to some people and you, Brittany and Quinn walk up to stand beside Artie.

He turns towards you and then points at the guy with the curly hair. "This is Adam!"

Adam smiles brightly at you and shakes you and Brittany's hands.

Quinn starts talking to a girl standing next to Adam and you look over at her as she keeps staring at you.

"I'm Lisa," she says after a while and you smile politely at her.


She shakes your hand and then she turns to Brittany to shake hers too.

"Truth or dare!"

There are so many people around. You think it has to be maybe around 30 and you don't know who shouted it. But now everyone starts sitting down around the fire and before you sit down, you snatch a beer from a cooler standing a bit off next to some bags.

"I'll start," Adam offers and some guys hollers as he gives them an arrogant but playful smile. "Artie!" he says and you see how your friend widens his eyes and you can't help but chuckle. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth," Artie gulps and you bite your lip to try to hide your smile.

"How many one night stands have you had?"

Artie's cheeks heat up and then he quickly mumbles "One." You see how Quinn purses her lips and you guess she doesn't like hearing about Artie's one night stands.

When Adam tells Artie to ask someone, you see how he composes himself before looking around at all the people around the bonfire.

Everyone is drinking from red solo cups and you think there are more drinks than only beer but you can't find any.

"Truth or dare, Lisa?"


It's a while later, you don't know how late but the sun has fully gone down now. You found vodka and juice and a lot of other drink options. Lisa mixed you a drink and every time your cup is empty, she mixes you another one. She's actually really good at mixing drinks and she seems to not mind making them either. In fact, she keeps sending you winks every time she gives you a new one.

"Santana, right?"

You quickly turn your head to the source of the voice and you realize how much these drinks have affected you when you instantly get dizzy as you try to find the guy who said just name.

You find him next to Adam and he's looking at you with a smirk.

"Yeah," you draw out as you arch your eyebrow at him.

"Truth or dare?" he smiles crookedly and wiggles his eyebrows. You guess it's his turn to ask and you wonder how long this game has been going on. It feels like you started forever ago but everyone still seems excited to keep playing it.

You roll your eyes, "Dare," you tell him because you hate when people pick truth. It's boring and makes you fall asleep.

"Great," he smiles even wider and you start to slowly regret your choice. "Give that blonde a hickey, the one next to you." He bobs his head in the direction of Brittany and you instantly widen your eyes.

You instantly feel your heart starts to beat faster and you don't even dare to look over at your best friend. The guy who gave you the dare just keeps smiling and you want to punch that smile off his face.

"Woho! San, do it!"

You look to your left and you see an overly excited Quinn who keeps chanting your name.

Then you take a deep breath before you slowly turn towards Brittany.

She's looking at you with daring but teasing eyes and she's biting her lip. You gulp as you pull yourself into a sitting position and slowly shuffle towards her. Your head is still spinning a little but you manage to block out the chanting of your name as you keep leaning forward.

Brittany keeps looking into your eyes and you don't break the eye contact. You put your hands on the ground on either side of her waist to keep yourself upright. Brittany's sitting Indian style so it's easy for you to just put your arms at the sides of her body and lean in.

Right when you're about to break eye contact and push your lips onto her skin, she opens her mouth.

"We sure kiss a lot lately," she says and you stiffen because you didn't think she remembered that. You don't say anything back, you just keep looking between her eyes, trying to understand if she hasn't talked about it on purpose or if she just didn't mention the kiss because it didn't mean enough to bring it up.

You suddenly hear your name being chanted again and you shake your head to get rid of your thoughts. You give her a smile that you hope is teasing but probably is more pained and unsure.

With the help of your arms, you slide down so your mouth is the same level as her neck. You're breathing heavy and you're pretty sure she can feel your breath on her.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath before you decrease the distance until your lips graze her skin right below her jaw line.

You can hear how she takes a quick breath. Like she's inhaling because it shocked her. You lick your lips before you put your lips on her neck again. You let them linger there for a second before you slowly part your lips and let your tongue out to taste her skin. Her body wriggles underneath your touch and you put one of your hands on her thigh to keep her from moving.

Your fingertips curl against her thigh and then you feel a hand on your shoulder. Your first thought is that she'll push you away, but she just rests it there.

You pull away quickly to take a breath before you suck her soft skin into your mouth, letting your teeth carefully graze her pulse point.

You feel the hand tighten its grip on your shoulder and you lick the spot you just gently bit. You kiss the same spot on her neck a few times with wet and warm lips before you finally pull away.

You look into her eyes and even though your mind is blurry from all the alcohol, you see that her eyes are droopy and she smiles at you with her teeth. You smile back before you settle into your seat next to her.

"My turn," you announce as the guy next to Adam gives you an approving nod and a wide grin. "Quinn," you say and you hear she lets out a quiet whine. You smirk as you look at her. "Truth or dare?"

Quinn rolls her eyes, "Truth," she says and you roll your eyes.

You're not good at coming up with truths. You already know almost everything about Quinn so you don't really have anything you can ask that you don't already know.

You feel a hot breath in your ear and then, "Ask her if she's ever had a sex dream about a friend."

You look to your right and see Brittany wiggling her eyebrows at you and you chuckle.

"Do it," she whispers and you roll your eyes but nods your head.

"Have you ever had a sex dream about one of your friends?"

Quinn raises her eyebrows and then purses her lips before shaking her head back and forth.

"Nope," she says and you whisper 'bullshit' because that's clearly a lie. Especially since her face is redder than a tomato right now. "My turn," she then says and you roll your eyes, again.

Quinn's eyes are narrowed when she looks over at you. Her lips are stretched into a mischievous smile and you suddenly feel your pulse quicken.

She flutters her eyelashes and then turns towards Lisa.

"Lisa, you should kiss Santana."

Your eyes jump out of their sockets and you take a death grip on your cup.

You know why she does this. It's to make Brittany jealous. Or to try make Brittany jealous. It seems like she thinks it'll work but you're not so sure.

Lisa giggles as she starts to crawl towards you and you're starting to get nervous. Not as nervous as when you were about to kiss Brittany. Then you were a different kind of nervous. The 'butterfly kind of nervous' you get around Brittany sometimes, especially when you're about to kiss her. But now your pulse is just quickening and you get that kind of nervous you get in school right before reaching your hand up to answer a question. Not a good kind of nervous, at all.

But Lisa is crawling towards you and you can't really stop what's about to happen, so you just go with it.

She doesn't waste any time as she smiles at you and leans in. Her movements are fast but sloppy and you know she's drunk.

You feel a hand on your cheek and then she pushes her lips against yours. Her lips are warm and soft and you let her tongue into your mouth as she licks you bottom lip. She's sloppy and your mind is blurry. It's not bad but it's not so good either.

When Lisa pulls away after a minute, she giggles and pecks your cheek and you smile back at her. She stumbles back into her own seat and right when she's about to ask the next person, you see how Brittany starts to stand up next to you.

"Where're you goin'?" you blurt and she looks down at you as she stumbles a little bit.

"Be right back," she tells you quietly and then she disappears.


You find Brittany sitting among some branches and you realize it must be uncomfortable sitting among branches.

"Why are you sitting in the bushes?" you ask and she quickly turns around and clutches her heart. "Sorry," you mumble.

"Shit, Santana…" she whispers and you purse your lips. "You scared me."

"Sorry," you mumble again and she lets out a deep breath before she shrugs.

"That s'okay."

"What are you doing here?" you ask and she looks away quickly.

"Just needed some air." She tucks a strand of blonde hair behind her ear and you sit down next to her on the grass.

You knit your eyebrows together. "But we're outside. There's air everywhere."

You see how she smiles faintly and you smile too because you love when you get her to smile.

"I jus' needed some more fresh air," she says bashfully and you nod your head.


You look at her face and she's looking down onto the branches and you watch her lips as she purses them. She bites her lower lip and you watch the movement until she releases her lip and her teeth grazes along her lip and you don't notice you're leaning forward until you're falling into her side and you quickly try to catch yourself with your hands.

Brittany notices your struggle and she helps you up into a sitting position and when you look into her eyes, they're glossy. First, you think she's crying but then you see the bottle beside her in the grass and you realize she's been drinking. You've been drinking too but the bottle is almost empty and you don't know how much it was in it from the beginning.

"Are you drunk?" you ask and she rolls her eyes while smiling coyly.

"Maybe a little." She eyes you curiously. "Are you?"

"Yeah…" you mumble and she smiles and you feel your eyes drift down to her lips again.

"Is it okay if I kind of like you… a little bit?"

You hear the words being spoken and you don't realize it was you who said them until Brittany furrows her eyebrows slightly. You widen your eyes.

"I mean," you quickly sit up straighter. Why did you say that?

You laugh nervously, "I don't like like you." You see how she starts to smile slightly and you start to panic because you don't know how to explain this without making it sound horrible. "I might just… have a teeny tiny… little crush on you."

She smiles at you, but not a sweet and understanding smile. More like an amused and a little confused smile.

You gulp. "I mean you're really pretty and you know I think you're hot and I'll get over it." You say it fast and quick and you turn towards her more and look into her eyes.

She's looking back and forth between your eyes with that confused smile and you lick your lips quickly.

"I don't know what I'm talking about." You hear yourself speaking and you didn't think it was possible to look more confused than what Brittany looks like right now. She doesn't even look panicked or scared or freaked out. She just looks genuinely confused.

You rack your brain for something to say, but the only thing you find is, "It's just, sometimes when you're too close, it's like it's hard to breathe and shit."

Her eyes are glossy and you don't even know if she's listening to what you're saying.

"I'll get over you I swear."

You look into her eyes and she nods her head up and down, not like she does understand, but like it's the only thing she can think of doing.

"I know you think I'm hot, Santana," she says like that's obvious and you breathe out a sigh. "I think you're hot too."

You nod your head up and down, not because you understand what she's talking about, but because you feel like that's the only thing you can think of doing.

"Forget it," you say and Brittany only furrows her eyebrows.

You think this is the most confused you've ever felt.

You think you just admitted to your best friend that you have a crush on her, and you don't even think she understood what you were saying.

"Should we go back?" you ask and Brittany looks down at the empty bottle beside her and nods her head.

"Yeah. I'm out of booze anyway."

You snort and she chuckles. You stand up and wobble a little as you try to get balanced. Brittany stands up after you and you see that she's struggling so you take her hand and she leans into you.

"Gosh, maybe I'm more drunk than I thought."

"Yeah," you mumble and you shake your head because you just made an accidental drunk admission to your drunk best friend that you have a crush on her. And you just made both of you really confused and she probably has no idea what you were talking about.

You stumble back to the bonfire while holding onto Brittany's hand and she twines your fingers together about halfway there and you feel the tingles in you arm and all the way down to your toes.

You see everyone sitting around the fire talking and you think that there are more people now than it was before. Where they all came from, you have no clue. Quinn is sitting next to Artie and they're snuggled together.

You walk over to them and plop down next to Quinn and without letting go of her hand; Brittany sits down next to you.

"Quinn," you whisper in her ear and she whips her head towards you.

"Hey Santana," she says and you say 'hey Quinn' before you shuffle closer to her and lean in to whisper in her ear.

"I think I just told Brittany," you whisper and Quinn narrows her eyes at you.

"You think?"

You shrug, "yeah."

You look into Quinn's eyes and she looks confused and you roll your eyes at yourself because you make everyone confused today.

You feel how Brittany tightens her grip around your fingers and when you turn to look at her, her face is really closed to yours and you move back a little to be able to see her face properly.

"I want more drink," she says and you raise your eyebrows at her.

"More drink?"

"Yeah," she mumbles and you nod your head up and down.

Then you turn around and open your backpack. You pull out your water bottle and pour some water into a red solo cup.

"Here you go, sweetie," you say as you hand her the cup. She smiles widely at you before she takes a sip.

"Mm, this tastes good. Tastes like raspberry."

You giggle, "It's strawberry."

The fact that she can't tell that it's water is a big sign that she doesn't need any more alcohol for a while.

You watch her drink for a bit. She takes many gulps and you're glad it isn't alcohol.

When a drop of water drips down her chin and further down her neck, you gulp. Suddenly your mind sees her in a shower and water is dripping down-

"Stop lookin' at my boobs, your' not making any progress getting over me."

You stiffen. You trail your eyes past her neck and to her face again and she's smiling coyly and her eyes are still glossy.

You didn't think she understood what you were talking about. Suddenly you panic and you shake your head.

"I wasn't serious," you blurt and Brittany wiggles her eyebrows.

You feel your heart start to beat quicker and you don't know why you suddenly feel super nervous but your throat is closing up and you feel the need to deny everything you've ever said.

"I was drunk! I'm still drunk. I didn't mean it." You're looking at her face and she's still wiggling her eyebrows and you widen your eyes. "Stop it. I don't know what I'm talking about."

Brittany giggles. And you furrow your eyebrows. She starts laughing and you scowl at her.

She rolls her eyes. "I know you don't like me that way, it's okay. I'm just messing with you." She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not your type anyway."

You breathe out a sigh of relief but then you furrow your eyebrows again, because what? "What?"

If Brittany's not your type, who's your type?

Brittany shrugs her shoulders again and purses her lips. "All your exes have been brunettes."

You knit your eyebrows together, "No... What?"

You're so confused, you don't even know what she's talking about.

Brittany looks at you for a few seconds, as if she's waiting for you to realize what she means. Then she sighs and puts up her hand and starts counting off her fingers. "Alexis, Jennifer, Michaela…"

"Okay, Michaela was never my girlfriend," you deadpan and she shrugs.

"Still brunette."

"I've never thought of that," you mumble. It's true though. When you think about it, all of your exes have been brunettes.

Brittany just shrugs again.

You don't really understand why Brittany has taken notice of that though. If you didn't even realize that, why would she?

"... Rebecca," Brittany mumbles as an afterthought.

You snort, "Okay, not my girlfriend."

"Still brunette," she singsongs before taking a gulp of her drink.

You knit your eyebrows together. You've never thought about having a type. And you've definitely never thought of the similarity of your exes' hair color.

Is Brittany then your exception? Because you do have a crush on Brittany. But if Brittany's not your type, then she must be your exception. Or your type has nothing to do with hair color. That could have just been a coincidence. Maybe your type is girls with beautiful eyes.

Brittany has beautiful eyes.


She mumbles it under her breath but you can still hear it. You raise your eyebrows.

"Also, most definitely, not my girlfriend."

"Still brunette, Santana." Brittany shrugs one shoulder and takes a sip from her cup. "You like them brown hair," Brittany bobs her head up and down and you look at her like she's crazy.

Your head feels dizzy. And when you take one more sip from your drink, you realize that maybe it's a combination of alcohol and thinking too much.

So you decide to not think anymore.


You don't know how long it's been, but it feels like it's late. The fire is still burning but that's only because people keep throwing sticks and dry leaves into it. Quinn whispered in your ear to come with her and now you're stumbling away from the fire and following after her.

"What did you mean before?" she turns around and asks you as soon as you're far away from the others.

"When?" you ask, furrowing your eyebrows.

"You said you think you told her."

"Oh." You bite your lip and take a deep breath. "I kind of told her I have a crush on her but I didn't mean to. And I don't think she understood."

Quinn looks at you like you have three eyes. "What do you mean, don't understood?"

You shrug, "I just rambled and then I told her to forget about it and she said that she knows that I think she's hot and she thinks I'm hot too and then we walked back."

Quinn raises her eyebrows and looks more confused than she did before you started explaining.

"Look," you sigh. "The problem is that she has no idea I like her, but I can't tell her."

Quinn stares at you. "Why? You just did."

You roll your eyes. "I didn't mean to, it just happened. I didn't plan on telling her and I don't even want to tell her."

Quinn sighs. "Why?"

You let out a deep breath. "Do you really think I wanna mess up the most amazing friendship I've ever had with anyone?"

Quinn snorts, "Why thank you so much. I love you too"

You give her a glare. "You know I love you." Quinn rolls her eyes but smiles at you. "And you know I love Britt, and I can't mess it up by telling her that I have a crush on her. I can't destroy it because of a crush."

Quinn nods her head. "I get that. Are you sure it's just a crush though?"

You give her an incredulous glare. "Yeah, of course. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything."

She raises her eyebrows.

"I love her, and I've got a crush on her. Doesn't mean I'm in love with her."

"But you still want to keep working on our plan right? To see if maybe she has a tiny crush on you too?"

You nod your head, hesitantly. Of course you want to know if she likes you or not. But you just feel like she doesn't, so figuring out if she likes you or not seems like a waste of time.

Still, there's something inside of you that keeps thinking that there is a chance she might like you. And if there's a chance that she might like you, you want to know if it's true or not.

"You know... You can just give her small hints. Like, 'oh you look really hot in those jeans'. You don't have to tell her straight out." Quinn says and purses her lips.

"I do that all the time," you deadpan. "We tell each other we're hot on a daily basis. Our friendship is built on flirting."

Quinn sighs loudly. "I know. You're acting like a couple already…" Quinn whispers something more under her breath that you can't hear and when you ask her 'what' she just shakes her head.

Suddenly she looks up at you with a small smile. "Maybe you can try and kiss her..."

You widen your eyes. "Are you kidding?" Quinn shrugs one shoulder and shakes her head. "She'll be like 'what the fuck' and then everything will be messed up anyway."

If you tried to kiss Brittany, she'll wonder why and then she'll know anyway. You don't want to mess anything up.

Quinn sighs loudly. "Just do stuff, flirty stuff, that are a little more than usual, but still not so much that she'd think you're weird." She thinks for a moment before continuing. "Like, give her massages or start kissing her cheeks more. She'll realize that she likes your kisses and then you can be bolder with it, like kiss other parts of her body..."

You raise your eyebrow.

"Not the parts you're thinking about right now," Quinn deadpans and you bite your lip to hide your smile. "Just, I don't know, her jaw or something. Linger a little while longer, ease her into it." Quinn shrugs. "Sooner or later you'll be kissing on the lips."

"Her jaw?" you ask.

"I don't know. Just don't stay at her cheek, that's too friendly." Quinn suddenly shakes her head like she's tired of everything. "You're already so incredibly touchy-feely so I don't know what you should do that'll be more but still not over the top." She snorts incredulously. "Gosh, this is frustrating. I know I agreed to help you, but this is hard."

You bite your lip, "Well…"

Suddenly Quinn pulls her hands up and pokes your arm. "Or just try to make her jealous, see how she reacts. If she gets jealous, than maybe she likes you."

You quirk your eyebrows. "Like you tried to do with that kiss with Lisa. What was up with that?"

Quinn smiles coyly. "What? It worked. She was totally jealous."

You snort. "No, she wasn't. She didn't even react."

Quinn looks at you like you're crazy. "She left with a bottle of vodka to sit alone in the bushes, Santana. Seriously, how blind are you?"

You knit your eyebrows together. Was that because she was jealous? But she just needed fresh air?

Your head is spinning again and you curse Quinn for dragging you away and making you think again. You hate thinking; it only makes everything so much more confusing. And you think you've been enough confused for today already.

"Quinn!" Someone from the bonfire screams her name and Quinn turns around to look and then pats your shoulder. "We have a plan, Santana. Keep going and you'll see that it'll work."

You nod and she sprints back to the bonfire and Artie envelopes her in a bear hug.

She sounded so sure and it almost makes you sure too. But you can't give your hopes up and be that clingy girl who reads all the signs wrong. You hate those girls. They're always reading every smile and every word as a declaration of love and you're not like that.

You let out a deep sigh and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. You stumble back to the bonfire but when you're about to sit down next to Brittany again, you see her talking to a guy. And when you look closer you realize that you recognize him.

It's Phil.

When did he get here?


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