Draco Malfoy stood watching his wife as she stood with Ginny Potter, Tracey Davis and Pansy Parkinson, her dainty hands placed over her belly in a protective manner. She was chatting happily away with her new found friends, blushing a bright red when Pansy made a suggesting hand movement.

Three years out of Hogwarts, Draco had hired Hermione Granger as his co-lawyer for the orphans of the war. They had been cold towards each other for the first few months, only talking when ever it was needed; over an orphan or money going towards the orphanages that they had set up for the child. On one particular night, Granger had turned up to the office in tears, a four year old boy cradled in her arms. Draco had been out of his chair as soon as he had felt the wards in the office shift. He had caught her body and the young boy's against him and had swept them up and off to St Mungo's. That night he witnessed something he hadn't known Granger for. He knew the look of doubt and shame off by heart, his own face having twisted into those emotions far to often. When he had seen them itched into her face, he had been her shoulder to cry one as she let out all her pain for the four year boy.

Once she had calmed down, a Healer had told them that the boy would be fine and he would need some place to stay. Draco had mentioned one of the orphanages but Granger's face had told him that wasn't going to happen. Draco had left Granger that night to find out more information on the boy and what he had found had broken his heart. Teddy Lupin, child to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks; both strong soldiers that had lost their lives during the war. Teddy had been left with a distant relative of Nymphadora's (which meant it was one of his long lost family members) but the woman had passed away, leaving the four year old to fend for himself. Granger had found him at the perfect time, too. Another week or so and Draco hated to think what would have happened to the boy.

The next morning, he had gone back to St Mungo's to find Granger curled around his second cousin. He had pulled her aside and explained to her who the child was and she had broken into tears once again. In the next hour, Granger had owled Potter and the clan and they had rushed to the boy's need.

Now, two years later, thanks to Granger, Teddy Lupin was settled into the Potter family like he had always been there.

He had learned from those two days alone how much he respected Hermione Granger. He had learned to love her.

"Is there a reason to why Hermione is avoiding you tonight, Malfoy?" Potter's voice asked from behind him. Draco turned to him and watched as Potter, Nott and Zabini all surround him. Draco growled under his breath and frowned at his friends. He had no idea why his wife was avoiding him.

"She is not avoiding me." he snapped, not liking that people were picking up on it.

"What'd you do this time?" Blaise asked, chuckling at his friend's angry glare.

Without answering the man, he turned away from his so-called-friends and focused on his Granger once more. Her beautifully tamed curls tumbled down her back, her brown eyes alight with happiness. She had done her make up simple, besides the glossy red that painted her lips, even though he had tried to make her where a deep green; she'd rolled her eyes and muttered something about demanding Slytherin's. He had won on the dress though. The deep green silk clung to her body like he did every night. As his eyes traveled her body, he picked up again that she was still holding her hands to her belly. Both were curled around her toned belly.

He frowned once again as she reacted to something Ginny said, her hands flying over to cover Pansy's mouth. Pansy's and Tracey's squeals brought the whole room to a stand still, all eyes going to the four women. The women didn't notice the attention of the wizards and witches surrounding them, just began to bounce around Granger, hugging and kissing her.

Hermione Malfoy smiled at whatever Pansy was saying, caught up in making sure Pansy's animated flying hands didn't hit her belly. Ginny had been eyeing her all night and she was freaking out that she knew that Hermione Malfoy was pregnant with Draco Malfoy's heir.

She couldn't believe it herself. She was pregnant. With Draco Malfoy's child. Pregnant. Draco Malfoy. Her head was still spinning from when she had found out a week and a half ago. How she had managed to walk out of her muggle doctor's office was still beyond her. When she had gone to get her monthly check up, she had been pleasantly surprised when Dr Field had given her the results. She was almost three months pregnant, and she was starting to pick up on the small bump her belly was beginning to form.

Her hands couldn't keep from going to her belly, she just had this strong urge to hold her belly and protect the child that lay within her.

She had no idea how to tell Draco, though. She just couldn't stand the thought of him not wanting her because he didn't want a child.

"How come you're only drinking water?" Tracey suddenly asked, frowning at her. Hermione glanced at her friend and swallowed hard, her hands holding her belly tightening ever so slightly. She glanced at all of her female friends, trying to wear a confident smile.

"It's obvious, girls, she's pregnant." Ginny said, lifting a pale red brow at Hermione. Hermione gaped at her friend, flinching when Pansy and Tracey squealed out in excitement. Suddenly, all woman started to surround her, kissing and cuddling her, giving her words of questions and excitement.

"Guys, guys! Stop! I haven't told Draco yet!" Hermione whisper-yelled to her friends, her hands waving her friends off.

"Told me what, Princess?" her husband's husky voice demanded from behind her.

"Oh shit..." Pansy muttered, backing off from Hermione as she turned to Draco.

Grey eyes stared down at her, making her step back at the dominating look her was bestowing upon her. She looked at her husband, his six foot three form towing over her five foot nine. His pale golden locks fall against his head, proving that he had just recently ran his long fingers through his hair. His arms were crossed over his solid chest, his whole demeanor proving to be quite aggressive.

"I- Draco! Hi, how are you?" she asked, fidgeting on her feet before her hands settled back onto her belly. She noticed that his eyes followed her movements, flashing before they rose back up to her face.

"What haven't you told me, Granger, and why were they hugging you?" he asked, his voice close to a low snarl as he stepped into her personal bubble. One of her hands flew up to his chest and curled into his white shirt. She enjoyed the warmth that came from his body, and suddenly the fear that she would never feel that warmth again seeped into her body.

She glanced around the ball room and noticed that everyone was watching them. Oh sweet merlin. Looking back up at the man she loved, she swallowed her fears and gathered her Gryffindor's courage.

"I'm pregnant" she whispered.

She watched as Draco froze, his eyes going wide as he stared down at her. Minutes passed by and fear made her freeze. Her eyes began to fill with tears, and she began to move away from him so she could run. She wasn't expecting her husband to let out a chocked sob before she was suddenly swept up into his arms, his head buried against her throat.

"Oh, Draco!" she cried out in shock, her arms going around his neck to hold him to her. She felt him turn on his heel and suddenly they were standing in their bedroom in the Malfoy Manor.