"Wake up, Mato! You're gonna be late!" called Mrs. Kuroi up the stairs to her sleepy (or sleeping) daughter.

As it turned out, Mato Kuroi wasn't sleeping (anymore). Rather, she was trying to find her suitcase whilst freaking out at what her friends would do to her if they missed their plane because of her. Saya, her school's counselor, had decided to treat her, Yomi, Yuu, and even Kagari to a trip to Jump City as an apology for the trouble that she and Yuu had caused. Yomi and Kagari (who had never even met Saya) had been understandably confused at the sudden invitation, but accepted nonetheless.

"There you are!" cried Mato, having finally spotted her packed suitcase under the bed. She had placed it there thinking that she wouldn't forget about it, "So much for that."

"Mato!"called her mother again.


All in all, Mato couldn't be happier.

Raven was NOT happy. Not happy at all.

For starters, Beast Boy and Cyborg had been on a pranking spree for the last week and NO ONE was safe. The two goofballs were currently hiding from Starfire after they had accidentally foiled her latest plan to finally see their leader's face with an inky mask. This resulted in an angry lecture from Robin about respect for his privacy and a cold shoulder to Starfire until further notice. This, in turn, convinced the tamaranian that the Boy Wonder now hated her, and left her sobbing onto Raven's naked lap.

On top of all that, Joy had managed to get her hands on a paddle ball and wouldn't stop messing with Rage.

"He haaates meee!"

Raven could only sigh in irritation as she cursed her own insistence in wearing a leotard. If Beast Boy saw her trying to dry off her legs and crotch, the pee jokes would inevitably follow.

With all the stress from the week, she was surprised that she hadn't destroyed the tower yet.

"Starfire, for the last time Robin doesn't hate you," she said for the seventy-eighth time in the past hour. She'd kept count. "He's just a little peeved at you for trying to take off his mask. Again."

The green-eyed beauty had been at it ever since the incident in Tokyo had finally cemented the two's overdue relationship. She had caught a glimpse of her boyfriend's eyes at the time and had since gone through every single length imaginable to get a better view.


"He glared at you. He glares at everyone."

"Yes," agreed Starfire, "but this glare was different! What if he doesn't want to be going out with me any longer? What if he hates me? He is at least angry with me. What if we do the breaking up and we can't talk to each other anymore and can never be friends again and he hates me and becomes the Nightwing before he turns evil and starts brainwashing young maidens to be with him because I couldn't and-,"

"One, you've been watching too many late-night soap operas. Two, he doesn't hate you! I don't think it's possible to hate you. You're too bubbly to be hated. He's just a little mad, it happens to all couples and it will pass."

"Really?" she sniffled. A disarmingly adorable sight that made even Raven blush.

"Yes, really," she replied, hiding her red cheeks by hiding them behind a box of tissues, "now blow your nose and stop crying. You're messing up my clothes."

"Oh, I apologize friend Raven. I suppose this is more of the typical roommate troubles."

"You could say that."

Unknown to either of the girls, a certain green-skinned menace had decided that his quarantine time was over. Beast Boy had snuck in through the window as a fly while Raven had all seven senses focused on the teen drama on her lap.

Granted, it was his fault but Robin needed to learn to take a joke.

The prank was as simple as it was likely to leave him black and blue for the next week. Sneak up on Raven and attack her with a pink feather boa. He was just waiting for the alien powerhouse to vacate the premises. The changeling had no desire to receive another starbolt on the rear that particular week.

Shortly after Starfire left, the small annoying insect was startled by the black aura that surrounded a nearby jar that was then crushed into powder. A smarter person would have then realized that this was the worst possible time to strangle the dark sorceress into pink, feathery oblivion. Unfortunately, Beast Boy currently had the brain of an insect. Or at least that was the excuse that he would use later from the emergency room.

Shifting to the form of a weasel, he snuck under Raven's bed to retrieve the obnoxiously pink boa he had stashed there the previous night. Waiting for the right moment to strike was crucial. If Raven decided to change clothes while he was still in the room, skin discoloration would be the least of his problems.

Fortunately, it seemed that Raven was content with wiping the tears off her legs for the time being and had opted to simply take a nap on her bed. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Beast Boy slunk out in a feline form, hoping that Raven wouldn't kill him if he looked cute enough. It was a long shot, but he'd take it.

He climbed over the bed, made a note to apologize to Raven for the scratches on her bed sheets, and shifted to his human form, nullifying his plan to cute his way out of trouble. A malicious grin broke out on his face as he pondered his attempt at suicide.

"Shake her awake, wrap boa around neck, and then take the picture. OR, risk a tackle wrap and THEN take the picture," he pondered. Meh, he was dead either way.

Beast Boy had already taken the leap by the time he realized a crucial mistake in his plan.

"Aw, crud! The camera!"

The boa landed and was rapidly wrapped around the sorceress' neck. A shocked scream from the grey skinned woman resulted in a black aura that launched Beast Boy over the skyline (he landed in the hospital parking lot, much to his relief) and shattered various objects in her room.

Except for one. When the wave hit a hand mirror on her dresser, it shattered the connection that she had to it. The backlash was obvious to the demon halfling immediately.


When the green menace failed to show, she noticed the broken window with a piece of his purple costume hanging from the sill.

"Serves him right," she muttered, mourning the loss of her mirror. It had never been an ordinary mirror to begin with. Its original purpose was to show the inner selves of anyone who looks into it after a lengthy period of meditation. She had merely modified the spell to have it work only for her own inner world out of convenience's sake. She could make a new one, but it would be easier to reset this one.

She would make spares though, just in case.

Author's Note: This one's been in the works for a while now. It just hit me one day and wouldn't stop bugging me until I wrote it down. Quite a few chapters are already finished so you can expect weekly updates for now.