Chapter 9

"So, how's it going with you and Mato?"

"What do you mean?" asked Yomi, "she's my friend."

"So you still don't know," asked her mother, "well, you'll figure it out."

Tanaka Takanashi picked up the sketch of what her daughter would soon look like as she cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"You know, your cousin's going to cry when he sees this," she said as she looked over the picture.

"Souta?" asked Yomi, "Mom, he cried when I turned thirteen. 'Why did you have grow up!?' remember?"

"Yeah," muttered Mrs. Takanashi, "I actually worry about that boy. He could be confused for a pedophile."

"I remember how much you freaked out when he first hugged me," chuckled Yomi.

"Oh, remember his little sister?"


"Yeah, Kozue sent me a picture of her," said Izumi as she took out her cell phone, "look."

"Wha-! She's huge!"

"Tall women are common in our family," pointed out her mother, "it skipped my generation, but I wonder whether you're going to be that tall."

"Mom, Izumi and Kazue are nearly two meters tall. I really don't want to end up like that."

"Why not? It'd be interesting."

"Do you see many stores with clothes for women that tall?"

"Hmm, good point."

The mother and the daughter laughed.

"Hah, we're avoiding the real issue again aren't we?" asked the mother.

"Yes, yes we are," replied the daughter.

They smiled.

"Some things never change."

Kagari fiddled her claws as her parents tried not to stare. Mary was fairly imposing after all.

"Aren't you scared of it?" asked her father.

"It's kinda hard to be scared of a part of yourself."

"Sooo," started Mrs. Izuriha, "your name is Mary."

The massive demon chariot nodded.

"That's nice," said Mr. Izuriha, "it kinda reminds me of that doll you used to have."

"Yeah, I think it is actually," noted Kagari, "Mary? Are you my old doll?"

Mary nodded.

"What can it do?" asked Mrs. Izuriha.

"Well, are you hungry?"

Mary slid its head backwards to reveal a toothy mouth. The massive maw opened and a gigantic pastry fell to the floor.

"Is that a… macaroon?" asked the mother.

"Yup, Mary can shoot them out of her mouth," she replied, "I can't say I know why though. Hey Mary? Can you shoot anything else out?"

The massive doll nodded again and opened its jaws. A mild glowing emerged and a yellow starbolt shot out, forcing the resident humans to run for cover.

"Mary! I didn't ask for a demonstration!"

Mary, for her part, had the courtesy to sheepishly hang its head and scuff the floor with her front leg. Her master crawled forward on all fours to pat her under her chin.

"It's alright, just don't do it again," Kagari turned to her parents, "sorry about that, she's a bit… excitable."

"I can tell," noted her father, "um, what is that thing?"

He pointed at the T-sub, and the gaping hole on the side.

"Ugh, Cyborg's gonna kill me."

"Is it a plane?" asked her mother.

"I think it's a submarine," replied Kagari, "though it could be a spaceship."

"Either way, I hope we don't have to pay for that," noted Mr. Izuriha.

"Um could you help me up?"

"Oh, here honey," said Mrs. Izuriha as she helped her daughter stand up. She could walk with help, but standing up was still impossible for her.


"This feels familiar," pointed out her father.

"Well, at least they're attached to you this time."

"I'd rather walk normally again," grumbled their daughter, "some things never change, do they?"

"So this is what the rest of you will look like?" asked Haha as she looked over the sketches, "bikini top and all?"

"Yeah," replied Saya, "not too happy about that part either, but Mato's the only one that's fully human so at least she won't have to worry about slicing open the shampoo bottles like Kagari did yesterday… and the day before that… and the day before that. Heck, Yomi has to help her wash!"

"Maybe we should get those hand soap dispensers for the shampoo bottles," pondered Cyborg from his place in the computer, while he ignored Mato's red face, "it's just a matter of time with the rest of you, right? How's Yuu gonna handle that?"

A quick image of Strength crushing a shampoo bottle between two fingers flashed through their minds followed by an image of her trying to reach her own head with the massive hands.

"Well, unless we can figure out a way to turn back and forth Mato's gonna end up bathing all of us," commented Saya as Mato turned into what could be a new shade of red.

"Ah, the harem ending," noted Mrs. Kuroi, "you'd best treat them right Mato."

"Wha-! Mom-! Bu-! She-! Eeeeeeeeeee..." stuttered Mato, finishing with a high itched sound similar that of a mouse that has been partly throttled by a bull.

"Ah, some things never change," said the woman to her flustered daughter as she tried to eliminate the mental images.

Unknown to the group, Yuu had been listening to the whole conversation from her hiding spot in the kitchen, in front of the fridge but invisible from the living room.

"Some things never change, huh?" she muttered as she sipped her tea. She sighed as she put the cup back down, the perky tea leaves teasing her with their carefree strokes. She leaned back and lifted her hand, turning it this way and that to look it over, and clenched it into a fist to hear the metal scraping under the skin.

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Author's Note: This is pretty much a filler chapter to set the scene for the next part. Many of you have guessed that they're merging with their otherselves into a single being but that was pretty much a given to avoid multtiple personalities. An issue I have now is that this is as far as I had planned this story, excluding a few conflicts. I'm also still making up my mind as to the primary antagonits, General Immortus and Slade being the top contenders. If anyone has any ideas, let me know in a PM. Toodles!