It was dark, and jagged rocks were floating through the air. An eerie mist covered the ground and the sky was a gloomy purple hue.

"What is this place?" Pit gasped, folding his wings in close around him.

Ike was a few paces ahead, stopped and staring around him. Marth slowly walked up next to him, gripping his sword tightly. A set of floating stairs suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Whoever it is knows we're here," Pit glanced around nervously, "It's a trap."

"Yes, though it is our only way of finding the missing Smashers," Ike walked forward with his sword out, carefully climbing the steps. Marth and Pit reluctantly followed. After what seemed like an hour, the group reached the top without encountering any enemies.

They walked onto an enormous platform, gazing around at the open sky around them.

"Look," Pit breathed, pointing a finger at a large bookcase across the floor from them. Each shelf was full of trophies. The trophies of their friends.

"Not this again," Ike mumbled, "I should have known Tabuu was behind this."

"But we defeated him," Marth frowned.

"Evidently not," Pit growled, shifting into a fighting stance, ready for an attack.

Ike took off running to the bookcase, once again leaving Marth to effortlessly try and stop him. The Mercenary got to the shelves and reached his fingers out to touch the golden trophy stand of the closest figurine.

A sudden blast of energy hit Ike from the side and sent him tumbling dangerously close to the edge of the platform.

"Ike!" Marth and Pit shouted simultaneously.

Tabuu appeared and spread his crystal-like wings out, hovering above the ground. Pit shot a few arrows, easily avoided by Tabuu, while Marth ran up and used an up slash. The evil entity just laughed and moved out of the way with ease. He flicked a finger and shot a beam of light at the two attackers and sent them flying.

With Tabuu distracted, Ike had time to crawl back to the bookcase and revive a few Smashers from the bottom shelf. Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Meta Knight came to life and joined the battle. Tabuu was still overpowering them with no effort and could defeat the Smashers with a wave of his hand.

The six heroes lay scattered across the platform, fighting to stay conscious. Before Tabuu could finish them off, Marth was able to reach the shelves and revive Zelda, Samus, Yoshi, and Mario with the tap of his hand. In turn, once they figured out what was happening, each touched another trophy. Soon the entirety of the Smash Mansion, save for Snake, was awake and fighting to defeat their most prevalent enemy. Even Ganondorf and Wolf fought hard against Tabuu after realizing they were betrayed in the end and turned into trophies also.

Tabuu's overwhelming power was dwindling against the combined assault of the Smashers. He used every attack he could, but no matter how many he knocked down, another hero took their place. Eventually, after a long hard battle, the Smashers were able to finish off Tabuu and sent him flying in the air and he disappeared with a sparkle far away in the clouds.

Ike, Marth and Pit led the way back down the steps and back through the portal. Ganondorf destroyed the vortex, shattering the dark crystals on the floor. Walking back through the tunnel everyone started chatting about the latest events.

Once back in the large basement room, they passed Snake blinking with confusion as he regained consciousness. "Where am I?" he grumbled, "And why are there smashed muffins in my pockets?"

Everyone sighed and shook their heads. Zelda signaled for him to join them as they paraded up the basement stairs. They all shuffled back to their rooms to get some sleep.

A/N: Sorry for the rushed ending, I was so ready for this to be done because it took longer than I was expecting and I have a book I've been writing and I need to finish typing it.

This started out as a joke after playing Super Smash Bros Brawl with my cousins every day for a week, but then I got closer to the end. About halfway through I realized this could be so cool while still retaining its comical nature. My friend reprimanded me on using Tabuu as the main villain, claiming it was too cliché. Sorry if that was lame, but it's a SSBB fic, I'm using the good guys as heroes and the bad guys as villains.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this crazy story and leave reviews so I know how I did.