Sex with Nate Archibald was always painfully pleasurable.

He was so big and she was very tight. He controlled their every encounter.

That didn't stop her from going back for more, every chance she got. She craved him.

After all, pleasure and pain were just twins of one another.

When she went to him, he took. When he called her she came...and came...and came.

At the moment she was bent over his desk at the Spectator, whimpering...

"It's the middle of the day Jenny, everyone will hear you...maybe that's what you want."

Her ass was on fire from several strokes he had rendered. She couldn't help but cry out.

Her lacy little panties rested below her inflamed cheeks. He hadn't even removed them.

Nate looked down his handiwork. No one screamed like his juicy little peach. It was impossible to keep her quiet when he fucked and played with her. Her reddened ass was framed by her white lace panties. What a picture! He couldn't wait...her keening told him she couldn't either. This was the first time he'd had her come to his office, and he knew some of his employees were probably getting an earful, but she was irresistible to him. She had been since the first time he was inside her.

Jenny moaned and tried to rub her throbbing clit against the desk, desperately needing fulfillment.

"Are you trying to get yourself off Peach?" He asked as he grasped her panties and ripped them from her body. "That's not allowed...a punishment is in order later."

"I just had a sp-spanking," she whimpered out as he halted her movements, and the lace rubbed against her slit as it was torn from her.

"Questioning my decisions...that's another punishment...," he said. "Open your mouth."

Trembling, she did as told. He pushed her dampened underwear between her lips and completely into her mouth. She gasped shocked, but her pussy released another gush of liquid.

Nate spread her ankles further apart, placed his cock against her opening, and thrust in to the hilt. Jenny screamed against her gag.

He began a series of slow dragging thrusts in and out of her tight channel. His shaft rubbing her swollen little pearl each time. Reaching under her, he massaged her sensitive nipples as he watched his cock disappear and withdraw.

"AH Peach! You take me so well!" He told her as he lifted her right leg onto the desk, lunging further inside.

Jenny held onto the desk and cried around her gag as Nate pounded her pussy, the way only he could. She loved how he possessed her completely leaving her no real say in the matter. She didn't think she'd ever get enough of him.

As she begin to tighten in climax, he pulled her back on his shaft hard, holding her ass against his stomach.

"Ummmmmm!" Jenny moaned as he swelled even harder within her, sending her over the edge.

Her tightness clenched him causing his cock to release a seemingly endless stream inside that soon overflowed down her silken thighs.

As he eased from her he saw his shaft covered in their combined release, and realized that this time, he'd forgotten one crucial item...the condom she asked that he always use...