Three months later...

Jenny lay sprawled over Nate's chest, her right ear pressed against his fast beating heart. She moaned as he held her hips, moving her on his cock. This is how her day had begun for the past week. In spite of everything that had happened over the last few months, this hadn't changed. They still shared an overwhelming desire for one another.

She was the one who had awakened the beast, so to speak. At four months pregnant, Jenny was in a phase. She was horny as hell! A few mornings ago, she had woken up with her nipples hard and her pussy craving Nate. Unable to resist, she'd slid between his legs, released him from his boxers, and taken him into her mouth. He had hardened and expanded as she worked him with her tongue and gently squeezed his balls. She ran her other hand between her thighs, massaging her clit. Jenny had taken him deeper, easing him just into her throat, her nose pressed against him. His musky scent aroused her even more, and she moaned around his hardness.

Nate had awoken as she grasped his balls. He watched her with heavy lidded eyes, and threaded his fingers in her hair, pulling her on to him, "That's right baby...take me in...," he murmured as their eyes met. Neither looked away as she took him deep, then pulled back sucking his cock head gently.

"Come here Peach...shift around...I need my mouth on you..."

Jenny sat up on her knees looking a little dazed, her hand still working between her thighs.

"No, that's a naughty Peach!" he said, pulling her hand away from her body.

"Nate...Please...I need..." she practically begged.

"I know what you need baby. Come up here..." he said, holding her hand as she moved to kneel by his head resting on a pillow. Placing his hand against her, he dragged his finger through her folds.

"Umm..." she moaned.

"I know Peach...come on...kneel over me baby. I'm gonna give you what you need." he said, cupping her right hip.

Trembling, Jenny kneeled over his head, her center right above his mouth. He blew a light breath against her and she shuddered. Then he simply dove in, his tongue tunneling into her. She couldn't help grinding against his mouth. The shudders increased throwing her over the edge, crying out as she fell forward against his hip. As she slowly returned to earth, she noticed two things. Nate's tongue lapped at her clit as his fingers thrust inside her, and his cock throbbed mere inches from where she rested, a pearl drop on the tip. Leaning over, she took him back in, sucking him in small strokes.

Feeling her hot little mouth around him once again, Nate thrust his fingers into her, rubbing the meshy front of her pussy and biting down as he sucked on her swollen clit.

Jenny screamed as another climax rolled through her and a small stream of release pulsed from him. Both accepted what the other gave. She continued stroking his hard shaft as his intimate kiss became long, slow laps of his tongue.

Lying there, replete from her orgasms, Jenny whimpered softly as Nate lifted her from his mouth and eased her down his torso. Behind her, he whispered, "Rise up baby." Limp as a rag doll, she knelt over him. He placed his cock at her opening, and she took him in. "That's my tight!" She sat there with him inside her and absorbed the feeling. He ran his hands over her, rubbing her soft skin. She trembled and moaned. Her legs were still shaky from coming, preventing her usual all out ride. Multiple orgasms and pregnancy apparently made for a tired Jenny.

Nate felt her trembling. Sitting up, he placed his mouth against her ear. "Too tired to finish what you started baby?"

"Nate! Please!"

Pulling her mouth to the side, he took it in a deep kiss. Placing another pillow behind him, he lay back taking her with. Their kiss continued as he teased and tormented her breasts. Her nipples tightened and she whimpered. Jenny reclined against him, his hardness inside her, legs spread on either side of his. Nate lifted his knees and held her waist as he began thrusting into her. Rolling her hips, she met each thrust. Several minutes later, he grasped her hips, holding her as he fucked into her deep and hard. Jenny cried out as her climax overtook her. His release followed as her channel contracted around him.

Nate slid from her and held her to his side. He kissed her forehead her rubbed her back.

The next morning he initiated their interlude, then she did so again the following day. They alternated like that all week. On the days she got them started, Nate inevitably guided their path to the finish. This morning he'd kissed and stroked her awake. Not drawing the lovemaking out this day, he'd pulled her astride him after a few minutes and plunged in. She listened to his heart pound, as he stroked her up and down. Jenny circled her hips and her clit brushed against him. Grinding against him in rhythm, she reached between them and massaged his balls. Nate came as her hand and pussy gripped him. Holding her against him, he ground the base of his dick against her clit, making her scream through her orgasm.

"Peach, you really know how to satisfy your husband."