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Rain pelted the windows, making an annoying pitter-patter noise. Ed was wishing he was at home in bed rather than receiving a briefing or some boring mission. Because of this, Ed wasn't paying attention, rather simply staring out the window of Eastern Headquarters.

Ed was 13. He would be turning 14 in a month. But that was not what ran through his head. What he was thinking about was the annoying sound of how the rain hit the window.

"Did you hear anything I said, Fullmetal?" the bastard Colonel's voice shook him from his head.


"I take that as a no, then," Colonel Mustang sighed. "I'll put it simply, find Dr. Marks, arrest her, and confiscate anything suspicious. Are we clear?"

"Yeah, whatever. I've got the file, you don't need to explain everything to me," Ed said. He waved the thick file in the air.

"Don't do anything reckless. Don't underestimate Dr. Marks. She subjected innocent people civilians, typically children, to horrendous experiments. She won't hesitate to peel back your skin to find out the source of your stunted height," Mustang said, 100 percent serious. Ed's eye twitched.


"You, Fullmetal," Mustang said, smirking. Ed growled and stomped out of the office. Alphonse stood by the door, waiting for him. Ed tossed him the file.

"Let's go; we got a mad scientist to arrest,"

(A/N: This was originally chapter two, but I decided to merge it with chapter one because standing alone, the first chapter was pretty short)

Dr. Marks' lab was on the outskirts of the city. There weren't many other structures in the area. Or people for that matter. Ed internally shuttered at the thought of what had happened to them.

The brothers stood on a hill, overlooking the structure. As Edward looked at the building that was supposed to be Dr. Marks' lab, he couldn't help but feel a little disbelieving.

"Al, are you sure this is it?" he asked. Al opened the file and flipped through the file.

"Apparently. See?" he pointed to a blurry picture, taken from very bad angle. The structure matched the picture.

"Yeah, I guess. But I haven't heard of many super-evil genius mad scientists who carry out their evil deeds in a hot pink barn." Al shrugged.

Ed began to make his way to the pink barn. The hill was steep, and he tripped a couple of times. Al was having similar problems. Ed was sure that Marks had seen them by now, as the Elrics weren't exactly the most inconspicuous people in Amestris.

They eventually made it to the base of the hill. Ed pressed his ear to the side of the barn. He couldn't hear anything. Based on this, Ed determined it was "safe" to enter. He clapped his hands and put them up to the barn wall. Blue lightning crackled as a nice clean hole formed in the wall.

Ed was aware of the gasp that came from his brother. Ed wore a look of wonder on his features. Despite the outside being a barn and looking pretty childish, the inside looked sleek and sophisticated. Linoleum tiles lined the floor and wall. Various stations and metal tables were placed orderly around the room. Shelves full of chemicals lined the walls, and counters with shiny scalpels and blades stood at various points in the room. A light shone above their heads, reflecting off of the tiles and giving everything a blinding glare.

Finding nothing of interest in this room, the brothers made their way into an adjoining room, this one slightly less neat and organized. It looked as if someone had wanted to pack up and get out quickly. Bottles full of suspicious looking contents rolled across the floor. Papers were strewn across the room. An empty bottle of vodka lay on its side at a desk. A trash bin was filled with empty alcohol bottles as well.

"So Dr. Marks was a heavy drinker," Al noted.

"It looks like she found out about the military coming after her and ran," Ed muttered, collecting up papers after a brief glance at each of them. "She's been gone a long time; there's dust everywhere."

"She was studying de-aging techniques, brother," Al said, skimming a couple pages of research.

"I'm not surprised, Al. She's what, 67? Based on her I.D. picture from twenty years ago, she was pretty old looking. I shudder to think what she looks like now," Ed said. He picked up another paper and growled. "Al, she was also studying chimeras,"

"We should collect this up and get back to HQ," Al said, sensing Ed was getting ready to break something. Ed grumbled in response before transmuting a large box with wheels out of a wooden table. He and Al spent a good amount of time loading everything in it, there was a lot of stuff in the office and scattered around the lab.

At one point, they had come across a holding cell, but whatever had once been in them was gone. All the doors hung open and were swinging in the breeze that blew through the lab. Claw marks decorated the walls.

"We should go report back," Al said, wheeling the box in front of him. Ed didn't respond; he had a strong feeling that he knew what had been kept in the cells.

So, this was originally chapter 1, but I decided to add chapter 2 to it. :)