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Daphne Greengrass finished writing her very last spell on the new family grimoire, the same one started by Harry on their fourth year, before their lives changed... for the better. Three years had passed since the TriWizard Tournament, the deaths of Voldemort and Rhassel'Thoth and the merge of their older selves with their younger selves, leaving both Harry and Daphne with memories, knowledge and power of their future selves. It had taken considerable knowledge of occlumency to sort the memories but things had worked out even better than they imagined.

Little by little, their younger selves grew into the power and personalities of their older selves, becoming something different and better. Daphne no longer had the necessity of being the Ice Queen, she often smiled and laughed among her peers. She was still cold and stoic but only when necessary. She also started to visit the hospital wing, to train her healing skills. Of course, she had to hide her skills to make sure Madam Pomfrey didn't suspect anything but during the three years that had passed, Daphne had gained the confidence and respect of Madam Pomfrey, who saw her as an unofficial apprentice and a peer of sorts.

Things had also changed for Harry. At first, even with the memories, Harry felt nervous to be among the snakes, even if everyone wearing silver and green saw him as their leader. With the memories and Daphne's support, Harry grew into his position and his own power. First, due to his lordship of Slytherin house, Harry was granted a position in the Triunvirate. Due to the fact that he won the TriWizard tournament against three older students and the power he had exhibited, his position was assured. Adding to that, Harry joined the Quidditch team in their fifth year as seeker and led the team in victory against the other houses, showing great in-game strategic skill. When confronted by Daphne on how impressed she was with his in-game strategic skills, Harry admitted he adapted them from his older self war-time memories. In addition, having the memories of their older selves, their grades sky-rocketed to the top charts of their year, with Daphne in first position and Harry being the follow up.

Daphne smiled at her thoughts, lowering the quill and waving her wand over the page, to dry the ink. Satisfied with her work, she closed the tome, a large book with a black cover and the crest of Potter-Slytherin.

"Dobby!" Daphne called and the elf popped at her side, ready to serve, as he always did.


"Where is Harry?" she asked.

"Outside, speaking with Scylla." the elf replied. Daphne nodded. While Scylla was young and small, Harry was able to take it home in the breaks. However, in the past year, Scylla was significantly bigger, almost the size of a large anaconda. Scylla stayed in the chamber during their last year and when they finally graduated from Hogwarts, just a few days away, Scylla was going with them to Potter Manor. Maybe one day Scylla would be returned to the chamber and become its guardian for the future generations of Potter-Slytherins... Daphne smiled at the thought.

"Is everything ready at the manor?" Daphne asked after some moments. For the past years, Harry had lived in Number 12, Grimmauld Place with the Blacks. Now that they were graduating, Harry wanted to move in the Potter Manor and Daphne whole-heartedly agreed, especially since Harry had already proposed and they intended to marry sooner this time around.

"The copies of the Slytherin library were added to the Potter Library and the rooms have been cleaned and decorated as you commanded. The manor is ready for you to move in. The cave for Scylla was excavated in the cellar and as the master insisted, a training area and a vault were also added."

"Very well, thank you, Dobby." Daphne replied, getting up from the table. Dobby popped away and Daphne walked to the main chamber, where she found her betrothed and Scylla, just like Dobby had said. Scylla was coiled in front of Harry, with its head risen at eye level, hissing in conversation and a dead goat at their side. Scylla's appetite had diminished in the latest years but Harry liked to have some food ready for the basilisk. It was only fair, considering Scylla offered them its poison and its skin when available. Harry and Daphne had made many galleons selling them as raw materials...

Harry noticed Daphne approaching them and caressed Scylla's muzzle.

"We'll be leaving now." Harry hissed to the basilisk "Make yourself ready and in a few days, we will all go home and you will have your cellar with access to the pond and a big rock to get some lazy sleep under the sun."

"Finally!" Scylla replied in a giddy tone "I am getting tired of being stuck here."

"I thought you liked it here." Harry replied "You certainly never complained."

"I was a hatchling, I didn't know any better." Scylla replied in an amused tone "I prefer dark and damp but a bit of sun never harms anyone... As long as I don't have to hunt..."

"Lazy reptile." Harry replied amused "You're supposed to be our family guardian."

"And I am." Scylla replied "The moment I am seen, your enemies will all run away in fear of my power and the power of our family." Scylla had grown in size and personality in the past years. However, the childish arrogance remained, tempered with many discussions with Harry and the wisdom of the other older and friendlier snakes of the forbidden forest. Scylla's arrogance was well earned, though. Never had Scylla found an enemy in the forbidden forest that wouldn't be defeated by its gaze and more rarely, by its poison. That was not to say that Scylla didn't know how the former guardian of the chamber had been defeated... Thanks to the snake gods, Scylla had never had the need to face a bird or worse, a damned phoenix.

Scylla went back to the nest inside the statue and both Harry and Daphne started to walk back to the dorm chambers.

"How is your work?" he asked.

"I'm done." Daphne replied proudly.

"And it only took you ten months." he replied amused and Daphne elbowed him in reply with a chuckle.

"Says the one who took over two years writing his spells." she replied "Now, come on, headboy. We are late to our patrol."

"Of course, headgirl." Harry replied with a smirk, putting his arm around her waist and taking a parchment from his pocket "Shouldn't take long. Third floor, right?" Daphne nodded and uttering the pass phrase, Harry activated the map. With a quick call to Dobby, the head students were popped to the third floor.

"Shall we, my lady?" Harry asked, offering his arm. Daphne smiled and took it, both starting their rounds. After their fourth year, their grades were among the best of their year, if not the very best, and that led to their nomination for prefects in their fifth year. They kept their badges in their sixth year and because their popularity, their grades and their work, they were nominated head-students.

"Do you have any idea for Cassie's gift?" Harry asked after a few steps.

"Cassie's birthday is only in August." Daphne replied with a smirk, knowing her boyfriend loved and liked to spoil his little cousin. Daphne loved the child as well and saw Sirius and Isabella's Black toddler as a great practice to her own future children.

It was Christmas when Andromeda found out Isabella was with child. The older Black female demanded a name and threatened to curse whoever was responsible, only for Sirius, who was gapping, to rise from his chair and kneel in front of Isabella, asking if it was true. A very red and embarrassed Isabella nodded and saw herself twirling on Sirius arms, who ignored everyone else while laughing. A quick wedding took place a few days later ( after many, many, many pureblood jokes) and Isabella had been the Lady Black ever since. It was a complete shock to everyone, though. While Isabella was often seen with Sirius, in events and on Diagon Alley, no one ever suspected there was a relationship between them. Another shock was to see Sirius Black as the proud and protective father of a little girl called Cassiopeia Black.

"I think a big stuffed animal is a good choice." Daphne added after a small moments "She's too young for anything else yet."

"That's true..." Harry replied, thoughtful "Speaking about August, I received Istanbul's confirmation this morning."

"That was quick." Daphne replied, surprised "I thought you sent out the request only last week."

"I did but as you know, they really want to talk to us." Harry replied with a chuckle and Daphne nodded to herself. For their families and friends, Harry and Daphne would have the traditional world tour in the early months after Hogwarts graduation. They did intend to travel through Europe and Asia, guided by both the memories of their past lives and their desire of exploration and curiosity. However, they would also make a detour in Istanbul, where they were to meet a "friend" from Harry's former life, who had entered in contact with them in the aftermath of their fourth year, requesting details on what happened with Rhassel'Thoth. Count Bahadir Asil had travelled to Britain in that summer and requested a meeting with both Harry and Daphne, at their discretion. The two came to discover that the Meharjhai had been in contact with their superiors and their names had been uttered before the communications went silent. Harry and Daphne knew they had no interest in having the Meharjhai as enemies, so they agreed in sharing memories of the battle and tell them part of the truth. Harry began the meeting by saluting the count in the standard Meharjhai way, confusing the vampire. Despite it, the meeting ended well and a few days later, Harry received a letter from the count stating his membership among the clan had been re-instated, as well as extending Daphne an invitation for membership. There was also an invitation to meet the Meharjhai council but due to the fact they were minors back then, the invitation was extended to their early convenience. Now that they were both graduating and were adults in the eyes of their families and the Wizarding world, the opportunity had finally presented itself. Both of them were excited with the opportunity.

"Have you decided about the mastery?" Daphne asked, changing subjects.

"I think it's better to re-take the Defense and Dark Arts mastery." Harry explained with a shrug "It would be the perfect disguise should anyone question my skills, even if I have already taken it... Maybe I should play the prodigy card and finish the mastery in half the time... at least I wouldn't be too bored."

"Well, thank you for the support." Daphne replied sarcastically. She had the same problem to obtain her healer qualifications and much like Harry and the mastery, the healer training period were three years and unlike it, there was no way Daphne could graduate sooner.

"What if we just elope for a few years to travel and then come back and say we took our degrees abroad? At least we wouldn't be stuck doing what we already did." Harry suggested, looking at Daphne, who looked surprised at the thought "Just you and me, enjoying ourselves, all alone in white sand beaches with clear water, travel throughout the world while learning what we can, making contacts... What do you think?"

"I think you make compelling arguments." Daphne replied wishfully "Don't the Blacks have a private island in Greece?"

"I think so." Harry replied thoughtfully "Why? Are you thinking of moving in for some time and maybe graduate in Healing from Greece?"

"That wouldn't work so well when coming back to Britain." Daphne replied, taking the map to herself from Harry's hands "You know how close minded some people are. However, I don't object to spend some extra months..." Daphne's words died in her lips the moment she looked to the map, seeing two familiar names in a broom closet down the hall.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, noticing Daphne's grin. He looked to the map and saw the names.

"We finally caught them." Daphne replied with a laugh and Harry chuckled.

"I guess you want to go first?" Daphne nodded and drew her wand, being followed by Harry, who put a severe look, much like hers. Harry pocketed the map and crossed his arms, standing next to Daphne, who waved the wand over the door and broke the security spells.

"Well, I am impressed. This is not shoddy work..." Daphne mumbled, appraising the spells. With the last of the spells broken, she waved the wand and the door opened, revealing none others than Astoria Greengrass and Jason Hallys, their clothes romped, their hair messy and both blushing.

"Get out here, both of you." Daphne ordered in a cold tone, hiding her amusement at the sight behind her occlumency. The fifth year Slytherin and the fourth year Gryffindor walked out of the closet slowly, making sure they fixed their clothes and their hair.

"Hum... Hi?" Jason mumbled, earning a glare from Daphne and an amused smirk from Harry.

"What are you doing here?" asked Astoria distressed "I thought you didn't patrol tonight."

"You thought wrong, sister." Daphne replied. It was well known Harry and Daphne always found everyone hidden in the closets. Thank magic for the Marauder's Map "Start explaining." Daphne ordered, crossing her arms.

"We were doing nothing wrong... We were just.. hum..." Astoria babbled.

"Improving inter-house relations." Jason added in a blur.

"Yes... that." Astoria blushed with a smirk while Jason looked directly to Daphne's glare.

"Really? Because it seems you were just snogging, with a bit of hands roaming too." Harry replied dryly. Astoria blushed, Jason grinned and Daphne glared.

"Wipe that grin from your face, Hallys." Daphne ordered "Before I do it for you."

"Daphne, leave him alone." Astoria replied outraged "Jason did nothing wrong."

"Except for being in the corridors after curfew, as are you." Harry replied "Maybe a detention with Filch would teach you a lesson." Astoria groaned and Jason shrugged.

"It was well worth it." the boy mumbled with a grin directed to Astoria, who smiled shyly and caught his hand, intertwining their hands with a smile.

That was when neither Daphne or Harry could hold their amusement anymore. Both of them laughed, surprising the younger ones.

"So, how long has this been going on?" asked a smiling Daphne, pocketing her wand.

"Hum..." Astoria mumbled confused, looking at her sister and Harry's amused looks.

"We found out two months ago." Harry supplied promptly "We didn't say anything because we decided to show some trust in you two. I hope it wasn't misplaced."

"Four months..." Astoria admitted as Jason smiled.

"And we did nothing that would break your trust in us." Jason added seriously, to which Harry nodded. Only Daphne noticed the disappointed look that flashed through her sister's eyes.

"Then, how did it start?" asked Harry and Jason put his arm around Astoria's waist.

"It was Malfoy, actually." Astoria admitted, surprising both Daphne and Harry.

"Excuse me?" asked Daphne.

"Remember when I told you I thought Malfoy was attempting to... gain my attention?" Astoria asked and Daphne nearly growled, thinking about it. Harry rose an eyebrow.

"When was this?" he asked.

"A few months ago." Daphne replied, looking to Astoria, encouraging her to continue.

"Well, it started before that." Astoria said "Malfoy had approached me twice before I told you, complimented me and spoke some drivel about pure blood and how old families such as ours should be united. At first, I thought he meant it as an alliance but then he asked me to a date and I will be honest, I was horrified."

"Son of a..." Harry mumbled to himself, noticing Daphne trembling in rage.

"Lucky for me, I saw Jason entering the library at that time and I came up with a plan on spot that I thought would make Malfoy leave me alone."

"She embraced her inner Gryffindor and snogged me in the library, right in front of Malfoy." Jason added with a grin and Astoria blushed while Daphne and Harry rose an eyebrow.

"J-Jason!" Astoria mumbled mortified, slapping his shoulder.

"It was awesome." Jason replied, still grinning "She called me to get my attention and then came over me with that look she has when she's mad. My first thought was Oh shit, what did I do now? and then she grabbed me by the shirt and snogged my brains out. I swear my brain froze there for a moment. All I noticed was the strawberry taste from Tori's lipstick.

"ANYWAY!" Astoria spoke embarrassed, a red tinge taking hold of her face "Malfoy left and I explained everything to Jason. I also asked him... well, asked him for a favour..."

"You asked me to help you to keep the blond creep away." Jason replied "And being the noble Gryffindor I am, how could I say no when such a fair lady was in distress, clearly needing help?"

"You said you'd help gladly if you'd get a few more kisses like that!" Astoria replied and Jason grinned.

"If I can get something more out of it, why not?" Jason replied and Astoria snorted.

"You're spending too much time with us Slytherins."

"Is that a bad thing?" Jason asked back and Astoria raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. They are not me." she replied, making her point across with her finger jabbing Jason's chest. Both her and Jason laughed while Daphne and Harry chuckled.

"We started to pretend dating whenever Malfoy was around but we also made sure to be inconspicuous." Astoria continued "Malfoy approached me once or twice more but he never bothered Jason. He was probably intimidated by him." Astoria said somewhat proudly.

"For some reason." Jason shrugged. In the years that passed, the boy had become a rising star in power, skill and even contacts. He had slowly risen in the house of the lions until he became a voice to be heard. There was no official leader of the house, despite the many tries from Malfoy but Jason was both respected and feared by the most die hards in the house of the lions. The fact he was friends with several of the most powerful students in the school, namely the Black Wands, added some influence as well.

"That was also when Granger decided to make her move on Malfoy." Astoria continued and both Jason and Harry laughed. Hard.

"Sorry." Harry replied, seeing Daphne's raised eyebrow and the silent snort in her lips "I still can't believe they're a thing and it has been going on for a few months."

"Yes, well, that took Malfoy's attention and he left me alone but by then, I enjoyed my time with Jason and we tried a serious date. We've been together ever since."

"And I am a very lucky and happy guy." Jason added, making Astoria smile.

"Nice story and congratulations." Harry said "But for now, go back to your respective common rooms before we have to dock points.

"Yes, we were already caught..." Astoria replied somewhat disappointed. Daphne and Harry noticed it and Jason hugged her by the waist and kissed her cheek, mumbling something in her ear, making her laugh. Astoria hugged Jason and kissed him for a few moments, dazing the younger boy for a few moments.

"Now now, that's enough." Harry ordered and Astoria let Jason go with a smile.

"I love it when you do that." he mumbled, making Astoria smile. It took a few moments for him to get his bearings on and left after a glance to Astoria, who waved him goodbye. Astoria sighed wishfully when Jason got out of sight.

"What's wrong?" asked Daphne, knowing something troubled her sister.

"How do you know when you're in love?" Astoria asked, looking to the older students, her sister and future brother-in-law. They just chuckled, looking at each other and then to Astoria.

"If you need to ask, then chances are you already know your answer." Daphne replied, her hand entangled with Harry's "I'm happy for you, Tori. You could find someone much worse but I have the feeling you won't find much better."

"I really like him, Daph." Astoria replied, looking to her sister in the eye "I don't care if he's a Gryff, younger than me or a muggleborn. I like him."

"I have no problems with him." Daphne replied with a smile "As long as you're happy and he doesn't hurt you, obviously. " Daphne turned to Harry.

"What?" he asked "I have no problems whatsoever. He's the only Gryff I actually respect and like. Besides, he's a good kid."

"Thank you, but you two are not the ones whom I'm worried about." Astoria replied and Daphne knew what she meant.

"Don't worry about mother and father. If there's need to it, I will deal with them." Daphne said and Astoria looked surprised to her sister "Now, go back to the common room and get some rest. We'll talk more tomorrow."

Astoria nodded and waved them goodbye, leaving Daphne and Harry alone in the corridor.

"It's funny how sometimes, things just happen." Harry mumbled and Daphne nodded.

"My sister and Jason?"

"Yes." Harry replied, putting his arm around Daphne's shoulders "All they needed was a chance to meet."

"I'm happy for them." Daphne replied as they started to walk again "Maybe this time they will be happier."

"Things will work out for them if they have you looking out for them." Harry replied with a smile before laughing "Even if that means getting Granger and Malfoy together."

Daphne laughed with Harry.

Truth was, after their souls merged, Daphne had demanded the right to deal with Granger and Harry had agreed. In the aftermath of their fourth year, after the three Weasleys admitted they had helped their brother Bill to kidnap Daphne and their consequent expulsion from Hogwarts and departure from the country with their bother Charlie (they served no prison time thanks to Dumbledore's interference), Granger was alone. In the beginning, Daphne always worked better than Granger, performed better work and had better results. Then, she started to sabotage the other girl's work to the point the muggleborn spent all her time paranoid. A couple of compulsions cast on Granger by the time of the OWLS made sure her results were shameful, which the teachers passed them as a consequence of stress.

In their sixth year, Granger repeated the fifth year to attempt the OWLS again and the results weren't much better, much to Daphne's amusement. Her plan was sounded. She would undermine Granger in every opportunity, taking her hopes and dreams and making sure she would never find a proper job with influence. Only then would Daphne be merciful.

Plans changed when Astoria approached her sister with the story how Malfoy was showing interest on her. Remembering what happened in their former life, Daphne borrowed Harry's Veritas Imperio spell and Malfoy's plan, using them on Granger:

Granger was to brew a love potion keyed to her, give it to Malfoy in low doses so no one would suspect anything and both of them were supposed to destroy the Malfoy family's name and reputation, spend all their money and make sure the line ended.

It was a vicious plan but at the same time fitting. Harry and Dobby laughed and rolled on the ground when she told them the plan and Harry wholeheartedly agreed with it.

Malfoy and Granger had been dating for several months and they had already made waves in the wizarding world, much to Daphne and Harry's amusement and Narcissa Malfoy's worry. Unknown to everyone but the Lord Black, Narcissa wanted to drop the Malfoy name for the Black name.

Regardless of all that, Granger and Malfoy would pay dearly for what they had done in their other life and Daphne and Harry would be there to watch them fall and who knew, maybe urge them on.

"Come on, let's end this patrol and go the common room." Daphne said, leaning her head on Harry's shoulder.

For seven years, Slytherin had been Daphne's house. Harry had been a snake for only three years but he knew that was where he belonged. His real home. Proof of that was when they entered the common room and were greeted by their friends who sat together in front of the fireplace.

Theo and Tracy were to get married, both wanting to be aurors although Tracy showed interest in the law. Theo's father had shown his displeasure over his son's allies and companion, only to disappear around Christmas time of their sixth year. Despite being a suspect of his father's disappearance, Theo and Tracy had alibis with their allies and Theo chose not to spend time and money looking for a former death eater.

Blaise and Millie had no date set for their marriage but a proposition had been made. Proof of it was the emeralr ring Millie wore in her finger. Blaise had started his import export business using his family contacts and Millie was beginning her studies to be a potion's mistress. She had the talent and the drive. With Blaise on her side, she was able to get several exotic ingredients for her work.

Pansy, Greg and Vince wouldn't get married but they had plans to move in together. Without the Malfoys' influence, the Parkinsons, the Crabbes and Goyles saw their influence decrease. Their children were close and were allied with Potter and Greengrass and through them, with the Blacks. They thought they could manipulate their children to their benefit, only for the plan to blow in their face. Pansy, Greg and Vince were not to be manipulated by their parents nor would they do their bidding. They had plans for their future but insisted in keeping them a secret, although it was known among them Vince loved creatures and Greg excelled in herbology. Blaise had approached them several times seeking their expertise on finding ingredients.

Daphne and Harry sat with their friends and spoke about their plans for the future, made plans and discussed possibilities. Harry knew one thing for sure. He trusted the young men and women sat around him and he knew he could count on them, way more than he ever did with any Gryffindor or Dumbledore follower.

Three years had passed since Voldemort's demise and despite those news hadn't been made public after a meeting with Madam Bones and Dumbledore himself, the older man had taken to himself to pester Harry, looking for signals of dark influences and corruption. Harry had admitted he found out about the horcruxes and that he destroyed them but he didn't explain how he found them or how he destroyed them.

"Voldemort is dead and none of you need to know how. I never wanted to be dragged to any of this but when I asked for help and explanations, you gave me nothing but empty platitudes." Harry told to Dumbledore "And you, Madam Bones, I have no trust in the minister, his death eaters supporters and his lackeys. It's nothing personal. I simply choose avoid to answer as the lord of two ancient houses. I took care of a threat to my family. That is all."

Obviously, Dumbledore didn't leave him alone and among several plans to convince Harry to talk, Dumbledore had decided to offer Harry training, show him Voldemort's history and even invite him for meetings to talk.

Nothing useful.

Harry shook those useless thoughts from his mind. He was about to graduate, he had already won the Quidditch cup for Slytherin and they were also winning the House Cup. Soon, Dumbledore wouldn't be able to bother him anymore. Harry focused on what Tracy was saying.

"... and by meeting on the Leaking Cauldron around eight, we can have dinner before going out on our celebratory party. I was able to gather that the duffers are meeting there around seven, as are the ravens."

"Sounds like a plan." Pansy replied before adding a new thought "We are not going muggle are we?"

"I don't really see the need for it." Tracy replied "There are many places where young wizards and witches can have fun throughout the night."

"I believe the "Old Rowan" will be having live music. Weird Sisters, actually." Blaise added.

"I'm in." Pansy replied and they all laughed.

"Things change but some remain the same." Theo chuckled, accompanied by all "What about you two?" he asked, turning to Harry and Daphne "You're going on your trip around the world and then what?"

"I'm taking a DADA mastery, Daph is taking a healer's degree. After that, who knows... I may go into the duelling circuit, join the auror corps for a time... I don't really know."

"I am planning on making him run for minister in a few years." Daphne replied, having everyone's attention "First, though, Harry has to use his Wizengamot seats."

To that, Harry groaned.

"Sirius will be delighter in knowing that I plan to take my seats..." he replied sarcastically "He'll probably give me proxy of his seat as well."

"And that's a bad thing, how?" Daphne asked and everyone laughed.

"Well mate, I sure hope you two come back quickly." Theo said "Things won't be the same without all of us together."

"Here..." Blaise said, producing a bottle of fire-whiskey from his robes.

"And where did you get that?" Daphne asked with a frown.

"Don't get all head-girl on me, Greengrass. All I want is to use this opportunity to make a toast." Blaise complained while Millie waved her wand and conjured glasses for everyone.

"Harry, make a speech." Tracy ordered and Harry looked surprised.

"Why me? Blaise was the one who got the drink." Harry replied, earning a smirk from said young man.

"You're the boss, Harry." Blaise stated simply, as if it would explain everything.

"You were the one who began all this." Millie replied with a smile, waving around.

"Who rid us of Malfoy." Pansy added.

"Besides, you need to practice for both Wizengamot and your minister tenure." Tracy added, causing a general laugh among the nine of them.

Harry turned to Daphne, who smiled at him.

"Oh, fine." he replied, getting up from his seat "I gain nothing by complaining... except lost time."

"Truer words have never been spoken." Pansy replied with a grin. Harry took his filled glass and looked to his friends, thinking on what to say.

"Seven years ago, I was a scared boy with no place in the muggle world. I was brought back to the world I belong, a world of magic filled with promises of adventure and a proper life with people like me. I sat under the sorting hat... and that night, I made a mistake." Harry admitted, snorting "I was young and I was afraid... I knew nothing and allowed myself to be influenced by others... that night, the hat wanted to sort me into Slytherin, saying it would be the best house for me, the one that would guide me into greatness but because I was afraid, I rejected his sorting and demanded another. That was my mistake." Harry said, his eyes closed "When the lions cast me out, I dedicated myself to my studies, having no shackles imposed by jealous year mates and their bigotry and yet, something was missing." Harry looked to his year mates "Have I ever told you how the hat told me I told you so?" he asked and his friends laughed "Well, he did." he smiled to Daphne, who smiled back "Our fourth year was an eye opener and I got the chance I never knew I wanted and now, just like the hat said, Slytherin gave me all I wanted and needed to rise to greatness. By being Slytherin, I gained a family, I gained friends and allies and I even got the lordship of an ancient and noble house. Slytherin house." Harry stated with a smirk, looking at every one of them, taking some extra time with Daphne "This house, this Hogwart's house, may share nothing else than the name with my house but at the same time it's a symbol." Harry rose "A symbol not only of power but also of leadership. For too long has our house been a symbol of darkness and bigotry. It's time to go back to what our house was supposed to be when Salazar was alive, to make his vision true once again. We are to be leaders, protectors of the magical world, not blood purity bigots or racists. We are all magicals and WE are supposed to lead the world into a new age. Not the old farts that screwed up the last hundred years.

The future is ours. Let us make it a reality."

"Yeah!" a third year exclaimed and for the first time, Harry noticed the other people in the room, all of them cheering for his words, clapping. Harry looked around and saw every Slytherin clapping and cheering him. Theo and Blaise rose from their seats and held Harry on their shoulders as everyone sang his name.

"Harry for minister!" someone shouted in the room and cheers and laughter doubled.

Daphne laughed as Harry was thrown in the air, proud of him and all he had become since he was a little boy, shy and weak. She remembered how he had been before everything changed in their past life and in the current one and she was proud to be able to say she had been an influence on his growth. Harry had become powerful, influential and a leader for the future. He was also a protective cousin and a honorary son to his godfather, the likes many pureblood lords would kill to have. Her own mother and father had made many attempts to court Harry's influence but unfortunately for them, Harry's influence was only for him and those he trusted and cared about, some of them in that same room. They had become a family in the past three years and they were slowly becoming the family they had been in their former lives.

Her hand moved slowly to her womb and she smiled wishfuly. There was someone still missing for them to be a proper family.

Soon Daphy. Very soon, you will be with mummy and daddy and we will all be a family again with you and with your brothers and sisters.

Daphne lost her train of thought when Harry dropped in front of her and hugged her, giving her a kiss.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked and Daphne smiled.

"Nothing important." she replied with a smile and Harry leaned to her.

"Then allow me to make a better use of your attention." he said before joining his lips with hers. Daphne chuckled and hugged Harry, who twirled her around.

They were powerful.

They had influence.

They had no dangerous enemies. Granger and Malfoy didn't count as they were virtually their slaves and were more useful in their current state. They would soon pay their debts to them. In blood.

Their lives were their own and they would live them to the fullest, until the very end which hopefully, would be many years to come.


And that's it.

This is the very end of Paid In Blood and I have to say, the end was hard. Harder than I thought. Still, kind of lame.

With that said, there are a few things to say:

Thank you to all my followers who were patient and supported me in these past years. I dedicate this story to all of you.

Thank you to all reviewers who offered their appreciation, comments and constructive criticism. I tried my best to make use of all of it. I hope to have lived to your expectations.

To all who flamed me about the use of dashes in the first four chapters: Thank you for pointing it out at least once every week. :p

Right now, I want to finish some of my other works, The Power Of Ragnos being on the top of the list. I will not update chapter by chapter but I will update it in bundle.

I also have a few ideas for other stories but I don't know if I will develop them. Please look through the Vault of Several Unexplored Ideas. It may be updated every now and them. Also, if you enjoyed an idea and wish to develop on it, let me know.

I don't have any ideas for a sequel of Paid in Blood. The story was to be about Harry and Daphne, what Harry had lost and what he wanted to regain and to what lengths he was willing to go to get them.

Although I will admit, I entertained the idea of having Daphy being apprenticed to Death in the years before her reincarnation to use the hallows in the mortal world, maybe as a priestess or an avatar of balance or something. This would explain the attention Death paid to Daphy. I eventually dropped it.

For now, Paid in Blood is done but there are many adventures for Harry and Daphne in my head. Maybe a few can gain life and find their ways into your lives as Paid In Blood did.

This is not a goodbye, this is just a see you soon in another story.

With my best regards