I've wanted to write something dark, so I decided to write a little more of this. Thank you all for your feedback, I've been a little insecure about this. I wanted to create a kind of unpleasant character, she's not exactly relatable :) WARNING, there are major character deaths in this chapter

"I'm sorry for your lost. I'm so sorry for your lost. I'm sooorry for your lost. My condolences."

No, that doesn't sound right; I have to do better than that. Eyes… Alright, once more with a feeling. A compassionate look, check, a proper tone, check, think about losing your favorite shirt and action.

"I'm sorry for your lost."

Perfect, sometimes I amaze myself. I've always find funerals very interesting, not to mention I look damn fine in black, even if I say so myself. A chaste black skirt paired with a matching sweater, a discreet coiffure and of course my rosary. I look at my reflection in the mirror and smile. Days like these always offer me a chance to learn much more about different emotions, although I have to be careful for not letting anyone to notice my curiosity. I sit down on my bed, enjoying the sight of my spotless room. I've always hated mess; no one has ever needed to tell me to clean my room. Now I just have to wait… Apparently not for long, I look up when my foster mother knocks my door briefly before opening it.

"We're leaving now," she informs me. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, Noreen, I'm ready," I reply and stand up. I never call her mother when we're alone, that's not relevant to either of us. She does her best in order to tolerate me; I try my best to be polite to her. Obviously she doesn't like me, although she tries not to show it. Some kind of intuition perhaps, I've never given her any actual reason not to like me.

"The Gilberts were good people," she mutters tensely. "Their children are grieving."

It's not difficult to take a hint, don't mess this up. Oh please, can't she give me a little more credit, fitting in is what I do best.

"Yes, of course they are." I reply giving her a smile. "What a terrible thing to lose both of your parents like that."

Noreen seems even tenser and she instinctively clenches her fist.

"Wipe that smile off your face," she snaps.

Yes, that's probably not appropriate; I use my best sad look.

"I'm sorry, mom, I didn't mean to be disrespectful."

That one word makes her flinch, like I would have just slapped her, she definitely doesn't want to be my mommy. It would be interesting to know why is she so repulsed by me, I've always been a perfect child, I do my chores without complaining, I never raise my voice to her, I'm a straight A student and I stay away from boys. I've actually heard people telling Noreen how fortunate she is to have a teenager like me.

"Come downstairs when you're ready," she mutters and closes the door before I manage to point out that I'm ready now. Oh well. I stand up and look at my reflection in the mirror. Happy, sad, upset, scared… I wonder what it would be like to actually be able to feel those things. Well, thanks to him, I'll probably never find out. Perhaps I can someday find a way to feel something.

"I've considered your request for a truce," Kol stated and paused for a brief moment. "Request denied."

Elena replied to that by slamming the door to his face. Stupid girl.

"I'm sorry; I've already been invited in!" Kol snapped before kicking the door open. The girl and her brother were nowhere to be seen, but that didn't really bother him, after last night, he definitely didn't mind playing a little. Maybe the pretty little psycho had managed to get away, but these two certainly wouldn't be so lucky.

"Hide and seek? Fine by me."

He zoomed upstairs and noticed that the girl was trying to barricade the door of her bedroom. How cute. It didn't take him much effort to get inside, but the girl wasn't planning to stay and play with him. Did she actually think that she could outrun him? These baby vampires were simply delightfully foolish. She kept closing the doors behind her as she ran from room to room and he kicked them open effortlessly. It didn't take long before they reached Jeremy's room; the boy was aiming at him with a crossbow. Kol caught the first stake easily.


Someone was a slow learner; the boy shot a second stake, which he also caught. Before Kol managed to drop the stakes, Elena started to shot him with a gun. That wasn't very nice, the damn bullets sting.

"Go!" she shouted at her brother.

Kol was starting to get annoyed, he threw the other stake towards the girl, hitting her leg or something; it didn't matter to him. He caught the boy on the stairs and pushed him down. It was time to finish this. Before he even managed to take a step, Elena attacked him from behind. Ok, now this was getting really annoying. He pushed the girl against the wall and drove a stake trough her stomach. He could have easily hit her heart, but for some reason he decided against it. Something told him that she could still be useful to him. But first things first, he walked down the stairs and grabbed Jeremy's leg. This would certainly end tonight; he wasn't going to play with these people any longer. There would be no cure and no Silas. He dragged Jeremy to the kitchen and lifted him on a table.

"Now, like I said, I don't fancy the hunter's curse so I'm just gonna chop off your arm," he said looking at the boy thoughtfully. It occurred to him that he was actually being merciful; the lost of an arm wouldn't kill the boy, although it would feel quite unpleasant. "Which arm is it? I'll just chop off both to be safe."

Jeremy closed his eyes and his heart was beating like a drum when Kol raised a knife. Unfortunately the damn doppelganger tried to intervene again; she actually dared to stab him. She was a second woman who had stabbed him this week, now he was really pissed. If they liked it rough, that was fine by him. He threw the girl against the wall and yanked Jeremy to his feet.

"Time to die, mate," he said smiling. Of course he wasn't going to be the one who would kill the boy, no; he had something much better on mind. Fortunately the girl was very predictable; she tried to attach him from behind. He waited a fraction of second, before turning around and his timing was perfect. The stake Elena had tried to use on him sank in Jeremy's chest like a knife through butter. The horror on Elena's face mirrored her brothers.

"No!" she shouted desperately.

Jeremy gasped few times before he was gone.

"Oops," Kol said innocently "Now how did that happen?"

Elena's eyes were suddenly full of rage when she attacked him shouting furiously. Kol dropped Jeremy's body to the floor before grabbing the baby vampire by throat.

"You don't actually think that you would have a chance against me, do you?"

Her helpless rage amused him. Perhaps he should let her live, there was no better way to punish her from her insolence. Then he noticed the stake she had used, a white oak stake. Kol frowned, where did people kept finding those things. He was just about to ask the question out loud when the pain in his head started. It made him to loosen his grip enough in order the doppelganger to get away.

"You're dead!" a furious woman's voice shouted from the door. The witch bitch. Dammit. "Jeremy!"

Kol felt that his head was going to explode; the pain almost knocked him out. And the doppelganger was reaching for the white oak stake. He fell to his knees, trying to get the stake before her, but she was faster. She was just about to drive the stake through his heart when the pain suddenly stopped. He wasted no time to wonder why; he was on his feet in a fraction of a second.

"Missed," he said before yanking the stake from her hands. Her eyes were widened with horror, but she wasn't looking at him.


Kol turned and saw Klaus standing in the doorway next to the witch's body; apparently he hadn't been invited in.

"Now look what you made me do," Klaus snapped angrily. "Do you have any idea what this means?"

"You'll have to work much harder before the blonde cheerleader agrees to spread her legs for you?" Kol suggested.

Klaus' eyes narrowed.

"You think this is a joke? You just wait when I get my hands on you."

"Come on, Nik, I did this for all of us! They were going to raise Silas!"

"I gave you an order, Kol!" Klaus shouted, earning a shrug from his brother.

"Too bad I don't take orders from anyone. See you, Nik."

Kol was outside before Klaus managed to say anything. His work here was done.