AN: Well, it's been awhile guys. I'm sorry. If you're waiting for Bitten, Bonds of Friendship, or When He Cries, it'll have to wait. I seriously don't know why those are still up as I wrote them on a whim and may never update them. Well without further ado here's a new story that WILL be updated regularly. This will be another apocalypse story but it should be better than Bitten.

The day the world ended started out bright and sunny. Not what anyone would imagine doomsday to be like. It was far from it.

Though, on the fourth of June the world as we know it began to crumble. No one knows where it started, though for the first hour the heavens opened up and rained fire. The entire world was aflame.

For the next week everyone took shelter underground or in cement buildings. They thought that it was over at the end of week one. They didn't know that the carnage was just beginning.

What came next only existed in stories, movies and comics. Never could it happen in the real world.

It was The Disease, at least that's what some called it. It went by other names, The Virus, The Wrath of God,
Monsters, The Dead, Zombies.

Yes, that's what they were. It seemed impossible but it was happening.

When all of this started I was in Moscow visiting Ivan. I do not want to go back to China. These monsters are terrifying. It's hard enough in Moscow. I can't even imagine what it's like in Beijing.

My growling stomach then pulls me from my thoughts. It's been a few weeks since this all started. We're running low on food and I've already had my share for today.

We can't go out to get more for we would be killed. There are always Monsters lurking about and if they are not around there are sick people raiding houses and killing anyone and anything.

I suppose we could get out but it would be risky and we may not be able to come back.

I sigh then and go off to find Ivan.

When I do find him he's asleep and seems to be having night terrors. He always does.

I run my fingers through his hair and it seems to calm him a bit, but not much. I can not wake him though. He doesn't get enough sleep and he needs it, though I do too so I lay beside him an drift off.

My dreams, no. My nightmares consisted of my siblings. They had all been slaughtered or bitten. It was absolutely terrifying. They aren't what woke me up however.

It was Ivan. He kept yelling that The Dead had gotten in.

AN: Sorry to end on a bit of a cliff hanger, also about there being no dialogue. There will be some in the next chapter I promise! And if you couldn't tell it's China that's speaking. I hope you enjoyed this. Please review (: