This is a story which starts in Harry's fourth year and goes AU from there. My basic premise is that Harry has been left uneducated about some important things in the wizarding world and is actually quite intelligent. He won't ever achieve the general across the board knowledge that Hermione is capable of but what he is good at he will likely exceed her. I'm also going to have some fun with the magic system as Harry revolutionises how they use spells. It will be H/Hr. This story will probably remain as teen because I won't write explicitly about any sexual situations and I will cut away if any fight scenes become too gruesome.

I do not nor have I ever owned Harry Potter or any of the characters within the franchise. Anything you recognise is J.K. Rowling's. Anything that you don't recognise is mine.





As the whistle blew and the train began to leave the station, a cacophony erupted at the entrance to the platform. People dived out of the way of the oncoming horde of redheads, a screaming Valkyrie urging her charges onwards, as one by one they leapt onto the slowly moving train. A black haired boy brought up the rear with a girl whose hair seemed to defy gravity in its volume. He quickly swung his trunk onto the train and then working together they heaved up the last trunk on the trolley and clambered onto the train.

Closing the door behind them Harry Potter looked over at Hermione Granger, his friend of nearly three years. "How many books do you have in there? It weighs a ton! You know that we have a library at school right?" He said with a lopsided grin.

A look of hurt found its way onto her face before she saw his face and it was replaced by a cheeky grin. "Well I was worried that Ron would borrow them all and I wouldn't be able to use them."

"Oi!" was Ron's eloquent rejoinder as both Harry and Hermione collapsed into giggles.

When Harry and Hermione had collected themselves, the three of them picked up their trunks and moved down the train in search a free compartment. The rest of the Weasleys had moved off while they had been joking around and they passed by a compartment which contained the twins and Lee Jordan, with their heads together, and one with Ginny and a few of her friends. The looks on the faces of the girls, when they spotted him walking past the door, unsettled Harry. 'Though,' he thought, 'The worst part of it was seeing Ginny looking at me like that.' He had hoped that she would have gotten over her hero worship after spending a chunk of the summer around him but it seemed that it was still going strong. Eventually, they found a compartment with only Neville and a Hufflepuff in their year, who Harry thought was called Susan. He was proved right a moment later when Neville introduced them.

"Hi guys. Would you like to sit with us? Harry, Hermione, Ron. This is Susan. Susan, this is Harry, Hermione and Ron. We were just talking about our holidays. Susan got to go to the Wizengamot with her aunt. Isn't that cool?"

Ron didn't seem to think that was cool at all, but Hermione looked like she was going to come out with about fifty questions for Susan, so Harry quickly slipped his in beforehand. "What's the Wizard Gammon?"

This seemed to bring everyone else in the carriage up short, even Ron sat up in surprise. "What do you mean, what's the Wizengamot? You must have appointed your proxy or they would have sent you an owl about it." Susan said.

"Why would I need a proxy?" Harry asked.

"Because the Transcendent House Potter has a seat on the Wizengamot," put in Neville, the tone of his voice implying that this should have been obvious.

"Wait, the what House Potter?" Harry asked in confusion.

There was another moment's silence, as Susan and Neville exchanged a confused and worried look.

"You should know these things," Neville said, "I'm the heir apparent for the Ancient House Longbottom and Susan is the future Regent of the Ancient House Bones so we've got tutors who have taught us about the wizengamot. We can help you get the basics but it does get quite… well, really complicated, so you should probably get a tutor as well. I'll ask my grandmother if she can find a tutor who isn't fully booked."

Susan pulled out her wand and waved it at the door "Minus Animadvertius," she intoned and the door took on a hazy quality. "It's a privacy spell," she explained as she replaced her wand in its holster. "It's designed to reduce how noticeable something is. It will be easier to explain without constant interruptions." This being said, Neville and Susan started to explain the convoluted and, in some places, ridiculous workings of wizarding law.

Harry spent the rest of the trip talking to Neville and Susan, while Ron just sat and looked out of the window for a while, before leaving the compartment to find someone to talk to. Harry was thankful he had Hermione beside him to ask questions that he hadn't thought to ask. By the end of the trip he had built up a basic understanding of the government and the house system in the wizarding world but he knew he would have to learn a lot more to catch up to those of his peers, for whom seats in the wizengamot awaited. As it turned out, the title 'Transcendent' meant that his house held titles on both sides of the magical/non-magical divide. The Potters were a Noble house on the magical side but neither Neville nor Susan knew what the title on the non-magical side was. An ancient house, was one in which the main line had been magical for ten or more uninterrupted generations. Being a Noble house meant that the Potters were an Ancient house, which held a large amount of land and had at least three 'vassal' houses. One of the vassal houses was, in fact, House Longbottom. It was considered ill manners for a member of a vassal house to talk about house business in public, without first being acknowledged as a vassal. As Harry and Neville had never been together in a situation which couldn't be deemed public, Neville had always been hesitant to ask Harry why he had yet to renew the vows between their houses. The other vassals to House Potter were House Greengrass, House Lovegood and House Clearwater.

The Wizengamot was, when it really came down to it, a cauldron of corruption and pureblood extremism. All laws for the magical community in the United Kingdom had to go through the Wizengamot. All this meant, was that it was almost impossible to get anything changed. The number of bribes that flowed from hand to hand ensured that basically no new legislation could achieve the required seventy percent vote. The only things that regularly got through, were small amendments to previously accepted legislation. Because it was almost impossible to achieve proper reform in any area, the laws had, over time, become so patched up that it was now even easier to find a loop-hole to exploit, than when they first wrote it. A seat on the Wizengamot gave Harry the right to vote on any and all items that came before it, including trials. In addition, because he was of a 'Transcendent House' his vote counted as three, for all matters, and as four when the law was related either primarily or secondarily to the non-magical world. If he wanted to, he could also introduce new items to the Wizengamot and by their own laws they would be required to follow the proper procedure. Unfortunately, he couldn't personally attend the Wizengamot till he was of age, so he would have to appoint a proxy to do so for him, or at least find out and talk to whomever currently held his proxy. The most interesting piece of information however was that House Malfoy had only emigrated from France two hundred years ago, so hadn't lived in the United Kingdom long enough to achieve Ancient status and therefore had no seat on the Wizengamot. The Weasleys were only one generation off having a seat and so, when the eldest child Bill Weasley had a child to carry the family line, he would be able to claim a seat.

When they arrived at Hogsmeade, Harry and Hermione left Neville and Susan to go and find Ron, who was talking with Dean and Seamus. Ron was still a little ticked off about them not talking to him during the train ride but once they had apologised for not including him, he settled down and began talking to Harry about the World Cup. Hermione noticed that Harry was getting tenser and tenser, the closer they got to the school. She cocked her head to one side, which caught his attention. His eyes flashed up to hers as he continued to talk to Ron, without skipping a beat. He made a small gesture and Hermione sat back satisfied. Ron, as usual, hadn't noticed the byplay but it had told her why Harry was so tense. Every year, the feast had been an opportunity for Fate to add a new problem to his ever growing list. First year, it had been the ominous warning about a forbidden corridor; second year it was a crash into the whomping willow and almost being expelled for breaking the statute of security and last year it had been telling the students that they would have to spend their year at school surrounded by soul-sucking daemons, which were unaccountably drawn to the green eyed boy. He was so tense right now, because he was preparing himself for whatever ridiculous thing would come along tonight. Soon the majestic castle came into view, standing proudly against the dark clouds and lit by the hundreds of shining candles that were placed in every window. The carriages rolled to a stop in front of the great castle doors and Harry jumped out to offer Hermione a hand down. As they stepped into the entrance hall, lightning arced across the sky, throwing their shadows before them. Thunder rolled ominously over the mountains and rain lashed down on the grounds. Turning away from the fury of the storm, the trio made their way into the Great Hall.


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