The beginning

The Winx Club members still have Sirenix and they defeated Tritannus! Now they want to live in Gardenia again, because they completed their mission to defeat Tritannus and than they can look after their shop and the fairy-pets, without worrying about Tritannus or the Trix! But now they will visit Bloom's earth-parents again.

In front of the door of Vanessas and Mikes house:

Bloom:'Hello mum, how are you?' Bloom said friendly.

Vanessa:'Oh Bloom, Girls ... Hi ... Thanks, I'm fine ... But what are you doing here?'

Vanessa looked puzzled at them.

Stella:'Well, we defeated Tritannus and now we want to live here in Gardenia again and we want to look after our little fairy-pets and the shop! I wonder if the little fairy-pets have made a mess in the shop again?'

Everybody laughed, but Stella didn't know why.

Mike:'Do you want to come in and drink something?'

Bloom:'No, thanks. We just wanted to see you ... And now after we did that, we'll go to the shop and then Stella can yell at the fairy-pets again, but only when they have done everything dirty in the shop.' Everybody laughed again, and now Stella know why!

Stella:'But I bet they did a mess and everything dirty!'

Musa:'We'll see!'

Later in the front of the shops door:

Flora went in first, then Bloom, then Musa, then Aisha, then Tecna, and then as the last Stella.

Flora:'Oh ...'

Bloom:'... my ...'


Aisha:'What a mess!'

Tecna:'Stella was right.'

Stella:'Yeah, I'm always right, and now the fairy-pets are getting to hear something from me! And these are not good things what they will hear!'

Flora:'No, don't do that Stella ... You know that they will always do it again, no matter how much you get upset or how much you yell at them, they will do it again!'

Stella:'Alright ... I won't yell at them.'

Flora:'Good ... But where are they?'

Tecna:'I don't know ... Let's look in our bedrooms upstairs.'


5 minutes later in front of Blooms room:

Aisha:'Maybe there are in Blooms room.'

Musa:'Yeah, they weren't in the other rooms so they have to be in Blooms room!'

Bloom:'Let's go in!'

Flora:'Oh ... They are so sweet when they sleep.'

Flora smiled!

Bloom:'Oh yeah, especially when the sleep in my bed'

Bloom laughed a little bit and than the others laughed too. Their laughter woke up the fairy-pets! Bloom noticed that the fairy-pets were up and than she said it to the others and they all huged their own fairy-pet.

Tecna:'But now we have to clean up this mess?!'

Musa:'It looks like that we must to.'

Bloom:'Well than let's clean it up!'

Everyone had fun cleaning up all the mess, surprisingly, also Stella!

Later in the evening:

Stella:'I'm exhausted ... Can we go to the Frutti Music Bar?'

Aisha:'Yes, why not?!'

Stella:'Okay, than let's go!'

Bloom:'Go forward, I'll come later!'

Stella:'Okay ...'

Stella, Musa, Flora, Aisha and Tecna went to the Frutti Music Bar while Bloom went into the bathroom. She wasn't sure, so she had to do that. She did a pregnancy test! And now she is sure!

Bloom said to herself:'Oh my god, I'm pregnant!'

She thought:'What should I say to Sky? What should I say to the girls? What will Sky and the girls say?! ... Oh no, too much thoughts!'