A big family!

In front of the palace of Domino:

Bloom and Sky walked in the palace. The palace was empty.
Bloom screamed:'Hello ... is anybody here?'
A voice screamed back:'We're in the garden.'
So Bloom and Sky walked through the palace to the garden.

In the garden:

Bloom saw her parents, ran to them and hugged them. Sky walked to them too.
Bloom:'Hi Mom, hi Dad!'
Sky:'Hello your majesties.'
Mariam and Oritel:'Hello Bloom, hello Sky.'
Bloom:'Oh I missed you so much.'
Mariam and Oritel:'We missed you too.'
Bloom smiled.
Bloom:'Uh Mom? ... Where's Daphne?'
Mariam:'She's in her bedroom, but why are you asking me that?'
Bloom:'Because I have to talk with her.'
So Bloom and Sky walked to Daphne's bedroom.

In front of the door of Daphne's bedroom:

Bloom knocked at the door.
Daphne in her room:'Come in.'
Bloom opened the door and they walked in. Daphne was sitting on her bed and was writing something. Daphne stood up. Bloom and Daphne ran to each other and hugged.
Bloom:'Hi Daphne!'
Daphne:'Hi little sister. I missed you so much.'
Bloom:'I missed you too.'
Sky:'Hi Daphne.'
Daphne:'Hi Sky, how are you?'
Sky:'I'm fine, and you?'
Daphne:'Me too.'
Bloom and Daphne sat down on the bed.
Bloom:'What did you write.'
Daphne took a thing that looked like a book.
Daphne:'Oh I just found my old diary which I used before I became a ghost or something like that. But now I human again, I can use it again.'
Bloom:'Oh okay. But I have to tell you something.'
Sky sat down on the bed next to Bloom.
Daphne:'O - kay.'
Bloom:'Uh okay ... Where should I start? Okay ...'
Sky to Bloom:'Should I tell her?'
Bloom:'No, I can do this.'
Sky:'Okay ...'
Bloom:'Daphne ... You'll be aunt.'
Daphne:'What ...? You're pregnant?'
Bloom:' ... Y - y - yes ...'
Daphne:'Oh my god. That's just so wonderful.'
Bloom smiled.
Daphne:'Did you told Mom and Dad?'
Bloom:'No, but I will now.'
Daphne:'Okay. I'll go with you.'
Daphne smiled at Bloom, and Bloom smiled back. And so they went outside to the garden again.

In the garden again:

Bloom, Sky and Daphne walked to Mariam and Oritel.
Bloom:'Mom, Dad, I have to tell you something.'
Bloom:'Uh ... Okay ...'
Bloom was nervous.
Mariam:'Oh sweetie, you don't have to be nervous.'
Sky took Bloom's hand.
Bloom:'Okay ... I'm pregnant.'
Mariam hugged Bloom.
Bloom:'Wooooooooow?! What was that for?'
Mariam:'Because it's just so wonderful.'
Oritel:'That's really wonderful.'
Bloom smiled at her parents, and her parents smiled back.
Bloom:'But I have to go back now.'
Mariam and Oritel:'Okay ...'
Bloom:'Bye. I love you.'
Mariam and Oritel:'Goodbye sweetie, we love you too.
Bloom to Daphne:'Bye Daphne, I'll miss you.'
Daphne hugged Bloom.
Daphne:'I'll miss you too.'
Sky:'Goodbye your majesties.'
Mariam, Oritel and Daphne:'Goodbye.'
So Bloom and Sky walked back to the ship and flew back to gardenia.

In the Frutti Music Bar:

It is now 9 p.m. But the Frutti Music Bar is still open. Stella, Brandon, Musa, Riven, Flora, Helia, Aisha, Roy, Tecna and Timmy were all sitting on chairs around their table again. Klaus walked over to them.
Klaus:'Do you want something to drink again?'
Tecna spoke for all:'No, thanks.'
Klaus walked away.
Tecna to the others:'Can we go home now. It's late and I think that Bloom and Sky are back again.'
The others:'Okay.'
So they all walked back to the shop.

In the shop:

Stella, Brandon, Musa, Riven, Flora, Helia, Aisha, Roy, Tecna and Timmy came in.
Flora:'Bloom, Sky, are you here?'
A voice:'We're here.'
The voice came from the living room. They all knew the voice, and so they walked to the living room. They saw Bloom and Sky sitting on the couch and they were watching TV.
Bloom:'Hi, where have you guys been?'
Flora:'We were in the Frutti Music Bar.'
Aisha:'And we have given a concert there, or rather Musa and Riven.'
Musa and Riven smiled.
Bloom:'Oh cool. And which song did you played?'
Musa:'One to One.'
Stella to Bloom:'And how did your parents and Daphne react when they knew that you're pregnant?'
Bloom:'Really happy.'
Bloom:'Oh man ... I forgot something!'
Stella:'And what?'
Bloom:'Shouldn't we open the shop today like always?'
Tecna:'Oh that's no problem. I had written on the website of the "Love & Pet" - Shop that we have closed for one week so that we have some time for us.'
Bloom stood up, walked to Tecna and hugged her.
Bloom:'Oh thank you Tecna. You're the best. I really need some time for me, for Sky and for the baby. We all need some time for us. Isn't it so?'
The others:'Yes!'
Stella:'And that was far too stressful to be in the shop every day. Can we go back to Alfea, please. I mean we're still teachers at Alfea.'
Bloom:'Why not? We could go tomorrow if you want. And the Specialist can go back to Red Fountain.'
The Specialists:'That sounds good.'
Aisha:'But we can't go tomorrow?'
All of them:'Why not?'
Aisha:'Because the students of Alfea have vacation, and I think the students of Red Fountain and Cloudtower have vacation too. But the vacation ends at the day after tomorrow, so in two days.'
Bloom:'Okay. Then we will go back in two days.'
Tecna:'And tomorrow I will write on the website that the shop is closed until we're here again. And that can be a long time.'
Bloom to Sky:'Sky, I'm very tired, but before we go to bed, I want something to eat. I'm hungry.'
So Bloom and Sky walked to the kitchen.
Flora to Helia:'I'm tired too, but not hungry.'
Helia:'Okay, then let's go to bed.'
So Flora and Helia walked to Flora's bedroom.
Stella to Brandon:'I'm hungry.'
Stella walked to the kitchen.
Brandon:'Hey wait for me, I'm hungry too.'
So Brandon walked to the kitchen too.
Tecna to Timmy:'I'm not hungry, but very tired. Can we go to bed?'
So Tecna and Timmy walked to Tecna's bedroom.
Musa to Riven, Aisha and Roy:'Are you guys tired or hungry?'
Riven, Aisha and Roy:'No.'
Musa:'Okay, then let's watch some TV.'
Riven, Aisha and Roy:'Okay.'
So they all sat down on the couch and watched TV.

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