Girl or Boy?

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Bloom and Sky went downstairs to the others.
Bloom:'Guys, we have to tell you something.'
Brandon:'Okay ...?'
Sky:'It is very important.'
Riven:'Than say it now and don't waste so much time!'
Musa:'Oh just shut up Riven. It is really very important what they have to tell us.'
Tecna:'Technically, they have to tell it the boys, Musa.'
Musa:'Yeah, you're right.'
All the boys looked puzzled, but of course not Sky because he already knew what Bloom have to tell them.
Bloom:'Hey guys, we still have to tell it and stop arguing now.'
The others:'Alright.'
Helia:'Okay, than what is it that you have to tell us?'
Bloom:'Well ... Sky will be father. I'm pregnant.'
The boys:'Oh my god.'
Riven:'That was just typical.'
Brandon:'Riven, don't be so mean ... (to Sky): Congratulations.'
Sky smiled.
Bloom:'And now Sky and I want to go to a doctor.'
Bloom and Sky:'See you later.'
The others:'Okay. Bye.'

Half an hour later:

Bloom and Sky are standing in front of a building. On the outside wall of the building there was a sign. The sign reads: Doctor Blair Camryn, Gynecologist. Bloom had read it.
Bloom:'I think we're right here.'
Sky:'I think so too.'
Bloom:'Okay, let's go in.'

In the building:

When Bloom and Sky had gone in, they saw a woman sitting at a computer who was doing something on the computer. She looked like she works in this building. So Bloom and Sky went to her!
Bloom:'Excuse me. Am I right here when I want to find out in which week of pregnancy I am or what my baby will be?'
Bloom:'Okay ... Can I go to Doctor Blair Camryn?'
Woman:'Yes, but you have to wait a little bit. Please take a seat over there.'
The woman pointed with her finger to a room where many chairs were.
Woman:'I need your Name.'
Bloom:'Okay. My name is Bloom.'
Woman:'From the Winx Club?!'
Woman:'Wow, cool. I'm your biggest Fan, can I have an autograph?'
Bloom:Yeah, sure.'
Bloom signed an autograph for the woman. Than Bloom and Sky went to the room where the chairs were. The room was empty, so they had a large selection of chairs.
Sky:'Come, let's sit over there.'
Sky pointed with his finger on two chairs in the middle.
Bloom and Sky went to the chairs and sat down. Sky put his hand on Bloom's belly, stroking him and said while he was stroking Bloom's belly:'Hopefully it will be a girl, so beautiful as you!'
Bloom:'Oh thank you Sky. But I hope that it will be a boy, so romantic as you!'
Sky smiled.
Sky:'We seem to have different opinions.'
Bloom:'But it doesn't matter, does it?'
Sky:'No, it doesn't matter. Why are you all the time so afraid that I would break up with you?'
Bloom:'I don't know.'
Sky:'But you don't have to be afraid. I will never ever break up with you! I love you!'
Bloom:'Okay. I love you.'

5 minutes later:

Woman on the computer:'Bloom, you can go now to Doctor Camryn.'
Woman:'Doctor Camryn is in room number three.'
Bloom and Sky went to room number three, knocked on the door and went in.
Bloom:'Hello Doctor Camryn, I'm Bloom, and this is my boyfriend Sky.'
Doctor Camryn:'I know. And I know that you want to find out in which pregnancy week you are and what your baby will be, don't you?'
Bloom:'Yes. But how do you know?'
Doctor Camryn:'My sister telled me.'
Sky:'Who is your sister?'
Doctor Camryn:'The woman on the computer. She is my sister and my secretary.'
Sky:'Oh, okay.'
Doctor Camryn:'Okay. Bloom, we will look now in which week of pregnancy you are, okay?'

5 minutes later:

Doctor Camryn:'Bloom, do you want to know in which week of pregnancy you are?'
Doctor Camryn:'Okay. You are in the 3rd week.'
Bloom:'Okay. And do you know what my baby will be?'
Doctor Camryn:'No, because we can only find it out when you are in the fourth month, and that takes some time.'
Doctor Camryn:'But do you want to keep the baby? I mean you're still quite too young to be mother. Both of you are too young to become parents.'
Bloom and Skysaid at the same time:'We want this baby. No matter how old or young we are. We love each other and a baby is the result of love!'
Doctor Camryn:'Okay. When you do still want to find out what you baby will be, than come to me in three months.'
Bloom:'Okay. Goodbye.'
Sky:'Thank you for your help. Bye.'
Doctor Camryn:'Goodbye.'
Bloom and Sky went out of room three. On the way out of the building, they came to Doctor Camryns sister and said 'Goodbye' to her too. Than Bloom and Sky went back to the shop.

In the shop:

Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna went with their boyfriends in their own bedroom. Aisha and Roy stayed downstairs in the living room.

In Stella's bedroom:

Stella and Brandon were sitting on a couch.
Brandon:'What do you think about Bloom's pregnancy?'
Stella:'I'm happy that she's pregnant, but also jealous.
Brandon looked very, very puzzled at Stella.
Stella:'What? Didn't you ever wish to become father?'
Brandon:'Yes, but ...'
Stella:'But what?!'
Brandon:'I'm too young to become father and you are too young to become mother too.'
Stella:'But I wish I would be pregnant too. To have a little, cute baby is one of my biggest wishes.'
Brandon:'And what is your first biggest wish?'
Stella:'To have a little cute baby ... with you.'
Stella smiled.
Brandon:'Okay. I want to have a baby with you too. But please understand me, we're too young and you know that. Please let us wait a year, okay honey-bunny?!'
Stella looked a little bit sad, so little that Brandon didn't notice it at all. But Stella wanted that Brandon doesn't notice it.

In Musa's bedroom:

Musa and Riven were sitting on Musa's bed.
Riven:'That was so, so typical that Bloom got pregnant! I mean, it would happen someday anyway!'
Musa:'Don't be like that Riven. A pregnancy is wonderful, especially when it's Blooms pregnancy. Okay?'
Riven:'Yeah, yeah.'
Riven:'Yes, it's okay. I understand.'
Riven:'I'm sorry!'
Musa:'For what?'
Riven:'Because I'm always so mean to others and especially to you!'
Musa:'But it's not bad, I'm used to.'
Riven:'But you shouldn't!'
Riven:'Because the others don't used to and I want to change me ... for you ... because ... I love you!'
Musa:'Oh ... that is so sweet Riven. I love you of course too.'
Riven kissed Musa fast, but also romantic.

In Flora's bedroom:

Flora and Helia were lying on Flora's bed. Flora was lying with her body on Helia, so that she could hear his heartbeat. Both of them found it very romantic and comfortable to lie like that.
Flora:'Oh, it's so wonderful that Bloom is pregnant, isn't it?'
Flora:'I'm tired, and it's so comfortable on your body.'
Helia:'So you want to sleep in this position?'
Flora said while she was yawning:'Yes!'
Helia:'Okay. I find it comfortable in this position too, so I sleep too.'
Flora:'Sleep well. I love you.'
Helia:'I love you to my cute flower!'
Helia kissed Flora on her forehead and than they were sleeping very fast.

In Tecna's bedroom:

Tecna and Timmy were sitting on the computer and were chatting with the computer instead of talking personally as always.
Tecna was writing:'What do u think about Bloom?'
Timmy was writing back:'Well, it's a surprise that Bloom's pregnant.'
Tecna was writing:'Yeah. Okay, let's play a computer-game, okay?'
Timmywas writing:'Okay.'
So Tecna and Timmy were playing a computer-game.

In the living room downstairs:

Aisha:'Do you think that Bloom will keep the baby?'
Roy:'I don't know. I mean I don't know her or the other guys so long as you. Can you tell me?'
Aisha:'Well, I think that she want to keep the baby, but if it's good for the baby to live in this world with the Trix and the other bad guys ... I don't know.'
Roy:'Okay ... I want to tell you something ... something very important ...'
Aisha had interrupted Roy because she had heard something.
Roy:' ... but ... ?!'
Aisha:'Shhhhhh ... Quite! I think I heard someone!'
Roy:'Okay ...'
Bloom and Sky came in the living room. Aisha looked puzzled.
Aisha:'So fast?'
Bloom:'Yes, because we know now in which week of pregnancy I am but we don't know what our baby will be!'
Aisha:'And why do you not know?'
Sky:'Because we couldn't find it out now. We have to wait three months to know what it will be.'
Roy:'And in which week of pregnancy are you?'
Bloom:'In the third.'
Roy:'Okay. But do you want to keep the baby?'
Roy:'Okay. I wish you made a good decision.'
Sky:'Yeah, we wish that too.'