The new News!

Bloom:'I have to tell it the others.'
Aisha:'I call them so that they come downstairs, okay?'
Aisha shouted:'Stella, Brandon, Musa, Riven, Flora, Helia, Tecna and Timmy ... you guys have to come downstairs now.'

In Stella's bedroom:

Stella and Brandon had heard what Aisha had said.
Stella:'I think we have to come downstairs.'
Brandon:'I think so too. Let's go down, before Aisha get angry with us!'
So Stella and Brandon went out of Stella's bedroom and went downstairs.

In Musa's bedroom:

Riven stopped kissing Musa because he heard Aisha shouting.
Musa:'Hey, why did you stop kissing me?'
Riven:'Because I heard Aisha shouting that we have to come downstairs.'
So Musa and Riven went downstairs too.

In Flora's bedroom:

Flora and Helia didn't hear Aisha shouting because they were sleeping.

In Tecna's bedroom:

Tecna:'Did you hear that?'
Timmy:'No, what should I hear?'
Tecna:'Aisha was shouting that we have to come downstairs.'
Timmy:'Okay, than let's go!'
So Tecna and Timmy ended the computer-game, made the computer off and went downstairs.

In the living room downstairs:

Stella and Brandon came at first downstairs, than Musa and Riven and than Tecna and Timmy.
Aisha:'Okay, Bloom has to tell you guys something ... wait ... where are Flora and Helia?'
Musa:'I don't know.'
Aisha:'Maybe they didn't hear me. Let's look in Flora's bedroom.'
Musa and Aisha went upstairs in Flora's bedroom to look after them.

In Flora's bedroom again:

Musa:'Oh look. They're so sweet.'
Aisha:'Oh yeah. But we have to wake them up?'
Musa:'But why?'
Aisha:'Because they have to know what Bloom and Sky are going to tell us.'
So Musa and Aisha went to Flora's bed.
Aisha:'Flora, Helia, wake up.'
Flora opened her eyes slowly.
Flora:'What is?'
Aisha:'Bloom and Sky are back. They have to tell us something very important.'
Flora:'Okay. But I think that Helia is still asleep because he snores a little bit.'
Aisha:'But we have to wake him up too!'
Flora:'Okay ... Helia, Helia sweetie, wake up.'
Helia opened the eyes quickly and looked puzzled.
Helia:'What is?'
Flora:'We have to come downstairs because Bloom and Sky are back and they want to tell us something.'
So Flora and Helia stood up.
Aisha:'Can we go downstairs now?'

Downstairs where the others were:

Musa, Aisha, Flora and Helia went downstairs to the others, who were waiting a long time!
Bloom:'Finally you guys are here, where were you?'
Flora:'Helia and I had been sleeping.'
Bloom:'Oh, okay. But now Sky and I have to to tell you something. But Aisha and Roy know it already.'
Brandon:'And what is it that you have to tell us?'
Bloom:'That the doctor said that I'm in the third week but that we can't find out yet what my baby will be. We can find it out in three mounths. So we have to wait.'
Bloom:'And now, I want to tell it my parents.'
Stella:'Tell what?'
Bloom:'That I'm pregnant.'
Stella:'Oh yeah. I've forgotten.'
Bloom:'And I mean both of my parents, and Daphne.'
Sky:'And I want to tell it my parents too.'
Bloom to Sky:'Can we go tomorrow together to Vanessa and Mike and at the next days to Mariam, Oritel, Daphne, Erendor and Samara?'
Stella:'Can we go now to our rooms back?'
Before Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna have gone in their bedrooms with their boyfriends the Winx Club made a big, fat group-hug. The boys just stood there. After their big, fat group-hug, all the girls except of Aisha and Flora went with their boyfriends in their own bedroom.
Flora to Helia:'Do you want to go to the Frutti Music Bar?'
Helia:'Yes, why not?'
Flora:'Okay. (to Aisha and Roy:) Do you guys want to come with us to the Frutti Music Bar?'
Aisha and Roy:'Sure!'
Flora:'Okay, than let's go!'
So Flora, Helia, Aisha and Roy were gone to the Frutti Music Bar with their Fairypets.

In Bloom's bedroom:

Bloom and Sky were laying on Bloom's bed.
Bloom:'I still can't believe that I'm pregnant!'
Sky:'But you are.'
Sky smiled and kissed Bloom gently.
Bloom:'But what is, when the Trix will come back?!'
Bloom looked afraid.
Sky:'Than I, the Winx and the Specialists will protect you. And we will protect later the baby too.'
Bloom:'Oh ... Thank you Sky!'
Sky said nothing, he just kissed Bloom again.

In Stella's bedroom:

Stella and Brandon were sitting on the couch.
Stella:'What do you think will Bloom and Sky's parents say?'
Brandon:'Well, with Bloom's parents I'm not so sure, but I know Sky's parents very good ... So I think that they will be happy. And I think that you know Bloom's parents better than me, and I mean both.'
Stella:'Okay ... I think that both of Bloom's parents will be glad to become grandparents, and I think that Daphne will be glad to become aunt too!'

In Musa's bedroom:

Musa and Riven were sitting in armchairs.
Musa:'What would you do or say when I would be pregnant?'
Riven said frightening:'Are you pregnant?'
Musa:'Maybe ... I'm not sure.'
Musa:'I'm too late!'
Riven:'But I had used condoms.'
Musa:'I know. But I'm still too late!'
Riven:'Oh my god.'
Musa:'After Bloom told us that she is pregnant, and no one has become angry with her, I thought that I could say it too. I mean of course that I might be pregnant, I haven't made a pregnancy test yet ... Are you angry with me?'
Riven:'No. Of course not.'
Musa looked very, very puzzled at him.
Riven:'One day, before we had sex, I made a little hole in one of the condoms, but I never thought that it would really work!'
Musa:'What?! You even wanted that I get pregnant?!'
Riven:Uhm ... Yeah.'
Musa:'Why didn't you say earlier that you want a baby? Or especially a baby with me?!'
Riven:'I thought that you would break up with me.'
Musa looked very confused at him!
Musa:'And I thought that you would break up with me!'
Riven:'O ... kay ... Shall we go to a pharmacy and buy you a pregnancy test?'
Musa:'Yeah ... why not?'
Riven:'Okay ... than let's go!'
So Musa and Riven stood up from the armchairs and went to Bloom, Sky, Stella, Brandon, Tecna and Timmy to say that they're making a stroll now, but they lied to them, because they went to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test.

Meanwhile in the Frutti Music Bar:

Flora, Helia, Aisha and Roy were sitting all at the same table!
Helia:'Hey guys, what do you want to drink?'
Flora:'The same as always.'
Aisha:'Me too.'
Roy.'Just water.'
Helia went to Klaus to order the drinks! Than he came back with the drinks. Helia gave the ordered drinks to Flora, Aisha and Roy and than he took his own drink!
Flora said while she was drinking her drink:'Mmmmm ... delicious as always.'
Roy:'But I think that water isn't so delicious as your drinks.'
Everybody laughed.
Music began to start.
Aisha:'Oh, I love this song.'
Roy:'Do you want to dance?'
Aisha:'It would be my pleasure to dance with you!'
But than Aisha looked a little bit sad!
Roy:'What is? Did I say something wrong?'
Aisha:'No ... it's nothing! Let's go to the dance floor!'
Aisha and Roy went to the dance floor, but Flora and Helia knew why Aisha looked a little bit sad. Because Aisha loved to dance with Nabu, and Nabu is dead, and that's why she looked sad!
Flora:'Poor Aisha!'
Helia:'Yeah ... But do you want to dance too!'
Flora:'Yeah, sure.'
So Flora and Helia went to the dance floor too.