A/N: In the last chapter Helga, Phoebe, Arnold, and Gerald (a.k.a. microphone hog, lol) blew the school away at the Halloween dance with a rousing performance as…you guessed it…GHOSTBUSTERS! Picking up with the story, the gang's now at the haunted house by the amusement park waiting in the long line.

Halloween Howls

Part Nine: Jeepers Creepers

The blonde Ghostbuster paced back in forth in line between her boyfriend and best friend. "Criminey! It figures you two would have to go and get janitor duty for the dance and make us late getting here. Free tickets or not the line to get through this place is unbearable! The scariest part is that we might never even reach the front door!!!"

"Take five Helga baby and just chill out." Gerald spoke calmly.

Helga flew in his face with Old Betsy leading the way, "If you EVER call me that again you'll be eating a knuckle sandwich instead of candy for Halloween!"

Arnold warily placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay Helga, look, the line's moving up again."

There were only about ten people in front of them now and groups of two to four people were going through at once. "See Helga, we'll be at the front in no time." Phoebe smiled.

Helga grunted and crossed her arms, "Yeah well, there's no time like the present. And I haven't got all night. Bob will freak if I miss my curfew and I'll have to hear all about how Olga was always home on time."

Fifteen minutes later they were the next group in line. "Tickets please." the teenager, who seriously needed some acne medication, asked them.

"Here," Helga shoved the tickets into Arnold's hand, "you do the honors Football Head."

Arnold handed the man their free passes and they were ushered into the dark abyss of the haunted house.

"There are four levels of terror," their guide, a deranged looking werewolf dressed as a tour guide informed them, "the first two I shall accompany you through but the third I shall only take you halfway."

"W-what the fourth?" Phoebe had to ask.

The werewolf turned and gave the students a toothy smile, "Mwuhahahahahaha!!!!"

"Aren't werewolves supposed to howl?" Gerald whispered.

"Just follow Fido!" Helga ordered, shoving the guys along in front.

Cobwebs hung down from the decaying rafters and the sounds of shrieks and evil laughter echoed through the hall. Phoebe was as white as a ghost and clinging tightly to Gerald's shirt.

"Ghostbusters, eh?" a diabolical voice mocked them from somewhere off to the side. "We know how to handle you."

"Phoebe!" Gerald yelped, "NAILS!!!"

Phoebe looked at Gerald's back and noticed she was clinging so tightly that her fingernails were actually digging into his flesh, "Oops, sorry."

"Man Phoebs," Helga laughed, "I wouldn't think a smart kid like you would believe in ghosts and monsters and stuff."


A green monster with bolts in its neck leapt out of nowhere and grabbed Helga's shoulders. He shook her a little and snarled in her face. "Beat it sideshow reject!" she shouted and stomped down on his large black shoe.


"Helga," Arnold pulled her along, "he was just doing his job."

"And now his podiatrist can do his job," she snapped, "NOBODY gets the jump on Helga G. Pataki."

"AAAHHH!!!!" Phoebe screamed as a witch leapt out between them and their guide.

"Who ya gonna call?" she cackled.

"Me!" Gerald answered, pulling Phoebe around the witch before she could reach out and grab them.

"Oh Gerald," Phoebe swooned, "you're so…courageous."

Gerald was eating this up.

"Time to enter the second level of terror." their guide informed them.

"Look out ghouls," Arnold teased, "here comes Helga G. Pataki."

Helga rolled her eyes and pushed past him, "Well it's not like they're gonna be scared of a little yellowed haired shrimp like you!"

"Man Arnold," Gerald laughed, "just think of how mean she'd be if she DIDN'T like you."

Immediately after stepping out of the stairwell the fourth graders found themselves surrounded by…

"SPIDERS!!!" Phoebe squealed.

"Aw relax Phoebs," Helga chuckled, batting one of the spiders away, "they're fake."

"But I'm not!" a mummy shouted as it staggered towards them.

"Oh I'm so scared." Helga stated sourly.

"You should be!" the mummy answered.

"C'mon Helga," Arnold coaxed, "try to have a little fun."

Just then the mummy got tripped up by his own wrappings and fell face first in front of them. Helga gave Arnold a look of annoyance to which he only replied with a slight shrug and foolish grin. "Okay so some haunted houses are spookier than others."

They'd almost reached the third level when Gerald let out a scream.

"What?" Phoebe and Arnold asked spinning around.

"Something's got my ankle!" he shouted.

Phoebe turned to see Helga rolling her eyes, "My hero."

The man in the black hood stood up and grinned devilishly at the frightened children…well, three frightened children and a scowling little girl.

Raising his reaper he bellowed, "I am Death and now is your time."

"Who writes this geek's lines?" Helga spat.

"AAAHHH!!!!" Gerald and Phoebe took off for the third level with Arnold dragging Helga along behind.

"We've arrived at the third level." their guide informed them, "Beware, you tread on dangerous ground."

"I'll say," Gerald muttered once his nerves calmed down a bit, "we're in a graveyard."

The fog machines filled the wide hall with smoke and fans blew a chilly wind down on the fourth graders.

"Brr…" Helga shivered. She couldn't stand the cold.

Arnold took off the gray top over his black shirt and draped it around Helga, "There, is that better?" he asked sweetly.

"Uh, sure. Thanks Arnold." Helga blushed.

"No problem."

Phoebe and Gerald were up ahead and walking past unearthed coffins. Suddenly the lid to one coffin flew off and a vampire sat up straight, flashing his fangs. "I vant to suck your blood!"

"That's original." Arnold mumbled and then noticed how much he was starting to sound like Helga.

"Watch out Hair Boy," she laughed, "I'm starting to rub off on you."

"Care for a bite?" the vampire asked menacingly as he lunged at Helga.

"Want a black eye?!" she threatened, waving Old Betsy in the air.

The vampire seemed surprised and nervously returned to his coffin to scare the next passers by.

"Helga the vampire slayer." Gerald laughed.

Their guide let out a howl and turned around, "This is as far as I dare travel, from this point on…you're on your own."

With that a burst of smoke consumed him and once it cleared, the werewolf was gone.

Haunting moans and bloodcurdling screams filled the air, "I-I think we should press on." Phoebe stammered.

The others agreed and continued to make their way carefully across the graveyard.

"Hey Arnold!" Helga called, "I can see the entrance to level four up ahead!"

They raced towards the exit and were nearly there when Phoebe let out a scream.

"What?" Gerald panicked.

"The floor." she squealed.

The others looked down at the floor before them and noticed small puddles of blood forming. The blood was dripping down from the rafters above. It was then that they noticed…

"AAHHH!!! HELP!!!" a lady with a bloody neck and torn dress was lying across one of the rafters screaming at the top of her lungs. The sound of a chainsaw could be heard from somewhere in the shadows behind her.

"No one's going to help you." a dark voice chuckled. The figure was now looming over the poor woman with his chainsaw held high.

He made a few swipes at the woman and blood came raining down on the terrified fourth graders.

"Wow," Helga coughed, brushing her blood stained bangs out of her eyes, "neat special effects."

"And now for you!" the man cackled and leapt down at the small group.

"Fake or not," Gerald gulped, "I'm gettin' out of here!"

The four students took off through the door with the man wielding the chainsaw following close behind.

Bats swooped down and flew on thin transparent wires around their heads. Phoebe shrieked and Gerald tripped on cobwebs. Arnold held on to Helga for dear life as they all raced just ahead of the maniac and his bloody weapon.

Finally the terrifying noises stopped and they collapsed near the end of the final level. "What a long hallway." Phoebe panted. "I'm glad we're almost out of here."

"Speaking of exits," Gerald groaned, "where's ours?"

Gerald was right, there were no doors or windows in sight.

"And just how the heck are we supposed to get out of this rundown carnival ride?" Helga demanded.

Right on cue and trap door slid open beneath them and all four kids dropped like stones down a winding chute that slid them down four stories. Eerie noises, sticky spider webs, evil laughter, slimy globs, and glow in the dark images surrounded them as they screamed bloody murder the whole way down.

Finally a latch opened and the four fourth graders landed roughly in a pile just outside the back of the haunted house.

"Ouff!" Helga, the last one out, groaned as she slid right into Arnold's back.

"Man," Gerald exclaimed, "that was wicked!"

"I must conquer," Phoebe nodded breathlessly.

"Wanna go again next Halloween?" he asked excitedly.

Phoebe grinned widely, "It's a date."

Helga rubbed her back and sat up across Arnold's back. "Hey Football Head! Where'd ya go?"

"I'm down here." came a muffled reply.

"Down where-" Helga looked down to see who'd broken her fall, "-oh."

Gerald gave her a hand up and Arnold was able to get to his feet again.

"You okay geek bait?" she laughed embarrassedly.

"Fine." he grinned, extending her his hand. "Guess we should all be getting home huh?"

Helga glanced down at her watch, "Yeah, it's getting pretty late."

"I'll take Phoebe home," Gerald offered quickly, nudging Arnold he added, "You can walk with Helga."

Phoebe giggled as she was led away by Gerald. Helga rolled her eyes and allowed Arnold to lead her out to the street.

It didn't take long for them to reach Helga's house. The autumn night was so warm and inviting that Helga hated to go in. Even more, she hated to say good night to Arnold.

Arnold shifted around on the bottom of Helga's stoop killing time.

Sighing Helga leaned against the doorframe. "Thanks for everything Arnold, I had a great time. I mean, at the Halloween dance and the haunted house and all."

"Me too." Arnold grinned, their eyes meeting.

"I guess I'll be on candy duty for the rest of the night. If there are any more treat or treaters out, and if Big Bob hasn't devoured all the candy." she grinned back as the gentle breeze blew her bangs across her face. The fake blood had dried in thin patches over her hair, but the parts that were still blonde were illuminated by the moon and stars.

Arnold had never seen Helga look so…spellbinding.

"Okay, have fun. See ya tomorrow Helga." he reluctantly turned away to head back to the boarding house, he'd probably get stuck giving out candy too, provided his grandpa hadn't consumed it all.

"Hey Arnold!" Helga's voice rang out.

Arnold turned to see what was the matter. Helga ran up to him grinning mischievously, "Trick or treat?" she asked playfully.

"Huh?" She's gonna give me candy?

She repeated the question again. Figures he wouldn't get it.

"Um…treat?" he shrugged.

"Close your eyes." she entreated, cautiously he shut his eyes.

Arnold stood there waiting for a few minutes but nothing happened. Then he felt something warm and soft brush against his lips. Opening his eyes slightly he saw he was face to face with Helga--and they were---KISSING!

Helga pulled away slowly and gave Arnold a quick wink before dashing up the steps and into her house.

Arnold just stood there dumbfounded, with a goofy grin plastered on his oblong face, staring dazedly up at Helga's window.

Then the world started spinning and the sidewalk hurried up to meet him.

Helga rushed up to her room and peeked outside. The stars were out and twinkled over the city casting thin rays of light down on the streets. She noticed a small figure strewn out on the sidewalk. "I don't believe it," she laughed, "Football Head fainted!"

Turning back around her laughter ceased and a blissful sigh escaped her lips. Helga pulled a small golden locket out from her costume and starred at the picture of Arnold inside lovingly.

"Oh Arnold," she gasped dreamily, and then collapsed on the floor.

Downstairs Big Bob sat in his recliner with one hand in the candy dish. The loud thump of Helga's fall sounded above him. Looking up and shaking his head he said aloud to no one in particular, "I'm not even gonna ask."

Outside Arnold finally came to and floated dazedly back to the boarding house. He opened the door and stepped aside so that the stampede of animals could get past him. Clutching the banister he headed up towards his room.

"That you Short Man?" his grandpa called.

"Yeah Grandpa," Arnold answered, "it's me."

"How was your night?" his grandpa chuckled, "Run into any ghosts or goblins?"

"We won passes to a haunted house." he answered from the staircase.

"Really? How was it?"

"It was-" Arnold paused and recalled their creepy guide, "-a howl."

His grandpa chuckled, "From the look on your face Short Man I'd say you'd fallen under a spell or something."

The reddish tint to Arnold's cheeks grew brighter, "Yeah grandpa." A love spell. "Goodnight."

"Night Arnold." his grandpa smiled knowingly.

Up on the roof the cackling of an old woman in a black dress with a broomstick in her hand sounded throughout the alleyways. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!"

The window beneath the festive woman slid open and Arnold's grandpa leaned out, "Oh for Pete's sake Pooky, would ya get in here before the neighbors call the cops again?!"

~*The End*~


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