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"Talking"- "Signing"-Thoughts

Chapter 1

Bella POV

"We're leaving, Bella," Edward stated coldly. He asked me to take a walk with him into the forest from my backyard. We usually go there, so I wasn't worried until he said those heart rendering words.

"Okay, let me go get my bags to pack," I pleaded. Why didn't they tell me before? I could've been ready by now and have left. What about Charlie? I thought.

"No. We are leaving without you. You were nothing but a toy, Bella. You are a human, worthless and nothing. We're going away," Edward explained in the same apathetic voice. The words shattered my heart. "Our family doesn't want you and never will. We never loved you. You were just an amusement to us."

"Please, Edward, don't leave. I need you. I don't want to be..." I trailed off. My love of my life never showed any trace of emotion.

"Goodbye, Isabella. I will promise you one thing: You will never hear of me ever again. I will just be a mere passing memory," the vampire promised. "Yet I still ask you to promise me that you won't do anything reckless. Farewell, Miss Swan."

And with those words, he left me. He left me in the forest. He left me with a broken, devastated heart. I stood there processing what just happened, then I collapsed sobbing harder than before.

Hours passed, but the tears did not stop. I knew others would come looking for me, but I didn't want to see them. Let them come.

"Bella? Bella Swan? Is that you?" a voice asked as I lay on the forest floor. The tears had stopped but I still felt that earth shattering pain. I didn't hear the voice. I couldn't hear a word, sound, or anything. I felt the ground moving beneath me. Looking up, I saw a man from the reservation looking at me. I didn't know what to do, so I just stared at him with confused eyes. "Oh right! You can't hear. What do I do?" he mumbled to himself.

He started to move slowly towards me. When he touched me, I screamed so loud that the people on the reservation must have heard. I was overcome by memories of hatred and disgust. I couldn't tell the difference between the man trying to help or hurt me.

"Charlie!" I shrieked. I needed him now. I curled into a fetal position and rocked myself back and forth waiting. Just waiting for my second family to return. Waiting for my father to get here. Waiting for my life to be over.

Suddenly a pair of warm, strong arms wrapped themselves around me. I tensed a bit, then realized who it was. "Charlie," I sighed.

"Bella, what happened? Are you alright? We have to get you home," Charlie responded.

''Dad, he left. They left. I loved them, but they didn't want me,'' I explained sadly.

''Come on, honey, let's go home,'' my father responded. I fell asleep in his arms as he walked me home.

I felt something shake me gently. Groggily, I opened my eyes. The memories of what happened in the forest came rushing back, and my eyes filled with tears. My father embraced me as I cried. Rocking me softly, I calmed down. Looking around the room, I saw Dr. Gerandy sitting on one of the comfy sofa chairs.

"Bella, I have to look you over. Is it okay if I examine you?" the doctor said calmly after I had stopped sobbing. I just nodded to him.

A few minutes later, the doctor declared me fine physically. But I knew that I was sinking deeper into my mind. I knew that I might not come out of my mind for a while. I was tired, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I just wanted some reprieve.

"Dad?'' I sighed to get my father's attention.

''What's wrong, Bella?'' Charlie asked me immediately.

''I am tired. Can I go to bed?''

''Of course.''

I went up there stairs slowly and fell asleep. Nightmares of Edward leaving and the torturers haunted me every single night. Charlie stopped trying to wake me up because it never worked.

I slowly crept into my deep depression.

This was the second time I became depressed. The first was when I became deaf. I was ridiculed at school and I just wanted to be safe. The only safety was inside my mind. Nothing could harm me there. I was in control. It hurt my family a lot the first time. I needed a place to escape, and my mind was the best. How could I survive a second one?