A Stick man stood in a field. Nothing interesting about him…yet. He breathed in the air. "Ahh" he sighed "calm, peaceful, and serene" His attitude changed. "BORING!" He threw his arms to the air and let them fall down again. He sighed in boredom. Three other stick people joined him in the field. One was a tall, glasses wearing stick man. The glasses changed shaped to show his emotion. The second was a stick woman that was shorter than the tall stick man but taller than the once lone stick man. The last was a stick woman that was the shortest of them all.

"Pyrus" said the glasses wearing stick man "we could hear you all the way from Stickopolis."

"Oh, hey Terran" said the once lone stick man, now called Pyrus. He turned to the tallest of the stick women, "Hello Areonia"

"Hello Pyrus" said Areonia. Pyrus turned to the smallest of the group.

"Hello Aquaria" he said.

"Hi Pyrus" said Aquaria.

"What brings you guys here?" asked Pyrus.

"That depends" said Terran "what brings you here?"

"The professor said for me to get here so he could show off a new invention" said Pyrus.

"What science thingy is he gonna demonstrate next?" said Aquaria in an exasperated tone.

"Did someone say 'SCIENCE'?" asked an old man voice. A blur zoomed around the group a couple of times and then stopped to reveal a stick man with a beard and silver markings on his body. "Watch the roads, 'cause Professor Stix is in the house!" Stix was a very active man for someone his age.

"Professor" said Pyrus in a bored tone "when will you ever stop showing off the nanites?"

"Stop showing off?" said the professor in a surprised tone. "Never in a million years! With the nanites pumping through my veins, nothing can stop me!" Stix made a few loops before he tripped on a rock. "Me and my big mouth" he said. He got up and dusted himself off. "Anyway, the nanites aren't the ones being shown off" he pulled a big, green pipe out of his subspace pocket and jammed it into the ground. "This is!"

"…a pipe?" asked Areonia.

"Not just any pipe!" said Stix. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this here is a warp pipe!"

"…warp pipe?" asked Terran. "Professor, you must be joking."

"I never jest about my inventions!" said the professor excitedly. "This pipe will revolutionize travel! Just look at the inscription on the pipe rim. It will tell you where the exit pipe is. This pipe has no writing on it, but it will soon! Just don't touch the start button." He pointed to the button on the side and started addressing the teenage stick people as if they were mentally retarded. "The start button. The start button. Don't touch…the start button. I'll leave you alone now." He sped off. Pyrus and his gang hated it when Stix spoke like that to them. They turned to each other. The lower end of Terran's glasses went concave.

"You say po-tay-to," he said "I say po-tah-to."

"You say to-may-to," said Areonia "I say to-mah-to."

"You say so-dah," said Pyrus "I say so der."

"You say pi-an-o," said Aquaria "I say pi-an-er."

"You say don't," said the entire group, pressing the start button "I say"

"Do!" said Aquaria, jumping into the pipe.

"Do!" said Pyrus, following Aquaria.

"Do!" said Areonia, copying the previous two.

"Do!" said Terran, following his gang down the pipe. They disappeared down the pipe. Professor Stix came in to see Terran jump into the pipe.

"NO! IDIOTS! I haven't set up the other end yet! Without a destination, they could end up in space and die from either the freezing temperatures or asphyxiation!"