Explanation: This is my first Borderlands story! I had this story in mind DURING Borderlands 2, but I decided to make a new story so it's AFTER Borderlands 2. There are a few things though:

1.) At the end of Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack escapes (wounded but alive).
2.) The Warrior is still defeated, the Vault Key is with the Vault Hunters, and Roland and Bloodwing are still dead.
3.) In this story, the theory about Jack's grandmother branding the Vault symbol on his face is true.
4.) The theory (I say theory about this because there is a discrepancy in this explanation) about Angel killing her mother is not true.
5.) I use Zero, not Zer0 and I probably won't use haiku cause I don't want to have to figure them out in dialogue. SORRY!

I may or may not use Gaige or Krieg in this story. We'll see what happens as the story goes on.

Also, possible romances!

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

Maya and Zero were sent out to find information about Handsome Jack's whereabouts out in the deserts of Wurmwater. Zero laid on his stomach against a dusty rock that protruded from a giant cliff, his sniper rifle close to his face as he scanned the surrounding sands. Maya sat behind him, leaning against the cliff while she waved her hand by her face.

"Of course we get stuck with the desert." Maya grumbled.

Zero set aside his Maliwan sniper and stood up off the rock, keeping his face towards the expansive desert, "I don't think we'll find another Hyperion caravan."

Maya sighed, "Maybe we should just EHCO Lilith and see if she'll tell us to go somewhere cooler? Heck, I'd prefer freezing to death over this."

Zero nodded, grabbing his sniper to jump off the rock they were on, landing perfectly in the sand. Maya sat up and jumped off after him, rolling on the ground to avoid hurting her ankles and feet. Zero offered his hand and helped Maya up while she blushed a little bit, stumbling to keep her balance on the loose sand.

Maya contacted Lilith through ECHO, "Lilith, we haven't found a trace of anything here in Wurmwater. There aren't any caravans and the Washburne Refinery had nothing inside. Looks like all the Hyperion robots are gone from this area."

"Alright, come on back and I'll find somewhere else for you guys to look." Lilith explained, her voice sounding distracted.

Probably keeping herself busy... Maya thought to herself before answering back, "Got it. See you soon." Maya signed off before walking with Zero towards the direction of Oasis.

The two trekked in silence for a long time before Maya spoke up, "Do you think Jack survived the wounds we gave him at the Vault?"

"That man is crazy enough to survive anything." Zero answered, "Until we actually finish him off, he'll live on to finish what he set out to do."

"But what does he have left? We killed the Warrior, his daughter is gone, the Vault Key is with us, and he is mortally wounded." Maya brushed some of her blue hair from her face.

"Jack was always one step ahead of us. Even though we overcame each of his moves, he did kill many people and he could kill us at any moment." Zero stopped suddenly, placing his arm in front of Maya to stop her. He pulled his sniper off of his back and looked through the scope ahead at the small silhouettes he saw before them in the distance.

"We may have found something worthwhile." Zero commented, "It's a caravan."

"Finally!" Maya smiled, "Now we get some action!"

"Can you phaselock from this distance?"

"Oh, you know I can." Maya grinned wider as she reached her hand before her and quickly balled her hand into a fist. Her tattoos glowed as her phaselock grabbed onto a Hyperion robot, forcing the other three there to crash into the trapped RPG Loader. Maya ran forward, sliding around on the sand while Zero walked forward slowly, aiming with his sniper rifle to watch as the robots all fell apart. Right before phaselock dropped the trapped robot, Zero stopped and shot the red eye on the RPG Loader, gaining a critical hit.

Zero ran after Maya gracefully, the sand not affecting him like it was with Maya. Once they reached the caravan, Maya stopped to lean over and place her hands on her knees, panting while Zero walked to the large case the Hyperion robots were escorting.

Maya caught up and leaned over the case, looking it up and down in wonder.

The case was made of the typical Hyperion yellow metal but with a blue opaque glass over the middle, hiding what's inside the case.

Zero grabbed Maya's arm and pulled her back gently, "There's someone underneath the caravan."

"What?" Maya asked as Zero laid on the ground quickly while reaching under the caravan to pull out a Hyperion soldier that was hiding from them.

"No no no! Please leave me alone!" The soldier cowered and put his hands up as he sat on the ground before Zero and Maya.

"Where are you taking this caravan?" Maya asked threateningly, towering over him.

"W-w-we were taking it from Washburne Refinery to Eridium Blight! Please! Whatever you do, don't open it!"

Maya smacked the soldier with her pistol to knock him out, "We may need him to spill the beans later."

"Call Brick. We're going to need him to carry this with us." Zero mentioned.

Maya nodded and called Brick, "Brick, we have something we need you to carry. It's from a Hyperion caravan in Wurmwater just by the Washburne Refinery."

"Coming!" Brick quickly ended the call to head to a travel station.

"Lilith, we found a Hyperion caravan heading towards Eridium Blight. Brick is coming to carry it for us but the soldier warned us to not open the case." Maya informed.

"I'm sure it's nothing you two can't handle. Go ahead and open it, but be careful." Lilith advised.

Maya looked over at Zero, "Should we?"

"He was probably lying to get us to not open this. Whatever is in this case must be important if Jack wants it transported while he is in hiding. I think we should open it and see what we're dealing with." Zero put his sniper back and pulled out his sword.

Maya looked down at the case before pulling out her electric infinity pistol, "Alright."

Zero stood to the right side of the case where the buttons were and pressed a few, waiting for a reaction. After a delay, the case propped open a little, letting out a hissing noise. Zero grabbed onto the case's cover and pushed it open, a red question mark appearing on his face while Maya's eyes widened at what was inside the case.

A familiar voice came on over their ECHO, barging in like he used to in their adventures. Jack pleaded weakly, "Don't hurt her. She's all I have."

Whoo! Finally done with Chapter 1! I'm excited to get this story going (= Hope you guys are excited for more!