Wow. I can't believe we're here. The official epilogue to The Icebringer 1! This will lead into the sequel and I'm so happy this is almost done! YES!

So much stuff is going on in this chapter that will be answered in the sequel so hold tight!

"I know what I heard." Mordecai argued with Tannis and Zero in the meeting room, "She said Phase Terror."

"Mordecai," Tannis sighed, "We can't go after her."

Mordecai placed his hands down on the table in front of him and leaned forward, "Don't you get it? She is trapped in her nightmares. Not only does she have to deal with those things she has to worry about her own mind!"

"I am capable of basic understanding, Mordecai." Tannis crossed her arms, "What you're not understanding is that the last time Leesa used Phase Terror she transformed into Icebringer."

"She's right Mordecai. It may not even be Leesa in the other dimension now." Zero added.

"I don't care!" Mordecai slammed his fist onto the table, "Every time Leesa has been Icebringer she has never attacked us! There's always been a part of her inside of Icebringer."

"When Leesa saved Tina, she was only in Phase Terror for a few minutes. It's been almost a day." Zero explained, "I want her back too, Mordecai, but it may not be safe."

"She won't hurt us!" Mordecai yelled, "She'll be Leesa. I know she will be."

Zero shook his head, "There is no guarantee..."

"Do you even care, Zero?!" Mordecai walked around the table to get his face right in front of Zero's mask, "You're not acting like you were ever her friend!"

"I do-"

"Then stop arguing with me! We're finding a way to get Leesa back!"

Tannis stepped forward, "It's not wise-"

"I don't care what's wise! I'm not leaving Leesa in that place!" Mordecai turned to Zero and grabbed onto the front of his outfit, "Are you going to fucking help me or are you going to be a dick about this?!"

"Maya's pregnant." Zero stated simply.

Mordecai released the front of Zero's suit while looking at him in shock.

"I'm not just protecting Maya. I'm protecting our child. I know you love Leesa and you're ashamed of not telling her before she left, but I will not let Icebringer anywhere near Maya." Zero brushed his shoulder against Mordecai as he walked out the door.

Mordecai dropped his arms and looked down at the ground, "Icebringer wouldn't... Kill a mother, would she?"

"Icebringer is a complicated being, Mordecai. I... I'm not sure if she even exists." Tannis started, "Leesa may just be bi polar or schizophrenic."

Mordecai shook his head, "No... Icebringer is definitely something else. Leesa is nothing like her."

"Leesa meditated for over three months to keep Icebringer at bay. Yet, it didn't work. Icebringer always comes out whenever Leesa in distress like a guardian angel or some other religious term. However, Leesa has mentioned that Icebringer has her own agenda and she knew the Eridian as if they were together many years ago. I honestly thought I could provide some answers after observing Leesa and running tests but... Icebringer is beyond any of us. I don't know what is inside of Leesa."

Mordecai clenched his fists, "Can you just keep looking for ways to enter the other dimension? I'll go in by myself if I have to."

Tannis nodded and walked over to Mordecai. She raised her hand and paused before hesitantly placing it on Mordecai's shoulder, "You need to rest."

Mordecai looked over at Tannis, "Thank you." He turned around and walked out of the room. On his way down the stairs, he saw Axton coming up the stairs.

Axton grew nervous as he approached Mordecai, "Dude, I am so sorry. I didn't think-"

Mordecai held up his hand, "It's not your fault. Glad to see you up and about." Mordecai patted the back of Axton's shoulder while continuing down the stairs.

Axton turned his head to watch Mordecai exit the HQ before heading up into the meeting room.

"You called?" Axton asked while walking over to sit down at the table.

Tannis held open a folder and was flipping through some papers. She looked over and closed it, "I ran the numbers Lilith gave to me. She told me to tell you anything I find out about them."

Axton shifted in his seat, "Yeah, you found something?"

"Something curious that's for sure." Tannis reached into her folder and pulled out a sheet of paper. She placed it on the table and slid it over to Axton.

He picked it up and looked it over before placing it back down on the table, "They're coordinates?"

Tannis nodded, "30.39248. are the coordinates of a planet called Menoetius."

"The planet Brick is from?" Axton asked, "Why would my ex-wife have this tattooed on her arm?"

"I don't have any answers for that but when I typed in the coordinates and the planet came into view on my screen, it was a still picture." Tannis pulled out another piece of paper and handed it to Axton.

On the paper was a Menoetius which was a giant planet with orange and reds swirling around on its surface. Giant patches of green and blue were place around the top and bottom of the planet's view with all of the orange and reds in the center. A bright purple square pinpointed a certain portion of the planet on the top by the green section.

"My computer automatically targeted a portion of the planet. Within that square are a few towns and cities that have no prior connection to you, or most of your ex wife's names. However, the name Kirsten has been recorded there many times in transactions at stores. Since we don't know Kirsten's last name, there's five different ones that are in the system. No picture identification for any of them, but there were cameras in one of the stores all five went into." Tannis sat down on a chair across from Axton and opened her folder to pull out five large photos of different women.

Axton looked over each one before picking up one with Sarah on it, "This is her. She looks like how she did a couple of years ago. Why would she use the name Kirsten again?"

"I have no answers for that either. You should consider going to Menoetius and start looking for whatever it is your ex-wife wanted you to find there." Tannis answered while grabbing all of her papers and placing them in order in the folder.

Axton nodded, "I appreciate you looking into this for me, Tannis. Thanks." Axton stood up, "Have you seen Brick?"


Mordecai closed the door behind himself and leaned his back against it. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed before he wandered through his house aimlessly. He made his way to his kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the counter. He tried to drink from it but it was empty. He looked at the bottle and noticed a rolled up piece of paper inside at the bottom. Mordecai held it upside down and shook it until the paper fell out and landed on the counter.

He picked it up and unrolled it to find Leesa's hand writting on it:

If you need to talk about it. Come to me.

Don't rely on the bottle because it won't solve your problems.

You shouldn't cut your life short... I want to be with you for a long time, if you let me.

Love, Leesa.

Mordecai dropped the note and opened up his liquor cabinet to discover all of his bottles were empty with notes at the bottom of them. He looked down at the note and gripped onto the bottle closest to him. His body shook as he spun around and threw the bottle at the wall while screaming out in anger.

Mordecai slid down against the counter until he was sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. He stared at the shattered glass across the room from him for a while as he thought about Leesa. A few hours went by before Mordecai jumped up when he heard a thud coming from his room.

Curious, Mordecai walked up the stairs and opened the door to his room. The room was just as he left it after he and Leesa fought. His heart ached when he saw some of Leesa's clothes thrown about on the floor. He smiled though when he thought about how she was awful with taking care of her laundry. Mordecai walked across his room, picking up each piece of clothing and placing them on his bed. He stopped when he noticed another note on his bed and a weird powdery substance on his blankets. He touched the powder with his fingers and looked at it closely while a sense of deja vu struck him.

Mordecai then picked up the note and read each line:


I'm sorry about how weird I've been acting lately. I just have a lot going on right now that sometimes I forget that you're still coping with your own problems. I wish I could help you more, but I know I cannot mend these wounds.

I may not have been directly responsible for what happened to you but I am a symbol to that pain. I think it's for the better that I leave Pandora. There's too much pain for me here and there's too much for you either.

I should say goodbye properly, but I know if I did you'd either come with me or try to stop me like you said the night we got together. I can't expect you to leave with me and you can't expect me to stay and hurt you further.

But I can't leave you by yourself. You weren't mended by your friends before I showed up or maybe you were and I reopened your wounds. I will never know this, but I do know you need someone with you. You can't heal without others around you and you sure as hell can't be healed by drinking.

I can't really explain how I found you this gift for I don't even really remember how I knew where it would be. But, I'm positive you'll know how to take care of it.

I don't expect anything or anyone to replace the holes in your heart but maybe you can make some room for others... If you've just finished reading this, then I really did leave. If I chicken out then there's no worries. I got to the note in time so you wouldn't read it. Which means I decided to stay and be here with you.

But, I can't be selfish and stay here when you're hurting. I know we haven't been together for long, but I'd do anything for you Mordecai.

Goodbye and... I love you.


Mordecai looked up from the paper and took a raspy breath. He walked over to the dresser by his bed and took a pen off the top of it. He scribbled a small note on the back of the paper with Leesa's message on it, "No matter what happens, you need to find Leesa. Don't give up." Mordecai took the note and shoved it into the pocket of his pants.

Mordecai turned around when he heard a rustling sound. His eyes landed on a basket that was filled with Leesa's clothes and a few of his own. Some of the clothes were being moved around in the basket. Mordecai slowly walked over to the basket, grabbed onto the shirt on top, and then pulled it off to reveal what was inside.

Bundled up in the clothes was a baby Hawnks that resembled Bloodwing. She looked up at Mordecai with big brown eyes and cooed softly. The fur around her neck was a dark red while her body was still gray and brown.

Mordecai felt his heart tear open at the sight of the Hawnks. She cocked her head to the side before squawking excitedly and flapping her wings. Mordecai smiled and knelt down, "Hey, girl." He reached out and picked up the baby Hawnks to hold her close to his neck. The Hawnks cooed more and nuzzled her head against Mordecai's neck where his burns were. He winced slightly but kept the bird there, "I can't believe Leesa found a Hawnks..."

Mordecai grabbed onto one of Leesa's green shirts and wrapped the baby in it to keep her warm. He turned to look at the powder on his bed and smiled, remembering how Hawnks eggs burst into powder when they break free. Mordecai then took a deep breath, "Let's go find your mommy."


That night, Lilith sat on a bench by the news stand. Her hand was placed on her side over the bandage Zed wrapped around her waist. She looked down at the ground and whispered to herself, "What are we supposed to do now?"

"Pick things up where we left off."

Lilith's heart stopped as she swung her head up to see Roland standing in front of her. He smirked at her, "Hey, Lilith."

A tear fell from her left eye, "Damn Zed and his strong ass medication." Her voice cracked slightly, "This is the first time I've..."

Roland crouched down in front of her, "I'm really here." He reached forward and brushed a hand across Lilith's cheek.

Lilith breathed in deeply at the contact, "S-So, how have you been?" She asked nervously while her shoulders shook slightly.

"I'm not a hallucination. Leesa brought me back." Roland explained, "I'm here for good."

Lilith's eyes widened as she jumped forward and into Roland's arms, allowing her tears to fall. "Roland!"

Roland hugged Lilith tightly, "I'm here... I'm not leaving again." He looked up at the starry sky and took a deep breath, taking in the smell of lavender and gunpowder.

... Thank you, Leesa...

The End.

This was such a journey and I hope you guys have enjoyed this story!

Notes: It is neither confirmed or denied that Bloodwing is a name Mordecai gave to his bird or if it's the species of the bird itself.

I thought that would be very confusing so I call Bloodwing's species Hawnks which is pronounced like honks. I'm so creative, right? Hahaha

There is speculation that Bloodwing is a Trash Feeder which I can see but I decided to make Hawnks a part of the family of Rakks. Hawnks are more domesticated (they are endangered though) but loyal birds. Trash Feeders are more aggressive but only when one of their own is attacked. Rakks are kind of weird. Like I can be killing skags and the Rakks will automatically attack me and sometimes they won't. Rakks are sort of in between I guess.

Also Bloodwing's species start off as one gender and halfway through their life, they switch to another. Bloodwing started out as a girl and then changed to a boy. I'm keeping this but I'm making all Hawnks start out as girls and then switch over to boys.

"Let's go find your mommy" seemed so out of character for Mordecai but when I hear his voice say it, it's adorable. I needed to put that there. xD

Now let's talk about the sequel and crossover story a little bit:

Here's some reasons you SHOULD read the sequel:

1.) Find out more about Eridians

2.) Explore the other dimension

3.) Find out what's on Menoetis and why Seven wanted Axton to go there.

4.) I'll explain why Zero saw hands on certain characters' shoulders in Chapter 35


5.) Everyone will find out what's happening with Leesa/Icebringer

Plus there's more May0 in the sequel!

Here's some reasons you SHOULD read the crossover story:

1.) Find out more about Leesa's past including her father, her relationship with John Locke, and some things she went through on Pandora before meeting the Vault Hunters.

2.) See the connections between Leesa and Joey from The End of a Journey and a Start of a New One by browniej126. There's a ton of stuff going on there! Also, you'll get to know more about Joey!

3.) You'll experience what happened within the 7 months after Jack's death.

4.) It will show how Leesa found a baby bird for Mordecai and why she can't remember where she got it from.


5.) See more about the stalkers and what happened to them. You'll also get to see what the stalkers want from Leesa.