Standing outside Maura's door, overnight bag in her hand, Jane made a mental checklist. She had dropped Joe off at her parents telling them she was going to be busy for at least the rest of tonight and probably tomorrow, so they shouldn't bother to call her for anything. On the way over, she'd called Frankie, Frost, and Korsak to threaten them within an inch of their lives should they decide to call her or come looking for her. She'd stopped at a local boutique, called the owner, who owed her a favor, and purchased a pair of heels that, remarkably, matched the dress she had purchased earlier in the day.

Now, she was standing in front of Maura's door, wearing both the dress and shoes, hair done in a style she knew Maura like, waiting. She was tired of the games. It was now or never.

The door opened, and there was Maura, haloed by the half-light that barely shone from the direction of the television. She was not nearly so dressed-up as Jane, who for once looked like she should be strutting down a Paris runway, while Maura was relatively understated in black leggings and a flowy faux-wrap shirt in silvery pearl grey silk. She paused, one hand on the door frame as she took in the extremely pleasant surprise. Her stomach wrenched. "I thought you weren't going to wear that for Joe Grant," she said lightly as she stepped backward to let Jane inside.

"I wasn't, and," Jane stepped in, leaning toward Maura as she did so. "I didn't." She stopped, facing the doctor who was still holding the door. "I wore it for you." She smiled, eyes falling down, as they so often did, to Maura's lips. "Do you like it?"

"You're breathtaking," Maura replied, proving once again that she couldn't lie: her breath was short. "You look incredible." Belatedly she remembered to close the door behind Jane, then just stood there, caught flatfooted and staring.

A genuine smile broke across Jane's dark features. "So are you," she whispered before turning and making her way to the guest bedroom.

Maura's head tipped for a moment in puzzlement, and then she followed her best friend into the guest room. "Jane? Jane, what's going on? Why are you going in there? Don't you want…?" But she couldn't figure out what to ask, what to offer. Want a drink? No, her breath smelled of wine already. Want to sit down? No, she'd have done that if she wanted. Want to come to my room instead? No, apparently not. What had Maura missed?

"I want a lot of things," Jane countered as she dropped her bag on the ground in its usual spot. "But, I thought I'd at least put this somewhere that I could find it later." She sauntered back to the doctor. "Now, I'm all dressed up, and I had to rush from Grant," her eyes crinkled in slight disgust, "before I could eat. Do you have any suggestions on what I could eat around here?" She stopped just a foot away from the other woman. "Or, would you rather let me go," she crossed her arms in a defiant gesture, "let me find something on my own and come back?"

Maura stood stock still for a moment, then took a step back and began apologizing. "I'm sorry I called so early and you didn't get to enjoy your dinner. You did say I should call you fifteen minutes into your date, but maybe you meant fifteen minutes into eating instead of fifteen minutes after you were due to arrive at the restaurant. I, I have the makings of a beautiful chicken Caesar salad. Let me just whip that up. I haven't eaten yet, either."

Amusement in Jane's dark eyes, she reached for the doctor, grabbing her by the wrist, stopping her. "Oh no, we're not doing this again." She stepped closer so that their bodies just barely brushed front-to-front, but she didn't release Maura's wrist. "First Pop cut into a perfectly good moment. Then, Frankie called for something, and then it was Korsak calling on a case. Then, it was Frost at the gun range. Then, Ma this afternoon." She leaned down so that her eyes were more level with Maura's. "I'm not letting you interrupt us. I'm tired of the interruptions, aren't you?"

Maura might have been able to take her wrist out of the taller woman's grip, might have stopped herself from leaning into the taller woman's body, might have interrupted the recitation of how they'd spent the last two weeks trying and failing to connect. She might have turned away, headed for the kitchen to prepare them a salad to share, asked for details of Jane's 'date' with Joe Grant.

She might have, but she didn't. Instead she lifted slightly onto tiptoe, as if she were wearing her favorite pair of heels instead of barefoot, and tilted her chin up, presenting soft, juicy lips less than an inch from Jane's. God help whoever interrupts this time, she swore with the last drop of coherent thought she possessed, and arched her back just slightly, like a peacock elongating his spine to spread his feathers in mating display. "Yes," she whispered, gone hoarse and dry in the mouth. Finally, a really good reason to say yes.

Eyes dark, hand tightly gripping Maura's wrist, Jane closed the distance, placing an unexpectedly delicate kiss on the offered lips. Using her free hand, she pulled the smaller woman closer, helping hold her up as the kissed deepened, hand tightly gripping Maura's wrist. Jane closed the distance placing a kiss on the offered lips.

Though it seemed impossible, Maura's body pushed towards Jane in an effort to get closer. Their breasts squished between them, flat stomachs met, pelvises tilted. Maura's hand, the one not captured in Jane's gently commanding grasp, pulled at the small of Jane's back, ran up her spine to her neck and back down; but the other moved not at all as Maura enjoyed the sensation of being held firmly in place without feeling trapped in the least. She wants me right where I am, her mind noted with elation, followed quickly by, I'm not going anywhere that she doesn't take me.

Yet she didn't feel passive, nor did she act it. Her deep but quick breaths and tiny noises of willingness coupled with the subtle movements of her body to give, not just compliance, but active participation. It was at her own initiative that she moved backwards until her own back pressed against the hallway wall, pulling Jane with her with that one hand, little mewls escaping her throat between and sometimes during each kiss.

As Maura's back made contact with the wall, Jane pulled back just long enough to say, "No one's interrupting us tonight. I made sure of it." She pushed in, flattening their bodies against each other, stealing another kiss for the willing lips of the woman in her grasp. "Tonight is all ours."

Jane's words brought an involuntary pelvic tilt response from Maura, and one toned calf lifted and dragged itself up the back of Jane's leg. "Mm, ours," she echoed to show she was listening, then abandoned coherent speech almost entirely. Then she was all softness and generosity, her body welcoming and pliant, patient and feverishly hot.

A phone was ringing, and Jane was certain she had turned both hers and Maura's phone off. Maura! She slowly opened her eyes to see the woman in question still sleeping peacefully where she was snuggled against the detective's side. Jane sighed. It was her phone, and she recognized the ring tone. It was her mother. "Really?" She quietly grumbled trying to decide what to do. She was reluctant to move and disturb Maura. She had no desire to leave the comfort of Maura's large, cushy bed. Plus, getting up meant having to find something to put on. It also meant having to find her cell, which she was certain was in her purse. She was fairly certain that had landed in the hallway at some point. However, she also knew her mother would continue to call until Jane returned the call or answered the phone. "I should have told her not to bother me this morning, too." She sighed.

Maura lay splayed out beneath where Jane had been sleeping, naked as the day she was born, with a soft smile decorating her full lips. The sound of Jane's phone hadn't disturbed her a bit, but the siren call of that sex-choked voice, still husky and low in the morning light, did cause her to roll towards Jane, hands outstretched. "Ignore it?" she recommended hopefully, but suspected it wouldn't work, and so she sat up slowly, rubbing sleep from her eyes. "No… Okay. Answer it, then come back to bed?"

"It's Ma. You know she'll just keep calling." Jane slid out of the bed, reaching for a shirt. Realizing that she had been wearing the dress, she grunted, shrugged, and shuffled off as she was to the hallway. She came back into the room with the phone in her hand. "She's called 6 times already. I bet she thinks I'm in the hospital or something." With a sigh, she slid back into the bed, settling against the headboard as she returned the call. "Ma, it's nine in the morning. What's wrong?"

"Jane, you didn't answer. I was starting to worry!" Angela's voice was loud enough to be heard through the phone's small earpiece. "Why didn't you answer?"

"Because we were asleep," Maura replied sotto voce, her voice muffled halfway as if the phone was held up to her own ear instead of Jane's. She could hear Angela almost that well, anyway.

"I was asleep."

"You were sleeping? You never sleep! Are you sick? Do I need to come over?"

"Definitely not," came Maura's quiet answer.

"No, I'm at Maura's, and I'm fine." She rolled her eyes, amused by Maura's 'assistance'.

"Maura's? You were sleeping at Maura's? Jane, sweetie, I thought you went out with that nice Grant boy. What happened?"

Still half-asleep, Maura nevertheless was having fun. "She wanted cannoli instead of steak."

"I decided I like the nice Isles girl better," she deadpanned, winking at the sleepy eyed woman next to her.

"You what? Jane, what are you saying?" This time Maura didn't have a smart-alecky answer, preferring instead to roll over onto her back, which was all kinds of interesting because the sheets were down around waist-level, and trail the nearest hand lazily over Jane's arm and thigh.

"I'm saying that it's still early, I had a long night, and I'm going to get some more sleep. I see you tonight to pick up Jo Friday, okay?" Despite herself, the detective was smiling like an idiot.

"I... wait, no! Jane Rizzoli, you tell your mother what you're doing right now!"

"You sure you want to know?" Her voice was playful.

Maura's eyes started to open more fully. "Give me the phone," she suggested in a low, mischievous murmur. "I'll tell her."


"I'm in Maura's bed, looking at her while I'm on the phone with you."

"Are you telling me that you... So, you and Maura... Jane, this isn't the kind of thing you tell someone over the phone."

"Well, you asked over the phone. Don't ask if you don't want to know. So, do I need to come get Jo now and say my final goodbyes or what?" She reached down to pull the top sheet up, covering everything from the waist down.

"What? No! No, of course not. It's just a shock, that's all. I think I'm going to need some time to think about this." Her mother paused for a beat. "Well, at least you're dating a doctor," she mumbled. "Come by tonight, and we'll talk, as a family. Bring Maura. I'll cook something."

Surprise shot through Jane's face. "Um, okay."

"Talk to you later. Bye, sweetie."

Jane placed her phone on the side table. "My mother never ceases to surprise me," she said, her voice full of shock.

Maura smiled as she reached for Jane, hands already feeling the need to have that stunning skin under them. "Meanwhile, unless you'd like to go back to sleep, I think I could surprise you, too." Her kiss was full of promise, but she still managed to chuckle at her friend's, now lover's, expression. "Oh, Jane. Did you think you would always be the aggressor?"

"I'm not complaining," Jane fired back, smirk firmly planted on her face as she leaned back allowing the doctor to do what she would.