Silly parlor tricks

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A/N-I loved Gambit the moment I saw him in X-Men Origins:Wolverine. I just loved Taylor Kitsch.

Remy LeBeau sat in his favorite bar playing poker. His game…when she walked up.

"Doing card tricks again?" she asked.

"They're never just card tricks, chere", the snarky Cajun said.

"They're just silly parlor tricks", she told him.

He took her hand and kissed her palm.

She placed a kiss on his lips and went back to Remy's apartment. She was only person who knew about Remy's talents, possessing some herself, and she loved him for it.

Remy returned late that night. He sat down at the kitchen table to count his winnings.

"Rem?" she asked coming into the room in nothing but a robe.

"Go back to bed, chere", Remy told her.

"I'd rather you join me", she said plopping down in his lap.

Remy sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Chere", he purred.

"Remy", she whined.

Remy sighed in defeat and stood up with her in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom and set her on the bed. He kissed her forehead and laid down next to her. He cradled her to his chest as she fiddled with the numerous rings on his fingers.

"Go to sleep, chere", he said softly, "I've got you".

She and Remy had met on the island.

He had rescued her when he escaped the island and they had been together ever since, because no one else understood. Remy watched her fall asleep and then slowly drifted off himself.

*years later*

Remy lay on his stomach facing his infant son. He also had a stack of playing cards in his hands. He did little tricks that made his son laugh and smile.

He looked and saw her standing in the doorway, sporting a new baby bump. "Still think they're silly parlor tricks?" he asked her.

She rolled her eyes and sat down next to her son and husband. "No, they're not just silly parlor tricks", she said kissing him, "I think they're wonderful".