Hello everyone, just before we get into the story I just want to let you all know that I may or may not own Metal Gear, either way this falls under "Fair Use" so I can't be sued. I will continue this soon, and I know there was a fanfiction like this before, but it was last updated in 2004, so I think it's safe to say I can do something like this. -Punished Snake

"Snake, you need a job. There's not much now you can do for the time being, and the cost of living here is expensive. Not only that, but all the money you get you spend on cigarettes!" the scientist complained.

Snake growled, then said "You know, before I became a soldier, I got the necessary degrees to be a teacher, in case it didn't work out." Otacon sighed, then said "Well, I think school will start back up soon, why don't you go apply for a teaching position?"

Snake took his car keys, stood up, and said with the signature growl in his voice that only David H- I mean Solid Snake, could produce "Why not?"

"So, do you have any experience?" the man asked.

"Unless you count CQC training some younger soldiers, no."

"Any recommendations?"


"Is there a reason you want to be a teacher at Peace Frontier Middle School?"

"Other than money and the ability to scare little kids, no."

"Oh, I forgot to ask, what is your name?"


"SNAKE?" The man spit out his coffee.


"Got a problem with that?"


"Hey, Jim, there's a new teacher! Do you have the thumbtacks?

"Yup. Operation Tack Planter commencing now."

The two boys entered the classroom, and went over to the desk. They were surprised at what they saw, a miniature robot that said "REX" on the side, and what appeared to be a pistol, both placed on the desk. They took out the thumbtacks and placed them on the chair. Just as they went to leave, they heard someone growl "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Snake turned off his Octocamo and walked toward the boys with his tranquilizer gun in hand, a Ruger Mk. 2 to be exact. He then said to them "You have 2 seconds to leave my class and never return. One, two." Snake then shot them both with tranquilizer darts and dragged their bodies to the nurse.