"So, how did the first day go?" the otaku said, still unable to comprehend the fact that his friend, the mercenary that has destroyed numerous Metal Gears and saved the world from terrorists many times, was a 'teacher'.

"Eh, if the damn kids would keep their mouths shut it would have been a lot better. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take a call."

Snake crouched and put is hand to his ear. Otacon was puzzled about what was so important he needed to use his codec, but, he's seen weirder things during his time of living with him, like the viral video of him skateboarding (he only knew it was him because he was wearing the blue bandanna that never leaves his side), and his sudden obsession with Bearded Dragons.

Snake saw a video of a Bearded Dragon doing some pretty cool shit on Otacon's computer, and immediately went out to get one. He named the reptile, quote 'Dragon Snake', and got it a mini blue bandanna. He even took it on a Philanthropy mission, which almost got them both killed because suddenly the damn thing stopped moving and Snake had to rescue it. Otacon didn't mind Dragon Snake because he would eat bugs around the house that the hacker hated, so it was a win-win situation for the both of them. Unfortunately, Dragon Snake the Bearded Dragon suffered an early demise at the hands of 'Metal Gear TOILET'.

"Hello, I want a Extra Large Hawaiian with an order of spicy chicken wings and bread sticks, along with two 2L Cokes. Yes, I want it delivered." Snake exclaimed very seriously into the codec.

Otacon rolled his eyes and left the room.

Snake approached the school. He went prone, turned on OctoCamo, and crawled toward the doors. He eyed the doors suspiciously, and after making sure no one else was there, made his way through the doors and into the teacher's lounge. What he saw there, was shocking.


"BROTHA! I am glad you are here, so you can witness something bigger than Metal Gear, bigger than Outer Heaven, bigger than Shaq's dick upon seeing a hot girl naked! Okay, that last bit is a bit of a stretch. Behold! COFFEE OF THE PATRIOTS!"

Liquid Ocelot pointed his fingers at a coffee machine, said "Bang!" and acted like his hand was a gun, and the coffee machine turned off."
"WHY DO YOU DO THIS?" said a sleep deprived teacher anxiously awaiting the coffee machine to turn on.

Liquid then pointed at a laptop a teacher was using, said the magic words, and the computer turned off."


"LIQUID!" Snake yelled, charging at Revo- I mean Liquid Ocelot.

Suddenly, they got into an intense fight. People left the room and were scarred for life, and I'm sure you would be too if you saw two old men, one without a shirt, fighting each other.

Snake of course, grabbed the upper hand, and finished off Liquid. Liquid Ocelot started crying, and in between sobs yelled "I'll sniffle be back!" before running out the front door and getting in his shitty Toyota.

"Ehh, whatever. See you in 5 years Liquid!" Snake yelled, before running to his classroom.

Hey guys, quick announcement I want to make: METAL SCHOOL SOLID 2!

"BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE A SEQUEL WITHOUT FINISHING THE FIRST ONE", you may ask. To which I respond "It's a prequel!

Set during one of the Snake's time at a school. It will be extremely fucked up, and might have Drebin and Naked Snake co-exist at the same age. It may not. It may fuck up the Metal School Solid canon. It may not. Either way, I'm taking another horribly overused theme and putting my spin on it. Hopefully you will enjoy it. It will be out soon. And yes, this story will be updated just as much until I think it's a good time to end it. -Punished Snake