Alright everyone I had to break it to do you but this is not an offical chapter. What this however is an important annoucement. Ever heard of SOPA? Well guess what it's back again. Ya, I thought it was dealt with last year as well. Guess I was wrong. Well looks like we get to stomp it down again. Now I'm normally not the type of person to get actively involved with polticts or do anything that risks my fanfiction account, but I'd rather risk my fanfiction account then serve federal time. Yep you heard me right, if SOPA passes me and the rest of the writers on here could potentially face federal time. That's not all, if you use any similiar concepts to say Harry Potter or any other already published book and post it online, guess what. You could be potentially serving jail time as well. Now if your not screaming what the hell already, then do it now my reader.

Now the only way I can think of to fight this is to sign a petition, I'll be posting the link at the end of my ranting. Now before you go on thinking oh it's not that big of a deal, imagine this: eight yearold children facing federal time just because they wrote a few one shots or a story or two. Yea that's right it doesn't matter what age you are, if this thing passes were all screwed. So join with me my readers, we must stop this outrage. We must remind the government that they are for the people, not just the rich ones! Do not let SOPA pass or it will be the end of FANFICTION. We cannot let this happen!

This is the link, simply remove the spaces to go to link. Also I will be posting the link on my profile for further information.

petitions . whitehouse . gov / petition / stop-sopa -2013 /LMzMVrQF

or just go to

petitions . whitehouse . gov and then search petitions. Search sopa then click STOP SOPA 2013.

Remember people the fate of most fanfiction writers lies on you!

IN other news, the new chapter of Oath will be out this weekened, would've been out yesterday but wasn't feeling up to it. In fact I'm still a little delirious xDDDDD